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UFO Occupants ~ Drawings,Sketches and Non-Human Reports.

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posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 07:23 AM
Hi karl here is the second and really a marvelous one.

Part 2: Highest Strangeness UFO Cases in Scotland
© 2010 by Linda Moulton Howe

They (non-human beings) need us. We are very important to them. They don't want to destroy us. They just need us!

- Garry Wood, Abducted near Tarbrax, Scotland

November 19, 1995, U. K. Sunday Express interview with Garry Wood (above) about his A70 abduction with Colin Wright near Tarbrax, Scotland, southwest of Edinburgh that occurred three years earlier on August 17, 1992.

January 28, 2010 London, England - On October 5, 2009, STV.TV in Scotland reported that “Scotland's biggest UFO incident is being made into a film, depicting the story of two men who claim they were abducted from their car on the A70 road in West Lothian in 1992.”

The two men are Garry Wood and Colin Wright. On August 17, 1992, they were driving from Edinburgh around 8 PM toward the village of Tarbrax on the A70 when they encountered a black, aerial disc over the road near Harperrig Reservoir, Lothian District of Central Scotland, and lost 90 minutes of time.

And from their car, it was only 30 or 40 yards away and it was about 20 to 25 feet above the surface of the road.

“Craft was black and shiny in appearance and hovered motionless about 20 feet above the road surface. As they went under the craft, it emitted a shimmering curtain or beam down towards the road surface, which spanned the full width of the road, some 22 feet. Onc enveloped inside the beam, neither witness could see anything. In fact, Garry conveyed that he could not see his friend, Colin, who sat beside him.
Everything went blank.” Illustration © by David Sankey.

Independent Hypnosis with Colin Wright and Garry Wood By 1994, we employed the services of a very qualified hypnotherapist and independently we took them back to that night of August 17, 1992, and a typical abduction scenario unfolded [in which each man was handled separately by the non-humans in a room that felt cold to the humans.]

One of grey non-humans at end of corridor in craft. Illustration © by David Sankey.

Under the black, inky, almond-shaped eyes of these beings were red, yellow and blackish-green lines or perforations like a fish’s gills. You know the slits in the fish’s body? They were like slits under the dark eyes colored red, yellow and green. Never before have I heard of that. Some of these small grey beings had indentations at the top of their heads like a heart-shape.

Colin Wright described red, yellow and blackish-green “slits
like a fish's gills” beneath the large, black eyes of a small, child-like,
grey being. Sketch © 1994 by Colin Wright.

Some of these creatures were your typical greys at 3.5 to 4 feet-tall, child-like bodies, large pear-shaped heads, inky, almond-shaped eyes.

Taller Grey Beings and Small, Brown, Wrinkled Entities Other non-humans were taller, about 6 to 8 feet tall. There was also evidence of small, brown beings. Not large, small and wrinkly with scrunched up faces.

Above and below, Colin Wright described wrinkled, long neck
of 6-foot-tall grey being. Sketch © 1994 by Colin Wright.

Colin Wright described wrinkled, long neck of 6-foot-tall grey being.
Sketch © 1994 by Colin Wright.

Colin Wright described wrinkled, brown-colored, “old being”
that also had a heart-shaped head and long, wrinkled neck.
Sketch © 1994 by Colin Wright.

OP; looks incredibly on that lovely creature in the movie ET is it not?

“Suction pads” at end of alien fingers, as described in other abduction
encounters, that are different than the long, pointed, webbed fingers
also described. Sketch © 1994 by Colin Wright.

Colin Encased in Glass Cylinder
Colin at one point found himself encased in this large, glass cylinder. If you can imagine a man’s cigar tube. Imagine that about 12 feet high, I suppose, made of glass. Colin found himself sitting in one of those completely naked.

Above: During Monday, October 17, 1994, hypnotic regression,
Colin Wright described and sketched his being inside a glass chamber surrounded by mist.
Below: “There was 1 tall alien at door way and 3 aliens looking at me from outside chamber.
Also, every chamber I saw had other people in them with no clothes on, but I could not see them clearly as the chamber was frosted over.” Sketches © 1994 by Colin Wright.

