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The British National Party (BNP) - What do they need to do to win your vote?

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by WatchRider

I dont think there is anything wrong with being nationlistic, patriotic, because i am patriotic when it comes to my country... I served for 8 years in the army straight from school (apparantly training doesnt count lol), and you had better believe that i am fiercely patriotic to the country that raised me and rescued a grandparent and family. from death camps in germany..

What really narks me though is those that deny the holocaust.. I have seen with my own eyes the tattoo on my nans arm, heard the stories from those who were actually there, watched my grandads eyes gloss over as he descibed the moment he met my emaciated nan, and nursed her back to health, and deal with her grief because her "Juden" family had been all but destroyed....

I find it VERY hard to believe that the BNP has no elements of Natzism, as my own bro, who recently came out as a transexual, shaved his head, read the white bible and condemed his own nan as a zionist whore.. the same woman who changed his nappies, fed him and loved him... Was a fully paid up member.. Even mentioning the fact that we were also part welsh drove him to destraction!!! However since comming out SHE has repented, apparantly all the angst was down to gender identity lol..

Come on BNP!! This country has been built on the very blood and sweat of some of those you exclude.. And they are angry too! Include them, and then we shall have a true nationalism that encompasses REALITY... And it had better be done NOW, because as of yesterday Britain ceased as a soverign nation.. The lisbon treaty... However, we can ignore it, we never okayed it, lets become GREAT again...

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:03 AM
The BNP…?
…is a fascist organisation

Fascism stands for the murder of millions, the annihilation of entire communities and the destruction of democracy and human rights. The BNP has its roots in the neo-Nazi group the National Front and has links with the white supremacist, violent group Combat 18. The Channel Five documentary Neo-Nazi Hate Rock showed that the BNP receives money from the sales of neo-Nazi hate music and fundraising. Leading BNP member Mark Collett was caught on Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary in 2002 praising Hitler and claiming that Nazi Germany would have been a better place to live than some parts of Britain.
…hates freedom and democracy

BNP leader Nick Griffin, a life-long Nazi, argued: “The electors of Millwall [backed] what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate”.
…has terrorist and criminal connections

David Copeland, who carried out the London nail bombings in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho said: “My aim was political. It was to cause a racial war… then all the white people would go and vote BNP.”

At the last general election, the BNP stood gang rapists and drug dealers as candidates in some seats, only removing them when they were exposed as criminals.
…is racist

The BNP stand for an all-white Britain, which could only be achieved using violence.
…denies the Holocaust

Six million Jewish people were murdered in the Nazi Holocaust. In total over 15 million Jews, trade unionists, gypsies, Slavs, black, lesbian, gay and disabled people were murdered as a result of Nazi Germany’s murderous policies. Nick Griffin was convicted for inciting racial hatred after a BNP magazine he published denied the reality of the Holocaust.
The BNP …

In their own words:

“Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better for your child to grow up there.”

Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004

“Meanwhile, the indigenous side in the low-to-medium level civil war brewing in this country is getting its training… It’s all going to get very messy.”

Nick Griffin’s blog on BNP website

“Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal… [It] is like suggesting forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence.”

Then BNP London organiser and GLA candidate, Nick Eriksen

AIDS is “a friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.”

Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by XyZeR

So are you going to provide the same information in regards to quotes, criminal acts and beliefs for all the other political parties? No...of course not, because that would show that many of them hold questionable views and have criminal convictions!

The old stereotype that the BNP are a bunch of Nazi sympathisers really is wearing very, very thin.......

At the end of the day the BNP HAVE NOT carried out terrorist acts against the population of the UK!

I simply can not believe the level of hatred towards a recognised political party.

The conspiracy here is that if one of the main stream parties was treated in the way that the British National Party is, there would be high level government enquiries, and a Police investigation.

There is a hidden agenda in the UK which the main parties are all complicit in. They know that if the BNP ever came to power then they would be exposed and all their work undone.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by BillyTheCat
reply to post by XyZeR

So are you going to provide the same information in regards to quotes, criminal acts and beliefs for all the other political parties? No...of course not, because that would show that many of them hold questionable views and have criminal convictions!

