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My friend is being terrorised.

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 06:21 AM
Okay , to begin , let me clarify that my friend and I are only teenagers and let me ask that this fact doesn't alter the credibility of what I am about to tell you. Basically, my friend, Jordan, is being "haunted" by a spirit/ghost/demon (I don't really know what defines each). I'll give you a back story.

I was talking to Jordan about a week ago on windows live messenger about the stuff us teenagers usually talk to. As I recall it was sometime in the afternoon (around 5 - 6PM, im not sure) after school (we live in Western Australia) , when we were having this conversation.. His parents and sister had gone out somewhere and he was home alone. Anyway, at a certain time during the conversation he told me that he could see someone, a man, outside of his house. He said he was just standing there, wearing a hoodie, staring at the house. He seemed pretty frightened (from what I could gather, keep in mind that it was a text based conversation so I couldn't analyse his emotions in depth). He told me, looking at the guy, that he recognised him from somewhere but he couldn't recall where. I told him to ring his parents and he did.. once he had called them he looked back outside only to find the man gone.

Anyway the days went passed where I stopped thinking about it. Yesterday I went to see the film "Paranormal Activity" with Jordan and a few other friends. When I got home I went back onto windows live messenger and our conversations revolved around topics associated with the movie such as demonic possession and Ouija boards. I was also talking with another person about these sort of subjects at the same time.

Eventually Jordan caught my intention by saying (and I quote this from the conversation , which I have saved for future reference) :
Jordan P says:
Can i tell you something?
but you have to SWEAR you will NEVER tell anybody else.

I promised him I wouldn't (but I'm sure he doesnt mind me posting this... or at least he may not find out about this thread for a while until I tell him).
Next he asked me whether I remembered the man who was standing outside of his house the other day, which said I did. He continued telling me that he eventually went to see a psychic because it was freaking him out that he couldn't forget the face but still not remember where he had seen it before. The psychic allowed him to remember things.

Here is part of the conversation from yesterday night:
Jordan P says:
years ago i had constant nightmares about a man who wanted to kill me
or some sort of revenge or something
during my meeting with the psychic i remembered it was the same man
she evaluated that what i saw was a hallucination
or, a spirit
either way
so thats why i wanted to see this movie (paranormal activity)
i dont know how im connected to this guy
she said he is really angry with me though
she said his name begins with an M
Ma something
And, when i was very young, my mum told me that i used to scream at random times and begin to uncontrollably cry
because apparently i had seen a man standing there
the psychic evaluated that it is still the same person
im f*cking terrified

It was getting late while we were having this conversation and I have to admit, I was getting goosebumps. We continued talking about this sort of stuff and children being able to see things when they are younger. Jordan and me also had a joint conversation on windows live messenger with another friend who I had said was fairly superstitious (I had deduced this when she had told me about how her mother had once used an Ouija board and, according to a fortune teller, had almost opened the door to a very angry and dangerous spirit- but thats another story).

It was coming to close to midnight, and Jordan told us he thought the spirit (or whatever it is) was with him. He told us the revolving chair behind him was spinning slowly and the door to his room had closed by itself... from this he deduced that we were upsetting the spirit.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 06:32 AM
He had said that the psychic had told him that (quoted from conversation):
Jordan P says:
communication works both ways
they can feed off your emotions, but you can feed off theirs
and all of a sudden i feel anger
inside the room
but she told me to block it out
it cant do anything if i block it out

He felt that the spirits presence was becoming stronger because it didn't like us talking to him about it. Soon he also said he suddenly felt a weird sense of relief. I don't know what triggered that. We continued talking and he told us how he sometimes had dreams of the man just sitting there by his bed, staring at him, and from this branched a conversation about dreams we've had.

At around midnight we all split up and I went to bed, feeling uneasy at the slightest noises in the house.

