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Your Date With Destiny: Meeting the Real Jesus

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posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by gYvMessanger
reply to post by Myrtales Instinct

I'm not sure on where King fits into the rankings or even quite what you mean by rankings.

Are you talking about spiritual levels in kabbalistic terms ? i.e Messiah < Prophet < Ruach HaKodesh (Divinely Inspired) etc ?

Yes, it would be nice to hear what the spiritual levels are and how the Messiah, and prophet etc fit in with each level. But also just in general how you think or how a modern day Rabbi would rank in an order of authority.

For instance - you have King David standing in a room, along with the High Priest of the temple. Next walks in Samuel the Prophet the one who anointed King David. I would like to know how you or a rabbi might rank them in their authoritive positions. Who is more powerful the king or the zadok?

Then take it one step further. Let's say the angel Gabriel appears in the room. How does he rank within this group? Or would it be impossible to rank him, since he's a different breed? Is a prophet sent by God, higher than an angel as a messenger sent by God?

And what if there ends up being two Messiah's, one of the line of David and one of the line of Joseph (like you had mentioned) - would they be equal in authority or is one of a higher order than the other?

And in the same breath, lets say, the Dead Sea Scrolls are dead on and there will be two Messiahs, a kingly one from the tribe of Judah and also a priestly one traced back to Aaron - would they be equal in authority or would one be of a higher order?

I'm wondering if it's possible, that the things I've experienced over the last 20 plus years will line up with the spiritual levels of kabbalah? I was baptized (with John's water baptism) at around age 10, I experienced Elijah at age 17, and I was 22-23 when I had the vision of John, then most everything else came after the age of 40 (oil of gladness, angel with the tongs, the divine spark, living water, then the union, then the Son of Man).

And it doesn't end there. Now if I direct my attention to something I don't understand spiritually (with passion and in sincere truth) he shows me. One of the neatest things, I thought was like a game, is where he shows me something and asks "What do you see?" and he does this twice, to put emphasis on the second thing. Then I found in the prophet Zecharia's writings, where this is done - and I realized, this is nothing unusual except that it's happened to me.

I know I ask a lot of questions.Lol Anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.

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posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by gYvMessanger

Of course I would not expect anyone to think God wasnt going to fulfill a promise Thee has made...but I am just not so quick to assume such a promise was made. Through my relation, I have found no emphasis placed on a needed 'savior'. I do see we need leaders...but one leader is not enough. We learn things from a many people.

That is true and perhaps it is just that I have come to mistrust the workings of "democracy" that I see the solution coming in the form of one strong leader who the world can unite under. It does not mean that there wont be many people teaching the message, but in my view it does mean that the message remains strong and true because it comes from one source alone.

You said people cant be trusted to do things on their own in this day and age...but yet, this is what our purpose reach a point we can do things through our own will because we understand it to be a productive way, not because God told us it was the way without expecting us to have understanding of 'why' it is a 'way'. If you see humans as not being ready to do such things through their own will...then we again will see another marker showing many not being ready.

I see it more that we need a helping hand to push people in the right direction. Along the way people should certainly come to the understanding on their own, however the world we live in today does everything it can to steep us in materialism and ignorance, even the sciences we are allowed to know are restricted with schooling limited to those with the money to pay for it.

You bank alot of faith in a promise from God that got passed on through many men, and yet you view some of the OT differently then what others do when talking about Israel. I would like to say I dont worry much about what is going to happen with Israel...but that is hard when many have lost their lives and many more will loose their lives...all relating to a promise by God for a holy land.

No I am merely pointing out the roots of the Messianic Concept. The Messiah that Jesus claimed to be was the jewish one who had to do x things. I thought I had been clear in my position on the land of Israel. The current land state could not be the promised land even IF you accept a literal translation, and I am personally quite happy to read it as an understanding of "a spiritual nation of israel".

I think its the farthest thing from what is Holy when we are talking about a special Earthly land or a special people. I dont think Thee Most High has much to do with a special 12 tribes at all really. I dont think Thee Most High ever came with a message to just one people. To me, this is a huge red flag of someone misleading a mass of people. I dont see Thee Most High in much of the OT at all....I see a very carnal nature of a 'god image' that man would of thought to be god. I dont toss the entire OT out, I have studied it many times. It shows a great history of a people in that time and in that land. To me, what they believed in that time, makes a lot of sense when I look around the other cultures of that land and see the other common beliefs of that time. I see many cultures blending together in the OT.

I would suggest if you dont see the creators presence in the OT then you are looking with very blinkered eyes. Remember the creator encompasses everything. One thing that amazes me is people who believe that God is only Love or Light or Goodness, of course the Lord is all those things but also so very much more, to say oh this is God but this is not, I think that is a very dangerous path to start going down. Better to try to understand somethings purpose than to deny it because it does not suite your tastes.

But all just opinion....I do appreciate your thoughts, once again. I never would of assumed you took so much account of the OT by your other posts...very interesting though.

I do and I dont, like you I have my personal relationship with god, but I try to see the other viewpoints as well, though sometimes the cosmological viewpoint in my head drives me a bit loopy trying to make sense of it all.

