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We must act now to save the planet *action required*

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:11 PM
Don't worry folks, Obama is going to have the EPA regulate Volcanos....Problem solved...this President is a Genius....

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:12 PM
Suicide is an interesting theory, but wouldn't genocide be more effective? I have a deep seated hatred for people on my left. Can I kill them before I kill myself?

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:13 PM
i think the small group of people who think you are serious, and demand you provide proof of your statements are by far the funniest post to read.

this is a thing called frustration and satire, the OP is frustrated and using satire as an outlet.

i for one laughed all the way home,

star and flag op.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Wow wow wow... ok so I just googled it and it turns out every time I breathe out this stuff comes out, it's not just a one time deal!

I can propose a solution for that too. I just vaporised half a litre of bleach. I think that should take care of it.

Man my lungs are getting itchy

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by downtown436
Ok since a few people don't understand, or the sarcasm just didn't come through clearly, of course I'm joking, but my twisted joking viewpoint isn't that far from the reality we are facing today with Copenhagen going on.

except for the free sex!

Danish Prostitutes Offer Free Sex to Climate Conference Delegates

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:18 PM
posted on 12/2/09

I have notices that every post on and most threads on AST say that it was posted on 12/2/09.

I find that quite strange what happened on that date here at AST.

The funny thing is you can't tell when things go up it every post says posted on 12/2/09.

Some one should take a look at that.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by downtown436

Klaatu? Is that You? Where have you BEEN? I've been WAITING on this Morg-forsaken planet for 52 scaaaazing YEARS!!

You still remember the traditional Greek we spoke as etherlings, right?

. Συμφωνώ. Τους σκοτώστε όλοι. Πάρτε την απομίμηση. Είμαι έτοιμος. Ακόμη και το περιττωματικό θέμα μου βρωμαά. Είμαι ντροπιασμένος

I'm on board. I've had enough. Set loose the winds.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by InertiaZero
It's true. we are a virus with shoes. There is a point here. We were much nicer to the environment whenn the world population was about half of what it is now.

I can't remember where I read this, but it was said that sometime in the Middle ages people were cutting so many trees down for the purpose of making coffins, that they had to make laws against it. Found this in a wikipedia article:

Wikipedia: Europe

Probably eighty to ninety per cent of Europe was once covered by forest.[124] It stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arctic Ocean. Though over half of Europe's original forests disappeared through the centuries of deforestation, Europe still has over one quarter of its land area as forest, such as the taiga of Scandinavia and Russia, mixed rainforests of the Caucasus and the Cork oak forests in the western Mediterranean. During recent times, deforestation has been slowed and many trees have been planted. However, in many cases monoculture plantations of conifers have replaced the original mixed natural forest, because these grow quicker.

I think we've pretty much behaved like locust at every point of our existence, it's just that now there are so many of us that the damage is hard to ignore.

About five years back I was watching the Discovery channel. The program showed scientists in Australia vaccinating or injecting sheep with some chemical that was supposed to make them stop passing gas. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, the fact that this WASN'T a joke! Passing gas is natural, and if it wasn't necessary at some point why would the function still exist millions of years later? People's actions and ideas really fascinate me sometimes.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:25 PM
LOL "downtown436", this is absolutely CLASSIC! You had my entire family cracking up at this one. Cheers!

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Good Lord just........""PLANT TREES IN MASS"" and you will CURE all your CO2 problems yes, IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE and Mother Nature supplies you with what you need.

I can see it now:

Alien 1: I told them they needed to plant trees in mass for their survival.

Alien 2: I know but you know Humans are considered a stupid species.

Alien 1: I understand, but I don't know where we went wrong....I mean when we tell them outright they still don't do anything to help themselves.

Alien 2: As we observe you can see for yourself they are to busy with themselves being right that they don't really pay attention to others and things just move along with nothing at all being accomplished.

Alien 1: I must admit they do have the short attention span in there memories.

Alien 2: Well, we are upgrading there RNA time is running short if evolution doesn't take place more quickly many may not survive the atmospheric changes.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by downtown436

I would like to offer a more rational approach to take care of this evil gas. I will calculate how much co2 each of you will produce in a year given statistics like the automobile you drive, your appliances and what not. With this statistic I will be able to know how many trees I should plant for your carbon footprint each year. The trees will offset your carbon footprint thereby making the carbon you produce null and void. I will call this activity carbon credits. I will sell them cheap to first comers. Anyone care to buy carbon credits in lieu of killing yourselves?

