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Why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 02:31 PM
I would offer Guns are not the reason Environment is

By birth, I am Scottish/Irish but adopted and raised by a Jewish Family in NY

Recently I moved to the Mountains, i'm at 7,000 feet in a low population zone

Happier (despite my rants in here :lol
than I have ever been in my life.

Nothing has changed, i'm not better off, I haven't reopened my business yet properly I have all the same problems I had 6 months ago, Yet... I'm 1000x more content daily.

I would offer that all of Northern Europe is this way, just as I am here, in the proper population density, proper altitude, temperature, air for my genome

A great example of this would be Native Americans for whom many communities suffer obesity and Alcoholism... because of out culture...

I often defend against this massive push to globalism and integration and this would be one major reason why...

Not everyone is the same, we are different and what's good for one in one place is not necessarily so for another.

I... was NEVER happy in a high population zone, I have the gift of gab having been raised by Jewish people, I have the intelligence... but on some level NY to LIVE drove me bonkers, always wanted to punch someone in the face...

Heat makes me a lethargic mess, my energy level drops

Living in Phx in a non seasonal location depressed the heck out of me and it has taken a long time to fully recover



The Swiss Just benefit from being in a Culture they belong in, where the food and lifestyle WORKS for them, in the environment they were evolved to Live in without the Stress of cultural competition?

All I know is, I live in a place, I could describe as the Most SWISS like in America and it's a largely Northern European population, we have skiing yes lol, My neighbor is an Elk I have 4 seasons, breathe fresh air...

And the environment is very similar, very Liberal, yet at the same time very conservative everyone owns guns, hardly any crime... but the guns aren't the reason, the people that own them are happy, they are simply a a Chainsaw... could be murderous almost Never is...

Supposedly we have the highest density of Cops in the USA yet MJ is utterly tolerated and I think...every single person here smokes... never did a survey but i'm pretty sure lol, yet family values remain high, money is woesome but nobody seems to actually care... Despite the Cop stats, I have never been pulled over once, never harassed and the last Cop I saw walked up to me down town and shook my hand and said Hi I'm _____- and asked me if I was having a good time... ROFL

So maybe it's just environment?

Some places maybe are just really, really nice and stress free... I might as well be on Xmas Island, People drink, they eat, go for walks in the woods in the snow... There is zero Light pollution allowed because of an Observatory so no light pollution, no noise pollution, Nature and wildlife are protected so there are always living things around, the Landlord never cares if my rent is Late

So the Swiss, likewise, yeah they CAN have Guns...

I support Gun rights all the time

For ME...Here

Obama doesn't he's from Chicago most of his recent life... Chicago isn't an environment low in stress, there are no Bears lol for the need...

Population Density

Work Stress, Environment

That's all it is I think... I had a gun in NY I was a menace lol. Here? Who the hell would I shoot at? Every ones happy and thinks like me... I had a gun in NY I pulled that sucker about 15 different times... people assault you there and yell at you and it's noisy and Hot in the Summer and it can get smelly and your trapped with no space...

That's not the Native environment of the Northern European Male lol, it's GREAT sometimes, especially for culture, but the stress is ultra high... I am dangerous with a Gun in that environment... I want to shoot someone once a day lol

In Switzerland?

You can put the new Gatling Gun in my house and attach it to a chopper and I'd never use it unless someone invaded...

So of course they are safe to have guns...

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

Ignorant pap.

Nice reply. That statement defeats everything I, and others have expressed. But let’s stop for a moment and examine how ignorant the ‘pap’ really is.

Guns work in Switzerland because they are tightly regulated,

True. But regulation doesn’t mean that they are not readily available. Do you really wish to make the assertion that the Swiss, even though they have ready access to weapons, don’t use them because regulations prohibit it? Guess what, there are regulations in the U.S. against using guns to commit crime as well! They don’t seem to hold up as well here. So, by your logic, passing a law will prevent something from happening. Yeah, that is the sure answer. Even though it has never worked in the history of all time. But your assertion refutes that because any opinion to the contrary is “ignorant” - cause you said so.

handguns are damn hard to get ahold of, must be registered, regularly incspected, and oh yes, there's that whole "ammunitiona llotment" thing.

Great point. Criminals are always constrained by the thought of how much ammunition they have available. And registration is the ultimate deterrent, as we all know. I can’t tell you how many potential crimes were aborted because the criminal thought, “ Gee, this gun isn’t registered or “incspected” (sic) and I don’t have enough “llotment”(sic) of "ammunitiona"(sic, sic, sick).” The Swiss are clearly better at counting and obeying (perhaps spelling as well) and that accounts for their lower incidence of gun related crimes. Maybe our public schools are at fault then? By the way, did you attend a public school?

To put it bluntly, for all you freaks

Yeah – us “freaks”. Freaks like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington that believed in an armed citizenry. But clearly your intellect is superior to us and them. We just don’t have the “llotment” of intelligence that you do. It is a sad misfortune of history that you weren’t there to write the Constitution instead of those “freaks” that did. The world would now be a much better place if that were the case.

your Nugent fanboys …

Nugent? I prefer the Beatles actually. Or the Smiths. I gotta admit though, he did come up with a few awesome guitar riffs. But hey, since you’re casting musical aspersions here – I’ll throw one back at you, YANNI LICKER!!!!

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 12:17 AM
This is an interesting thread, I was thinking of some of the murders that have taken place. Most are crime/drug related. If you have people dealing in illegal activities you increase deadly violence.
The Swiss have a very strong society. There neutral stand has proven to be very effective for a strong and prosperous society.

Lazy people also turn to crime to make a quick buck, drugs make a huge amount of money if you don't get caught or dead.

Having guns has nothing to do with it, moral character with a decent economy that put out good jobs is way more important.

When a poor person has tried to get a real job for over 6 months, with no interviews, and suddenly they are offered some big coin to do something illegal, some are going to accept the offer.

A strong economy with people who don't have a lazy disposition but have moral character is how you get the crime rate reduced.

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 01:54 AM
I would suggest that there is a correlation between Switzerland's suicide rate and the fact that it is one of the dullest places on the face of the Globe.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by sligtlyskeptical
It really comes down to how they treat their lower classes and unemployed. No one sleeps in the street in Switzerland unless they choose to. Resources are widely available to help those who need it. If you are hooked on drugs they make sure you don't have to steal and cheat to get them. The bottom line is Switzerland has decided it is much better to take care of those who can't care for themselves, rather than doing nothing and alienating these foks from society, leaving them no choice but to steal and cheat. Without this hopelessness, the desire to be violent toward others diminishes greatly. If Americans would open their eyes and see what thier selfish attitudes actually manifest, we could be the same.

Good comment! That's the main reason some countrys have low rates of homicides and crime in general. It's socioeconomic factors that drop or raise crime rates, which is also proven by science, nothing less.

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