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Mystical experiment with the Law of Attraction.

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 08:42 AM
First, my introduction since this is my first post:
While I'm not really UFO's or "conspiracy theories"(a phrase I hate) guy I do insist on always knowing a good amount about the theories are that are out there so I can make an informed decision. Otherwise I'm just allowing the government and average people (who tend to be stupid from watching TV shows all day) to tell me what to think and that isn't right. Governments lie all the time as not only a matter of policy but as a systematic way of existence. And as for average people, they regularly believe exactly what they want to which leads them to be uninformed idiots in many cases. And they furthermore allow the government to tell them what to believe because they are "the most trustworthy organization there is besides the churches". Not to be too hard on them though, they are not all that stupid, they just don't care as much as the truth as I do... about being able to believe something with far greater certainty. Because in fact their primary concern is entertaining themselves and I can't be too hard on them for that because that is what makes them happy. They choose to balance away researching the truth (which to them is boring) for having more hours of TV shows to watch... and whether that makes them "idiots" really is debatable. Maybe I'm the idiot for not just shutting up and doing as I'm told without thinking. Of course I don't think so or I wouldn't be here.

Now, what I came here to say:
One theory advocated on this website on occassion is the Law of Attraction, which I explain a bit about in my first post at (hopefully I'm allowed to plug my own blog) if you are not familiar with it. The alleged law is basically that if one regularly visualizes something to happen, it will happen, whether they want it to or not. So how to test this thoery scientifically? I don't know exactly but my idea is:

Have a group of people visualize something that is possible but only has a chance of occuring even if one wants the event to happen. They are to visualize something that they want but requires external factors for delivery. For example, perhaps the event could be a highly attractive person who is a total stranger knock on their door... wearing facy clothes and offering a great smile upon contact.

So there could be several groups in the experiment. One group wants one thing... another group wants something else. These should be things that anyone would remember if they did happen to them. Then at the end of the experiment, we can cross-check what has happened with the different groups. If the group who wanted their workplace to feed them a ton of chocolate candy was the one who ended up getting the attractive guy or girl knocking on the door, that will be considered a failure for the law of attraction (though technically it could have just worked but only for other people, but the whole point is that its supposed to work for the person visualizing it).

Please respond if you have any ideas on the best way to test this scientifically or would like to otherwise participate.

The interesting thing about the law of attraction is it works with both negative and positive things. So if you visualize something bad happening regularly, bad things will happen to you regularly. We could even have one of the groups visualize something painful if they would actually want to do that.

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 08:50 AM
PResident Obama taking Charlie sheens interview

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by civilchallenger

The formulation of the law of attraction is not quite correct. It's not a visualization exercise, because you can quite honestly visualize something which in your heart you don't actually want.

The way I see the law of attraction actually working is as energetic resonance, what people love or fear in their hearts is what their body will vibrate for and the universe, understood as a feedback system, will resonate back. If someone feels unlucky in love, the universe will throw up bad relationships, if someone feels confident and open he will have many relationships, if someone feels true love they will get a symmetrical relationship with a similar partner. All as a resonance pattern, but with some degree of probability mixed in.

Given the complexity of the phenomenon to actually prove it would require some sort of physics experiment, and I won't go there as I would be wading outside my depth, but it is perfectly possible to prove this to ones self, as all you have to do is realize how the universe mirrors your deeper feelings. Visualization can be part of the process, but the key is at the heart (probably the heart chakra, the emotional and energetic anchor between the embodied spirit and the greater energetic universe).

Not exactly what the OP wanted, but I think this post at least points people in the right direction.


posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by civilchallenger

It has been done before.

In 1993 researchers tested the effects of group meditation.

The experiment was conducted over an eight week period. During the months of June and July, in Washington D.C..

The hypothesis being a 20% reduction in violent-crime.

The results being a 23% reduction in aforementioned crimes.

The results had the statistical probability of 500,000,000,000:1.

I'd say the numbers make for a very valid piece of evidence. In the favor of "The Law of Attraction." There may be a very real and valid application for "The Law of Attraction."


Forver in the Light,
dillon mark reed

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 10:30 AM
I've done this test myself on 2 occasions so far and I have a 100% success rate. I 1st came across this theory after watching the video "The Secret".
The problem with the theory is that it takes a lot of belief for you to achieve the results. If you are going to dismiss it after the 1st brick wall you encounter then you will achieve nothing IMO.
Each time I have done it, I have pretty much exhausted all possibilities and on the verge on giving up when something has either popped into my head in a eureka moment or something has presented itself to me in exceptional circumstances.

The 1st one i tried the theory on was for a computer game called Rainbow Six: Vegas. Now if you don't know about console release dates, what happens is that the shops get the games in stock 1 to 2 days prior to the official launch but are not allowed to sell them over the counter until the official release date.
Now I had a day off the day prior to the official release date and thought there'd be nothing better to do on my day off than play a game I had been after for a while. So with that in mind I decided to start my visualisation, in "The Secret" they recommended actually visualising the outcome of the desire you want to come true. so with that in mind I visualised me handing over money and the shop assistant handing me the game.
So after about 1/2 an hour of visualising I decided to put it in to practice. I went to every video game store in my town centre, every shop i went into wouldn't sell it to me and after a few hours and exhausting all the shops in the city centre I was ready to just give in when I suddenly remembered about a game shop just outside the city centre.
Well I went into the shop and managed to catch the attention of a young sales assistant and proceeded to ask whether he had the game in stock.
The assistant confirmed they had it in stock and said to me not to broadcast that he was selling it early as he could get in trouble, of course I agreed and the transaction happened exactly as I had visualised it.

The 2nd time was a bit more tricky as it was something that was outwith my means and would take damn near a miracle for it to come off.
I'll give you a little bit of background so you can judge how difficult it was for me to realise this desire.
For years in my youth I used to get credit and would never keep up repayments, so for years my credit score has been the lowest you could imagine. I found it very hard to get any credit card and simple things like phone contracts etc were difficult for me to get. So you see buying things on credit was never really an option for me.
So my 2nd test was I had seen a car that I really wanted to get, it was a Honda Civic Type-R EP3 model.
Now at the time these cars were costing roughly £10,000, so I thought this would be a really good test to see if the laws of attraction do work.
So i started to visualise me driving the car and actually believing that I owned the car before I got it.
So I started applying for credit and most of them just said no straight away but there was one company that looked like it was going to go ahead with loaning me money to buy the car, so after several weeks of filling in forms etc.. they pulled the plug on the deal which left me a bit despondant. At this point I was pretty much ready to give up because I knew deep down with my credit history it was hard enough to get a loan for £500 never mind £10,000.
Well the next thing I know I get a random spam message come into my inbox from a company that specialises in car loans, normally I just delete spam but because of the content I thought why not it's worth a try.
Well that company backed me all the way for the car and I took delivery of a 03 PLATE Civic Type-R no later than a week later.

So for me to actually receive this car with no money and a poor credit rating is nothing short of a miracle and it has made me a believer in the law of attraction.
I haven't followed up with any more since then but I will be doing it again shortly.

Good luck with your group expirement.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by civilchallenger

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