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Details on the Largest Baby Crib Recall in History

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 04:27 AM

More than 2 million baby cribs made by Vancouver-based company, Stork Craft, have been recalled after their drop-side cribs were linked to the suffocation of at least four children in the U.S.

Some of the recalled cribs were sold with a Fisher Price logo. More than one million of the recalled cribs were sold in Canada; the remainder were presumably sold mainly in the States.


If it's not a vaccine, bank fraud, cap and trade hypocracy, pandemic, chemtrails, contaminated chinese imports or food and water, and if it's not medicine related,
there's always suffocation by crib.

One way or another trajety is amoung us with all of the devices and goods of consumation.

The death toll of these unrepentant criminal organizations continues to rise as these groups are in search of greater profits. Collateral damage is one thing, but deliberate misinformation and falsified research and other tactics are nothing more than misguided serial killers who are free to prey on the masses without consequence. As Attorneys General, Law Enforcers, Congress and other Political-Industrial boot lickers turn a blind eye to these crimes and to their oaths of office, mandates of law and more attrociously, to WE THE PEOPLE, reeking havoc anf being rewarded has consumed the integrity of most significant players in the geo-political and international business, banking and trade industries.

What's next? the baby bottle with unsecure nipple for choking infants to death?

The razor sharp breaking baby rattle? Toxic onesies outfits? Where does it ever stop? Will it ever stop?
Will it take another Noah's Ark type cleansing to rid us of these sadistic sociopathic psycho-money addicts?

I optimistically regard these questions as moot, and resonate positive energy as much as possible in belief that the pouring out of love, peace, and empathy can and will defeat the darker energies radiating from a few ruthless and souless human impersonators.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 04:50 AM
Why are they recalling only the largest baby crib? Is there a conspiracy to sell more race car beds?

Seriously though, I wonder if the real conspiracy was to construct these guillotine beds to thin out the herd a little bit. How could the company construct such a shoddy mechanism is beyond me. You would think that the side of the crib would be held up with some sort of baby-proof latch or something. It really is almost as if you'd have to intentionally make a crib like this that would catch babies, or intentionally put your baby's head under the side of the crib.

Maybe it's just another indicator that we have become more idiotic at the level of product design. Was it really intentional? That would be sinister. Like a pacifier with changeable nipples that you could screw hunting arrow razor tips on to. Or a gun powder and bullet cartridge with an intergrated pneumatic firing pin that fits over a common bicycle tire valve. I've always thought electrical outlets were designed to accept flat blade screwdrivers.

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