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TPTB Pulling It All Together

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 08:30 AM
I’ve been looking at several threads recently which touch on the subjects of TPTB, NWO, terrorism, manipulation of financial markets, control of the media etc.
And these are all worthy topics of discussion on an individual basis.
But in my opinion, they are so interwoven, that it’s extremely difficult to discuss one without reference to all of the others.
So I’ve posted this thread, as a means of bringing together, in very simple terms, a selection of these subjects, so that more people may be able to get a glimpse of just how far our lives have been taken over, and how little control we as individuals now have.

There are perhaps a minority of members and posters on ATS, and other sites, who find it challenging to see the big picture, and there are unquestionably representatives of TPTB who infiltrate and troll this, and other sites, in order to distract and misdirect us.
But, we all (should) know by now, that step by step, TPTB have strengthened their grip on all of us. They’ve taken over the banks and other financial institutions to control OUR finances. They’ve introduced mass “credit” purely as a form of tightening that control.
Our salaries are now paid straight into our bank accounts, instead of into our hands.
They now know exactly what you earn, and they can see from your outgoings exactly what you spend and save.
THEY charge US for the privilege of letting THEM keep OUR money, even though they only actually hold onto about 10% of it, making even more profit by lending out 90% of OUR MONEY to others.

I’ll repeat that – THEY make MASSIVE PROFITS by lending out YOUR MONEY!

By encouraging mass credit, they make it seem “normal” for us to be in debt.
We get all the TV’s, Cars and BluRay players that we desire.
We now have more cars, TV’s and other electrical goods than ever before, and we use more gasoline, electricity, and in fact all sources of energy than ever before. But at what cost, and more importantly, who actually profits from these associated costs?
Well, THEY DO of course, because we again pay them all of the charges associated with the financial credit, AND they now own all of the big energy corporations; the oil and gas companies, the big electricity suppliers etc. who make more money by encouraging higher consumption of energy, with all of these cars and electrical goods.

It’s seems crazy when you break it down like this, but it’s true.

Now they wouldn’t want us to find out about this would they? So, how do they stop us?
Easy, just use some of the massive profits they’ve made, out of our money, to invest in the media! Buy up all the TV networks, the Radio networks, and Newspaper groups, hell they even buy up huge chunks of the internet too! That way, they can feed the public ONLY the news that they want us to see. They can dumb down 99% of the programming, and place advertisement breaks every 7 minutes, so that no one concentrates on anything anymore. They can sell us more useless crap from their own corporations, or sell the ad space to smaller corporations, and get some profit from them too!

Every now and then, they can distract us and keep us in line, by dreaming up some new threat; AIDS!!! TERRORISM!!! 9/11!! LONDON 7/7!! FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!! AVIAN FLU!! THE CREDIT CRUNCH!! SWINE FLU!! etc

It’s funny how TPTB always have a ready-made response isn’t it??
Whether it’s the Patriot Act(s) in America or a multi-billion dollar bail-out plan for the banks worldwide, or a ready made Swine-Flu vaccine (All of which, either tighten their grip on us, or rip even more cash out of our hands into theirs) they always seem to have a solution, waiting in the wings.

There is an old saying which applies very well to our current global situation.
When trying to find out who is responsible for any given act, you should first look at who profits from that act taking place.

Who really benefits from everyone taking on a “living on credit” mentality?
Who has really gained from “terrorism” and 9/11?
Who has subsequently profited from the global financial markets collapse?
Who will profit from Swine Flu and the associated vaccination programmes?

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

The REAL question is… What are YOU going to do about it?

I’ve only really scratched the surface here, but there’s only so much that you can put, in simple terms, into one small post. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and comments, especially on What we all can do!!!

Thanks, and Take Care,


posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:11 AM
I agree with you 100% because I have been reading for a long time. Not only did I understand what I read but also what I have been observing personally.
In 1974 as a College Student our Political Science Professor invited a Technocrist to speak to us. He told us then that we were going to see plastic card and that card will be everything. We will earn money and spend money but we will not see the face of the dollar. We will be using plastic card instead.
I am making it short although he gave us a long speech. It was in 1979 that I saw article about ATM machine and similar things I observed indicating we were losing our independence one step at a time. I can write pages about what I learnt and what I observed. This is the reason why I agree with you 100%. And we are not done yet. I read many intelligent articles on ATS. Unfortunately, I feel as if many of those intelligent people left because I see more garbage than to read what those individuals have to say. Thanks for your time.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by charlie0

Thanks charlie, and you're absolutely correct on all fronts.
With reference to credit cards, I actually heard that the "next phase" is to ramp up the threat of identity fraud, to convince people that the only way to protect your identity is to have it literally with you at all times. And this is where the RFID type implants come in. You'll never lose your credit card, if it's in your arm! they'll say. No one can see your account number if it's encoded on a chip under your skin!
They'll try to con millions of us to buy into the next generation of "safe" credit cards, in the form of implants. We'll simply scan our arms to buy goods and services at point of sale.

Easy, simple, and safe.

Except, when a thug decides that he'd rather hack your arm off and scan that than his own!
Or someone decides to clone your ID chip from data they've intercepted.
Or TPTB decide that you are an undesireable, in which case they remotely "switch off" your chip. Or trigger it to release a nice large dose of something nasty directly into your bloodstream!

It's a very small step, and the technology does exist.

That's why I'm asking the question now.
What can we do about it?


posted on May, 23 2011 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

I'd totally forgotten about this thread! Does no one else have an opinion on it? Or was it just missed?

No worries either way!


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