For me I see the Jewish religion as a good idea that went horribly horribly wrong. I am very wary of Jewish tradition because I know its designed with a certain purpose (I like to think with good intent) and that part of that purpose is to indoctrinate into the theology for the good of the continued religion, rather than for the glory of the father. So what to trust and what not to trust ?!? A hard question, unfortunately the secrets the jews have kept are like pieces of a puzzle, you need to know a lot of things that probably arent quite true, to get to those pieces which are.

It would all be more easier if Jesus would of fulfilled what the Jews were wanting. But Jesus, instead, teaches of a different God. No matter what the scriptures say to tie the two times and god images together, it doesnt work. The Yahweh God is a God of war...Jesus taught of a God that IS love. Of course he was killed, for he taught against his own kind. The nature of God stood before them and they couldnt see it. This is getting ready to happen again, and we will see another die.

People often cant accept a God that is only love....for their idea of being perfect means that this God will make everything perfect one day, through a force. They are still bound by their carnal natures and cant see what 'perfect' 'holy' and 'divine' really mean. One cant understand such things if they do not understand, love conquers all things...and it will even conquer the darkest of souls, through reminding them of this nature that they were literally made from, which is love. It will bring every soul to their knees, they will not be able to raise their heads, they will buckle under the realization that to deny this is to deny their very existence. God is not forceful, its not in Thee's nature. God is not jealous nor prideful, its not a part of Thee's perfect nature. Why are we to become perfect if God was not this also? What does it mean to become perfect?

If the Jews are waiting on a messiah to come fulfill the promises of the OT God...then they only await the God of war to come again. Jesus came and taught them that God did not have a name, that God was not a jealous God, that God was perfect love, and that we must come to be perfect through our own will....not a forced perfection (which wouldnt be real anyway if it was forced).

I dont take things to just fit my taste at all. Do you think I like to know that I will reap what I sow, no matter how much I believe in God or Jesus, I still have to reap what I sow. This is a lesson that is hard to swallow and face. To think I will learn my wrongs through experiencing the other side of my cause is very chilling to me. To know I carry my own cross is not comforting to me in any way....but yet it makes sense. The fact that these laws of nature make sense and have a purpose is enough for me to accept it for what it is, and see the brilliance in this law of this world and why God made everything the way it is. I might not like it...but I understand it.

The OT mistranslated some very important mysteries of heaven and Gods works...which is the idea of an eye for an eye. They took this understanding and tried to tie a physical practice to it, and they sowed bad seeds by doing so. An eye for an eye is a spiritual law, not an Earthly law. It is the base of 'reaping what you sow'. They tried to use killing animals as an 'eye for an eye' and they will reap what they have sown. The eye for an eye is true, in a spiritual sense, that what ever we do here, we will have to stand up for after we die. If we kill, we will have to experience being the victim. We will experience all the feelings and thoughts we ever created in other people. To overcome this cycle of reaping what we sow, Jesus advised, there are certain actions and ways to live to where you wont have to worry about such things, for example, turning the other cheek, loving another and forgiving when they dont know what they are doing due to carnal ways and their carnal mind leading them. Love conquers our cycle of reaping what we sow. If we only sow love, then what do we have to reap? There are scriptures that did not make the famous bible book that talk of how upsetting the animal sacrifices were to Jesus. I dont need to see Jesus as a messiah to see that his works and actions made sense and were of a good nature.

God is perfect, and we cant begin to imagine how Gods love conquers all things, even the dark souls that cant see. God has never had a chosen people and never will lead men in war against another man. I know you are supportive of the Jewish religion even though you say alot of things went horribly wrong....but this is the religion that has created the grounds for so many not knowing God and Thee's true nature.

As much as I see a false image of God through the was sooo meant to be this way. We have both natures before us, it is up to us to sift them out and choose which master we are of.

In all best intentions, I appreciate the conversation and I hope you know I respect all paths, for God always find a way to bring each one of us home. What ever path you are on, is right where you are to be in this point and time, and I the same. Im at a crossroads of sorts in my life right now, and it is really hard sometimes. Im trying to conquer my attachments to this world and material things...and I know in time I will...but while it is happening, it is very hard. There is always things to learn, always things we can make more perfect...always attachments we need to place up on our cross that we carry, the loads can be heavy and testing....but I know I am never alone and there is always a comforter when I am in need of it.

In love

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 12:50 AM

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by Grandma
reply to post by bigshow

For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:29


Indeed, Grandma ye are wise and correct he will be coming in due time. I am going to add my signiture since not everyone can view it.

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."

”And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold two men stood by them in white apparel; which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

Thou daughter Lynette is in our prayers.

Love, peace and blessing to all.

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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 05:38 PM
The Second Coming and Great Day of Purification according to the Hopi and Biblical prophecies in due time will come.

The True Benevolents and Family of Light (The Creator/Creators) of this universe our Heavenly Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters and Christ among the others will come.

Earth will change and transfigure into a higher dimensional state of existence and for this reason was Earth and all of Creation seen in the Universe created. (Progression) There was a plan laid out from the foundation of universal creation, the Good Creator God of Good will complete and finish the plan according to the pre-creation plan.

The Second Coming is a real event that will come and Jesus Christ was a real being that walked the Earth and will return with the true God of Good (The Creator/Creators) of this universe our Heavenly Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters --- The Family of Light!

May the pure and perfect Spirit of Love and Peace be with you all!

Love & Best Wishes!

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