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UFO Occupants ~ Drawings,Sketches and Non-Human Reports.

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by TimothyMartin

Timothy-thanks for the pics.

Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 1950 -Dr Bottta Enters Flying Saucer

Botta was driving down the highway about seventy-five miles from his hotel in an isolated area known as Bahia Blanca when he saw a metallic, disc-shaped object sitting on the grass just off the road way. He stopped his car to watch the object for a few minutes to see what would happen. After seeing no sign of movement, he decided to get even closer to the unknown object. This vantage point allowed him to see an opening or doorway in the object's side. He decided to go inside.

At first the craft's inside seemed empty, except for a blinking red light in a domed top. As he ventured farther inside, he saw a curved divan with four seats; three of these seats were occupied with small beings about four feet tall with gray, tight-fitting overalls. The three small creatures were facing a control panel. It consisted of lights, gauges, and meters of different types.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by die_another_day

Who said aliens have to look radically different to humans?

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 08:40 AM

U.S. Secretary of State (and Nobel prize winner) sees aliens

"My father wanted my sister and I to make this information known long after he and Cordell were dead, because he felt it was a very important bit of information. We have researched your group [Mufon] and feel it is the most reliable group in the country. We hope that you will research and search this information. The jars with creatures in formaldehyde and the wrecked craft are some where! "Cordell said they were afraid they would start a panic if the public found out about it."
Sincerely, Lucile Andrew, Ashland, Ohio.

Cordell Hull was one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th Century with absolutely no apparent reason to tell this story unless it was true, especially at a time when stories of flying saucers and their alien drivers had not yet become part of our culture. Hull was elected U.S. Senator 1931-1937, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and became the Secretary of State under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in March 1933, the longest in American history until 1944, when he resigned because of ill health. He was also offered the Vice Presidency and in 1945, Cordell Hull won the 1945 Nobel Prize for Peace.


Holloman AFB UFO Landing

A door opened on the landed vehicle and three beings emerged. Shartle said, "They were human-size. They had an odd, gray complexion and a pronounced nose. They wore tight fitting jump suits, [and] thin headdresses that appeared to be communication devices, and in their hands they held a 'translator.'

Holloman AFB UFO Landing and the ‘Large-Nosed’ Aliens…


Nouatre, Indre-et-Loire, France - September 30th, 1954.


Seat Pleasant, Maryland - August, 1952.

UFO with Occupant:


Pittsburg, Kansas - August 25, 1952.

UFO with Occupants:


Old-Saybrook, Connecticut - December 16, 1957.

UFO with Occupants:

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 09:46 AM

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States - April, 1941

One of the most mysterious stories of a crashed UFO with alien bodies preceded the well know Roswell events by some six years. Reverend William Huffman was summoned to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. He was shown three victims, not human as expected, but small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by 12arc
reply to post by chris_stibrany

I remember in some of Whitley Strieber books he talks about an incident where he was driving along a highway when he seems to have experienced a time slip. He found himself driving along a street lined with roofless houses with a serpent symbol on the front of each of them.

Also the symbol of Imhotep and later Hermes, the snakes features in myth and legend going back to the beginning of time. Someone better read and with more time than I've got may be able to extract a grain of truth from the various myths to deduce why the serpent symbol is seen on apparent aliens today.

Does it symbolize the Tree of Life, our twin strand DNA, the Milky Way, a serpent master race from Orion? It's one of the few symbols in use all through history, and to know of its origins would be fascinating.

This I found in a quick search. The first two links seem to suggest the snake symbol represents the spine. Maybe it represents those forms of life that have a spine due to some common original ancestor with a spine?
As at the entrance, both appear to depict a serpent as the dominant symbol, and this and other signs brought to Hornet's mind ancient Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean. Since many of the dolmens were placed at the levels and the entrances of burial grottoes in the depths of the rock, he concluded that, as the Indian legends held, this was a sacred place for the burial of leaders or other notables "by civilized people who were here, just as they were in Tiahuanacu, the great city of the Andes long, long ago - perhaps thousands of years before the birth of Christ.
Pictures of the Serpent or Snake who WALKED and TALKED in the Garden of Eden
A later Hebrew recasting of the Mesopotamian gods who bore the Sumerian epithet ushumgal, "great serpent" or "dragon":

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 01:38 PM

Originally posted by chris_stibrany
its interesting to me to note the prevlance of symbols or patches on the suits of these beings that deal with snakes. i saw one from germany and another one that had the X with the snake. if this isnt evidence to back up claims then i dont know what is. probably from the same space organisation or wherever they are from. reminds me of the stories ive read about the annunaki and also pleidians they all often deal with snake symbolism:
yes a lot of those sites are too off the radar for me even and i many not agree with them im just saying the prevalance of reptilian images in reagrd to ufos and other things is very puzzling.