Today, sometime in the afternoon I talked to Jordan again. He told me and the same friend from last night that he had seen the "spirit" at about 3 in the morning. This is an extract from our conversation:

Jordan P says:
he was standing at the end of the hallway near my room
i got up to get a drink and he was there
for like, 4 seconds
and it wasnt a dream because i collapsed to the floor in shock hahah

He also told us it wasn't wearing a hoodie this time and instead "a dark tea shirt with baggy jeans". It looked "normal" according to him , like a normal person and it wasn't transparent or something like that but appeared to be physically there.

Here are more extracts from the conversation:
Jordan P says:
but he looked like a normal person
the light from outside was reflecting off him
he had a shadow
what creeps me out the most is that he actually left traces
as in, my sister went to the beach yestersay and left sand all over the floor
and you could see where he was standing
like he was actually there

This reminded me of that particular scene in Paranormal Activity where Micah and Katie see the demons footprints in the powder.

Anyway, a few hours ago, he asked us to stop talking about it because he sensed that it was aware again. The lights had been flickering and he had heard something. It sounded "like somebody is going "pssst" when they try to call you over".

We stopped talking about it then.. for now. He is not on windows live messenger atm.

This is where you come in...
Is there anyone that can help us find out what this thing is , what it wants or anything else like that?
Is there someway to contact it or make it stop "haunting" Jordan?

He does seem very terrified. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry but there is not much proof I can give.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:21 AM
Well for one, you believe Paranormal Activity is real? Thats called Marketing. See: Blair Witch Project. If something is interest they will make money off it.

Does he know that the person he saw outside was not real? I guarantee you not. And if it was a real person doing something suspicious then I guarantee you he was freaked out, and the mind well play tricks on you. Sometimes I think I see something strange but was just looking at a sign-post, or especially shadowy things (like in the dark) are exaggerated to your mind. I believe it is natural, because there actually ARE dangerous things in the dark, and having fear of this will be healthy.

You know when you're home alone? Thats when you're most likely to see something strange. Wonder why. Your mind can go crazy! Unless you learn to be confident.

He recognised the guy? Even wearing a hoodie? Even if he could see clearly which I doubt, he was a bit of distance yes, I get told almost every day I look or seem familiar, to people I have never met. He may just have the conclusion because he is staring at the house, or maybe there is a reason someone would be after him? Do you know? If there is a reason someone to be mad at him maybe he assumed it was him.

He saw a psychic... ask him how much he paid. Psychics are psychological scam artists I guarantee if I met you I could scam you out of tons. She tells him what he wants to hear and gets his curiousity. Makes him feel powerless but with a hint of hope. 'they can feed off you but...'

Here's my least favourite part:
"during my meeting with the psychic i remembered it was the same man"

That is also a scam. People will 'guide' you to connect two separate thoughts or 'encourage' you to think a certain thing, SUBTLY! It may as well be an art form, to manipulate people to favour an idea. It is exact same way for propaganda. Connect two separate incidents, just like Pavlovs dogs. You ring a bell and give them food. Eventually they believe any bell signifies food. Two unconnected ideas, though that is overt, not subtle.

Just my 2 cents. Please ask if you have any questions!

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:16 AM
Personally at this point I would indulge it. It hasn't physically hurt him, so I would approach the figure when I saw it. Don't know if I would talk to it though, might just be feeding your fears if you tried to conversate with it. But try to swallow your fears and at least approach the figure then take it from there depending on what happens next.

I would also try to control my fear. As there isn't any reason to really fear anything but fear itself. Any by swallowing your fear, you might see a reaction in the figure.

