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Free Health Care is Awesome!!!

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:27 PM
That is why you are a Canadian. You love what others provide you. Here in America we actually take pride in that we get what we work for. By the way, nice military. How free will your healthcare be when some country decides to take your country away from you? Oops, I guess maybe you do have to have prorities.
The fact is that 5% of Americans really need help, and 80% are happy with their Healthcare and are opposed to this crap. Hello? This has NOTHING to do with Healthcare.
Let me lay it out for you. Obama wants to destroy the economy. Before he does that, he needs to control over 50% of the American infrastructure. TARP $ & all the BS is to set aside the nations wealth to rebuild it exactly as he said he would. "WE ARE % DAYS AWAY FROM FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING THE UNITED STYATES OF AMERICA"! These are not just campaign slogans. He HATES Freedom, capitalism, and self reliance. These are the principles that founded our country. Nobody in their right mind can honestly propose any of these things and try to compell people it is good for our nation and increases freedom. Freedom=USA
You see, here in America, the people rule this country! Not a Queen. But we are getting a king that nobody ever wanted. And we WILL get it. Americans are horrified at what they are trying to do all in the name of eliminating freedom. This is serious stuff. Because what is coming after he gets control, is eliminating firearms and term limits for his Presidency. The ultimate result WILL be Americas second revolutionary war. There will just be no way around it. BUT, I certainly would not rule out a 'Terrorist' attack that would require Martial Law before there can be an uprising.
Healthcare? Healthcare? Jobs Summit? 2nd Stimulus? I find it almost comical that so few people see what is going on...especially on this site. You can't call it conspiracy when he tells you what he is going to do before he does it. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:46 PM
Free health care good or bad. Under the U.S. Constitution the Federal government only has what powers that are specifically granted to it by the Constitution and anything not specifically granted is up to the states to decide. So Good or bad they don't have the power to impose free health care.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:57 PM
The problem is with AGENDA. Canadians have had no problem being subservient to their government and no matter how they are treated they just lay back and take it. I know, I have lived in Canada myself. The healthcare is ok considering you only had to pay for 10% of the money for drugs but I found that the word "FREE" was tossed around a bit to cover an umbrella of situations where it wasn't exactly free. I also had a father in law who died of cancer because he was treated for free..but poorly, and with doctors who were inept at diagnosing proper ailments and treatments. It was too late for my father in law by the time they found out what was really wrong with him and he was already in stage 4 by then. I currently have a mother in law who is going through the exact same thing. The doctors want to see her all the time making the family drain their bank accounts in travel and pecuniary job losses and then they just look at her 5 minutes and say they want to see her again on another date. They don't even really do anything but sit back and rake in government based healthcare cash at the expense of the dying, but do very little to actually help. Furthermore, for America to have FREE healthcare is scary because you know there is an agenda behind it. Most likely it is so they can use the convienience of putting your health records on a chip because this is the ONLY way they will actually be able to get people to accept the "CHIP" or now called "PositiveID" used for tracking and controlling your money and every facet of your daily life. 'Here is Verichips actual webpage with a photo of the chip right on their page so don't say it's conspiracy nonsense'
So I don't think the NWO will have a problem with Canada accepting the chip because for them it is more of just another step and they have no self worth outside of their governmnet or healthcare. Canada has always bragged about free healthcare and it will be that very bragging right that seals their fate as tagged sheep who were more than willing to go to the slaughter. America doesn't fear their government. People should not fear their government, government should fear their people".....V.
Now, I would agree with free healthcare, (who wouldn't?) but the American government is not notorious for caring for their people. America is notorious for fatcats lining their own pockets while others suffer,( countless examples of that lately) for war-mongering and stealing oil from other countries and killing all those who oppose or would stand in their way. The American PEOPLE (not the government) are a proud bunch who, just like Canadians, just want a better life for their children and work hard to get it,but the better life never comes. This is why we all are weary about America's sudden interest in giving us healthcare we can afford. We can't afford food for our families, there are no jobs, everyone has been tempted and trapped into poverty (not by buying fancy cars but by using credit cards just to be able to get by from one month to the next, to survive). THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING NEFARIOUS and this time it's personal with every single individual.They don't have any money to feed people or to give jobs or pay debt....but they have money to give all of the nation free healthcare? The very nation they have just destroyed???
If the NWO wants to 'thin out the herd' (kill off alot of people to have a more sustainable amount to control) then what would be better than free healthcare where they could poison you endlessly while telling you that it is either good for you or that it is actually healthy. Kind of like they are doing with Fluorinated water and the campaign to tell people that it promotes strong bones and healthy teeth when in all actuality science proves flouride (in any form) poisonous.It is an aluminum waste product.What they are actually doing is getting rid of billions of dollars worth of aluminum waste by putting it in our food and water sources and then making the medical system tell us that it is good for us (under the threat of losing their practices)...all of that hard work in college and all of the money the doctors are making would be no more were they to NOT cooperate. So they can MAKE billions more while getting rid of something that would normally COST THEM billions to dispose of and all the while you can generationally 'thin out the herd'. It's actually quite brilliant if you are evil and the lower IQ levels assure that they are not as likely to get caught byt he people.The reality is that it pits teeth and actually promotes osteoporosis and weak bones, lowered sperm count (there is the thinning of the herd) and lower IQ (especially in children). So, that is why we are fighting against this, we are not like Canada. We actually fight for our freedoms and watch our government..not let the government watch us and negate us of our freedoms. We believe in working for wat we have not having a 'single parent' government babysit us and tell us what we need for our families when we are the ones who know better than a corrupt government that does nothing but murder and steal from even their own people. How would they no what's good for us? Canada's government is no different, only they hide it better becaue their people WANT TO believe everything they are told, so it's easy for their government to get by with about anything. they just tell Canada to breast-beat about hockey and what a good country they have becasue of free healthcare and Canada is now occupied enough for their government to get back to what they were doing. Trust me, I know, all they do in Canada is brag about themselves and hockey this and healthcare that. It gets old real fast, yet you will never stop hearing about it. They have like only 2 things that they brag about. Oh and they claim to be smarter than all Americans despite the evidence I saw. It's actually hillarious as to how smart they think they are and as I looked around for evidence of this supernatural intelligence, I was struck with the reality that they are not really that much different from Americans except for all of the undeserved bravado.There will be no problem getting Canada chipped, because they will just roll over and let their government do it because they fear their government and they breast-beat over illusions of worthless history and delusions of grandeur. Healthcare is only trusted by those who have proven that they actually CARE 4 your HEALTH.

