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The Time of Gentiles Is Over

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 05:53 PM
again, try to read what i really write.

you are right partly, but the context is bigger then how you see it.

Truth is an absolute or can not exsist.

The son of man that was prophesied will be political,
becaus he will govern the paradise era.

And he the son of man IN ITS DIFFERENT LEVELS also governmented our history, the ones who decided history are pillars in destiny. Or history is not optimal.

Because the son of man are the prophets from all history,
the son of man was always present as son. or moon.

The prophesies have many level, one level does not mean the others are not real. It is one of the reasons why the bible can not be understood.

Ill be plain honest, i try to show (open) the goal, that most can't see.
But the way is yours. By questions God can respond, by attacks he withdraws until there is a turn back, that turn back he will oblige you
to do if you have the guts to let you lead by honesty and by control of that attack, to make it the best attack possible, evolving in one of defense.
But questions will not always be answered before their right time.
it is very good to focus next to bibleunderstanding on how logic functions,
because logic needs the son of man in its function to work.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 06:06 PM
Try to open your way of seeing things.

God is always functional. His oneness is hidden in a law,
the law-prescriptions as literal looks ridiculous, in its literal form, i do not say that
without respect. I know what that law brought us in logic,
but is it optimal to throw all that law away ?
No. the ritual law in its literal form was never meant to be the truth. But the shadow of the truth. And yes before truth could be found the shadow had to be seen.
And all those symbols of that law,
represent a meaning. Religion is very quick to classify all those
offers to be jesus. In a way as son of man he is all those offers,
but not fullfilled in the person jesus. There are timeperiods for the
births and being ritual clean, rules for the families, rules for the priests...
that is not to be thrown away. The law has the mystery of life. logic.

all those have very much meaning.
Even the stories about the building of the temple has secrets
about who would build the temple.

Jesus did not come to make god not optimal.
he came to allow him to work in his best functioning.
repeating the same questions, the same prayers will not
make you evolve optimal. If something does not work, you throw it away,
the honor you loose by doing that will make you in need
of the real answers. But sometimes you need first to repeat before
tireness and anger come in and push you to evolve. Because the law drives us not to throw away activly, without effort, but it wants us to fail,
if we fail, god can do it for us, truth can do it for us, we loose our honor and our strength becomes gods strength.

There is one priority in bible-understanding before it could be ever understood.

Who is god ? absolute or not

Without that, no understanding possible.
You have to see the goal to see the way.
And you build on what you do know, not on what you don't know yet.
that is faith driven by hope.

the paradox can by symbolised by an "8"
think about the form of this.
It is dual, and thats why the bible sounds dual.
Thats why people can see a very bad god,
and a very good one, in one book.
Religion tries to hypocritisise that away,
by dishonesty, which goes against their own laws.
IF you can not see the on first view contradictions,
you can not be a judge based on scriptures.
And a judge based on the scriptures will set
the world, and history, and God free.

Its not the time of hiding fears anymore.
God gives allows us to see hell every day to understand what evil is.
If children kill children. If children fight our wars. If children
train themselves in hardness. But still are lights and angels.
Who is evil. Who is hurted so much he deserves the price
the cross brings. Children. But they will fight for survival.
God fights for his survival on the best way through you,
the best way is one where attack changes into defense.
Ignorance doesn't allow hurt, will not fail and will not learn to defend.

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