Crystalinks was very interesting, thanks for that. Above this post you should see I have added a couple additional informative thoughts (links) dealing with the serpent symbol.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 02:18 PM
Since you guys seem to find images of ets fast.
Could you please try to find an image of this type of et:
Black with ''reflective skin to light'' (like when your hair shines in the sun). Approximately 1.50 meters high.
and another type of alien that is caramel brown and has dark brown eyes.
Sorry to bother but I would really like to know if there are aliens like this. I seem to always dream of them
It would be cool if they existed.
I searched images but didnt find anything

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 03:41 PM
Quarouble,France -1954:

"A typically impressive case occurred at the village of Quarouble, near Valenciennes, on the extreme northeastern border of France with Belgium. The witness was a thirty-four-year-old steel mill worker who lived with his wife and young children astride a freight railway line which had a local crossing point.

"The witness, Marius Dewilde, was reading late one evening when his dog began to bark. As this was an isolated spot, he feared a prowler and went outside with a flashlight to confront the intruders.

"Once outside, he immediately saw a dark mass on the tracks which he assumed to be a wagon or cart of some sort. But these thoughts were swiftly distracted by his dog, which came crawling on its stomach, whining and yelping, in evident, but thankfully temporary, distress. The sound of footsteps were heard scuttling away and Dewilde pointed his torch in their direction. He was not prepared for what the beam was to illuminate.

"Shuffling slowly toward the "wagon" on the railway line were two beings dressed in dark-colored divers' suits. The head part was particularly big in comparison with the body and they were only about three and a half feet tall altogether. Without thinking he gave pursuit, but had only gone a few steps when a brilliant flash (like a magnesium flare) shot from the dark shape on the tracks and struck him. Immediately the man was frozen still, paralyzed and incapable of even crying out.

Source: "Alien Contacts & Abductions; the Real Story From the Other Side" - Jenny Randles.

UFOS at close sight: the 1954 French flap, France 1954

The French UFO wave of 1954

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 04:00 PM

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Neston, England - July 1857:

On the outskirts of town a young shepherd named Robert Clancy was tending his flock---and his sweetheart---when he noticed a round gleaming vessel sanding on three legs at the side of a field. A golden haired woman in unusual green clothes stood by the unearthly craft watching Clancy and his girlfriend for a while, then waved and climbed into the vehicle, which afterwards took off into the sky and headed northwards. For months afterwards, no sheep would graze on the spot where the craft had stood.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 05:26 PM

The North Hudson Park UFO - January 12th,1975.

At around 2:45 A.M. on January 12, 1975, George O'Barski was driving home through North Hudson Park, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, when static filled his radio. Leaning forward to fiddle with the dial, he noticed a light to his left. A quick glance, followed by an astonished stare, revealed its source: a dark, round object with vertical, brilliantly lit windows. It was heading in the same direction as the car and emitted a humming sound.

O'Barski slowed down for a better view. The UFO entered a playing field and hovered a few feet off the ground. A panel opened between two windows, and a ladder emerged. Seconds later about ten identically clad little figures -- they wore white one-piece outfits with hoods or helmets that obscured their facial features -- came down the ladder. Each figure dug a hole in the soil with a spoonlike device and dumped the contents into a bag each carried. The figures then rushed back into the ship, which took off toward the north. The entire incident had lasted less than four minutes.

Months later O'Barski confided the story to a long-time customer and acquaintance, Budd Hopkins, who was interested in UFOs. Hopkins and two fellow investigators subsequently found independent witnesses who verified the presence of a brightly lit UFO in the park at the time of O'Barski's sighting, although only O'Barski was close enough to see the little figures. One witness, a doorman at an apartment complex bordering the park, said that as he watched the object, he heard a high-pitched vibration, and the lobby window broke just as the UFO departed.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by karl 12

great thread karl...... thanks buddy

tnx # 2

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 05:17 AM

Part 1-2-3 - Two Scientists Describe An Extraterrestrial
Biological Entity Called "J-Rod"

© 2002 by Linda Moulton Howe

In 1999, Bill told me that he was talking to a mechanical engineer named Bill Uhouse who had worked on a U. S. military program to build an advanced simulator that could teach certain American pilots how to fly disc craft - either back-engineered or actual alien craft.