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:02 PM
When will the AMERICAN people see that this Pelosi HEALTH CARE bill will not be free. It is just another sneaky way to take away our rights while we are vulnerable, as they have been doing through the years.

A bill that has stipulations that can have your home searched without a warrant or have government programs that tell u how to raise yours kids and come check up on you. Those were just the big ones i could remember. I mean the bill is over 2400 pages. It takes that many pages to make a HEALTH CARE BILL!!!!? They are adding more everyday.

This is on page 2 of HR3962 of the Pelosi HEALTH CARE BILL! You will pay 2.5% if u make $50,000 or less a year, 5% above $50,000 a year, plus you still have to go out and find and pay for your own insurance. You know that insurance companies rates are going to skyrocket and im going to tell you why. This is one of the best parts of the bill! If you do not get insurance or in other words, if you can not afford it! You can be FINED up to $250,000 and 5 YEARS in PRISON(not jail but prison) with a minimal fine of $15,000.



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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:34 PM
Regardless of whether people consider the Canadian Health System successful or not, trying to compare Canada to the US would be quite useless. The US National Debt as a percentage of GDP is approaching 70%, while the Canadian National Debt as a percentage of GDP is between 20% and 30%, depending pon whose figures you use. Given that the US debt is much higher as a percentage, WITHOUT health care, than the Canadian percentage WITH health care, it doesn't take a genius to realize that if the US were to institute a national health care "reform", as currently reflected in the House and Senate bills, once both taxes and implemented health care are in sync, our national debt would approach 100% of GDP.

This is a completely untenable position to be in, and the politicians know it. That is WHY the are delaying the full implementation of health care until 2019, while starting the collection of new taxes, AS SOON AS the bill is signed into law.

