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Darling to slash spending by 14%

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:36 AM
Well it had to happen sooner rather than later, the first step in the process of repaying all the cash given to the banksters..

Alistair Darling will today flesh out plans for the biggest squeeze in public spending for a generation in his pre-Budget report, with only schools, hospitals and the police being spared average cuts of about 14 per cent over three years.

David Cameron, Conservative leader, said the level of borrowing was "sapping confidence" and troubling the markets. "It's like a dark cloud hanging over the country," he said.

Will this keep Britians AAA rating for a while longer? while the real questions in my mind are how many more people will face unemployment, and underemployment with cuts in pay and hours?

So how stretched will services in the UK become?

So many questions, which I feel will only result in creating internal conflicts in the UK.

I guess we will see later today how deep these cuts are when the plans are announced.

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