The technical adviser on the project was allegedly an EBEN called "J-Rod," who had been working with a secret agency of the United States government since 1953 at Los Alamos National Laboratory in northern New Mexico and in a secret underground facility called Site 4 literally inside the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake, Area 51 and Nellis AFB.

Uhouse, now 78-years-old and knowing his non-disclosure agreement with the U. S. government expires in 2003, began speaking publicly about his experiences. Back then on June 14, 1999, I presented in with his permission, "The Strange Story of J-Rod, An EBE" © 1999 by Bill Hamilton.

Since then, Bill has had in-depth communications with a microbiologist originally named Danny Benjamin Crain who changed his name for personal family reasons, he says, to Dan Burisch. Dr. Dan Burisch (Ph.D., State University of New York, Stoneybrook), also describes an assignment to study the biological fluids and tissues of an EBEN called J-Rod inside S-4 up to 1995.

Then he was assigned to a new project called Star Flower in which he researches materials allegedly related to panspermia, the seeding of life on earth from extraterrestrial sources. Project Star Flower is ongoing.
This week, Bill Hamilton and I discussed Bill Uhouse's and Dr. Dan Burisch's alleged experiences with one or more extraterrestrial biological entities referred to as J-Rods.

Drawing of J-Rod by mechanical engineer, Bill Uhouse, based on J-Rod's appearance dressed in a human man's shirt in 1970s or early 1980s at a conference table with physicist Edward Teller and eighteen scientists, including Uhouse. The project that linked Uhouse to J-Rod was a "flying saucer simulator" to teach certain U. S. Air Force pilots to fly back-engineered, and/or actual, extraterrestrial craft.

Scientific Meetings Lead by J-Rod and Physicist Edward Teller
Yes. Apparently, Bill Uhouse was in attendance at a conference table with a number of scientists at Los Alamos. At one end of the table was the head of the project which by name, according to Uhouse, was Dr. Edward Teller. At the other end of the table was J-Rod. In attendance around the conference table, I guess, were 18 scientists and engineers.

In September 1996, Area 51 investigator, Glenn Campbell, interviewed Bill Uhouse who he referred to as "Jarod 2." Working with Uhouse's direction, Campbell drew the UFO simulator graphics above © 1996.

Zeta Reticulii 1 and 2 and Gliese 876-c Star Systems

No. He mentioned that J-Rod was originally from the Zeta Reticulum system.



The yellow binary star system Zeta Reticulii 1 and 2 is about 37 light years from Earth.
Both suns are similar to the Earth's sun. The distance between the binary stars is estimated to be nearly 100 times the distance from Pluto to our sun. Thus, a solar system around one star is not expected to disturb another solar system around the second star.

(Editorial Note by Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe: In September 1998, a source I interviewed at length who wishes to simply be called "Kewper" told me that he worked for both the CIA and the Army Signal Corps between 1956 and 1960. He was stationed at an Army school that taught encryption in the southeastern United States.

His supervisor asked Kewper to join a highly classified CIA group to analyze photographs, drawings, documents and other evidence from around the world related to the presence of a non-human intelligence. Kewper said in August 1958, he, his boss and five other CIA colleagues flew to Nellis AFB, Nevada for a meeting with a USAF Colonel in an area built into the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake called S-4.

There, the group not only saw seven round craft inside a hollowed out area of the Papoose Mountains, but were taken to an office to communicate telepathically with a grey non-human being working in some capacity with the U. S. government. The drawing below is by Kewper of the being he saw in that August 1958 meeting. For more information about Kewper's story, see Radio Archives May 31, 1998 Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM about Kewper, CIA and Area-51.)

Drawing © 1998 by "Kewper," former U. S. Army cryptographer who saw this extraterrestrial biological entity in August 1958 dressed in a human T-shirt at an underground installation inside the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake called S-4, Area 51, Nellis AFB, Nevada. X-Files

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by mcrom901

Hey bud - it seems like theres quite a few strange cases.

