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I am the NWO. Let me tell you why I lied to you about MMGW

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 06:07 PM
Seriously guys listen to the speech.

He is saying that a group on people have used Secret Societies and then off-shoots as fronts to take over the government.
Look around. We are seeing it happen to us right now.

The speech doesn't really get good til like 5 minutes some in.
He is saying that we have a common enemy attacking us from within and the newspapers were being used and that they should be doing the opposite.

He was about to blow it all open.
Executive order 11110

Please listen to the whole speech guys. He is trying to warn us of a clear and present danger and he was killed 8 months later.

We have to do something together and wake up to the real danger.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

this thing deserves it's own thread, if it wasn't covered on ATS yet.
blah. second line.

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 07:46 PM
Dont know about you , but this is exciting , after reading about doom and gloom , conspiracys , ELE , Hoaxes , Alien Cover Ups , FLU ,Secret Societys and every other topic not mentioned , AS well as World Wars , Vietnam , Iraq,Korea , Afgan , Chemtrails , on & on ........ Im looking forward to the Fight against the powers that be , Taliban sign me up !!!
Actually ........ i think ill just talk big on the net instead ...... really cant see a way out to tell the truth , I know what , ill watch sports , and be Ignant ..but ...that wont work either , what ta do ........?
I know . think positive and be one with the universe , and communicate with Aliens in SUb concious convasations and tell the people of Andromeda to kick some Ass ,cause im a messenger for the Entire Human Race ,,!We are in a critical time period people , Obamas wife is gonna take my money and rape me then call Haarp to send a Cyclone to my house which will then be recorded by Nasa only ta show Buzz ALdrins ass was exchanged for his brain now hes #ten Fake e mails concerning Phil Jones Climate Gate ! Woooo, Then
Project Camelot and Alex Jones are wanderers on a lost planet in which they call home , only to realize we wernt from here instead we are from another planet called Google but were slaves then escaped to our true home planet Mars which we destroyed and the only evidence left is a Mountinous face that looks like a monkeys ass...People me now ,
Satanic symbols in Jay z and rihannas Music , my mind is being controlled by free masons ...i cant sleep cause im having nightmares that at anytime anywhere ,my pants are gonna be ripped off and im gonna be takin from behind ,handcuffed by Homo Puffy and Homo Kanye abused and urinated on by an angry Sasha Fierce !
They 've chipped my Cookies , my tooth and my playstation !!So Now !Everytime i play madden , i uncontrollably fart and my breath stinks !that means ...
I get a loan , then refuse ta pay them back , cause they cant do nuttin !! Cause they so stupid to even loan me a credit card , they deserve payback , IT s Wonderous aint it , Now, jesse ventura ,the fake wrestler,the fake govenor, is now being fake by jumpin on board the conspiricy train like hes gonna save our souls from the boogyman .
I pray to my God ...Tupac , in the name of Coca Cola and Snickers , please help me find a Wife from the pleides star system so i can live in an underground base called hell were i can abuse and assault nordics whilst riden on the backs of reptillian sex slaves of the the club of Rome !
AND you dont believe ME ...GO ASK MY MOMS!!!!!!...............Sarah Palin...PEACE !!

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 07:57 PM
The NWO are the ones who profit from all the "sins" of us. If those sins were left valueless there would be no need for the harvest of those sins.

The NWO is a direct enabler and don't think any different of it otherwise you might not really be the nwo and you, yourself, are past the 3rd floor and 3/4 through the 2nd, before ground level. The pavement is below you but you've picked the wrong spot today... Nature has blown the sails with a great gust. Seems there is a double decker bus right below you now. You've underestimated "the nature" of your reach for the heavens and have been duped by nature itself, blowing you off course just enough to stifle your final thought of the day.

The NWO are finished and new prisons are being built now to protect them from another, more human, force of nature outside those walls. The direction of the barb wire on the top of the fence has done a 180 friend!

On a serious note, back to glass bottles, back to aluminum siding, back to enjoying a sunny Saturday morning, fishing, boating, motorcross and whatever the hell nature allows us to do with the materials and tools she gladly provides, for she can giveth and taketh away!

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by schrodingers dog

Oh, this is going to be FUN Mr. NWO!

I lied to you because your species consumes itself ...

Are we talking about The Armies of the world consuming resources at the direction of the New World order to attempt total population control...?

Is that the "Consuming ourselves" that you are speaking of?

OR is it the Consumer Culture that the NWO created and forced down the worlds throat to pacify them into submissiveness....

I lied to you because you're a child ...

Really? are we?