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:32 AM
If this thing/man is not physically real (which he first needs to make sure that this man isn't) and it's actually something from another unknown plane, he should NOT approach it. I did not believe in this stuff till I once used a Ouija board as a joke and my friend and I actually got physically attacked. Your friend needs to stay positive and fight off his fear. These "things" breed off of fear, that's most likely why it keeps coming back to terrorize him over and over. Your friend needs to get up some courage (no fear involved) and strongly tell it to get the *bleep* out of his house and leave him alone. That it's not welcome there and that it's games of frightening him are becoming annoying and silly. Your friend just needs to get angry at it and tell it to go away.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:41 AM
There'll more than likely be at least 1 christian along soon, telling you all you need is the power of the lord, or somesuch. Yet there are well documented cases of serial hauntings happening to christians, or others that have turned to religious ideas for help, all to no avail. Prayers, holy water, blessings, pastors or priests etc. sometimes it gets worse. The religious are pretty similar to the psychic scam artists mentioned above, except they dont want your money, they want another convert.
I'd suggest that the 1st thing you do is get together with the other friend who knows about it, plus anyone else Jordan feels comfortable telling, & rally round him to be supportive. There's nothing like a supportive group to bolster the confidence & confidence wards off fear. Whether this is a haunting, just some wierd mind phenomenon, or a real life stalking, fear will not help the situation.
As a group, you might want to try communicating with it. If you dont fancy Ouija or a seance, you could try EVP, or just leaving a pencil & paper out. Another way is to take a dry sheet of paper & dust it with a fine coloured powder (chalk, powder paint, soot or even fine dry dirt). Leave it out in the "haunted" area overnight & then shake the dust off. There may be a message in what's left stuck to the paper...
Ask specific questions. The entity may not be angry with Jordan personally, just angry! Perhaps there's something he can do that will put the entity at peace.
Hope this helps

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by Unknown_Significance

Spirits and energies are Real. I believe that souls or spirits of people who have lived on earth can not just 'die' away, but are left to linger. I know for a Fact that ghosts exsist because I have seen one and I saw him twice. Spirits or demons, negative energies that hang around us have nothing better to do than to "torture" living beings. They dont need legitmate reasons, really, to haunt people but some people are 'gifted' with a 6th sense so to speak. I, myself, am what is called 'empath'. I can feel what other people feel as if it were my own feelings and I can sense things; things about to happen or things that have already happened and at times I have sensed spirits. Hard to explain in detail but the point is that these 'energies' tend to stalk people. Now, there are Good and Bad energies. The bad ones will indeed torture you and try to make you lose your mind. Again, they have no good reason to do this, but misery loves company so enough said. The good ones might try to protect you and warn you or just like to observe you. My faith in the good energy that begins and ends with God keeps my very strong and repels these energies. Theres is a significant difference between 'knowing you can' and 'thinking you can'. You have to Know and 100 % believe that you are stronger than this energy and having God on your side indeed helps. My advice for Jordan would be to seek some help or advice from a religous leader or someone in the field of exorcism, just to be safe. Our lives, our beating hearts and free will are coveted by those who dont have it so please take care. I find that reading the bible and the book of psalms ( which is full of nice prayers) puts my mind at ease. Everyone's case is different but if it is indeed true what Jordan is experiencing and if his fear is real, he needs some kind of help. As his friend, keep encouraging him and help him stay strong. Some people can lose their minds over these things, literally.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:56 AM
Seriously though, do not encourage it. No Ouija, no sceances, no EVPs. None of that. Your friend knows better than anyone that it's not friendly and is scaring him. The way to get rid of it is to not allow it to frighten him, strongly tell it to get out and leave him alone, and ignore it. By trying to make contact with it you will only be encouraging it, and that's exactly what it wants. And if it IS looking for help, obviously your friend doesn't like it around and your friend should say out loud, that he can't help it and that it needs to leave.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:17 PM

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

~ Frank Herbert, "Dune" - Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear
Its natural to fear that which we dont understand, but if we always give in to it, we will never understand anything which is not at least tolerably familiar to begin with.
Rejecting the strange is a very poor attitude to begin young adulthood with.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:28 PM

im f*cking terrified

Maybe the demon is attracted to the cursing? Why do teenagers curse so much?

F" this and F' that.....sure can't lead to anything good and possibly is the cause of her troubles?

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