Aside from issues of whether Canadians have to wait long periods of time to get to a doctor, it does not appear that health care is bankrupting Canada, as it would the US.

This is not a political statement. It is merely economic fact.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:34 PM
I am all for this....
I am an American, I DO pay for health insurance...
I swear, last time I went to a doctor, I had to file bankruptcy...

A little back ground, 8 years ago (TO THE DAY) I was jumped by a gang of asians and stabbed several times (twice in the kidney, once in the stomach, twice in a lung, and several times in the head...

I was under my mothers FEDERAL insurance at the time...
over $150,000 in medical bills... We had to pay approx $3,000 it was DECENT insurance..
I had a wonderful surgeon (i am very lucky to be here typing this today)...

Now lets fast forward to today...
I have insurance... I also have scar tissue in my kidney that makes my day to day life very painful... I still work everyday, harder than most my peers to tell you the truth...

I pay health insurance...
About 5 years ago, my kidney got very bad, (I had to call into work for a week straight because I was in so much pain, I kept vomiting)...
I broke down and went to a doctor...
This is considered a "pre-existing illness" so guess what my insurance pays???
I went in, and explained the problem... The doctor did not believe I had diagnosed myself correctly and sent me in for some very expensive testing (the doctor was convinced that I was simply having muscle spasm..

The test cost me over $5,000 dollars (I was making a whopping $10 an hour at the time), the test just confirmed that it was not a muscle spasm..

I had to file bankruptcy to keep from being imprisoned once the medical facility filed charges against me for not being able to pay...

I still pay for medical insurance just incase SHTF...
When I get sick, I cannot go see a doctor..
I cannot afford it..
I get no pain medication, no procedure to fix the problem, I just have to live with it...

Lets look at reality of governmental run health insurance....

Its all part of the insurance scam...
It has to be stopped...

Anybody want to take a guess on what a little $2 tube of blistex cost when I was hospitalized 8 years ago???
It's alot more than anybody will guess...

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:43 PM

except a bullet in the ass...

But free health care IS AWESOME =p.

Doctors- spend 10 years in school waiting for high pay
Equipment- government subsidized equipment cost like 10x more than it would cost in a free market. I do research, and I can tell you that a test tube is not worth $10 and a MRI machine is not worth $1 million.

With all of these, we wonder how the government will be able to pay to establish this free health care system.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by OG_SWAGGA_KING

This is on page 2 of HR3962 of the Pelosi HEALTH CARE BILL! You will pay 2.5% if u make $50,000 or less a year, 5% above $50,000 a year, plus you still have to go out and find and pay for your own insurance. You know that insurance companies rates are going to skyrocket and im going to tell you why. This is one of the best parts of the bill! If you do not get insurance or in other words, if you can not afford it! You can be FINED up to $250,000 and 5 YEARS in PRISON(not jail but prison) with a minimal fine of $15,000.

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As i wrote earlier this is not FREE not even close. Why do people still say FREE?

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:30 PM

Originally posted by stereovoyaged
Exaclty, honestly, I havn't spent 500 on health care in my life, so I cannot imagine per month.

A couple of items you are failing to mention here. Most working US Citizens pay zero ( as in 0.0) Income Tax. It is my understanding that is not true in Canada.

Here if a family of four has an income of under around $80,000 per year say, and they are buying a home, they pay nothing. What does a Canadian household pay in Income Tax per year if they make the same?

You of course have spent way more than $500 on medical care as you pay for yours with taxes and then the government pays for it for you.

While traveling through White Horse in the Yukon Territory, I got into a conversation with a man who related what to me was pretty shocking. He had a high paying job that required the ability to do manual labor. He lifted something wrong one day and gave himself a bad hernia which meant he could not work until he had surgery and healed.

He told me that he had to get on a list as it is elective surgery, same as it is here. He further told me he had to wait 18 months for this simple surgery. During that time he lost 18 months of his high wages. I believe he mentioned a pay that was about equal to $75,000 per year after converting. The Canadian Dollar was pretty low then and if I recall he actually said he made about $100,000 Canadian. This was early fall in 2000 I think.