Nice attempt to stear the discussion away from the issues i posted....unfortunaly for you this thread is indeed about the BNP,
not other "political" parties...

BTW...Other political parties are not founded upon HATRED and RASCISM.that's the difference, their starting point.

I simply can not believe the level of hatred towards a recognized political party.[/qoute]

Hatred? LOL i'm just posting an opposing critical view, that's not hatred, there is a difference...

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:04 AM
I wonder how many people realise that the "Great" in "Great Britain" never meant "fantastic"? What it means is simply "larger", ie encompassing all of the British Isles, including The Republic of Ireland.
How tiresome it is to constantly hear people calling for Britain to be Great once again. The UK is excellent. You dont think so? Go & spend longer than a holiday in Morroco, Thailand, Bali, even Poland or check out Turkey... or for a different flavour of dire, try Singapore or better yet, (by all accounts, since I've not been personally) close to the southern border in the USA.
Nationalism is for those who have not yet woken up to the fact that the world is now a tiny place, not simply getting smaller as a result of travel opportunities, but in a whole new paradigm since the onset of The Information Age. Conservatives! Dont you just love 'em? Dragged kicking & screaming into a new era & the best they can do is try to use the benefits to roll back the clock...

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by XyZeR

No....this thread is about what the British National Party would have to do or change to secure the vote of the populous.

You have just jumped on the bandwagon and used the thread to carry out your own attempt at political assassination.

The point made is that the BNP does have policies which appeal to a great number of those living in the UK (I don't what country you are from) as they are the ONLY political party to openly admit that multiculturalism in the UK is simply not working!

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:50 AM
Oh, & just to put some context around the OP's continuous denial of racism in the BNP...

Originally posted by BillyTheCat
We moved house in the winter of 1994...
At this time I was a Police Officer...
We know that the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry found that The Met were institutionally racist & from my own experience added to that of several friends from various non-white ethnic backgrounds, I contend that the same was true of other UK Police Forces. In fact, whilst things may be a bit better than they were, they're not actually good still.
I seem to remember a lot of denial back then too...

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by XyZeR

While I agree that this thread is titled using "The BNP", I think with the OP's permission, we might be allowed to broaden the scope of the thread as the points raised about what other parties do and say, and what members and supporters do and say, is relevent in the context of the discussions on this thread.

Back to the thread.

I just wonder how many people who have posted in this thread, have visited the BNP website? I have, just like I have visited the websites of Labour, Tory, LibDem, UKIP, Greens and so on.

Judging by some of the posts, I guess very few posters have taken the time to visit any website of the political parties in the UK. I guess if people want to be informed rather than be informed, then you should visit the BNP website along with the websites of all the other political parties in the UK rather than read or listen to what other people have to say. We all have agenda so when we speak and post, we are wanted to get our part of the message across.

And if you look at the BNP website, therre do have policy ideas for:


And all I did was visit the BNP website. Just as I can and have done the same for the Labour website, for example, to see what policies they have.

So, the BNP does have more than one policy, just like UKIP and The Greens for example have more than just one policy.

It's about education and wanting to be informed about who is asking for your vote.

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 11:23 AM
You know what? I am all for immigration of those who wish to integrate and have some sort of skill which would be of use and need to their host country. But I have had enough of those who come here and then wish to take and take and try to impose their will, their culture, their hygiene, their laws and their religious viewpoints on a vaguely Christian country and on the existing tolerant culture, who are fast losing patience, and it has to stop soon, before a revolution takes place and lives are lost.
Just because some Labour numpty thought that walking in a third world market was a nice experience and thought they would bring that to every street in London, does not mean it is correct, right or in any sense desirable. I never voted for multi bloody culturism neither did anyone else in this country. If these Labour scum wish to live in the third world in a sea of filth, then I am sure we can afford a few air tickets for them to be banished forever. I once watched a programme about a typical northern mill town. As I watched, there was not a single British person in the streets, nor a single person wearing western clothes. Not one.