Suddenly Garry became aware of a pool of liquid like a man’s shaving gel that started to bubble up from the floor of this craft. Coming out of that was one small, grey being.
[ Editor's note: The being either had prominent ribs or there was an unusual chest structure.]

Garry Wood wrote on his sketch: “Entity coming out of pool of gel-like substance.
As entity was coming out of pool, a device at the right hand side of my head started to do something. It made like motor noises and a flap started to lift up to (my) head level. All this happened at the same time. I think other entities were in the pool of something. I think the entity was controlling the device.” Sketch © 1994 by Garry Wood.

Floating “Black Lens” Over Garry Wood Looking upward from his position apparently paralyzed unable to move while lying flat on the table, Garry saw a black lens-shaped device that was floating in the center of the room. Garry said it was “folding in on itself,” while the device turned and twisted. Garry described the device “as around 5 to 6 feet in width and was roughly 2.5 feet in breadth. This device was also making some kind of ‘whooshing’ sound. ... As Garry lay there mesmerized by this object with his eyes totally fixed upon it, a small and thin translucent grey arm with long fingers suddenly came into his line of vision and dropped onto his chest near his head.”

Floating “black lens” described by Garry Wood. Illustration © by David Sankey.

Human-Looking Female On Floor of Craft
While Garry was lying naked on the flat table and two small, grey “creatures” were standing at the foot of the table. One was holding a bright diamond-shaped object that pulsated with orange light. That creature then began to move the diamond-shaped device over Garry's body. Garry also noticed beyond the creature was an arched doorway leading into a “very bright room.”

Then Garry realized to his left on the floor of the craft “with her back to him was a completely naked female. She was sitting with her knees up to her chin with her arms grasped tightly around her legs. She was softly crying and was shivering in the cold. Garry also noticed that she had shaggy, loose permed hair with blonde highlights. Suddenly and very gently, she slowly moved her head around in the direction of Garry, whereupon Garry noticed that she had tears running down her face. She then moved her head back to look at the wall. No words at all were spoken between the two.”

Garry Wood wrote on his drawing, “Girl sitting on floor with her back to me. Girl look at me.
She was crying. She had her arms clasped round her legs trying to cover her naked body.
She was shivering with the cold. If I saw her, I think I would recognize her. Shaggy, loose permed hair with blond highlights.” Sketch © 1994 by Garry Wood.

[Ex]August 4, 1994, lined notebook page on which Colin Wright ink sketched what he remembered about taller 6-foot grey alien, “leader alien,” “child alien” that had red, yellow and blackish-green “gill slits” beneath its eyes, the bony alien fingers with “suction cups” on the ends,
and equipment Colin saw in the room to which he was apparently transferred from the car near Tarbrax, Scotland, around 8 PM on August 17, 1992. Ink sketches © 1994 by Colin Wright.


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posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by spacevisitor

I just can't forget about the poor woman she must be traumatized and. what happened to her?

posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 09:18 AM

Originally posted by Danna
reply to post by spacevisitor

I just can't forget about the poor woman she must be traumatized and. what happened to her?

Hi Danna, I don’t know what has happened to that woman then, there is nothing said about it in that article.
There was no vocal contact between that abducted man and woman, only a very short eye contact.
I know of these cases [it happens all the time] and therefore I have some ideas, but that doesn’t say that even one of them has anything to do with what that woman experienced there.
Most probably she has a normal live, just as those abducted men, but sorely interrupted with some unpleasant experiences.

Perhaps this would give you some answers.

And Danna I can only say you this, try to forget it, let it go, because you can’t do anything about it, just as you also can’t do anything about all the unpleasant things happening every day with people here on Earth.

posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

That website is interesting! I'm only feeling sorry for the woman because once I had a weird dream and I was feeling trapped and scared because aliens wanted to take me.
yeah I know i have a weird mind when it comes to dreaming.

Oh and brown or dark caramel aliens xD ? I use to dream with them, they always appear to warn for disaster or to help or even to attack me

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posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

Spacevisitor, that Scottish case has got to be one of the freakiest reports yet -as it states in the TV programme here , its not the first time bizarre incidents have been reported in that area.