Theres another unusual depiction from Robyn Collin's 1974 book ‘Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth’ and an interesting report below:

Report by Police Inspector - Alencon, France, June 1790.

At 5 am on June 12, some peasants observed an enormous globe which seemed to be surrounded by flames… its great speed, and a whistling sound coming from it, puzzled them. The globe slowed down, made a rocking motion, and then dashed on to the top of a hill, uprooting the vegetation growing on the slope. The heat which emanated from the object was so great that the grass and shrubs caught alight shortly afterwards.”

“The peasants managed to isolate the fire which might have otherwise have spread over the whole area. By evening the globe was still warm, and there occurred an extraordinary – indeed not to say unbelievable – thing.”

“The eyewitnesses of this event were two mayors, a physician, and three other local authorities who confirm my report, not to mention the dozens of peasants who were present.”

“The sphere which was large enough to have contained a carriage, was intact after all this flying about. It had aroused such curiosity that people came running from all directions to see it. Then suddenly, a sort of door opened, and there came out a PERSON, JUST LIKE US, but dressed in a strange manner, IN CLOTHES ADHERING COMPLETELY TO THE BODY, and, seeing this crowd of people, the person murmured something incomprehensible and ran into the wood.”

“The peasants backed away instinctively, in fear, and this saved them for shortly afterwards, the sphere silently exploded, throwing pieces in all directions, which pieces were consumed until reduced to powder. Searches were undertaken to find the MYSTERIOUS MAN, but he seemed to have dissolved in thin air, for up till now not the tiniest trace of him has been discovered… ”


posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 09:46 AM
Brooksville, Florida - February 26th, 1971:

Robert Milcher, 18, and a 10-year old boy saw a hovering UFO at least 50 feet in diameter, with red lights and a searchlight like beam, which responded to flashlight signals. In a lighted dome, 6-10 occupants dressed in green coveralls were visible around a control panel; they waved at the witnesses. The latter felt a numbness and stinging sensation in their arms and wrists. When the UFO departed, it emitted a sound like a swarm of bees.


Evans City, Pennsylvania - April 14th, 1971:

Marion L and Dennis D, an engaged couple saw a yellow white light flying near their car, which dropped behind a nearby hill. They drove in that direction on a dirt road, and found a luminous object hovering just above the ground over a ploughed field, 80 yards away. Shaped like a large bowl inverted over a smaller one, it had rectangular, vertical windows in the upper half, and round ones below the rim, and was 25-30 ft in diameter. Reddish, flickering glow was visible inside the upper window, and Miss L perceived two human like figures silhouetted in them; the figures appeared to be about 10 feet tall. Frightened the witnesses drove away.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:02 AM

Originally posted by karl 12
reply to post by mcrom901

Hey bud - it seems like theres quite a few strange cases.

Theres another unusual depiction from Robyn Collin's 1974 book ‘Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth’ and an interesting report below:

fascinating stuff....

now how are we gonna link up the russians to this.... after all you can expect any sort of prosaic explanations from the cynics.... i hope we wont hear about the involvement of the templars...

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 10:26 AM
Rio Claro, Brazil - 1965

Edemilson Mendes heard the frightened shouts of a neighbor and upon going outside to investigate he saw two strange figures approaching him on the pavement. He described the figures a man-like, but greenish and scaly, reptilian in nature. As they approached he became dizzy and apparently passed out. He woke up two hours later not remembering what had happened.


Torrent Corrientes, Argentina - February 11th, 1965:

A group of citizens in that neighborhood saw the landing of a strange transparent craft near their homes. 5 creatures a little larger than human beings stepped out, and the terrified witnesses saw that the visitors had---like Cyclopes---a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. The witnesses ran back to the road. Then it was stated that one of the figures entered a house to look it over. A few moments later, with his companions, he went away in the UFO. Another reports states, that in a field belonging to Mr. Souriou, 2 of his sons and several peasants met gigantic creatures whose stature was more than 8 ft. One of the peasants had his right arm paralyzed when he tried to attack the creatures, and the automatic rifle of one of the sons of the owner of the field inexplicably failed to work.


Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina - July 20th, 1965:

Ramon Eduardo Pereyra, 38, was driving when he saw something like a “luminous parachute” fall from the sky. On walking into the woods the found a metallic ovoid craft 12 ft in diameter. Inside its upper portion, which was a transparent dome, were two “form fitting” chairs, back to back, and a human like figure wearing a spherical plastic helmet, who did not see the witness, occupied one. About thirty yards away from the object stood another man, about 6 ft tall, looking up at the sky; he was blond, similarly clad in a lead gray one-piece garment with a monk-like hood, and he was holding a piece of paper in his hand. When he saw Pereyra, the man hurried back into the craft; as he passed the witness asked him if there was some sort of trouble, but got no answer. The man was carrying a pair of large binoculars and he had a sort of cartridge like pouch on one leg. When he got back in his seat, the vessel took off vertically with a slight humming sound, becoming luminous as it gathered speed.


San Pedro de Los Altos, Venezuela - August 7th, 1965:

Three anonymous witnesses, one “a well known gynecologist,” saw a yellow luminous disc about 50 ft in diameter descend and hover over the ground 100 ft away. Then a shaft of light was projected downwards from its bottom, and in this shaft two “men” 7-8 ft tall, with shoulder length blond hair, descended to the ground; they wore seamless one-piece coveralls that appeared metallic. These beings approached the witnesses, telling them telepathically not to be afraid. The gynecologist asked them a number of questions to which they replied; they said (for example) that they came from Orion and that robots piloted some of their ships.


Renton, Washington - August 13th, 1965:

As he drove away after dropping off his two daughters, sisters, Ellen Grace, 16, and Laura Jean Ryerson, 13, next to a bean field, a Mr. Ryerson noticed two unusual “persons” walking along the side road of the bean field. As the girls walked along this road they approached the two very unusual people. The first “person” was like a gnome, little, gray wrinkled elf-like being. He wore a gray shirt and pants, and a funny little hat. He was dancing and jumping around in front of the other being as they approached closer and closer. He was cackling and the girls thought it sounded like laughter. The other being was approximately 5 ft tall. He had a very unusual head. His face was gray but the back of his head had a bulbous extension with veins showing through it. It pulsated. On the rest of his cranium there were large pores and this part of his head was white. His eyes were described as like a frog’s eyes.


Arequipa, Peru - August 30th, 1965:

Two unidentified people driving on the Pan-American Highway near this city saw “a strange being, a Martian, who resembled a shrub,” which was only 31” tall, and had one golden colored eye in its head, but also had “other smaller eyes located along its body.” A few seconds later, they saw a flying saucer pass overhead.


Morales, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - October 1965:

Francisco Estrada Acosta had gone out on a small game hunting expedition near a local mining area; he followed the local Santiago River and arrived at the San Jose dam. There while bending down collecting rocks for his slingshot he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. Standing up he was startled to see a tall figure with a large oval-shaped head huge reddish phosphorescent eyes and a large toad-like mouth. The strange humanoid extended a “flipper” like hand to Acosta and touched one of Acosta’s hands on his palm, the touch felt cold and scaly like that of a reptile or an amphibian. Terrified, Acosta stepped back and ran like a man possessed from the area, looking back he noticed that the creature had membrane wing-like protrusions on its back and was apparently preparing to leave the area also.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 01:45 PM
Llanos De Mojos, Bolivia - January 1st, 1976:

The witness was exploring a remote area of the Amazon jungle when after getting up one morning he observed a silent disc shaped object pass overhead and descend out of sight behind some trees. The witness prepared a backpack, grabbed his machete, and walked towards the direction where the object had descended. He eventually came upon a large disc shaped craft that hovered over some nearby bushes. As he stood watching he felt somebody touch his arm, as he turned around two tall blond men wearing silvery one-piece coveralls confronted him. The men had several strange instruments hanging from pockets on the coveralls. They spoke to the witness in a soft melodic unknown language. While they spoke, one of the men took out a small apparatus from his pocket and seemed to adjust it. Suddenly their language became clear and understood by the witness, who spoke German. They spoke to the witness, telling him that they originated from the star cluster known as Proxima Centauri.


