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"Does Death Exist? New Theory Says 'No'"

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 06:24 PM
found some more info , science is going to change our reality for ever if its found to be true.

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 07:04 AM

Originally posted by Klaatumagnum
Great post! Thank you! Don't you feel that this is the truth? And if this is an illusion; what about Karma? Isn't Karma incured inside an illusion? So is not Karma an illusion? Is not Karma a misunderstanding of the law of attraction? It's all about free will. When your body dies, your consciousness will go where you desire it to go. So start thinking about that. Meditate on that. Heaven? Another illusion. Merge with the Creator. Or if your not quite ready, continue on to where ever you desire. Doesn't this put a big smile on your face?

These discussions can get confusing but, no, I don't believe Karma operates inside the illusion. Karma directly affects the essense. It carries with it...good or bad. We are all in the same boat and we are all learning so we should feel compassion for those with bad Karma.

I'm not a big fan of the law of attraction thing as it seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that it focuses so much on wants and desires.

This goes against what buddhia teaches in that "wants and desires" are a barrier to true happiness. Anything you gain on this physical plane that gives you the illusion of happiness is temporary and therefore illusionary. Materialism is about the stupidest, pointless thing we can do with our energy here in this world.

I'm simply beginning this search for truth...I don't have the answers. I do know that when I meditate and can manage to let the wants, desires, worries, intellectual chatter fall away, there is an essense there of truth and incredible beauty.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 02:04 PM
I also believe all is an illusion, everything is in the eternal now and happening all at once, interesting concept and hard to wrap your mind around.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 07:18 PM
A person just gets reincarnated after dying. Reincarnation is one of the laws of the multiverse.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Gamma MO

Certainly. Read The Tao Of Physics and The Web of Life by Fritjof Capra.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 10:04 PM
"The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot was a mind-blowing read for me....

Remember that everything we perceive about our reality comes from the 5 senses. Our perception of what reality is, is basically our brain trying to make sense of information. Literally, we are all living in an illusion created by our brain/consciousness that seeks to explain and interpret the nature of everything.

Remember that everything we see is simply light waves being interpreted by our brain receiving information from our brain. Try and imagine a reality in which eyes had never biologically evolved and we were perpetually blind, having absolutely no idea what it means to see. Crazy stuff.

Quantum Physics is really crazy things.... I'll give 2 examples

1) Electrons exist as solid objects only when they are perceived by humans. When no one is looking or paying attention to them, they are waves with no real location.

2) Electrons can essentially "teleport" randomly to any point in the entire universe. I remember reading "physics of the impossible" by Michio Kaku. He gives his physics students an actual mathematical problem: 1 electron is sitting on one side of the wall. Calculate how much time it might take for it to randomely teleport to the other side of the wall. The answer is longer than the age of the universe, but nonetheless, there is an answer. He even goes so far to say that in quantum reality, there is a chance, however small it may be, that you could be transported randomely halfway across the universe in an instant!

I also remember reading that some theorists think that the whole universe might actually be a single electron that is continuously time-traveling.


posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 10:12 PM
Sorry kids. You die and you are worm food. This whole discussion lacks an understanding of quantum interpretation. Really, it is only on a very small scale that the physics works. You never see a full grown giraffalent disappearing and reappearing. This happens at the very small level. At a point that you cannot imagine (I cannot either).

Step 1: So bad science + conjecture = ?
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Profit

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 11:01 PM
Saying the world is an illusion and saying that someone's dog is living in another reality is fine when you are not on the receiving end. If you lose a loved one or if you are experiencing difficulties, then it is very hard to remember that the world is an illusion -- if not impossible. But this is what Buddhists strive for I think.

I can recall a Buddhist story that goes something like this:
A mother lost her child and she was inconsolable with grief. Her neighbor, who was also a woman, came and preached to her that everything is an illusion and we were all meant to die. The neighbor's words had an effect on the mother, who took those words to heart and consoled herself.

But as chance would have it, the very same neighbor that had preached about the transient quality of life, lost her daughter to illness. Now it was the mother's turn to console her neighbor and she repeated the same words that the neighbor had told her. She had already incorporated those words into her life so it was no big deal for her to preach those words.

But the neighbor couldn't stand the mother's preaching and started insulting her saying that she wasn't the one right now who had lost a child.

There is more to the story but I have captured only the parts that are relevant here.

So as the story shows, it's easy to say the world is an illusion when everything is fit and fine. But it is very tough to remember those very words when everything is going against you. But, that is what we should all strive to remember and if we can, then we will become like Buddha himself.

And I would like to add one more thing. Try and think about infinity. What does infinity mean? If there is a God and if he created everything, then where did the God reside before the universe was created? What exactly is meant when it is said that God has no beginning and no end? Can we even grasp the concept that something has no beginning?

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 03:02 AM
As I understand, the biocentrism is a spin off of many worlds interpretation. According to MMI all choices that could of happen did happen. So we all have infinite version of our selves. Biocentrism is stating that our conscious that we're currently aware of is not the first or the last version of us to "die" and since we have infinite versions of ourselves we never actually "die". The theory of biocentrism is something to deeply marinate in, but I doubt it will get incorporated as a standard interpretation.

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