Nobody should be allowed in any job which requires one to speak, especially in the medical services where communication is key to lives being safe, if they cannot speak English.
If they cannot speak English they should be given 6 months in which to make considerable headway in learning English AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, or else they need to be booted out.
If any business phone is answered by anyone who cannot speak English we should all boycott that company.
If any immigrant refuses to accept the religious doctrines of that host country they should be booted out.
If any immigrant refuses to accept the laws of their host country they should be booted out.
They should not get one single penny in benefits until every single unemployed British person is given a comfortable amount to exist on, not the basic amount. Every single British person who becomes unemployed, or in need of any benefit should be given advisors to tell them what their rights are, just like the immigrants are given. The British should have first choice at any job or any training.
If schools are burdened with having to spend a lot of money teaching children basic English so that any lessons can be learned, then the cost of that schooling and extra tuition should be borne by the immigrant family, or they should be booted out.
Until any immigrant has been in the country for at least 5 years they should not be eligible for a single penny of benefits. They should then only be paid benefits if they have paid taxes in full for those 5 years.
Not one single immigrant should be given a house, a flat or even a cardboard box before every single British person on the waiting list is housed.
No child of any immigrant worker should EVER be given child benefit payments for a child who lives in another country. Is the Government mad???????
People, British people, British people who have paid taxes all their lives, die because they cannot get drug treatment because of COST, yet immigrants are getting flats, houses, benefits etc etc. How dare they? How dare they?
People have to care for their relatives because there is no money. People have to cope with relatives with dementia because there is no money. People have to cope with the terminally ill at their own cost because there is no money. People have to be given drugs which harm because there is no money for counselling. People die in hospitals because of lack of care, MRSA and other bugs because of cost. How dare they? And yet they give money and benefits to frigging immigrants, terrorists, rapists from Algeria and God knows what assortment of Gypsy beggars and known European criminal families.
Any immigrant found begging, or found to have committed any crime at all should be on the next plane out, at their own expense, after a lengthy prison sentence.
And don’t anyone dare to say that restaurants or the health service would suffer if there were not loads of people of some other culture legally or illegally in this country doing jobs they are probably not skilled to do anyway, and that the whole infrastructure would come tumbling down if they were not here. No…in fact PEOPLE WOULD HAVE TO BE PAID A PROPER LIVING WAGE if they were not here. Who would benefit from that? Why, the British indigenous population.
Of course it is purely the fault of these governments. In my view Blair is to blame for the complete destruction of the British way of life and should be swinging from a gibbet as we speak, or locked up for life as the war criminal he is. In fact he single handedly made the British more racist than there was ever any need to be. The chinless, facile, sneering, sickly, grinning, immoral moron.
As for Lisbon, or any European dictat, we really should all rise up and say ‘The unelected numpty Prime Minister and his corrupt expense stealing government may have accepted all sorts of things, but the British people did not…so stuff your European dictated rights of travel, employment and regulation of vegetable size up your mandelson controlled arses'.
No, I won’t be holding up the BNP as bastions of sensible rational political thought. They are as deranged as the rest of the parties.
What we need is a new party. The people’s party. Although I expect that would unravel into self serving greed and nonsense in about 3 weeks flat.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by Bunken Drum

LOL! Yes of course you are right EVERY UK POLICE OFFICER IS A RACIST!

What do you do for a living my friend? What country do you live in?

I left the Police over 10 years ago because the PC brigade were making it near to impossible to support the victims of crime, whilst the offenders had a vast support network of "do gooders" ensuring that their human rights had not been infringed.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 12:51 AM
First, the "great" in Great Britain has nothing to do with being super or amazing. It merely is a reference to the larger of the two main British Islands, hence the full name of the country, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Secondly, how come in this thread, supposedly "patriotic" people seem quite happy to interchange England with Britain? England is the only country in the Union that has no Parliament, assembly or other devolved powers. England is the poor sod of a country that supports the others financially while having none of the perks the others enjoy.