After all, I learned in the schools that the NWO infiltrated and corrupted that being an adult means obeying the authority of the elite, and consuming as much as you can... all while stabbing your neighbor in the back for money, and judging people by the most SHALLOW of criterion.

I thought that is what being an adult was all about.... isn't that what you taught us?

I lied to you because you're self destructive ...

Yeah... we are... all those wars that you manipulated the human race into fighting for your profit and increased control sure prove that the average human is a bloodthirsty savage.

I remember when us "Primitive Humans" of the United states proved our own savagery by bombing Iraq for years on end... so that the NWO could reap the benefits of its oil resources, and destabilization of the middle east region to further justify its goals of conquest for resource exploitation...

And it never would have happened if YOU hadn't been so ENLIGHTENED as to manipulate the political process into doing it...

We sure ARE destroying ourselves.

I lied to you because you are indifferent ...

Yes... we are indifferent.

Always doing what Your mass media tells us to do.

"Pay no attention to the state of world affairs"

"Watch more sports"

"Vanity is GOOD, Consume worthless products made from plastic!"

"You are not smart enough to figure out the answers to the worlds problems, and don't even try"

I lied to you because you won't change unless I threaten you with death ...

Then why stay hidden, and tell us that it is we humans who are doing all of this to ourselves?

What are you trying to teach us?

That we have to stop letting you bloodthirsty power hungry dictators control our lives?

I lied to you to save you from yourself!

But YOU are the only problem that humanity HAS.

Every single problem that you attribute to the "Poor, Stupid Humans" is a part of your global empire, control scheme, and attempt to accumulate as much wealth as you can.

Humans are not the problem here..... Your "Instruction" is the problem.

Because you deplete your oceans of life

You are the one dumping poisons into the waters of the world to save cost to build your empire.

you deprive your forests of trees

It is a shame that you made certain plants that could supplant the use of old growth forests for paper and lumber purposes illeigal...

you kill each other with pollutants and carcinogens

Are you talking about the petroleum byproducts Mr Rockafeller?

Because there are non toxic vegetable oils that would be much better for the environment for ALL of those purposes...

But you won't let us use them, because you want money for your empire.

you treat your garden like a dump

On your orders... sir.

you consume without regard to your future

But your media has taught us that thinking about the future is dumb... and that we should just live for the NOW!

you wipe out species for caprice

If you are talking about deforestation, or pollution, then I already answered you.

you're apathetic towards your home and your fellow man

Isn't your "Codex Alimentarius" meant to prevent us from growing our own food, and thus learning about the cycles of nature?

Doesn't your "Fear Mongering" media tell us to be fearful of all strangers?

Don't you wage wars based on the Hatred of other cultures that you attempt to instill in us with your propaganda?

you snub your nose at nature and fail to live in harmony with it, you fight wars over liquids, you poison and destroy everything you touch.

Nope.... that is all you, and your greed.

I had to LIE to you just to get you to do the right thing!
What does that say about you?

We were doing the Right thing, before you came along and manipulated us into doing the WRONG thing.

Shoving someone to the ground, sitting on their chest, grabbing their hand, slapping them across the face with it....

And claiming moral superiority because you don't hit yourself...

That is DAFT.

We don't need you.

We don't need your system of power, or poisons.

We were doing fine before you arrived, and we will do fine after you no longer exist.







posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:39 PM
I frankly dont buy any of this NWO crap.

There are far too many conflicting interests in this world for there to be an order of any kind. There is NO order. That's the whole problem.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:58 PM
I think the OP needs to get his flu shot and drink a lot of fluoridated water.

And buy the way...if you are NWO your post continues to prove you guys are a bunch of Pompous Asses that think your knowledge is better then all the wisdom of the ages...

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:50 AM

Originally posted by schrodingers dog
Because you deplete your oceans of life, you deprive your forests of trees, you kill each other with pollutants and carcinogens, you treat your garden like a dump, you consume without regard to your future, you wipe out species for caprice, you're apathetic towards your home and your fellow man, you snub your nose at nature and fail to live in harmony with it, you fight wars over liquids, you poison and destroy everything you touch.

What a crock of ****. By all accounts the environment is better today than it ever was in the past, from the perspective of its ability to support and protect human life -- the only standard that anyone should care about. Human life is flourishing!

You should really go check out some middle-class suburbs sometime. Come report back to me on whether its a safe, green, friendly environment or whether is the polluted carcinogenic hellhole you paint it to be.

It's very simple: humans have made the world more friendly for humans, not less friendly. Very simple.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:32 AM
sadly, the NWO is you. It is me, it is all of us. Or our greed rather. We could live with each other instead of for ourselves. But then you might have more than I and we can't have that. We will destroy ourselves, and there is nothing you, the NWO can do about it. Tell your lies, you are only fooling yourself.

great post Sdog.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:44 AM
Was this written whilst looking into a mirror?

