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Who will come first Jesus, maitreya or Aliens?

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 07:05 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus

take a good hard look at themselves and realise that they're just making excuses for not fixing things themselves.

You live in the world you create, not happy with it? Change it. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you.

[edit on 8/12/09 by Chadwickus]

Whether their is someone or something coming, take your pick, Jesus would not be on my list anyway

I'd like to think somebody would come here just to show we are not alone but hoping someone will fix this corrupt half destroyed world is a waste of logical thought.

The only slight disagreement I might have is that

1. We don't always have any choice in what's created and by who..

2. We also next to zero hope of being allowed to undo the damage or remove those doing it.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by digitalBreakfast

Originally posted by ufoorbhunter
Maybe all these gods in the sky are the same being/sprit and only when it descends will this become apparent.

Maybe, But i think the messages are different enough that it points to distinct agendas, philosophy, and an over all feeling of being different. Alot of these circles just seem to have a passing knowledge of one another and just hold a general disdain for the other. so like the jesus guy says no aliens are "foolish" and "meitrya who?" or the alien buff is like "oh those ignorant christians" "science will show em" and the maitreya peeps are trying to give '___' to goats or whatever it is they do ...

Mate, it's not even a question anymore for me, especially after what I have seen and experienced here in England. The UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon is directly synonymous to religion. By that I mean that the "Gods" people have come to know through religion were all actually extraterrestrials -- positive and negative -- who came here and got turned into gods by the primitive humans. I am certain that this is something that is going to become very acceptable in the realms of science and history as the curtains of secrecy fall and the truth is finally revealed in the coming years.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 11:07 PM
whose the maitreya guy? is that another religious figure?

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by digitalBreakfast

The anti-christ will be the first on the scene. Trying to comfort everyone and claiming that he is Christ.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:23 PM
Try Maitreya and the aliens will be working together, as the fallen ones and Nephilim would be returning, since He warns us in the Gospel that as in the days of Noah the Son of Man's coming will be. That means the fallen ones will arrive on the scene with the Anti-Christ at the lead. So Maitreya and aliens are connected. Maitreya's name equates to 666 the number of the Beast. In multiple unrelated languages mind you. So when your television channels no matter which one are all the same face, the face of Maitreya, that "Day of Declaration," and he speaks to everyone on Earth telepathically, you will be very very baffled. With the help of HAARP and Bluebeam, since he's not omniscient and omnipresent this will be possible. That is why we had the digital tv conversion so this can happen. The fallen ones aren't here to help. They are here for revenge. Read the Book of Enoch and you will understand UFOs. They are angelic vehicles, in which Enoch was taken by the fallen angels on a ride through the stars.

Only alien visitors could make a New World Order and global government possible. Look up what Ronald Reagan's speech on ET is about. So when the fallen ones are on their way, that is why we will unite as one just as the Bible says for the last times. Maitreya will be the world dictator and have supernatural power and technological advantage. Only the Lord and Yahushua and the Two Witnesses will be able to help in these days.

But to answer the question Anti-Christ and the aliens, then Yahushua.

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