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Wal-Mart layoffs?

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Thanks to the Corporations, they had closed shop in US and had set up shop in China. There's where their money are invested in. So no jobs, or not enough jobs in US. The chain reaction starts. No job, no wal mart purchases, no wal mart employees. Simple as that.

It had been a wrong policy to support Globalisation and allowed unconscienable Corporations to freely invest in slave waged China, and then sell the cheap lousy and in need of frequent replacements goods to the US and the world.

Free trade was honey to the drooling Corporations who manipulated politics and destroyed the unions who did not have the support of the govt. Protectionsim was deemed a bad word.

They created the mess, but had pocketed the profits, enjoying their day skiing in the Alps, sailing off into the sunsets in their spanking new yachts, with billions yet untouched left hidden in banks and homes. Now the masses have to deal with it, or better still, fight among themselves and kill each other so that the population gets lesser with mouths to feed.

Once again, the masses had been conned, globally.

What's the solution?
1. Get every nation to agree not to allow the Corporations tax havens, and tax them to their max. With the tax money, use it to create point (3) jobs.

Or print more money to devalue the dollar, after all, the ones who feels pain the most will be the rich, for they have the most ill begotten gains at the expense of mankind hoarded up

2. Do not allow them to use their money to create divide and conquer techniques such as creating false flag wars, with ourselves reaching out to the confused of any religion, beliefs, language, ethnicity, etc.

3. Create new techonologies that can benefit consumers around the world, who would pay a bit more for quality, and jobs will be recreated again.

4. Form small co-operatives for economical of scale with your neighbour to serve needs. Every human has different needs and will pay for such products or services. By servicing such needs, each will have money to circulate around.

Think of your kitchen, gardens and garage as your new workplace now. Life must go on and money must circulate, not kept hidden for savings WILL run out eventually for the mid and lower wage earners.

5. Never ever again allow corporations to get too big such that they dominate others and form cartels or oligarchies.

In time, we will all rise from these ashes left by the Corporations today. They will be better ideas than mine surely on how mankind will stand up from this seemingly defeat and gloom.

A wise man once told me, the financial crisis is nothing more than the world gone on reset mode. For good or for bad lays in what we do today for the sake of ourselves, our society made up of our families, relatives, friends and the future generations yet to come.

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 01:45 AM
Well, this isn't Wal-Mart directly, but it seems like they are having some trouble with Sam's Club (which makes sense to me, with less people having small businesses, and from my experience, most of the items cost about the same, or less at walmart with no member fees of course).

Wal-Mart Closing 10 Sam’s Club Locations in U.S. (Update1) Share Business ExchangeTwitterFacebook| Email | Print | A A A By Mark Clothier Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, said it is closing 10 “financially underperforming” Sam’s Club locations in the U.S. Walmart said on its Web site it will close stores in Nampa, Idaho; Rolling Meadows, Illinois; Clay, New York; and in the California cities of La Quinta and Irvine. The company will also shutter locations in the Houston, Phoenix and Sacramento markets. About 1,500 Sam’s employees will be affected. The retailer employs more than 1.4 million people in the U.S. The company said it’s adding six Sam’s Clubs stores and remodeling 52 in the year ending Jan. 31. In the next fiscal year, it plans to add or relocate as many as 10 clubs and remodel as many as 80. Walmart operated 605 Sam’s Club stores as of Oct. 31.


posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by liveandletlive

Originally posted by apacheman
A friend went to the local Walmart yesterday and told me the place was fairly empty. She also said the store was rearranging aisles, reducing shelf space it seems.

Combined with reports of declining sales at McDonald's, who wants to bet that there will be a big wave of bankruptcies in January?

Walmart is implementing the new "clean" look all over the country. It’s a way to hide the fact they are reducing inventory to cut cost. If you dig a little into the companies showing profits you will find that most made their profits by cutting costs like their unnecessary labor and expenses related to the employees like taxes and insurance.

Great call. I work for a Darden restaurant. Corporate has drastically cut labor cost, especially in the back of the house areas, such as production, by doing most of the work before we even receive the food. Also, there's been a lot of changes to insurance, although I don't get mine through the company so I don't know too much about it.

And by the way, Darden is currently showing profits, albeit down from previous years.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 08:12 AM
Well, here finally is the nut of these rumors. As I expected, retail sales in December unexpectedly fell from the month before and were worse than analysts hoped.

Not selling as many plasma tvs, you don't need as many seasonal employees -- or you fire them when the expected sales rush doesn't materialize. Folks, we're in for a painful long haul. I can tell you, it sucks being poor - and as such, we had a skimpy, if not blessed, Christmas.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 11:28 AM
THis may be part of the rumors we were hearing prior to Christmas.