For our own good, lies, save us from ourselves....

"tis the deception that fuels the souless. The pathological, the consumation of power without regard for all of those items directed as if Isaiah were proclaiming the word of his God.

There are none innocent of contriving a lie and steamrolling over the meek.

Servitude has become the imposition of ones corrupted virtue, advantageous for those manipulators of reality.

Yes, there are discoveries, creations and inventions in the last two centuries that have caused common man to live in comfort and with the advances such as indoor plumbing and the drain trap, A/C electricity, internal combustion, refining of crude, and many more, such as the cotton gin and uncounted revolutionary devices that allow the mass production of useful and useless items, that when all totalled, give us the ability to live with lucuries not even know to historical Kings and Rulers.

A hard days work today would have been much more strenuous in times where heat source was mainly wood for the nomadic, and using coal/oils as well in established social centers, yet the labors of retrieving such fuel sources prior to explosives and the chain saw would have been more extreme and neccessary just to survive (in cold climates), so, I could see the point of those possessed with a God Complex to view our society as nothing more than useless eaters consuming resources that eventually are provided by governments as they escape the rule of the people and in uncompromised reversal now the people are attemptig to escape the governments they forged but that took life of it's own and have become as derelect an entity as has ever existed with one lacking trait.

However, if nature is as resourceful now as throughout written, unwritten and theoretical history provides us as our ability to sort data formerly of no consequence to a treasure chest of knowledge, I think she will take care of herself.
It is us, those with view such as posted here, and an arrray of other factors that are the ones who are blind to the true realities encompassing our linear procreative existances.

Long story short, concepts such as lies and conviction are nothing more than colorful layers further seperating us from what is real and what we call real.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by imd12c4funn

Was this written whilst looking into a mirror?


posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 01:24 PM
I must say Mr Dog, that was fun

I think the story you posted does not add up in few places, based on what is our (or at least mine) understanding of what NWO is.

1. You control all the car manufacturing and machinery. Why do you need to lie, just switch off the damn thing to electric or whatever. run some nice propaganda ads in MSM about how cool is green and we all be rushing to buy green technologies. Oh wait; you've been doing that, hmm OK.

2. Since we are on the subject of GW here, would it be so bad to have a little warmer climate?
think about it, more food growing, less hunger. no need to heat up the buildings, result - saving energy and being more green
so warm is the new cool


Originally posted by schrodingers dog
"Because you deplete your oceans of life, you deprive your forests of trees, you kill each other with pollutants and carcinogens, you treat your garden like a dump, you consume without regard to your future, you wipe out species for caprice, you're apathetic towards your home and your fellow man, you snub your nose at nature and fail to live in harmony with it, you fight wars over liquids, you poison and destroy everything you touch."

Sorry, NWO, I don't remember killing anyone, or dumping toxic stuff in the rivers. it's your cronies at big corporations. Or are you saying that you're not that powerful?
Perhaps you're not as monolithic and united as we fear. Perhaps it's you who keep fighting each other for power and we get shot in a cross fire. What you say NWO? Please tell us what are you all about?

4. What makes you, NWO, qualified to rule? Why do you even want to rule? Just buy a country or two from the money you made and leave us poor peasants to kill each other, less work for you. Oh but you can't help it can you? It’s a disease in the blood, it's who you are, isn't it? So spare me your good intentions, even Jesus didn't force His good intentions down people's throat, you think you're better? Oh but you do think you're better don't you
, please tell us what you're about.

Originally posted by jedi_hamster
the difference is, many of us want to do better - but we're not allowed to. we don't have the opportunity, usually. the worst things done to our planet are done by governments - via corporations, via military, and so on. take US for example. how do you want to stop them, if both political options are just two sides of one and the same coin?

I think all you and I can do is to do our bit, be better ourselves. I don't think anyone can expect anything more of any person.

sorry people for the smileys.

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 03:43 PM

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by schrodingers dog

Hey SD

Ok…so what you are saying is, the NWO, created the system, which created all the problems that go with it, and now they are lying to us about Global Warming, in order for us, to help them, sort out the mess, that they themselves, helped to create in the first place.

Well, if Global warming is a lie, then I guess it’s a pretty good motivator, to get us to put things right. All we need to do next, is fix the system, that caused all the problems to begin with.

“The threat is stronger, than the execution.”
(Aron Nimzowitsch)

On a lighter note lol…Was this thread inspired by my “self destruct” comment, a few nights ago?