Now if I do the math here, that is about around $150,000 in lost wages while he waited for the surgery. I know he was drinking away the blues because he lost everything he owned. That means that for him at least, a simple hernia opperation cost him $150,000.

My Wife is going in for a similar procedure price-wise here in the US in 10 days. She set all of this up yesterday and could have gone in today had she wanted. So a similar elective surgery here can be done as quick as the day after you start setting it up. Most of the US is the same. The total cost is $12,000 after my 20% discount for paying up front.

Lets compare here shall we.

Elective surgery in White Horse, Yukon Territory cost $150,000 in lost wages plus whatever income taxes he paid out of his pay.

Elective surgery in US can be set up in one day with no waiting and paid in full for $12,000 with not one dime of income tax involved.

I have no reason to think this man was lying. He was really upset he did not have the means to come to the US and save all those lost wages and he would not have lost his house.

You see its important you tell the whole story. Do you perhaps have a copy of your income tax schedules that lists rates at various salaries so we can compare apples to apples?

Another enigma here is an experience I had in North Dakota. On a Friday after work I twisted an ankle badly. I iced it up but by morning it was obvious I needed to see an Orthopedic person. I called every one listed in the whole city I was in. The earliest I could get in was Tuesday as each and everyone had no appointments available which is very wierd for the US. Usually you can just walk in.

Monday afternoon I took a chance on a cancellation and went to the man I had the appointment with the next day as my ankle was really bad. I had to park a block away because every parking space in the clinic lot was filled with cars with Canadian plates.

Luckily I got in an hour later where I then found out I'd waited too long and was told I'd likely have permanent damage, which I do. I asked the MD what was going on that I could not get anyone anywhere to take me earlier. He told me that every Canadian Holiday weekend, all of his appointments were taken by Canadians months in advance. He explained that was the only reason he kept his sports medicine clinic open on Sundays which is odd for North Dakota. When I left his lot I took care to note the plates on the cars again and sure enough, nearly all of them had Canadian plates.

I have to ask here, why do so many Canadians flock across the border for healthcare on Holidays that those of us who live here can not even get an appointment if everything is just perfect with the free Canadian system. What makes them willing to pay out of their own pockets?

Is the answer what that man in White Horse told me? That it is far cheaper to come here and pay than to loose months of pay waiting? If that is not true the only other explanation that makes sense is our care is way better in quality. I don't buy that though. I think it was the first option.

On top of this I'm really curious how much more in income taxes Canadians pay. Do you know of a site I can get that information?

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:31 PM

Originally posted by baphomet420
...I was jumped by a gang of asians and stabbed several times (twice in the kidney, once in the stomach, twice in a lung, and several times in the head...

Just curious. Did you report the crime to the authorities?

...We had to pay approx $3,000 it was DECENT insurance...

If you made a criminal complaint, most states have some form of a "Crime Victims Compensation" program. It should reimburse most, if not all, of your out of pocket medical expenses. Check with your District Attorney's office.

I had to file bankruptcy to keep from being imprisoned once the medical facility filed charges against me for not being able to pay...

You can't be "imprisoned" for being unable to pay a bill. The medical facility can obtain a judgement, through civil proceedings, but not file criminal charges. If the collection agency rep told you that, they lied and you should report them to the state's Attorney General's office.

I still pay for medical insurance just incase SHTF...
When I get sick, I cannot go see a doctor..I cannot afford it..
I get no pain medication, no procedure to fix the problem, I just have to live with it...

Again. "Crime Victims Compensation". Check in to it.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:39 PM
Do American doctors swear the Hippocratic oath? It doesn't seem like it when the dying can be refused treatment based on a lack of cash...

Originally posted by Raregolddragon

Communism looks good on paper and so dose big government.

But they both have a big flaw, both are ran by humans and humans are flawed and tend to be defective.

Medical insurers, hospitals etc. are all also run by flawed and defective humans. Did you think they were all perfectly programmed cyborgs?

Originally posted by FritosBBQTwist

We do not have leaders in this country, we have businessmen. While I have nothing against businessmen, they should not be leading our country.

