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Multiple witness report of sasquatch killing a deer in San Antonio

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Having lived in San Antonio my whole life, I can confirm that I have never seen or heard of a bear in san antonio.... But I guess the same goes for sasquatch! What I do know is th catch a deer, the capture would need to be EXTREMELY agile, and I doubt a bear posesses that capability, and probably not a sasquatch either.


posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:40 AM
I'd be asking the homeless guys "What about that bear bit u ate" Sorry sick sense of humour

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:54 AM


Why don't they ever send the bloodhounds in to track it.

Well maybe because of what it did to the deer.
Ok now I'm answering my own questions.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:39 AM
A bigfoot sighting, heck a bear sighting, is out of character for the San Antonio region. I tend to feel like the story is either made up OR it is someone in a ape suit having a little fun.

Just my 2-cents

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:47 PM
interesting. new pic of bigfoot just showed up too on yahoo

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:51 PM
I doubt bigfoot has a valid hunting license, he is lucky the game warden didn't catch him in the act.

I think he should be tracked down and criminally prosecuted.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by bombero

Please see the thread regarding the Northwoods incident for more information on the Remer photograph.

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by badgerprints

Ohmigod! i told you that supposed "debunkers were going to write it off as a hoax!!! OMFG!

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 07:35 PM
I find it interesting that in all the reported bigfoot sighting, there are very few of the animal acting in a natural way. 99% of witness accounts just stumble upon the creature. This case people actually saw the animal with a deer. This can show that it is a hunting carnivore. Not a herbivore or a scavenger.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by testrat

I agree with you. One of my favorite bigfoot reports actually was alleged to take place not too far from where I hang my hat.

Not saying I believe it but it stoof out to me because of the location and because so few reports that you read ever have the Sass doing anything but walking or staring at the witness while swaying gently like a hemlock tree in the August breeze.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

Several homeless people contacted police swearing they saw a ‘big hairy creature’ which was ‘taller than six foot three’ kill a deer and drag it back into the woods.

I talk with homeless people all the time and if I believed everything they have reported to have seen then the world would be a fantastically weird place. Possibly drunk or on drugs. They aren't the best testimonies to put forward.

Several homeless people contacted police swearing.....

That's where the original quote probably ended.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:53 AM
Wow! An update on this story people. San Antonio Police have released an actual 911 dispatch from a witness call. They are quite freaked out. And they said the creature let out a loud HOWL as it made off with the carcass of the animal! Sounds like we may well be dealing with a sasquatch here.

Make sure to listen to the audio!

'I'm dead serious': San Antonio couple calls 911 after 'Bigfoot' sighting

San Antonio police have released a 911 dispatch call reporting a "Bigfoot" sighting.

The audio recording between a dispatcher and the homeless couple lasts more than eight minutes. In it, the primary caller appears sober and deliberate as she describes the beast Nov. 30.

“And I know you guys are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm dead serious," she says on the recording. "This big thing was 75 feet away from me, smelled awful, devoured a whole deer carcass, and then took off and screamed, screeched, and took off across the street.”

“I'm going to tell you right now, I've lived in the woods six years. Swear to God, I've never seen nothing like this. I'm 6'3"; it's bigger than me,” said her 63-year old husband.

Full Story and 911 Audio

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 01:30 AM
Bears are hibernating
Not all bears hibernate i have seen bears that were active all winter in the lower foot hills of Calif.

Just like not all homeless are drunks or on drugs. i know of some vets that are just homeless but live in the hills because of no where better to live.

They will not go to homeless shelters because of the danger from the drunks and drug users.

This sounds like a Texas good old boy playing a prank while poaching.

What better way to keep the possum sheriff from believing witnesses then to dress up like Bigfoot.

I guess it worked because the possum sheriff is not looking for bigfoot.

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:50 AM
Let's see...

Texas, right?

A carnivore, maybe a dog or a bear. Or a sasquatch. Let's try and rule out common carnivores. Here's a list:

Canines (Canidae)
Coyote (Canis latrans)
Gray Fox (Urocyon cineroeargenteus)
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) (E, X)
Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) (I)
Red Wolf (Canis rufus) (E, X)
Swift Fox (Vulpes velox)
[edit]Bears (Ursidae)
Black Bear (Ursus americanus) (T)
Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos) (X)

Looks like the wolves and the grizzlies are no longer present in Texas, but once were. So they might still be around in very very tiny populations, in theory. I don't know about bear hibernation all that much. Wiki says all black bears hibernate during the winter, but there isn't as strong a temperature gradient in Texas as in other areas of the black bear range. And sometimes I know there are a few individuals who do not hibernate.

What do you think?

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 11:07 AM
Bears don't truely hibernate. The go in to a torpor and occasionally awake and feed.

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:20 PM
Bigfoot has to be very smart. I mean he always appears to people without cameras or guns.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by Jdawg9909

If you saw a bigfoot, would your first response to be to take a picture of it?

Mine wouldn't be.

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