- JC

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by Joecroft

Not exactly ... network dude and a few others hit it pretty much on the nose.

This thread was simply an attempt to stimulate a different way of thinking about an important topic. I was pretty content to take the insults of those who actually though I was THE nwo
, but mostly to highlight one consideration.

Namely, what if there isn't a NWO behind all this?
What if it is just us?
And what are we going to do about it?

If you read the whole thread you will observe how many people blame the "NWO" for pretty much everything ... not one shred of of self accountability or personal responsibility. The ego shakes violently at the prospect of mirrors, if nothing else, this thread has made this clear.

Believe it or not, I am not the NWO
and I am responsible for all that my species does to ourselves and all that surrounds us.

I don't blame the NWO, I blame myself.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:31 PM
The Apotheosis of Kevin Markley
Who am I?
Black: Well I know who I am duh! I am I
White: You cannot be I Black, because I know that I am I
Male: Heavens White don’t you know that I am I
Female: You’re crazy Male I know for a fact that I am I
Hate: Love just shut up, we all know that I am I
Peace: Hate I love you to death but we all know that I am I
War: Peace don’t make me hurt you because I know that I am I
Sun: War just stop please I beg you; we all know that I am I
Moon: Sun no need to get hot we all know that I am I
Heaven: Oh Moon, heavens no you fool we all know that I am I
Hell: Heaven. Hell no! We all know that I am I
Mother: Hell you need to cool it down I am I you blind fool
Father: Mother what are you talking about? We all know the truth! That I am I.
Sister: Oh Father I got lost, but it ok because I am I
Brother: Sister what are you smoking? I am I
Young: Oh Brother need I explain again that I am I
Old: Young you just need more experience I am I
Positive: Old just be positive ok! No need to stress we know that I am I
Negative: Positive stop be so negative I am I stop it already
Life: Negative just be positive we all know that I am I
Death: Life it’s not fair at all but we all know that I am I enough all ready!
Fear: Death I don’t fear you because I know that I am I
Courage: Fear I am not worried I know that I am I
Me: Courage your brave! But know that I am I
You: Me you need to listen very very very closely I am I wake up please
Devil: You, Shut up! We all know the ugly truth that I am I
God: Oh Devil! Heavens no! What has happened to my beautiful creation?
Self: Oh GOD please forgive me for I forgot who I was. I now know that I am I
Soul: Self, it’s ok you have been deceived from the start
Darkness: Soul burn out we all know the ugly truth
Light: Darkness be gone forever, I know who I am, I am the light
Infinity: Light, I am glad you have found me; the veil of ignorance has been lifted.
Apotheosis: Infinity, I Love you thank you for guiding me to the truth and showing me my pure essence infinite light.
Kevin Markley: I was lost but now I see, that I am the light
One: Kevin Markley, don’t you know that I am I
Zero: One, don’t you know that I am I
Equal: One, have you forgotten that we are all I.
Unity: Equal, thanks for pointing it out, now that we understand that we are all I, but come from ZERO, unity has now started.
ZERO: See One you are all equal.
I: I now guard the two most protected secrets on Earth, the location of the holy grail and what it contains, and the true name of god.
Mother Earth: I, I hope you understand what you have been doing to me now
Humanity: Mother Earth, I am sorry I have lost the way I have been lead astray
Truth: Humanity the true any only teaching are and always has been locked inside of you it is your failure to look into your eyes and ask yourself who you are that you never see the truth. The truth is your are taught a philosophy, controlled by physiology and are enslaved by laws.
Wisdom: Humanity, Unity only thru self, to accomplish lasting peace.
Past: I know how to use it.
Future: I can change the future.
Faith: I know the truth.
Proof: I have it.
Secrets: I know them, I am in plain view for all to see
Neutrality: I seek it.
Balance: I know it
Order: I understand the mission
Mission: I now watch it unfold
Clarity: I see crystal clear
Columbian: Discovery
Enterprise: The great undertaking ever know to mankind
ColumbianEnterprise: Discover the greats undertaking every know.
Keepers: The lips of wisdom are closed but to the ears of understanding
FLAME: We Keep it guarded
Pieces: I see that they are in place
Capstone: I am the capstone
KEEPERS OF THE FLAME: Assemble to me the capstone waits
Humanity: We are dying as a collective.
Location: Above
Place: Below
Union: I have completed it
Power: Unlimited

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Dawn: I am approaching quicker than planed
Golden: The only true laws
AGE: I was never born
DAWN OF THE GOLDEN AGE: I just started it
Challengers: Resistance is futile
Evolution: I cannot be stopped
LIGHT: We All go back to it.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by I am i