Oh, nothing would make me vote BNP. There is a much more sensible and less extreme party that I already vote for, which is in my sig...

Freeborn is right though, the party system and voting system's are flawed. Parliament doesn't offically recognise the parties yet the Whip system stymies any free voting on issues, tying MP's to their parties and not their constituents.

Also, how can a party that only had the support of less than 20% of the nation gain a 100 seat majority?

The whole country is screwed up and we can thank both labour and the Tories for that. Cameron is a lying bastard, he can repeal the Lisbon Treaty if he wanted, but chooses to ignore that fact.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by BillyTheCat

LOL! Yes of course you are right EVERY UK POLICE OFFICER IS A RACIST!
Ah, the strawman argument. I never said you or "EVERY" copper are or were racist. I simply pointed out that you were a member of a group which was, & to some extent still is, institutionally racist & that individuals & spokespersons of said vehemently denied it, until senior officers were forced by external pressure to accept the evidence & do something about it.
Thus it is reasonable for us to consider that you might well have either not noticed, turned a blind eye to, denied, or perhaps even condoned racism during at least 1 period of your life. This being relevant because here you are now doing something that looks very similar. As has been stated, BNP leaders have been filmed making racist statements, some have been convicted of race-motivated crimes. Consider: a person gets convicted for burglary; 10yrs later they apply for a job fitting smoke alarms into homes; do you employ them, or consider that the temptation to return to their old ways is too great a risk?

What do you do for a living my friend? What country do you live in?
I work in sound production, but my job title & responsibilities vary from contract to contract. I live in the UK, Midlands.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by stumason
Thanks for the correction re "Great Britain" Stu.

Freeborn is right though, the party system and voting system's are flawed. Parliament doesn't offically recognise the parties yet the Whip system stymies any free voting on issues, tying MP's to their parties and not their constituents.
I agree. However, the only party that can possibly gain enough seats in parliament to actually change the voting system is the LibDems. The reason is simple: none of the smaller parties like BNP, UKIP (who are just anti-europe Tories), or English Democrats can afford to run enough candidates to make any difference even if all of them won. In reality, their existance on the ballot paper will merely split the vote of those who are deeply dissatisfied with the status quo &, since so many are disillusioned with Labour & probably wont vote, make sure that the Tories do win.
For a variety of reasons, we've had a bellyful of Labour, but lets also be realistic: have they got their tongues down the back of the corporate trousers as far as the Tories? Actually, many of the Tories are wearing those trousers! I'll be honest, I dont agree with much the LibDems say, but they are our only chance to start some kind of electoral reform, without which we'll be forever stuck in this merry-go-round of Tory kleptocracy & cash strapped Labour trying to clear up the mess, both governing with strategies that are outdated & proven ineffective.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:28 AM
I'll tell you what the BNP has to do to get my vote.

It needs to go back in time, and erase its own ideologies and roots, that can be traced right back to Oswald Mosley's British Union of Facists directly through the people who led the various parties that resulted in its formation - the very same party that sympathised with the cause of the Nazi's, an act that led Mosley to be interned in WW2

It needs to erase every single bigoted statement ever made by its members, leaders and associates and remove every possible link to the BNP's predecessor, the National Front, and organisations such as Combat 18 needs to change its agenda away from being a single issue party.

In short, all it needs to do is cease to exist and be something else.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by neformore

Wow.........a post straight from the heart!

Yes there are a lot of things, which in hindsight, the British National Party have done wrong, and I agree that their past association with the National Front, Combat 18 and denial of the holocaust don't sit well with me.

However, as I see it the Labour and Conservative parties have done far worse in that they have both committed our troops to war for political and financial gain, have allowed the country to slip into recession time and time again, and have failed totally to listen and act on the wishes of those who elected them into power.

Surely, with the state of the country, it is time to consider a radical change, even if for one term?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Nick Griffin is the only ELECTED MP and party Leader to have the courage and lay out his parties plans to address the concerns of a high percentage of the population on England and the UK.