Harlingen, Texas - January 1st, 1976:

Tracey Lawson, eleven, and her cousin Jackie Davies fourteen, were playing in Tracey’s backyard in an area in the Rio Grande Valley. As they looked out on a plowed field beyond the yard they noticed an unusual object standing some 100 yards away, near a borrow pit bordering an irrigation canal. Tracey went inside her house to get field glasses, through which she observed a “horrible looking” black bird of extraordinary size, over five feet tall. Its wings were folded around its body, and the bird was staring at the girls through large, dark red eyes attached to a gray “gorilla-like” face. Its head was bald, and it had a beak at least six inches long, it made a loud, shrill “eeee” sound. The bird or whatever it was lost to view for a few moments, reappearing on the northeast corner of the property, its head poking above a small clump of trees. The girls fled inside and told Tracey’s mother and father, who did not believe them. But the next day Jackie’s stepfather, Tom Waldon, found strange tracks, three-toed, eight inches across, and square at the head, pressed an inch and a half into the hard ground. Stan Lawson also noted how oddly the family dog was behaving. It cowered inside the doghouse all day, leaving it only at suppertime, when it bolted into the house and had to be dragged out. That night Lawson thought he heard large wings scraping across the bedroom window, but whatever caused the sound left no trace of its passing.


Domene Isere, France - January 5th, 1976:

Jean Claude Silvente, 10, was walking through a brush grown vacant lot (surrounded by buildings) when he heard a noise, and saw that a UFO had landed at the edge of the brush. About 30 feet away, it was a bell shaped object about 15 ft high, white luminous, resting on 5 thin legs. A door opened and a “giant” at least 6.5 foot tall emerged, walking stiffly and with his arms extended in front of him, in the manner of a sleepwalker. He wore a tight white luminous coverall and had long blond hair. On the back of his hands was a green circle. When the boy sneezed, this “giant” turned toward him, and Jean Claude ran home. Shortly afterwards he was sent to get milk; while returning, he saw the same being, following him on the sidewalk at 80 ft distance, still with his arms stiffly in front of him. The witness ran home.


St Christophe et le Lavis, Drome, France - February 1976:

19-year old Raymond Diel was in a wooded area when he encounters a large black disc-shaped object on the ground. Two tall blond humanoids about 1.90 wearing silvery coveralls that covered their feet and blue belts are moving around the object. The two humanoids move slowly and speak among themselves in an unknown language.


Settlers Park, Oakdale, Pennsylvania - February 29th 1976:

During a brief power outage in the area and around the same time a lighted object was seen cruising low overhead, several witnesses spotted a seven to eight foot tall dark hair covered figure. The figure had long dangling arms, bumps for ears, wrinkled skin on it face and claws-like hands. It was apparently seen at a wooded area.


Toppenish Ridge, Yakima, Washington - March 1976:

A family was returning to their ranch on the South Harrah Road when they were surprised to see several tall thin longhaired men like figures chasing some of the cattle down the road. The beings had extremely white or pale features and wore black outfits with white trapezoid emblems on the chest area, and were estimated to have been at least seven-foot tall.


Helena, Montana - April 4th, 1976:

During a period of heavy UFO activity and mysterious cattle mutilations in the area a 16-year old local youth was looking out his second story window, which provided a good view of the pasture to the east side of the house when he saw a tall, hairy creature walking in the pasture, coming from the south. He said the creature was taking long strides and his arms moved back and forth as a person’s would. The creature did not appear to have a neck but it was capable of turning its head and it appeared to be looking around. Except for its face, it was covered entirely with brown or black hair about an inch to an inch a half long.


Mawnan, Cornwall, England - April 17th 1976:

June and Vicky Melling, on holiday at Mawnan, saw a “bird man” hovering over the church tower. It resembled a man with wings instead of arms, big eyes, big pointed ears, and a large triangle on his face in place of nose or mouth. They were so frightened that the family went home 3 days early.


Matapozuelos, Spain - April 23rd, 1976:

While almost half the residents of this village watched a reddish oval shaped craft maneuvering overhead, 14-year old Fidel Hernandez Rolla was playing with some friends in a field outside of town when they saw a reddish spheres slowly descend and land on a nearby field. Fidel was left alone as his friends ran from the area in a panic. With a mixture of fear and curiosity Fidel approached the object and crouched behind a stonewall to look at the enigmatic craft. Suddenly a row of lights became visible inside what appeared to be an opening on the craft. Inside the craft, Fidel was able to see numerous multi-colored lights, monitors and other unidentified apparatus. The craft was topped with a crystal dome and inside several very tall human like figures could be seen moving about. The witness then saw three huge man-like figures suddenly appear behind the object, not to far from his location. The humanoids were over 2 meters in height and wore tight fitting white outfits with belts and boots. They all had light colored shoulder length hair. Their faces were human-like with large almond shaped eyes.


