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The Egyptian Pyramids Creation Solved

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by friendlyprogrammer
Yes; I knew I would get a response from someone too lazy to watch a 5 minute video.

Did you know that the video would also be skipped by those of us at work, where the filters do not allow us to view ridiculous claims on videos at that Gold Standard of evidentiary retention - youtube?

The Egyptians did know some stuff we did not. I am not arguing for astrology existence but it is based on egyptian/sumerian cultures.
These people knew how many planets we had and that the world was round a long time before we figured it out, and accurately describe planets that we didnt know existed until this century.

See, now you've blown it.

In the above quote you expose the extent of your own ignorance. Now anyone that knows anything at all about ancient history will consider you to be merely a goofy knothead.

See, it's painfully and embarassingly obvious that you know absolutely nothing about Sumer. If you did, you'd know that your hero Zechariah Sitchin has lied to you about the extent of the astronomical knowledge possessed by the Sumerians and the Akkadians.

The Sumerians claimed to be more advanced than us in that they claimed to have "gods" among them who were from space.

I suggest you read what they wrote about their gods. They made no such claim.

The english word "Thought" comes from Egypts "Thoth".

You should have stopped after the previous quote. This shows that you are even more ignorant than I had supposed. That is, you make this etymological claim as an aside, casually, without even checking to see how obscenely incorrect you are:

thought (n.)
O.E. þoht, geþoht, from stem of þencan "to conceive of in the mind, consider" (see think).

If you can't understand the above, it's trying to tell you that the word "thought" comes from the Old English word "þoht," which sounds like "bought" and doesn't come from Thoth, which is an English attempt at sounding out the name of a God in a language that nobody has heard in more than a thousand years.

Even Isaac Newton spent most of his time studying alchemy.

As opposed to?

I mean, Chemistry wasn't known then. And if you want to get technical, Newton spent most of his time studying the Bible, not alchemy.

The english word "gibberish" can be traced back to the cryptic notes left by the alchemist Geber.

Use the link I gave you before you post the root of anymore words, I beg you.


posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by win 52

It is quite evident that science is not able to understand how the pyramids got there in the first place. The debate rages on. As far as I am concerned, anything we can see in what is left behind is a reasonable theory as none are proved correct or false.

C'mon Win?! You've read dozens of posts about this. Lots of links. The debate is about the detail...not who, when or how. Back rooms of museums are loaded with ancient receipts for work done and materials. There are court records on papyrus about bad foremen, thefts from building sites and even infidelity. The records name Pharaohs, viziers, chiefs etc. We've found the tombs of some of these guys. The pottery and gravegoods actually name them.

Here's an example of how utterly normal the Egyptian people were...and how Egyptologists can use lots of pieces to make the jigsaw...

charges include sitting on the king’s sarcophagus when the king was in it, drinking and urinating. He also stole a model of a gilded goose from the tomb of Henutmire who was a wife of Ramesses II and daughter of Seti I. The goose was found in his house, and it may have been with this crime that Paneb went too far. How far are all these charges reliable? Some of them are not uncommon, but Paneb may have overdone things with the number and variety of his misdeeds. The alleged bribery of the vizier may in fact have been a gift, which Paneb gave in thanks after the event.
Stuff from back rooms that are too boring to display...

A foreman was charged in court for getting drunk on a coffer and pissing on or near it. He was also accused of stealing from Seti II's tomb, being horny with many women and using workers to improve his own tomb with the stuff he'd stolen. Standard behaviour of some site managers today! Notice Ramesses II, Seti II and Henutmire? They've all left evidence behind...checkable evidence. Experts in the field are experts due to the sheer amount of study and research they apply to the subject. They aren't pulling ideas out of their asses

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 10:45 AM
Well how the pyramids were built is still a mystery, and some of the tunnels alone would have taken more time to dig than the time allotted by national geographic.

You can have 100 000 workers and still only be able to fit x number of people inside a tunnel at any given time with their "rock pounders".

We have many tunnels on our world. Subways, Mines, transportation routes, sewers. We have done a lot of digging. We have dynamited and dug and the egyptian diggers seem to have been so very precise so long ago.

The Egyptian dynasty lasted over 3000 years. The pyramids were as old to king tut as roman ruins are to us.

These people were dealing with sciences such as chemistry, astronomy, maths, physics for centuries longer than us.

If you have written off christopher dunns theories without watching the Video I posted based on your 1953 National geographic then that is very sad. His work is very remarkable, and needs the visuals presented in the videos.

It is odd that science is now performing things that we deemed impossible 20 years ago, yet mirror somewhat the feats that the egyptians were credited for.

It is very fun to look at the Egyptians in this new light. It is fun to see how we try to rationalize their achievements.

There are some buildings that involved blocks that had to bypass other structures in their way to get them to where they are, although they were built at later dates. The mysteries are too numerous to mention.

If a cataclysm wiped us out, what would remain after 500 years. How many office buildings would still stand, how many automobiles would be rusted.

Would plastic decompose?
No, a plastic drinking bottle would take about 800 years to decompose.

So let me change the question what would this world look like after we have been gone for 5000 years?

Some people surmise that the egyptian civilization is much older than we think because if we look at a time period 10500 years ago the orion star system would reflect the pyramids positioning, and the sphinx would be looking towards the leo constellation.

So what would our civilization look like in 10500 years?

I am just saying that Christopher Dunns ideas make a lot of sense. Just because we cannot find some ancient technology does not mean they did not exist.

We have no tets in our museums yet they are often depicted in heiroglyphs. Were they just fictional?

Some surmise tets look like tesla type free energy dipole generators, however they are interpreted to mean the backbone of isis in the glyphs.

There is much to look at and this culture performed what we would call miracles.

There are so many monolithic structures with such precise right angles and we credit their creation to "rock pounders". We need to look a little harder and longer at what they have done.

I keep going on about the Christopher Dunn videos I posted because I believe he has answered a lot of questions about them and the theory has too much merit to ignore.

Acoustic levitation is now accepted as scientifically possible, yet I imagine it will take a stone floating through times square before anyone accepted that it might be possible, and even then there would be cries that it was a hoax by chris angel or something.

I am not saying that stone levitation is possible. I am saying that it makes about as much sense as the other theories put forth. Kids claim they saw Ed Leedscalin floating huge blocks like balloons.

Could the egyptians make items lighter with acoustics?

However; there is absolutely "NO POSSIBLE" way for the egyptians to bang perfectly flat surfaces into rock. It is not possible. Show me a rock that is as smooth as the ones in egypt created by rock pounders. It is not possible.

It is just a fun time to look at the similarities between what egypt did and what we are now doing, and take a hard look at what they have done that seem impossibe today

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by friendlyprogrammer
This image is an 1880s reproduction of a papyrus illustration. The illustration gives us an idea how the Egyptians moved all those heavy blocks and statues.

It's the 60 ton statue of Djehutihotep

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