Great post matey.

Another report:

Strange "entities" Witnessed at Grand-Mère

Two small beings in white that were surveying a garden:

The central office of the AQU (Association Québecoise d'Ufologie) recently pondered on a rather uncommon case.

"The call concerned a sighting report made by a woman residing in Grand-Mère of which the description of the events remain one of the most mysterious ones to have been given to us since the creation of the AQU," said chairman Gilles Milot.

Three AQU representatives, along with representative Pauline Mongrain, who crossed the St. Maurice (river) in order to verify the authenticity of certain facts observed by the witness, went over to see this information for themselves.

"It was therefore 8:30 p.m. on the night of October 24th, 1998 when Mrs. H., coming out of the shower, saw two biological entities completely covered in white from head to toe, who seemed to be very interested in the neighbour's garden, in this case her sister," related Milot.

These two entities were described by the witness as being dressed like astronauts, wearing some kind of helmet on their heads. "One of the creatures was leaning over and seemed to be picking something up off the ground. The other stood nearby. According to the witness, when they walked, they seemed to float; their walk was unnatural. Their size and physical appearance were similar to that of humans."

Behind these two mysterious beings, the witness saw a thick fog made up of different bright colour nuances, of which the predominant colour was brown.



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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 05:28 AM
Early UFO Occupant Reports:

May 8, 1880:

A Chinese man reports seeing a glowing craft and when he approached, a being paralyzed him and he lost consciousness. He found himself some weeks later on a mountain. This may be another example of possible modern type alien abduction taking place in historical times, suggesting that this phenomenon has been going on for far longer than we believe.

Summer, 1901:

In Bournebrook, England, a man witnessed what is likely the first 20th century alien contact. He witnessed a box-like object with two men in tight fitting spacesuits next to it. The aliens directed the man to step back. Then they ran into the craft and it took off with much sound and a whooshing of air.


Anne Jefferies is found unconscious on the ground outside her home. She described her kidnapping by little entities that floated her into a bright place and conducted what today we would call experiments.

November 25, 1896:

A Colonel Shaw and his companions were approached by strange beings who tried to abduct them into a nearby floating ship. The abduction was unsuccessful but Shaw described the beings as "Martians" and was the first time such an event was described as unearthly.

Summer, 1921:

A young man in France was kidnapped by strange men in tight fitting suits. He blacked out and found himself miles away from this original location. Many feel this is the first 20th century alien abduction.


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posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 03:32 AM
Hi karl 12, great posts up there buddy.
they are all very interesting.

Here is part three from Linda’s site.

Part 3: Highest Strangeness - Body Containers
© 2010 by Linda Moulton Howe

I got the impression that the aliens do not like to do this soul transfer (to cloned body containers) very often.”

- Linda Porter, California Abductee

I used this drawing earlier in the thread but I post it again in order to compare it with the next ones, and as you see the resemblance is amazing.

Porterville, California - 1963 Abduction

Linda Porter said.

“We (abductees) are caught in the middle of a series of ongoing events that will one day prove to be historically significant to the future of the Earth. Unfortunately, because of our continuing, non-voluntary interactions with these beings, we have, in a sense, become victims of both sides of the phenomena.

On the one hand, we are used by the aliens for their own purposes, whatever those purposes might be. On the other, if we speak out, we risk ridicule from the public, and in some cases, possible harassment and/or intimidation by government and military personnel.”

“I was shown a room with very tall, clear, tube-like containers or cylinders on a raised platform, which seemed to be at the center of the room. Inside these tubes - standing upright, naked, and appearing to be asleep - were humans, or at least they looked human to me. They looked like they were in some kind of suspended animation.

Linda Porter said she was taken by a “grey scientist” to a room where three people were in tubes.
She felt the people were alive, but in a state of suspended animation and that the man on far right was a younger clone activated by a “soul transfer” from his previous older body that Linda watched die in a rectangular container. Drawing by Linda Porter for Linda Moulton Howe © 1991.

