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Ancient Spacemen?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by Phage

Thats the thing, i found very little association to the hand gestures in the first figure, and none at all for the second figure. To me it still seems as if he is attached to something, some form of vessel.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 05:12 AM
well serbsta, Jkrog, Phage, though I do respect all your insite, I will add this one thing. We look at egypt, south america, and if memory serves, even sumeria we see pyramids, or pyramidal structures. ok. I will attribute this as a mild coincidence. fine. perhaps as I said in an earlier thread, along the same lines as this one, (that thread is being re worked mind you) perhaps there was a marco polo of a greater distance in time that travelled from sumer and said to the egyptians "pyramids are cool.. build em" and then to south america and told them the same thing. who knows. with the greatest affliction to human history and culture.... the church.... we lost many links to the past. What I will contribute to THIS thread is the sculptures appear to be south american am I correct? well if I am correct, that "pilot" in the second picture the one "flying" the serpent.. holds a basket. If that is either Maya or Aztec, those peoples, if memory serves, were much later than the sumerians. I bring this up because the anunnaki (the gods of the sumerians) also held baskets.. also in the right hand. The Egyptians carried (the gods that is) an Ankh... in that same hand. These are three civilisations that no matter how you try to cut it held and still hold much in common with their art, or religion, or cultures.. what ever you want to call them. they have very distinct things in common with one another and perhaps that is what we should be starting to look at, as truth seekers, regardless of spectral side.. perhaps that correlation deserves more study in relation to one another rather than.. rockets, and god structure. These three ancient beliefs hold four common factors over any other civilisations.
1) Pyramidal structures
2) All three have an object relative to the gift of life in the right hand
3) All three have what looks to be at first glance in their art, hyroglyphs,
cinuform, etc.machinery of today, or
highly advanced flight vehicles
4) All three were astronomical and mathematical marvels for their time.

those alone are good enough coincidence to look further into. In my opinion.

Oh. the reason I am going with the conclusion that the baskets are symbols of life, The sumerian anunnaki held the baskets as they were believed to contain some element pertinent to creating life. The egyptian gods held the ankh which literally translates to "life". The south americans.. well I know little of them as of yet. (havent gotten that far in my research yet) but considering the already present common factors, its not difficult to surmise such a conclusion.


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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 05:54 AM

Originally posted by stanlee
The south americans.. well I know little of them as of yet.

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We should discuss this in a different place, but here's my brief opinion. The similarities are far beyond what you just mentioned. What stems as the most fascinating correlations are those of creation stories and strange 'visitors' in white robes who spread knowledge. As soon as you can, research the Americas and the pro-Colombian civilizations. You will find correlations between the Olmec, Toltec, Maya, etc. and Egypt, Sumer that FAR exceed what you discussed in your post. It is not an understatement. Send me a U2U, would be interesting to do some research together if you wish.

That's an interesting point you make about the 'man in serpent', i didn't notice the shape matches Sumerian 'life potion' (TM pending lol) baskets. Good spotting.

I didn't ask before, but what do you guys make of the symbolism of the planets in the solar system on the sides of Lord Pacal's sarcophagus? It's clear that it is depicting some kind of travel, whether spiritual or literal is up for debate.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 08:01 AM
Maurice Cotterell has deciphered Lord Pacals Tablet. The hidden message details on the mans forehead that he is the 1,440 000th as also stated in the Bible that this is the number of the Holy Spirit. Maurice Cotterell's theory is that every 1,440 000 days a new god spirit effect the production of the unborn zygote during conception to produce the next Son of God.
Other known incarnations of this spirit are:
Xipe Totec – A.K.A – Tezcatlipoca – The Jaguar 25000 BC
Tutankhamun – 2500 BC
Ch’in Shi Huangdi 220 B.C.E.
Jesus Christ ( 7 BC — 30 AD )
Lord Pacal - AD 750
Veracocha ( 1410 )

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