Actually, cuts at Sam's, to me, is more indicative of small business struggles than a wider consumer spending issue, although both have to be blamed for this.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 08:32 PM
I work at a Wal-Mart. Right now they are using any means necessary to weed out as many employees as possible. They are watching security cameras, posting security photos of employees utilizing "unsafe" working methods, and monitering employee discount card transactions.
Security is also spying on employees, hoping to catch hourly associates in the middle of having food or soda on the floor, or using their cell phones on company time.
They're serious. They simply want to weed anyone out that they possibly can. They have written up/fired/warned at least four people on this past Sunday (the last shift I worked) which is more than they usually do in a week. They are at least being way more vocal with it. Hoping to upset enough employees that the ones they don't fire, will quit. Saves on unemployment wages.

posted on Mar, 6 2010 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by Jessicamsa
Well, I have been officially terminated.

The management had lied to me last week and said when a spot came available that they'd let me know so that they could keep me.

Well, a cashier spot came available and they picked a young kid with a broken leg for it over me. I didn't even know about it, until the young kid, who was upset about being let go on our previous discussion, was happy to tell me that he was offered a cashier spot Tuesday and that he'd be staying.

They never had any intention of keeping me. They were just wanting me to hang around until Christmas eve and figured they could keep me hanging around by getting my hopes up.

I had perfect attendance with no tardies of any kind. I had no write ups. I had a perfect record with them, yet they keep a kid with a broken leg over me. He cannot even do the job they hired him for!

I am so ticked off. I had renewed my lease for my apartment, rent increase and all, because when I was hired the management indicated to me that as long as I did a good job, that they would keep me after the holidays. Now I am stuck with a lease on an apartment with no job, and no one around here will hire me. I applied everywhere before getting this job. If I get evicted, I'll not be able to get another place to live with no job and an eviction on my record. Everywhere around here wants landlord references and runs checks on you, except the landlord I have now. If I'd known they weren't going to keep me, I could've signed a month-to-month lease instead and while I'd have to pay an even higher rent, I could leave without breaking my lease and ruining my landlord reference.

A bit of an update to my story with Wal-mart. Since my termination I've had two interviews at other Wal-marts. The first interview went awful. The person who called me didn't even put it into the computer about the interview, so right off the bat they thought I was lying and wasn't supposed to be there. The manager interviewing me circled inefficient for my answers to interview questions, even though they were circled as efficient or highly efficient at the other Wal-marts I have worked. I think she was just trying to get rid of me.

The second interview went well at first. I scored efficient on my answers. Then he went to put the scores in the computer, and something came up about me in the computer. Then he brushed me off and I was basically told to leave.

I went back to the Wal-mart I was terminated from on 3/5 and asked another manager what was put about me in the system. He went to check. He came back and said it was because I had worked at so many Wal-marts that they figure I wouldn't stay. I was like I was a temp and if they had given me a spot I would've stayed. (How backwards is that exactly? I only left the places because they wouldn't keep me and said they didn't have a spot available for me. Then Wal-mart says I refuse to stay??) Then the manager admitted to me point-blank that they never had any intention of keeping me when they hired me, and that I was to be just a temp all along. So from the time they hired me, even though Wal-mart headquarters hadn't announced to get rid of temps yet, they already decided they would never keep me just because I had worked for three Wal-marts in the past, one of which were only two month stints as a temp where they would've kept me if not for my fire and relocation? The one I worked at before then I got injured unloading the trucks and my boss was saying there wasn't anything else available and that she didn't want to fire me but had me quit instead.

So they knew they weren't going to keep me, but when they hired me all the managers and those in the personnel office said that if I worked hard that I'd be kept. So what did they lie for?? Did no one there have any morals or ethics whatsoever??

And they do not ever tell the temps that if they temp too many times for Wal-mart that they will black-ball you. How many other temps have they messed over like this?? I did temp stints in hopes they'd land permanent spots. I worked very hard, especially this last time. I worked hard and showed to work with perfect attendance. I did all of this because they said that if I did work hard that I would be kept, but this one manager I spoke to yesterday, 3/5 admitted that they had never intended to keep me from the beginning. And here I was trying to make a good impression, and for what?? How many other temps do they black-ball like this? A person goes there and works hard just to get black-balled??

I get sick now just driving by the Wal-mart. Any Wal-mart really. Their company is so shady and deceptive. Wal-mart has no ethical standard whatsoever.

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