Pennsylvania Turnpike - 1978 Abduction

The huge room filled with tall and shorter humanoid bodies (abductee Wanna Lawson thought there was a mixture of humans and non-humans). The short, plump abductee female was transferred into a tall, thin preserved body and explored the craft with another tall, male humanoid.
She did not understand how the transfer from her body into the cloned body was made. Illustration by L. Hoffman for Linda Moulton Howe © 1992.

Wanna Lawson: “We walked through the ship. And we ended up in this humongous room with tubes. The walls were lined with these tubes. They appeared to be glass, but they weren't glass. The tubes were about 2-feet-wide and about 8 feet high. Cylinder tubes. Round. Wide enough to hold the tall, grey-white (other) bodies. ... And now, I change bodies (with tall, thin, dark-haired female in tube). But how I did it, I don't know. The only thing I can remember is that it was my 'other body' - that was known to the tall male humanoid guiding me.”

Lansing, Michigan - 1992 Abduction

1992 Lansing, Michigan, abductee, Ken Rose, said during one of his encounters with non-humans, he saw three incomplete female bodies in clear, cylindrical tubes that were coated with gold dust that reminded him of the woman in the Hollywood feature film, Goldfinger. Illustration © for Linda Moulton Howe by Ken Rose.

Ken Rose: “I don't know how I got there (in craft), but these little grey things took me where there were three ladies inside tubes. It was a little, round room that was all dark except around the tubes where it was lighted. There was some kind of dim light inside the tubes. It was an eggshell white light, so beautiful, but it smelled like acid-sweet pure vanilla and made me nauseous. ... The three women were all covered in gold metallic dust. ... One of the grey things said, ‘They're under construction.’ They were alive, but not awake.”

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 04:26 AM

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 11:49 AM
New report from February 2010.

A skeptical retired engineer allegedly saw a UFO and a very inhuman shape coming toward him in the UK.

UFO seen in Phear Park, Exmouth

The sketches of what this man saw:

The UFO. Alleged to be 100 feet wide.

The thing that moved towards the witness. Alleged to be about four feet high and made a strange droning noise.

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 12:22 PM
Awesome thread.
It makes a good arguement for different species of aliens.
Athough the Greys are considered to be clones by some theorists.
More significantly, the UFO crashes show us that their super-advanced technology is not infallible. Personally, I think the crashes underscore the demi-god status that many of us have ascribed to aliens and their abilities.

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by CASH69

Great thread

You make a good point. I think most people are wondering the same thing. All these different Alien species visiting this planet and it appears like we are the only ones who are oblivious to what's really going on. Why the secrecy and why don't they just come out and tell us. Why do they blank the memory of abductees. It's all very bizarre and confusing.

What's with the soul transfer technology and cloned bodies. What if the stories of a soul collector on the moon are true and the reason nobody has seen or heard from their dead relatives is because these Greys are stealing our souls and implanting them into clones for some purpose unknown to the rest of us.

Maybe the reason all these Aliens look humanoid and very similar to each other is because they are genetic off spring created by a single highly advanced Alien species who has been going around and seeding planets with various life forms. All of these Aliens, including humanity therefore share a common genetic heritage.

[edit on 16-2-2010 by kindred]

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 05:50 PM
Hey Karl you forgot our own

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 01:54 PM
I have viewed every picture posted on this thread and viewed most comments which has taken me weeks to find the time to read up on but i sure do know from experience that you do not have to look to far to know there's a little something different in a lot of us and saying that next time you go out to do your food shopping, clothe shopping, go to the threatre or having a local walk into town just spare a few minutes of your time and really pay-attention to people in general. I gurantee you will spot 1-3 people in that day who you will find a little eerie, weird, strange, different, interesting and many more.

Once your aware your not alone it doesn't take long to learn how to recognise people by the facial features, they way they walk, move, learn, think, look, dress, the work they do and how they react in situations.

Just a snippet of information for the open-minded and for those who are just starting to recognise life wasn't the same the day before when they thought they were alone on Earth. Hehe, Take care.