But it's okay if they are in charge of keeping you alive?

Originally posted by jsmappy

You see, here in America, the people rule this country!

Of course they do. George W. Bush was elected fairly, and no American government has ever done anything that it's citizens objected to. Wow. Great job sucking up and regurgitating all that patriotic propaganda nonsense there...

Originally posted by Phenomium

I also had a father in law who died of cancer because he was treated for free......but poorly, and with doctors who were inept at diagnosing proper ailments and treatments.

I'm sorry for your loss, but does that kind of thing never happen in America?

From Wikipedia:

A recent study by Healthgrades found that an average of 195,000 hospital deaths in each of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002 in the U.S. were due to potentially preventable medical errors. Researchers examined 37 million patient records and applied the mortality and economic impact models developed by Dr. Chunliu Zhan and Dr. Marlene R. Miller in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in October 2003. The Zhan and Miller study supported the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 1999 report conclusion, which found that medical errors caused up to 98,000 deaths annually and should be considered a national epidemic.

I'm not saying those figures are entirely accurate, but American doctors and nurses are in no way beyond reproach.

Here in the UK we have our PAYE (Pay As You Earn) taxes which are for public services like schools, waste disposal etc. and we also pay National Insurance contributions for healthcare and social security. Both of these are deducted automatically from our wages (unless one is self-employed) so most people never have to think about healthcare costs. If you earn about £200 ($320 at today's exchange rate) a week you'll pay about £20 ($32) if even that so it's not a ridiculous amount. Of course the NHS isn't perfect. Sometimes you have to wait a while for certain procedures, so you are entirely free to take out a private health plan if you wish, and even these aren't prohibitively expensive. For example, in 2007 BUPA's most comprehensive package was £1662 ($2659) a year. Did I see someone say they paid around half of that a month in the US?

Originally posted by poedxsoldiervet

Your nation has what 30-40 Million people? Try administering it to a nation of 300 Plus Million and all of the illegal’s that are here.

Higher population = more people to pay the taxes. I fail to see your logic. And the US isn't the only country with an illegal immigrant problem.

Socialised medicine isn't perfect, but at least people aren't being bankrupted by it. Americans bitch about corrupt government being unable to run a healthcare plan but say nothing about all of the drug company payoffs to doctors, the endless stream of malpractice lawsuits or the many people who have died due to corporate greed. Private healthcare isn't exactly well run either.

I don't hear many of you bitching to politicians about your taxes paying to kill people in illegal wars, but woe betide any politician who suggests that your taxes might be used to help the dying guy down the street who's a bit short of cash....

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by baphomet420

I had to file bankruptcy to keep from being imprisoned once the medical facility filed charges against me for not being able to pay...

What country are you in? Can't be the US? It is not possible to be imprisoned in the US due to an inability to pay? You should not be telling a tale like that on a board that has people who don't know any better. That is actually covered in the Constitution. We do not have debtors prisons here. Or is that just something you got into your head or that some Collection Agent lied to you about?

Don't get me wrong here. I'm all for reform. I just don't trust the DNC to run the show or the RNC for that matter. They just want more control over our lives.

FYI, if you don't pay they attach your wages. You can send them $50 a month and they will accept the payments because they have too. Years pass before they actually attach your wages. After that the decision follows you until you pay or file bankruptcy. You also can not file bankruptcy on an amount as small as $5,000. You would have had other unpaid bills if you were able to do that.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by poedxsoldiervet

This health care reform bill is another form of entitlements coming from the party of Slavery, The party of Jim crow, and now the newest form of slavery the big brother providing for you making you and your future generations lazy... Don’t believe me take a trip to our inner-cities and trailer parks where welfare is in abundance and schools are horrible.

Do you really want these ass-clowns telling you want kind of care you can get?

Actually entitlement is alive and well in America. Taxes are taken against your will to pay for police. That's socialism. Taxes are taken against your will to pay for the fire department. That's socialism. Taxes are taken against your will to pay for the educational system. That's socialism.

Yet when someone proposes that taxes be taken to care for the welfare and health of the population, it's suddenly a commie plot.

