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Apology + New Idea

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 06:05 AM
First off. One thread a while back I engaged in a tete a tete with someone who riled me. Due to their extreme racist view of Obama , I called them some silly names. I think its cool to discuss ideas, but as some of you know I take a little exception to certain things. Racism being one of them. However, I did not fare much better myself by calling them a "Stupid Yank" Sorry ATS Readers . Out of Character for me. I do like my American Colleagues and think you have a fantastic country . I one day hope to visit. If you come to the UK my I reccomend of the most beautiful places on earth.

However, I have had a few rants at people on this site generally down to negativity and naughty views (Such as racism and anti / extreme religious and anti religious view. And, I have noticed that ATS is opening up to new ideas and forum ideas.

As one person very correctly pointed out. Kilas, if you dont like what you read here then F**K Off!. I was almost tempted. However, I would like to know if anyone is in anyway interested spreading a little good will on ATS to help Balance some of the #e that and not-so-happy attitudes on ATS. After all, we may be the leaders of tomorrow, and I like some things from NLP, especially about sharing ideas on how we can improve ourselves.


To start off with (Being the month of good will and all that)

Does any one need any business related help? Have sales dropped and you need a few ideas? New Marketing initiatives? Stuck in a commercial rut? Recession still biting at your heels? Finding it hard to make sales?

Well I have been in Business Development for 10 years, run my own consultancy, and have made the companies I represent a good deal of sustaineable income in excess of 100 million in the past 2 years. At the same time making sure actions are Eco Friendly and ethical.

So. My Xmas (Or non-religious fetsive seasonal gift) pressie to anyone who needs a boost is some good sound commercial advise, for free of course.

How we work together, communicate, and engage is how we get the better of the Bad NWO's and Illuminaties and so on. We almost create our own little network.

Sowing flowers amoung the weeds, or somethign like that.

Soooooo....Any Takers?

ATS Mods, sorrt if this is the wrong place.....but can't find anywhere better.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 06:17 AM
An olive branch.


Good people here. You will like a lot of them...(maybe not me)

Welcome to ATS

And Merry Xmas (Or non-religious festive season)


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