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About the Minaret in Swiss An Opinion from The media & from my POV

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 02:59 AM
An Opinion which has no evidence to her claims.

There are reasons to be concerned about Europe’s ability to integrate its Muslim citizens. But the subject is too important to be guided by religious stereotypes. The riots in France’s suburban ghettoes in 2005 were a testament to the failure of social policies, not to a resurgent Islam.

Thats where her so called opinion fails

funny part here

It is worth noting that the Swiss referendum against minarets was supported mostly by rural voters, whose fear of Islamic aggression comes more from ignorance than experience: it’s a safe bet that many have never seen a minaret, except on alarmist campaign posters where they are depicted as comic-book missiles.

ignorance? really i think shes has never talked to any people from ex yugoslavia
and how muslims before the war started geared themselves inside a mosque with weapons and ammo. Thats what people say who survived the war say.

A minaret, by contrast, is no more and no less than a symbol. Other religious symbols draw protest -- a nativity scene in front of City Hall, say, or a cross on a mountaintop -- but they, unlike the minaret, are not part of a house of worship.

yes a symbol of power of taking over, plus some minaret install speaker towers.

In this view, disputed by church leaders, the contest becomes a kind of atavistic zero-sum game. Why else would leaders from Italy’s xenophobic Northern League party propose to put a crucifix on the Italian flag?

What wait what? why is she changing a subject?

I really really hated her part in this end note of opinion.

There is no excuse for stigmatizing any religion. That goes against the very values of tolerance Europe claims to stand for. It also marks a discouraging setback for the further integration of Muslim citizens, which has to be the goal of every European country. There is no other choice.

There is no excuse stigmatizing any religion? hmm i really wonder about that you mean like when the usa and some parts of eupore bombed serbs whom are Orthodox?

you mean making islam as dominant religion in eupore?

sorry lady from bloomberg there are choices in our lives and also why do muslims want to build there buildings in eupore? they dont allow Christians to built churchs or statues of Jesus or marry or from any other faiths in the middle east so should eupore allow them to built minaret?

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 04:56 AM
I am a Swiss citizen. I voted for the minaret ban. This has absolutely nothing to do with intolerance or discrimination.

There are 200 mosques in Switzerland. Minarets - not mentioned in the Koran, mind you - exist in only one place near where I live. Read up on what the minaret stands for:"...the minarets are the bayonets to impale the non-believers upon...". Not my definition.

There are approx. 7.5 million persons living in Switzerland. Of these, 400.000 are muslims. Among these, I estimate roughly ten percent to be fundamentalist muslims, who insist on their women being wrapped in formless rags and muezzin prayer calls five times a day.

Allowing minarets would mean that all of Switzerland's inhabitants of 7.1 million who are not muslims would have to set up with the fact that five times a day, the call to prayer would drown out any other noise.

Forcing 7.5 million inhabitants minus 40.000 fundamentalist muslims to listen to arabic mumbo-jumbo five times a day does not spell democracy. It would be dictatorship of the few over the many. Swiss voters saw it that way.

Imagine the US would introduce five daily prayer calls for its 300 million citizens because of 1.6 million fundamentalist muslims. No discussion necessary. Or, better yet, look what happens if christians want to build a christian church in a muslim country.

Some media whores are already calling for a new vote! Since Switzerland does not belong to the NAZI EU that won't happen. Who else can call for plebiscites on the same question until they get the answer they want?

Politicians and other scum are fighting to get into the EU. Take a look at the outrageous corruption rampant in that NWO construct and you know why. Hundreds of billions disappear each and every year into the pockets of criminal politicians and "public servants".

The EU will go down together with the NWO bankster world government.

Instead of repeating the artificial cries of intolerance and discrimination the scum better watch what will happen next in Austria. The EU dictatorship is not as popular as they believe. Murdering Haider was a serious mistake after all.

Swiss voters are neither racist nor intolerant. We just want to hold on to our traditions and values which proved valuable and important over the millennia. We will never support dictatorship, foreign or domestic.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by outrageousfortune

You are right that minarets are not mentioned in the quran, so I dunno where you got the definition "...the minarets are the bayonets to impale the non-believers upon...".
Just because minarets are built, doesn't mean that you'd hear the muslim call to prayer 5 times a day. While there was no ban on minarets, it is definitely prohibited to disturb the peace (although while someone may have a boom box out on the street, and the authorities would turn a blind eye, a loudspeaker on for 20 seconds -5 times a day- would not be allowed- but that is besides the point. I don't disagree with that prohibition).
So allowance of minarets would have no effect on allowance of the muslim call to prayer over a loudspeaker. It seems you voted without all the facts at hand.

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