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Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen

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posted on May, 21 2004 @ 04:26 PM
Hey Guys, (To all who answered my post - [Bush Hate?]

Thanks a lot.
Very interesting tidbits. Somethings made sense, others didn't.
I was wondering though, if any of you have any knowledge of economics, or finance to speak of.

I think the Clinton - Bush timeline is one of the most interesting timelines of presidencies we have ever had.

I know a lot of you can't stand Bush, I myself am quite curious at somethings, however, not all of the economic problems are his fault.

(READ ON Don't just go crazy)

Yes he is President, so he takes it where it counts, but its neat to go back to (actually 1999) and watch the empire fall.
(credit given to Clinton (financially))
Stock market collapse, Enron, Tyko. Beginning in 1999 was just about the worst melt down we have had in a while. The next three years, 9/11, and other problems did not help. If anything could be said about the current situtation, this is truly the fault of greedy corporations and terrorist more than any specific person.

But hey guys, I appreciate everything, you had to offer. You all are very bright people. Some of you just need to calm down.


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