That is terrific stuff I am i ... you sound like a good friend of mine whom I love and respect very much.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:45 PM
As I cannot state in words what my current state of consciousness is like is simply because it must be experienced thru self. I will explain, imaging looking in to a pond with a nice reflection of a tree on the water. Normal state of consciousness as one would look at the reflection of the tree on the water one would just see that a reflection of a tree, always skimming the top not aware. People further in consciousness when they look at the reflection on the water they see the reflection of the tree but also see to the bottom of the clear water these people see beauty. Now people further in consciousness will see the reflection see thru the water to the bottom and realize it is all one thing. These people see beauty and soul. People even further in consciousness realize that the reflection of all he sees is all inside of him. These people see essence, soul, beauty. People even further in consciousness realize that the reflection is inside of him that the ripples on the water are thoughts. People at this stage experience peace. People even further calm the mind and take the form of water formlessness. People that reach this state experience the light. People even further in consciousness remember their true and only form that is which is of pure light and remember that we are all one. People that reach this stage get to enter the house and drink from the cup. People even further, in consciousness once receiving the most protected secret on earth REMEMBER to guide the people to the secret and not KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES People that reach this state of consciousness change the world for they have no fear. The states of Consciousness are infinite. Now ask yourself how do you drink your water? Bottled? From a cup? Free flowing? Or do you see the water for what it is liquid light or oneness. We all drink the same water.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by network dude
sadly, the NWO is you. It is me, it is all of us. Or our greed rather. We could live with each other instead of for ourselves. But then you might have more than I and we can't have that. We will destroy ourselves, and there is nothing you, the NWO can do about it. Tell your lies, you are only fooling yourself.

I've avoided posting on this thread as I have been astounded at the lack of abilty to discern its purpose. Thank you Network Dude for summarising SD's eloquant rambling.

To the others who are are niaive enough to flame and foe SD as you actually believe he is really NWO I have nothing but sorrow for you, and the others that take exception to being called out on your polluting and overconsumptions, you have my pity too.
Think of NWO as not strawman, but fat lady, they we ALL feed and gorge with our overconsumptions, greed and desires. Collectively we are the New Fat Lady

For our collective its easier to blame "NWO" for the state of the planet, the islands of plastic bags in the pacific , or the heap of trash that's twice the size of Texas floating somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii or the animals and plants becoming extinct almost hourly, or the very real possibilty that places like Australia, China and Inidia witl be in deficit of water supply in 20 years.
We kick back our heads and howl at the injustice that its all made up and that its been placed on us to exert control over us, but who is doing the over consuming? The fat old "Jewish" European man? I don't think so, you may as well all blame the tooth fairy because that notion is just as fanciful> We are all like a bunch of children tantruming over being told they are doing something wrong, time to grow up and accept our individual roles in the pollution of our environment ......

Global Warming you are all mistaking for enviromental damage and pollution, screw the Global Warming debate you fools, and actually focus on our envirnoment and what we do to it, stop being distracted. We are not APEX predators, We are an Apex virus.

I am quite frankly astounded at the spoilt brats that flame MMGW, you ignoramus', its not about MMGW, we ARE destroying our environment ( I dont care if its heating up!) whether its getting hotter by man made purposes or not is just the strawman you have all bought into to make yourselves feel you have someone to blame...
You can continue to bury your heads in the sand and go on living with exploitation and over consumption of resources and pollution of natural lands and seas as we all have been, that way you have someone to blame that way when it all goes to hell like when our grains run out (thank god someone is keeping all seeds in the antarctic, which im sure you will all complain when they ration and charge us for extinct plant seeds)

You all clean up your yards, do the same for the a bit further than your own eyes can see.... we waste overly and create products that do not degrade and just shove it all where we cant see it (out of sight out of mind) under the dirt or in the sea, then cry "injustice!" when someone tells you to clean up after yoursleves, or dont use something you cant get rid of.

Pacific Garbage bag island

Radioactive waste dumped in sea, the concrete casing will deteriorate in about 30 years and then our seas are screwed if we dont remove them all from the ocean floor, radioactive currents will pretty much kill of sea life globally, or your kids will no longer be able to eat North Atlantic fish

You have Green peace, those left wing enviromental greenies to thank for getting it banned world wide....but no still they are part of NWO too I spose, someone to blame for your waste when it all goes to hell.

Stop arguing global warming and blaming the made up NWO, you are not a obese child that can blame their mother for how fat youve gotten. Start acknowleding pollution and over coumsuptions and our contributions individully to this. It kills off plants and animals and uses up water, we NEED all of them...get it?

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