William’s Lake, Michigan - May 15th 1976:

A couple who had observed a peculiar light that hovered and oscillated rapidly over the area above the lake earlier, were parked in an isolated spot next to the lake at night when they suddenly spotted another light above the waters. The boyfriend leaned out the window for a better look when something grabbed him. He jumped back inside then a huge dark humanoid shape leaned over the car and began scratching and rocking the vehicle. Then a creature, described as having a huge reptilian like face with a wide slit mouth and bulbous eyes thrust itself partly through the window and grabbed one of the witnesses with a larger flipper like hand. The second witness struck the creature on the face with a bottle and it withdrew outside. The creature then retreated and apparently jumped into the lake, as the witness heard a loud splash.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 02:07 PM
Lunde, British Columbia, Canada - May 1976:

Someone calling her name suddenly awakened the witness, a cancer patient at the time; she was then instructed to drive to a nearby town. As she drove west of the town she noticed a large white globe of light descending towards a nearby clearing. As the car approached the field the engine stalled. The vehicle came to a stop at a nearby gully. The huge craft hovered above the clearing and a shaft of light came out of the center of the craft towards the ground. The witness walked towards it and saw two beings descend in the shaft of light. The beings were four foot tall, with child like bodies and large slanted eyes. They wore tight fitting metallic suits, with a large buckle with an insignia resembling a triangle within a triangle printed on it. The same design was on the uniform. They also wore boots and a tight fitting hood over their heads.


Sierra Nevada, California - July 1976:

A man living alone in a cabin in the foothills was lying awake in his bedroom when he suddenly felt something in the room. He felt an overwhelming pressure on one side of his body and heard a loud rasping exhale next to his ear. Looking up he was confronted by four humanoids one taller than the others, which were about four-½ foot tall with slender arms and necks, and large hairless heads with huge black eyes. He was assured by telepathy then carried out the back door. He then felt floating up into a bright light, inside the bright object he was taken through several large chambers, some empty, and others full of growing things. He eventually ended up on an examining table where several medical tests were performed on him.


Leeds, England - August 1976:

..The craft finally descended silently supported on several leg-like protrusions. A few seconds later, Jan observed a tube descend from the center of the object, which was a few feet wide, and which reached the ground. Although the entire object was dark, unusual glow was pouring from its underside. Suddenly the tube opened “like a book.” Two humanoid figures, approximately four ft tall, walked form the tube and stood in front of the object. Noticing Jan, they beckoned him to come closer. As he walked slowly towards them, he heard a conversation taking place, but could not understand the language. The figures were wearing one-piece suits of a yellow-orange color, and a kind of helmet with a darkened visor over the face area. They wore mittens on their hands, and some kind of boots or shoes, which appeared to be integral to the suit. He also noticed a panel with a series of square shaped “switches” and circular buttons on the chest of each humanoid. When the humanoids began adjusting these, Jan was surprised to hear them speak recognizably


Baracaldo, Spain - October 29th, 1976:

Six young men were out playing near a walled in field close to the local cemetery when they suddenly heard a loud crackling sound, two of the boys then noticed an object resembling a telephone boot descend towards the walled field. The two boys ran to the field and saw the object land behind some bushes on three leg like protrusions; it also emitted a white and red light. An oval shaped opening became visible from which a red light shone, then two very tall human like figures emerged. The figures wore tight fitting black diving suits and wide bright belts.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 03:43 PM
Hi karl 12, this thread is become really interesting buddy, thanks for all your marvelous additions so far.

It looks pretty difficult to believe that people could have seen so many different kinds of beings, but when you take in consideration that our universe is as big as the mainstream scientist’s claim it is, it is very logical.

And when perhaps in time the Big Bang theory will be proven wrong and the universe is in fact infinite, then we are no doubt facing an enormous surprise.

Clifford Stone claimed once that by the time he got out of the military, they had identified 57 different species, and I am convinced he tells the truth.

And Lou Baldin, the writer of that mind-blowing book “In League With A UFO” and “A Day with An Extraterrestrial” said the following about it.

There are a lot of beings out there and there are a lot of agendas to go with them. That is why I wrote another book I haven't published yet that I call, A Day with An Extraterrestrial.”

He did already publish this book, which I absolutely can recommend for reading.

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