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Of Royality

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 01:59 PM
I will say this, just once.

Upon conception we humans are created with a certain set of genes from both mother and father. Some genes determine the outcome of other genes while most are entirely independent. Either way, the actions of your forefathers and fore-mothers determines the set list of genes which are available to the cell upon completion of fertilization.
So here we have it, a cell, that is what will eventually be an organism just like you....or will it?

Along the way the mother may encounter disease as well as environmental pollution. What then of the cell which is now rapidly dividing?

Maybe the baby will have a tendency to lisp, or in extreme cases an extra arm. Or maybe nothing too apparent....perhaps a learning disability.

And what if that child grows older and gives birth to another? Will that child share it's parents disability? Will the lifelong effects of living a disabled life bring ill effects upon the choices the mother makes while nurturing the cell?
And if so, will there ever been an end to the seemingly constant decay of life?

Long ago we used to have rulers who's bloodline determined who was fit to rule. This action would certainly guarantee a child without ailments as the family lived in luxury...protected by the harshness of life unaided with a steady supply of nourishment needed for cell growth. However, this method of ruling had one error. The wealth was desired by all. And wealth in such few numbers brought ignorance. The apple rotted from within.

Not much has changed since then, except that technology has allowed all classes to yield a greater wealth. Thus, healthier babies. However there still exists the wealthier classes who make certain to monitor the growth of lower classes and guide it in a way that suits them best. In recent times population growth has put a boost towards productivity and technological knowledge. However, this knowledge has been held back and held exclusive for higher classes. And this folks, is where the apple begins to rot once again.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 02:19 PM
It appears vegan diets are supposedly good for humans and encourage longevity (at least Dr Oz credited this in last night's Oprah repeat).
It all depends on which qualities we regard as "good". The 1970s argument that "intelligence" can be eaten with human and primate brains still lingers (see Oscar Kiss Maerth, 1974: "The Beginning was the End").
When we see programs of successful peoples and dynasties, they are very aggressive and un-empathic (see Donald Trump, Alan Sugar, The Kardashians). Which bloodline will you encourage?


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