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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 10:51 PM
Webster gain a victory, to finish in first place,to succeed in reaching or achieving a specified condition.

The word alone is utmost .....failure is not an option.

Games are played by opposing teams for the rewards, we are the best......the will submit to us..... because we have have lost......

the American psyche is programed to believe this word.

Football, Baseball, etc. winning is everything and the motivation.

Tonite our President (coach) tried very hard to inspire us players and fans to go out and win another game for the home team.

At all costs....

but....winning all the time gets boring and pointless and in the end after the game the fans and players get together party.

The coaches huddle together and scheme how to gain the next victory.

winning is a small part of the game, which we all play.

Maybe someday we could play.....without winners and losers

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 11:08 PM
without winners and losers there would be no game.

in the instance that there are more than one, the multiple can be placed in an order based upon any or all characteristics.

its called categorizing, and we as humans do it in order to see where we stack compared to other humans so we know what to do to improve and to know where our advantages and disadvantages.

sorry man

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