Show me another who possesses this level of commitment and backbone!

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by BillyTheCat

Show me another who possesses this level of commitment and backbone!
Well there's always George Galloway.
Agree or disagree with the man, its obvious his balls are both massive & cast iron!

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 07:57 AM
Oops, double post. Sorry!

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posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

it seems like there are alot of msm brainwashed people on this forum i`ve only heard ukip and the bnp actually sticking up for the little guy in europe and by the way since thanks to ireland nievely voted yes on the lisbon treaty the uk has lost its sovereignty and will go from common law to civil law as from jan 1st 2010.

when watching all these sellout muppets on bbc parliament i cant help but look at their faces and see which politicians in the house of commons would be perfect with their heads super imposed on thunderbird i strange???

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:23 PM
As for myself, an American, I stumbled across Nick Griffin and the BNP kind of by accident. Though I try to keep an eye on the political happenings in Great Britain the BNP had made it under my radar but that's no surprise as the media tends to marginalize any group outwardly attacking political correctness, illegal immigration and stupidity in general.

Nick caught my eye and I began to read and watch videos to understand the message. The long story short the man makes perfect sense to me. The message of the party makes perfect sense and I have no qualms whatsoever supporting the BNP and anyone the party ran for office.

If anyone reads this post I fully expect to get flamed and lauded as a bigot, racist, hate monger yada yada yada. Here on ATS it's to be expected. ATS has a lot of members who worship at the altar of political correctness failing to see that in so doing they're handing the matches to the people who want to burn their house down. Then there are those who read one paragraph of one story and become instant authorities on any subject.

I believe that anyone who takes the time to dig deeper than the sixty second sound bites will see that the BNP makes sense. There is the way things ought to be and there's the way things are. Pragmatists deal with the reality of the way things are while the utopians keep reaching for that pie in the sky. The BNP is taking a pragmatic approach to save a culture from extinction. I salute them.

It's really very simple, if you want to live under sharia law then by all means go live in a country where that's the law of the land. If culturally you're not bothered by violence, filth and roving bands of hoodlums then you should live in a neighborhood of like minded individuals. You should not have the right to inflict yourself on civilized society. It's called the right of free association and most of us choose not to associate with such ilk and we shouldn't be force too.

I'm proud of who I am, what I am and where I came from. I'm white of German, French, Irish and English decent. I will never be ashamed of that and I don't believe that I should be expected to give up my seat at the table for some fresh off the boat trouble maker because of it.

I salute Nick Griffin and the BNP. We need an Australian and US branch of the party. If it were here in the US I'd join without a seconds hesitation. In fact, I've just had a great idea, thanks Nick.

Star and flag to the poster for the courage to raise this issue.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by CmdrZero

no surprise as the media tends to marginalize any group outwardly attacking political correctness,
Opposing racism & political correctness are not the same thing. How tiresome to see yet another attempt to equate them.
Political correctness is when a person attempts to use the euphemism du jour to describe ethnic or other minority groups for fear of causing offence, or wont say what they mean, even politely, for the same reason. Opposing racism is just the right thing to do. An example:
In London right now there are a fair few Romanian immigrants living on the streets. Its a sad situation. Some of them are aggressive beggars who'll steal anything thats not nailed down & are a pain in the arse. The politically correct wouldn't say that, but its not an inherently xenophobic statement because it defines my greaveance with the actions of specific individuals. "Romanians are a pain in the arse" is xenophobic.
The BNP is a racist organisation. You need only look back through this thread to find examples.
Btw, the problem of theiving & begging is not confined to immigrants & is a matter of policing & social policy, not booting people out of the country. Throughout history, every wave of immigrants start at the bottom & eventually settle into the society.
Pretty much everything else you've said has been refuted here already & I just literally cannot believe that anyone is still falling for islamophobic scaremongering anymore. Look up any of the Shari'ah Law threads for your rebuttal because I'm frankly so bored of debunking it that I cant be bloody bothered.

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