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by downtown436

sadly. what is funnier than your OP is the people who apparently have no sense of humor. These sad sad little people think everything is super serial. I will have some of your kool aid as long as I can put a bit of bourbon in it. I want to be happy when my black nikes turn toes up.

Volcanoes causing CO2, what a bunch of dorks.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by downtown436
reply to post by andy1033

CO2 nonsense? Are you crazy?



Don't feed the troll. Every post this guy is putting up is blatantly sarcastic and yet everyone who responds to him seems to somehow think he is being serious. He's taking on the role of what he has defined as an extremist environmentalist. However, no one in the world has ever claimed that CO2 is manmade and exists nowhere in the universe.

For the uneducated, it's known as setting up a strawman argument. He's painting himself as his stereotypical opponent and then making that opponent's argument so weak as to make it appear foolish.

Seriously, have you people ever participated in a conversation with another human being? I am not sure which is more pathetic - the OP who thinks he's clever or the neocons who feel heroic shouting down a nonexistent opponent. The poster above is too kind when he says the responders simply lack a sense of humor - the phrase he's looking for is common sense.

Things are funny when they are clever, ironic, or surprising. A neocon going on a false tirade is none of these things. Turn on Fox News at any given time and find the same.

[edit on 8-12-2009 by andrewh7]

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by downtown436

I've been on board since the day I was born. Humans are out numbered by all the other animals put together. It's those animals that are polluting our atmosphere with CO2. My solution has been to eat those animals in order to reduce their total CO2 emissions to an acceptable level. It's a big job, but I'm sure everything will come out alright in the end.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:16 PM

and finally, how can a GAS be "evil?"

Eat a can of either baked or re fried beans and some sauerkraut and then ask your self that question.

I was going to refute the OP's post point by point using the whole plants argument and the whole mars argument and so on...and then I read a little more.

*edited just to edit*

[edit on 8-12-2009 by js331975]

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by observe50
Good Lord just........""PLANT TREES IN MASS"" and you will CURE all your CO2 problems yes, IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE and Mother Nature supplies you with what you need.

are you sure?
because i got a similar transmission...only i heard "hemp" instead of trees:

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by ENIMY

Since we expel this evil gas each time we breathe, maybe everyone who supports reducing the amount of this awful gas in our atmosphere should participate in a "No Breathing Day", which could be an annual event in which CO2 bashers hold their breath for 24 hours as a huge first step in reducing CO2 emissions.

That would be a great start in support of their cause.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:29 PM
Why did the EPA stop at C02? Heck, there's all sorts of Greenhouse gasses to choose from, just look it up on the Wiki! The EPA should declare water a public danger as well. I mean comon! Get with the program! Why stop at compounds? I say go after the elements themselves! Just get rid of all the Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen on the freakin' planet and we'll finally have the perfect world!! Hey! If the Martians could do it, so can we!

[edit on 8-12-2009 by Anamnesis]

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:41 PM
This whole Global Warming thing is such a scam. Now the CO2 thing.

Just wait until the government taxes sporting events and concerts for when thousands gather together and increase that bad bad bad Co2 output. And of course all ticket prices will raise too. You all know it's coming, too!

They won't stop there! Your household will be taxed on how many people live in the same residence. We will soon be taxed on that number along with how big, or small, your home is.

Oh, and once the Health Care is passed before this year is up, and you know it will --no if's and's or but's -once the bill is passed the amount you pay will be determined on MANY things, including how many people live with you. The more hot air, the higher lifestyle risk you are and therefore the more it will cost to give you "quality" care.

Nobody saw it coming, but when they outlawed smoking from businesses, I foresaw it coming.

Welcome to the 2 next wars my fellow ATS'ers --The War on Air and the War on Water.

And you ain't seen nothing yet! The noose around all of our necks is tightening at a frightening pace! Why go after freedoms when they can conjure up a make-believe global (global is the key word they have to sell to you!), event and they can now go after things that they HAVE NO RIGHT TAXING --our air! The right to do something doesn't mean that doing it is right!

Crooks! Whatever God you all believe in, really must be saddened by how far we have fallen from grace. The corruption is poisoning this air we breathe!

Please folks, start writing your Congressmen! Start writing the President! Write everyone!

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by downtown436

Someone needs to read up on climategate.
It will help you see the truth.

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