No. What it is, is a threat to the mega billions of dollars the insurance companies rake in as profit every year.

The police, firefighters and the teachers have unions that negotiate on their behalf every year to set their wages and benefits. There is no reason the medical community cannot do the same.

Medical insurance should be outlawed. Doctors, nurses and hospitals should be mandated to provide the health care ALL Americans need and their compensation should be provided by the billions no longer spent on insurance companies, which only enrich themselves.

Just my thoughts,


posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:42 PM
I am trying to run numbers, so any friends in the UK, point out where I am wrong. Every nation in the UK has their own system of universal health care. It appears to me that the English Version employees at least 1.3 million people to treat around 50 million people. In America where the population is over 300 million (and about 1/10th or 1/11th of the Mexican population). That means that the American Health industry will have to have employee over 8 million people. To put that in perspective, Walmart employees 1.8 million and there are around 3 million in the military (both active and reserves) and around 700,000 are civilians for the DOD. I know that just because England has that ratio doesn’t mean America will have the same ratio. America could have less, but it also could have more. That ratio is a good place to start.

More numbers….someone posted that the people should vote out the Republicans because they are holding everything up. The Democrats have enough votes to pass this without ONE Republican vote. If you ever see, hear, or read that the Republicans are HOLDING up anything, the person is either ignorant on how the American Governmental System works or is lying to you.

More numbers, Pittsburgh has more MRI machines then all of Canada.

Here is the Canadian official wait time report
Not feeling well, didn’t read through it, but putting it out his or her if anyone does want to read it.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:52 PM
I really don't know how the health care system in the US and Canada works but IMHO, in developed and wealthy countries like the US or Canada, free health care is a good idea. You have all the resources, the money, and your people are educated-- patients know how to take care of themselves before seeking medical attention and realize that over medication can be dangerous.

I am a doctor in Thailand and free health care has been around for about a decade.
Formerly patients pay about 0.90 US dollars for one visit to the government hospital no matter what treatments they get - drugs, surgery, blood tests, x-rays -- just 90 cents.
In the recent years, patients don't have to pay at all, everything is free.

The problem in Thailand which is a developing country is that
1. The amount of doctors in the rural area per patient is very low, one doctor may have to take care of 10,000-20,000 people in their area.
2. Most patients aren't well educated, they don't know how to take care of themselves, they tend to think that one trip to the doctor can fix everything.
3. Patients tend to think that the more drugs they get the better. --Hey! it's free isn't it!?

The results are
1. Doctors and other health care providers are over worked.
One doctor may have to see over 100 cases per day.
(Patients come to the hospital for everything. A common cold symptom for 2 hours and they come to get medication, feeling tired from work and they come and get supplements.)
Most of the doctors who work in the rural area are recently graduated GP's which are sent to work in the rural areas under government contract. Because the work load is so much, most doctors don't stay long. After the completion of 3 years working under contract, most will seek specialist training and move to larger cities.
2. The quality of each patient visit is virtually non-existent since doctors get to see each patient for just 2-3 minutes.
3.Over-prescription, everything --Antibiotics, analgesics, unnecessary supplements. We know, but the patients just don't understand it and there's not enough time to explain.

I don't know how 'bad' the free healthcare in the US is, but I'm pretty confident that it's much better than in my country.


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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by kenochs
I've been a public option guy since the beginning.
So, here's my deal. I am a contractor (that means I'm my own small business and I sell my services to different companies), not by choice but by necessity.

So is my wife, we both work in businesses that just aren't hiring full-time now.

So, we have to get healthcare directly from the insurance companies not through work.

We have two children one aged 2 one aged 4. Neither of us drink, or smoke we gym daily, we ride our bikes to public transport. We're both healthy, no pre-existing conditions, no chronic illnesses (except allergies).

And guess what we pay for health care every month....

drum roll... 1,100 USD. Every freaking month. And that doesn't even account for the occasional antibiotic when we actually get sick, or the cost of doctors visits. So real costs is probably like 1200 a month averaged out. So if we stay completely healthy all year round and never see a doctor it's 1100 a month. Yearly phisical... hundreds... sinus infection trip to the doc.. hundreds... kids yearly checkup hundreds...

