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British celebrities on animal cruelty charge for eating rat

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:30 AM

British celebrities on animal cruelty charge for eating rat

TWO stars of a British celebrity reality TV show filmed in the Australian bush have been charged with animal cruelty by New South Wales police.

Celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo, who won the I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here TV contest, and soap star Stuart Manning were arrested and charged after cooking a rat and serving it with rice as a meal for fellow contestants....If found guilty, the pair face up to three years in jail.

(visit the link for the full news article)

Edit: Not sure why link isn't working so here:

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:30 AM
As much as I deplore cruelty to animals, this appears to be beyond a joke. More information is obviously required such as how the rat was actually killed but on the surface this is ridiculous.

What hypocrytes. How many animals are sacrificed each year all in the name of science even though most of this lab testing is not necessary due to the fact that many incredible medical discoveries have been suppressed.

Is this the way the world is heading? It seems that Australia, Canada, the UK, Britain, (the US? and Europe?) have been leading the way and slowly but surely tightening the screws so that one must be extremely careful about what they say and do because someone may be offended. Lock 'em up or fine them is the attitude of the 'nanny' police - and the braindead public cheer it on....Unbelievable

[url=][/ur l]
(visit the link for the full news article)

And again:

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:47 AM
The laughable thing about this show is the amount of other animals which are harmed and killed.

The bushtucker trials...they involve eating live insects on a fairly large scale.

And pretty much any trial which involves animals puts them under a great amount of stress, but thats okay for entertainment.

So unescessary stress = OK
Eaten alive for entertainment = OK
Killing and eating for actual nourishment = Not OK

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:03 AM
So let me get this straight...

My snake can eat rats.. but I cannot?



posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

Your snake eats rats to live. These so called celebrities eat rats and insects for 'entertainment'

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:10 AM
Just to set things straight..the "Celebs" arent actually IN the Bush, as theres a nice 4* Hotel just a few hundred meters away from the filming set (otherwise logistically where would the film crew base at night, generators be set up, medical eva points be based and the bridges/overpasses already be conveniently set-up).
The show just gives the appearance that its set in the middle of no-where.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:12 AM
wtf this is beyond redicules.
humans are omnivours. and shouldnt be victimised for eating meat. whatever meat that is, cow or rat or bugs or whatever.
this is pretty insane tbh

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:20 AM
It is in Belgium very common to eat rats. It's on the menu as "water-rabbit".

Lenten dinners serving muskrat are traditional in parts of Michigan. The meat is occasionally consumed in Belgium and The Netherlands, and is traditional dish on the Delmarva Peninsula and in certain other areas and population segments of the United States.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 08:55 AM
So it is perfectly acceptable for animals to be used by the IACGMOOH company to elicit entertainment but not for the 'cast' to take matters into their own hands and kill to eat?

I haven't seen the 'killing' but I presume it was humane? I presume the rat was dead before eating it unlike the witchy-whatever bugs that are publicly eaten alive in the name of 'entertainment'.

The IACGMOOH company exploit both humans and other living creatures to fill their banks.... deviate from the 'script' and you end up with charges!


posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:07 AM
theres one major difference the guys involved were never in danger of starving they could have quit...

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:18 AM

Originally posted by loner007
theres one major difference the guys involved were never in danger of starving they could have quit...

Sure I understand that but they also don't need to be fed live bugs in the name of entertainment.

Rats are also used to envoke fear, last year Christopher Biggins had rats released around him and was flinging them off his bed, kicking them, screaming at them etc... The rats last year were treated in a cruel manner to get a laugh out of viewers.

The rat this year was killed and eaten.

Are all meat eaters 'in danger of starvation'? If not then why do they kill or pay others to kill animals for their food?

Celebrity Winner Faces Rat Killing Charge 9:28am UK, Sunday December 06, 2009 Andy Jack, Sky News Online I'm a Celebrity... winner Gino D'Acampo and fellow contestant Stuart Manning face criminal charges for animal cruelty after allegedly cooking and eating a rat on the programme. The pair were part of a group in "exile" for part of the series, which meant meagre rations of rice and beans. A lack of meat prompted the contestants to apparently catch, kill and eat a rat in a risotto. D'Acampo, a 33-year-old chef, said in the show's video diary room the Bush Telegraph: "I saw one of these rats running around. I got a knife, I got its throat, I picked it up."

I agree they shouldn't have killed the rat but then I think the whole show is pants and symbolic of the cranial drivel so many people sit. fester and watch every night in their living rooms.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:29 AM
I am sure now that the world is completely insane. For starters there was plenty of time when it was first mooted that they might kill a rat and them killing it (if memory serves) for the damn numpty two year old producers to have intervened and stopped them from killing it. I cannot understand why it is ok to eat live insects by the handful but not to kill a rat…ohh, I forgot, the rat had been placed in there, was not a wild rat but probably from the local pet shop. But even so, the only people who should be prosecuted are the producers.
I am all for this, as eventually, after most of the young, inexperienced people with no sense, who are currently running TV are jailed, we might actually go back to using the professionals who can make good television, have some judgement and some common sense.
Lock up the producers for three years, I say.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 11:01 AM
What a loda Bull crap!

-Animals are being used to do heavy labour jobs around the world.

-Animals are being exploited to provide entertainment.

-Animals are becoming extinct because their skin, horn, tails are used as fashion accessories or herbal medicines.

And here we have the RSPCA making a big deal outa bloody vermin that spreads dirt and disease.

Maybe they should also prosecute and ban all those pest controllers, rat traps and poisons being sold in the market?

Sounds like they are just using the celebrity show to put on their own spin to generate more income.

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 10:41 AM
What double standards these people have. I bet the people pressing charges eat meat. How do they think they get it?

As far as I can tell the rat was handled with care and quicky decapitated, which is a hell of a lot kinder than Halal.

Regardless of what the reason for them doing this was, they killed and ate an animal, which is kinda what we do, being omnivorous and all.

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