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All the movie have Inside Global warming and secret government joke

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:19 PM
Let me explain why it so important

Most of the movies was based on entertainment and I agree with that but it also sometime have one of those "secret message" or "inside joke" in most of the movies

For example:

Shorts: The adventure of the wishing rock (DVD): have way too many global warming jokes in it.

However, once you seen the movie, it make perfect sense if you look at it with point of view of your mind here:

Wishing Rocks: this rainbow rock give you all the wish you want but end up backfired and bad news as "be careful what you wish for"

This is metaphor that we dream what we want in life but we couldn't make it because we too poor or sometime life suck, believing in God won't help you, or believing in alien in other space won't help you.

The Baby: Did anyone noticed that the movie creator choose the smartest one is the baby? The young boy wish for "I wish one of us is the smart one" end up the baby get the smart, and get this: the baby do not speak but used "telepathy"

This is the metaphor for we can't solve the world, so we need to find a "smart one". is this the answer to find one world government to help us?

There are alot more in that movie (even germs) to explain

But let move on to the other movie: Monsters vs. aliens
Not much in this movie but I did catch one joking about Global warming: Missing Link said this: "Oh wow, is it getting warmer for the past 50 years? wow, now that is a conivent truth!" this was a joke about Al Gore

Another movie: Night at the Muesum 2 have alot of stuff you would know related to our problem with the government and Obama

After every movies I look and study, they all have "inside joke" or "secret message" related to our current events, why? To mind-control us with their's message?

However, why is it all the music industry company are using the same "poker face" in almost all the music now? The music are dead after 1995, right now, every music do not sound like a music but garbage, waste of time, horrible music, none of them is that good, every dancer dance the same way and also using the same "poker faces"

What going on? huh? what REALLY going on here?

I asked a very good questions list here (forgive my grammar)

If the government is worried about the earth climate problem, why they didn't do anything at all around 1990s?

Would it be strange all of this happening right after 2008 bank failure and jobless growth, strange or what?

If they want to control the world, they need three thing first: making all the world sign into some kind of deal that will trick the world, population control on old people and unwanted people, and taxing everything to built up econmy

Were climategate created by the government to trick us or confused us right before the treaty?

If not, why the hacker leaked the climategate? what the purpose? It not like people will believe it and change everything..

This one important, if the government doing this a long time, who are they? What they do really want? Everything from 2001 to 2009 have alot interesting events in just a short year, why? 9/11, iraqs, terrorist, food posioning, Obama the first black president, shuttle exploded, new orleans, global warming, al gore, all of this is amazing in just a short span of 2001-2009...question is this again: why? What going on? What are we facing with this tons of events in just a short time?

It like something has awoken and angry to devour us, or it like the government knew something is wrong, even CERN is trying to creat a dimension door (black hole) and even the first space tourism in 2011, everything that happen in just a short span of 2001-2009 is truly amazing, but the people of the world is still sleeping, not even the nuclear will wake up people, we will still act like a puppet thinking all the same for thousand years: "nothing going to happen, nothing is new under the sun"

Yeah but what above the sun?

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 10:22 PM
S&F for you my friend. That was brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten people like myself!

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