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Strange Local Business...

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 05:19 AM
A couple things that have stood out to me in the recent months/years....

I live in a small town in Southwest Lower Michigan and I live close to a major highway that connects Detroit to Chicago...U.S. 12.

There is a building that used to be a bank when I was a kid. There are just a couple buidings there one is an appliance store and the other is the old bank. It's kind of in the middle of no where.

a few years after 9/11 the bank closed and it became a distributor called Addograph. I never really thought much about it until one day I noticed a Military Hummer parked in the parking lot.

What I began to notice was the discreet nature of the real advertising or obvious signs stating what they were. What I found really strange is that during normal business hours they keep the entrance cabled off as a deterant for entry. Here is the company website:

Some other behaviour I found odd was there used to be a drive through at the bank that went all the way around and the new owners blocked it off with a fence because local cops used to sit between the buildings and speed trap people on U.S. 12. One day some kids sprayed the fence with some spray paint and the owners put out a sign for a 500.00 reward for anyone with information on the vandles. The damage could of been easily painted over for about 50.00 bucks. Seemed strange and very vengeful in almost military mind set.

Needless to say When I realized they were a distributor of Electronic I.D. , dogtags, and different I.D. products it piqued my interest.

Thinking back as a kid what I thought was really cool about the bank is the local church would rent out the basement because it was huge underneath I remember being amazed how big it was underneath. Plus it still has the Bank Vault for securing any documents or sensitive material.

Maybe these facilities serve two pruposes distributor and DHS spies. I'm tellling you I've seen some of the people coming in and out of the building and they look like military personel. In that I mean they are fit and clean cut.

Also my A.M. radio always cuts out for a little bit when I'm near teh building. Although, I noticed that stopped after we switched to digital T.V. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.

I'll continue to watch and maybe I'll get some video footage or something to add context. I was kind of hoping maybe some others have noticed similar activities in this post 9/11 prison planet.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 07:52 AM
If you plan on watching this place for unusual or suspicious activity then please be as discreet about it as you can.

Try to go in during business hours and see if you can pick up some dog tags... and glance around.
Just don't look like you're spying or you will likely end up with the "enemy combatant" label...

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by peponastick

Maybe the owner is a retired vet who is still stuck in his military ways?

What's funny is the website shows modern equipment etc and then you see the place on streetview and it looks nothing like I'd imagine it to be.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:16 AM
How many uses would their be for dog tags.

And how many of these custom dog tag machines do you actually think you could sell?

Something is not right, and I swear I read this before. Did you post this before?

Or have I had a future remote viewing?

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:36 AM
if you want to see whats going on - watch who shows up....
video tape and record license plates with a scope.
cause a diversion that would cause a response.
Solution - Problem - Reaction.

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:41 AM
There was an electronic assembly plant down the street from where I once lived that went under in the late 80s/early 90s. The owner of the company, according to tax records is still the company that went under. Many have wanted to purchase this property, but is is "not for sale" and stands "apparently" empty, aside from the large satellite dishes that were installed immediately following 9/11.
However, immediately following 9/11, during elections, and on occasional days that don't apppear to have any meaning, it is occupied by military - military vehicles of all sorts, and many people in fatigues. The rest of the time it is gated off.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:46 AM
For anyone interested, here is a photo of the building in question.

Street-view link:

Is this the building OP?

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 10:49 AM
They sell dog tags and ID card systems but the image on the website is some dude using binoculars? WTF? I agree fishy as hell, love to see where this goes...

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 11:13 AM
That is the building in the above picture and you can see the fence and the cable across the entrance with the reflective triangle.

It's funny because there is a strange tint on the windows that won't allow you to see in the building during the day. As I said it may be nothing, but it sure seems strange that I've witnessed many Gov vehicles besides the above mentioned Hummer and they all have tinted windows as well.

I'll post with any additional info. I guess the way I see it...It's encumbent upon all of us to keep an eye on things and be vigilant of Big Brother.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by serendipitynow

That is strange epsecially with the military presence. I wonder if that haven't scoped out these locations due to their geography. Was it located near a major highway, airport, base, etc...?

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by Shaker

I own a lawn care service I thought about approaching them about lawn care and I noticed a lawn Service with government plates...

But I thought that would be a good way to take a look around.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 01:53 PM
you really never know what goes on inside the most innocent looking business...

Back in 1998 I was working for a trucking firm I was deliver a load of equipment to a DEA storage facially up in Logan Utah... this building had a sign on the outside that Read LMC not DEA... this rather normal looking business sign had been changed from the original DMC...

Those of you who are hard core car nuts right away picked up it... DMC stood for DeLorean Motor Company and this was the assembly plant for the next new never to be released DeLorean super car... Yeah there were a few in there in various stages of completion a couple running prototypes... No they wouldn't let me take one for a test drive, I asked, several times

on the outside you'd never know...
I did a google map search but it looks like there's now a WalMart on the original site... who knows where they moved it too and no telling how many DEA warehouses there are scattered across the country... that warehouse was a secret government installation BTW

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by peponastick

There you go... See if you can get a contract to keep their grass tidy. At the very least you could have a new client. Or you could break open a nice little conspiracy.


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