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CTs inPhoenix

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posted on May, 22 2004 @ 05:58 AM
As titled this pic taken 8-6-2002
Many many other pics taken during the next several months.
Phoenix gets hit hard. Frequent white outs.
It won't be long before everyone thinks its normal because we get sprayed on a regular basis. Grid patterns and ensuing artificial cloud cover happen frequently. Humidity rises, air gets stagnant, eyes burn, sinuses burn, coughing, excessive phlegm, etc. Been watching since 2001 when first coming to Phoenix.
Have experienced several other forums where open discussion and sharing info were supposed to be the purpose. I have found there are "debunkers" who seem to feel it is their loyal sworn duty to continuously refute claims of chemtrail researchers. I can only ask why are they so interested in portraying so many witnesses nationwide as being kooks, conspiracy theorists, full of @#$!!?? What's in it for the debunkers?? And if Chemtrails are a hoax, what's in it for so many of us to spread a hoax???
Chemtrails are real.
They effect the air we breathe and our environment.
There IS a coverup AND a campaign to convince others that we're all insane wackos, that's why the debates get so hot.
Government peeon agents are assigned this little job of debunking, discrediting, keeping tabs, surveillance, reports, etc. Beware.
Funny thing is, one of these other forums' moderators decided I was an agent, and I was banned from posting anymore. It seems I stepped on someones toes who wanted glory instead of truth.. I mention this in case anyone else runs into groups that sponsor megalomaniacs who claim to be "Freedom Fighters" and yet silence those who make an honest effort to share info. That only muddies the waters more.
I encourage all true CT researchers to continue their work in the identifying and sharing of info and spreading awareness, no matter what slander you may encouter. It is an information war, so grab a pen, a keyboard, or a voice recorder... and of course your cameras.
This pic shows a maturing trail that does not fade, does not disperse, is not ice crystals, and is at a lower altitude... because ITS FALLING!! When it was first sprayed out it was a very thin trail at a very high altitude.
Notice the whispy vertical trails coming off the horizontal CT as it falls... yeah... perfectly normal. NOT.

These trails don't lead to or have anything to do with local airtraffic.

This is a whiteout... complete overcast caused by CTs, with a fresh one cuttin thru. Notice the prismatic effect on the sun. This haze is not natural weather!
CTs now losing definition as trails and becoming the whiteout, and notice again gravity's effect on this "cloud cover"..hmmm, hey Chicken Little..that the sky falling? Or is it chemsoup? Not rain.. not falling contrail ice crystals, not confectionary sugar.... just a nice thorough dusting to block out our beautiful sunshine.
10 pts to find the anomoly in this pic.
"Good bye bluuue sky... Good bye bluuuuue sky...Good bye...."

That's all for now.
Keep on your toes out there.

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 06:11 AM
It appears that Tripod does not allow direct linking to photos.

all I get is this:

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 08:08 AM
call up pictures by linking to a HTML file wherein the code is to show the pix please !

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 12:43 PM
I just left Phoenix about a week ago after living there for almost a year and I never experienced any of the symptoms you spoke of. But, I also don’t believe that chemtrails are anything more than contrails. That’s my personal opinion, I am not some “peeon” government agent dedicated to the cause of debunking you or your fellow researchers.

Remember that people will formulate opinions based on the information that is available to them, and just because it doesn’t agree with yours does not make us “debunkers” or “agents” sworn to discrediting you. There just hasn’t been enough hard information for some people to believe that there is a causal relation between the in the sky and mild sickness on the ground.

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