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Why do people think the governments want to save the world?

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:22 PM
**Admin please move if needed**

Why do people think the governments want to save the world now?

So they say they want to stop Global Warming / Climate change, environmental destruction.

Well then --

Why do they dump depleted Uranium and chemical weapons "whiskey Pete" (white phosphorus) on people that will cause birth defects for generations to come?
(Not in the MSN)

Why are parts of Iraq so radioactive that people can't even live there anymore?
(Not in the MSN)

Why have governments turned a blind eye to genetically modified seeds that are altering the DNA of plants around the world? (Not in the MSN)

Why do they put known toxic chemicals in drinking water around the world?
(Not in the MSN)

My Father was a high level politician in the 1960's in South America,
he witnessed first hand the economic, social (forced sterilization of women to name one of the many atrocities), and environmental destruction of many countries in the region from corporations backed by governments (U.S. and others) and it is still going on today yet nobody mentions a word of it.

Nobody talks about Slave workers for large corporations working 18 hour days for
barely any money that can hardly eat much less feed their own families.
Is this not environmental damage as well? Are Humans not part of the environment?
How will developing countries be able to be clean when the people are forced to live in such squaller imposed by the IMF/World Bank and "mega corporations" that are backed by the very governments that say they are "trying to save the world"?

This quick, Styrofoam, plastic, microwaveable way of life has been imposed on us by the very people (governments/corporation) that say that your "carbon footprint"
is too big and now you must be punished for being quick, Styrofoam, plastic and microwaveable.

It was not my dream to have a low paying job that hardly pays the bills much less affords me to pay for decent food (somewhat healthy) an environmentally safe vehicle and now forced to live "quick, Styrofoam, plastic, and microwaveable" thanks to policy makers that have destroyed (imploded) our economy for years.

It was not my idea to push credit on teenagers and to brainwash them into buying things that they don't need and can't afford (The American Dream) which now has them as young adults that are in so much debt they have to be "quick, Styrofoam, plastic, and microwaveable".

They tell us we are unclean, well Mr. Government and Media/Corporations you have made us this way.

I am not only blaming the Governments and Media/Corporations alone,
we must take responsiblility as well for not waking up to and ignoring this tyranny of the mind.


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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:34 PM
For me,I see the decisions being made are all for economic motives and very rarely are they humanitarian motives.
Business rules the planet and big business gets the priority.
Its the guys at the bottom who bare the brunt of their decisions.

Look at all the junkmail you get and the fact they want us to recycle.
Recycle recycle recycle.
If they were serious they would outlaw junkmail right??
Junkmail is advertizing and god forbid someone loses money.

In todays world they should outlaw junkmail and make the people advertize on the net.
It just might be able to keep the net free?

When I see a person choose to do the right thing for others and for the rest of the world I realize its one of those rare times I get to witness how it should be.

Edited to add my mini-rant.

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 04:57 PM
well said DrumsRfun!

If the World was in such danger as they say it is they shoud've given every
car owner in America A few thousand bucks to put towards a good fuel efficient cleaner car instead of giving the money to the bank bailouts / stimulus.

AGW is a scam flat out -- do as I say don't do as i do.

Its not even about money these people are loaded already -- hell they print the fiat paper that we kill each other for.

Its about control.

Though their is a change in climate around the world its not us thats causing it.


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