It's killing us.... literally killing us. It's like we just got our of college.

And it makes me so mad when people tell me that government run health care is going to be WORSE than this?
I don't know how it gets worse. We're living so close to the edge right now, and we're always worrying about money.

If I could buy into medicare, or get a public option... I'd do it in a heartbeat and while I'm no Democrat, the GOP and the health industries efforts to try and block this makes it a voting issue in 2012, at least for me.

You're in the same situation as I am as far as seeing healthcare costs skyrocket. I've got 12 employees, and so imagine the craziness there! Every year these prices go up drastically...

It's amazing how much of our budget we spend on it currently.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by stereovoyaged
Excellent post!!!!!!

I have survived quite well. I see a doctor when I need too, I have had surgerys which have cost me nothing. I do not see how anyone can be against this in the sense of the care we recieve, there are some groups that believe we are all up here dying. And trust me, my job is the administration of medical benefits for an AMERICAN company, for its AMERICAN employees and I gotta tell ya, the amount of money you guys are willing to shell out to have insurance is mind boggling. hundreds to even over a thousand per month, plus having to meet a deductible!!! thats insane!! And no one can tell me this is not true because i see it all all day every day!!!

Maybe you will awaked some people up!

Stared and flagged.

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:20 PM
Well, to add my 2 cents, I live in canada and i think that while every health care system has its flaws and none of them are perfect, ours is pretty damn good. not once in my life have i ever known someone to have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for a surgery. i've never met anyone who's had to wait several months to a year. depending on how life threatening your ailment is i guess. if you can wait, then you do. to allow doctors time to treat patients with more urgent problems. and not once have i ever heard of anyone i know going across the boarder for health care. not once in my entire life. the media wants to display our health care system as flawed and bad and blah blah blah. but the truth of the matter is that our citizens are well taken care of. if canadians need help with medical issues, they get it.

and i find it funny that some americans are of the opinion that canadians are subservient to our government and that they control everything and all that other stuff. yea...i guess thats why canadians dont live in nearly as much fear of our government. and i guess thats why were such a health happy content bunch over here...haha. because our government is controlling our lives
that must be it...we're healthy, happy and content because we have an awful government enslaving us...dear God, thats the funniest thing i've heard all day!

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by stereovoyaged
Well, i've lived in Canada for 26 years and I have survived quite well. I see a doctor when I need too, I have had surgerys which have cost me nothing. I do not see how anyone can be against this in the sense of the care we recieve, there are some groups that believe we are all up here dying. And trust me, my job is the administration of medical benefits for an AMERICAN company, for its AMERICAN employees and I gotta tell ya, the amount of money you guys are willing to shell out to have insurance is mind boggling.

1. You're a horrible person if you believe it's awesome to receive stolen property.
2. They pay the same as you do, their system is as bad. You may not be bright enough to see the machine-gun under the paperwork, but its bright enough to see you.

Hope your kids like slavery.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:27 PM
Honestly I think Canadians shouldn't be bothered with our health care system if you like yours anyways.

There are many reasons we do not want the CURRENT health care bill. Don't make it seem like we don't want people covered or healthy. That's like telling climate skeptics that we don't want to clean up the planet, and breathe clean fresh air, and clean water, and healthy food. They are two separate entities. Currently, the entity that consists of the health care legislation is a corrupt piece of garbage.

Secondly, if people realize that America hasn't TRULY embraced capitalism for years. We live in a state of Corporatism. Our issues is the big banks, and corporations. If we can drive down our inflation back down to normal standards, and allow people to have purchasing power through sound money; and we regulated corporations like were SUPPOSE to then we wouldn't be in this issue.

Health care is never free. Lastly, a government should never be OBLIGATED to give you ANYTHING. because they don't have it. So you know what that means? They have to take it from someone else to give. Robbing peter to pay paul.. hmm.

Yes, our health care sucks, but you have a narrow minded view on how to fix the situation yourself.

Quit embracing big state-ism and corporations, and truly allow free market capitalism to work, then we can all afford the commodities we all rightly deserve.

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