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by karl 12
Varginha,Brazil - January 20, 1996:

The Varginha Case - In-Depth

i remember as a really young kid watching a UFO documentary about this case. The visuals and reenactments they made really unnerved me. Ill never forget it. :-)

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 12:58 PM
Thanks for all the replies -just came across this NICAP Occupant Database -its pretty comprehensive and covers a lot of very strange humanoid reports:

NICAP UFO Occupant Database


reply to post by zaiger

Hey Zaiger, which incident is that report from -it does look pretty familiar.

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 02:05 PM
Good thread - nice collection of images.

Just about every conceivable type of 'humanoid' is represented here, and I'm not exactly sure what to make of it.

Let's say for the sake of argument that aliens look like monkeys. If that was the case then you would expect 80-90 percent of 'alien' drawings to resemble monkeys. There would be an overwhelming majority of drawings that concur with eachother.

However what we have here is a very large diversity, which can really only mean one of two things: either 1) many different types of aliens have visited earth and been spotted, or 2) human imagination is unlimited.

A couple of things that trouble me:

- Why are aliens so often naked? Seems like a backwards step to me, especially when travelling through space!
- Why are they always anorexic? Do they not eat? Are their bodies weak? How would weak bodies survive evolution?

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posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 08:11 AM
New declassified files from the British Ministry of Defense:

UFO files: sketches and reports of sightings

Many UFO reports come with sketches drawn by eyewitnesses in a bid to back up their claims, such as this a drawing of a spacecraft containing three beings seen by a passenger on board flight TG919 from London Heathrow to Hong Kong via Bangkok on July 19 1993, witnessed somewhere between Dhaka in India and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Daily Telegraph

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by FOXMULDER147

Foxmulder147, thanks for the reply and you make some interesting points.

Regarding your comments about clothes ( and the lack of ) there are some interesting observations at the link below involving differing reported UFO occupant body coverings, belts, helmets ,boots and gloves.

There are also some intriguing paragraphs on the variety of reported languages and body size:


The observation of strange, human-like creatures in and about UFOs is an integral part of the entire phenomenon and this aspect can hardly be ignored simply because it is a disquieting notion. Indeed, "it may yet be discovered that humanoid cases are the key to the whole problem." (1) While observations of the humanoids are traceable well back into history, it was not until the modern era of UFOs, beginning about 1947, that people began to write extensively about their encounters. Many of them told about observing the humanoids at close range, communicating with them, establishing a personal rapport, and consorting with them for extended periods. Messages of peace from the "space brothers" and warnings about atomic bombs were typically reported. Except for limited cults that developed around the authors, this literature was generally shrugged off as completely unbelievable. It will not be neglected here.



posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 09:49 AM
UFO Occupant at Fatima?

Drawing of 'lady' of Fatima, Portugal, 1917.

On October 11th 1917, Lucia described the 'lady as being one metre tall, about 12-15 years old, with black eyes and wearing checkered clothing and "was unlike ANY image of Our Lady or any other saints that they had seen up to then."



A few important and forgot issues of the 1917 events were uncovered by
Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada, such as:

1) - a "fourth percipient" namely Carolina Carreira, whom describes a
"telephatic type of contact with a fair-headed being of small stature who
instilled into her head a repetitive order described as follows: "Come here
and say three Ave Marias, come and say three Ave Marias...".

2) - a surprised description given by Lucia, the eldest of the three
percipients, when at the "Parochial Enquiry" she spoke of a "very shining
lady, about 1 meter and 10 cms in height, seming to be between 12 and 15
years old, wearing a narrow skirt, a jacket and a cloak, all with golden
cords, running through them. She came from "above" and vanished-gradually in the inverse direction, made no facial movements, nor did she articulate her lower lips, and moved only her hands from time to time. She had a luminous BALL in hand and she turned her back towards the percipients when she departed"

3) - the authors managed to determine the distance parameters of the
so-called "solar phenomenon" of October 13, 1917, from the witnesses
positions on the ground. J. Fernandes and F. d' Armada found that they were all within a band of 70 meters wide and running through the Cova da Iria area, center of that spectacular aerial phenomenon, called by the vast
multitude of people waiting as the "miracle of the sun".


posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 10:57 AM

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