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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:40 PM
(continued from above)

Important information about the above mentioned rituals:

In the beginning, start with ONLY the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This includes STEP 1 and STEP 2 above. Perform these two rituals (The relaxation exercise and the LBRP itself) for at least a couple weeks before moving on to STEP 3 - The Middle Pillar Ritual. This is due to the fact you are building up your psychic/magickal energy and activating your energy body and the chakras, and this has to be done gradually so your body, mind & soul gets familiar with it and adapted to it.

Then, once you've become familiar with the LBRP and start (hopefully) to feel and sense some effects from it, you may move over to STEP 3 - The Middle Pillar Ritual, and include that as part of your daily rituals, for yet another couple weeks. Always perform LBRP before The Middle Pillar Ritual.

The Middle Pillar Ritual "opens" your psychic and magickal centers even further, and gets you in even deeper connection with the Divine. It also centers and cleanses you, and developes your chakras and energy body even more.

After having practiced the Middle Pillar Ritual as well together with the relaxation exercise and LBRP daily for a couple weeks, you may add STEP 4 - Circulation of the Body of Light. At this point you should already be feeling sensations and energies and perhaps even deeper spiritual experiences as well when practicing these rituals. You should also start to feel more balanced, relaxed, more at peace and in harmony with yourself and the world.

AT THE END of the ritual(s), when you've completed it, you should perform a LICENSE TO DEPART:

A License to Depart is a simple banishing you perform to rid the area of any astral entities and spirits that might have been attracted to you from the energies you are creating during these rituals. This you can perfom as follows:

When you've finished your ritual(s), and before you blow out the lights of the candles, say out loud and with feelings "All spirits, beings and astral entities of all kinds whom have been summoned and gathered here today are now free to leave. May you travel with peace and love to where you came from and to where you belong. I grant you the license to depart, so now go home with the protection of God on your way. AMEN!" - vibrate AMEN while visualizing all the entities departing and leaving, flying far away to wherever they came from, just like moths fly away from the light when it's turned off.

I recommend you to always perform the LBRP before any other magikcal or spiritual/psychic work of any kind, and it can also be a good idea to end the work by performing the LBRP again before the License to Depart.

The above rituals, when practiced correctly and properly for a while, should help you gain better and quicker results in other spiritual/psychic/magickal work. They also protect you from unwanted negative energies and entities.

Keep a magickal diary where you write down the rituals you perform and the results of them, including any feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations or other experiences that you might encounter while doing them. Also add information such as the weather, time and date, phase of the moon, your physical and mental/emotional status before and after the rituals, and other details you may find suitable to add. This will be a valuable journal for you to look through and review as you gradually progress on your spiritual path, and you might find it a good companion. Of course you should also include any other work you do in addition to the magickal rituals presented here above, examples can be various psychic experiments such as telekinesis, telepathy, energy work, meditation, astral projection, remote viewing, dowsing, scrying and whatever it is you might be practicing.

As someone asked me elsewhere to explain the LBRP for them, I gave alittle more information and created a couple illustrations that can be helpful when learning this ritual. Of course you can create similar illustrations for yourself for the other rituals mentioned above as well.

To make things easier in the beginning, you may find it useful to write the Godnames of the Qabalistic Cross on a piece of paper in the sequence they are to be said while doing the ritual, as well as the Godnames and names of the Archangels on a piece of paper in their right order and directions, so you can look at this when performing the formation of the pentagrams and evocation of the arch angels. You may also write the color and elements the different arch angels represents on the same piece of paper.

I took myself the time to make such illustrations for you that you may find comes in handy when practicing.

For the Qabalistic Cross:

For the formation of the Pentagrams and Evocation of the Archangels:

Those above charts probably doesn't mean much to you on their own, but once you read through the instructions above in the post it will become clear.

To put it short, the image for the qabalistic cross represents yourself and what parts of your body the different godnames will be said when doing the ritual - Atah is at head, Malkuth at feet, Ve-geburah at right shoulder, Ve-gedulah at left shoulder and Le-Olahm and Amen in middle of chest.

The image for the pentagram and evocation of archangels represents you standing in the middle of the circle you will create, facing east. The grey words are godnames to be said at each of the different directions as you turn that way to formate the pentagrams. The pink text is the names of the archangels located at their correct directions as well as the color they represent. I forgot to include the elements they represent, but thats easy enough by just remembering the colors: yellow is air, red is fire, blue is water and green/brownish is earth.

When it comes to vibrating the words it simply means that you do a full inhalation and vibrate out the word through a full exhalation in a way like chanting out the word, powerful and loud. In the same way the very common "OHM" is vibrated during meditations.

So just rehearse and practice for yourself with notes similar to the images with the illustrations above to remember the different names etc and what direction they are placed. And practice one step at a time, like first practice the Qabalistic Cross until you got it, then move on.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:45 PM
Since I mentioned the Ouija procedure of contacting entities, I will give some instructions on that as well.

Before you work with such tools, you should perform the mentioned House Cleansing and Invocation of God, and ask your Spirit Guides to oversee the process and make sure only entities of the Light with good purposes will be able to get through and contact you. When the work is done always perform the License to Depart.

Frequently practicing the LBRP, Middle Pillar Ritual and Circulation of Body of Light will further improve your skills on any psychic work, as well as give you proper protection and cleansing.

Now with the above said and taken in consideration, let us start with how to work with the mentioned tools themselves.


You can either purchase a classical one, or simply make one yourself. It doesn't matter as there is no power in the board itself, it is only a tool to connect with your subconscious, and via your subconscious with other entities (and as mentioned earlier in some cases yourself)

Above is the typical Ouija Board. It usually contains all letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, Yes, No and Good Bye.

If you want to make your own you can simply copy the above and write it down on a large enough piece of paper, or you can write each of the letters, numbers and words on seperate pieces of paper and spread around in a circle on a table. You can use a small shot glass as the pointer (also called planchette) on home made "boards".

Above is an example on a home made circular style Ouija Board.

So, once you got your board, you are ready to get started.

1. Take a moment to relax completely. Lay down, breath deeply and hold the breath some seconds, then exhale completely. Continue doing this for 15 to 30 minutes while you notice and imagine all of your body and musles getting completely relaxed, your mind getting relaxed and comfortable.

2. Carry out the above mentioned rituals (House cleansing, Invocation of God etc)

3. Put two fingers gently on the pointer, dont use force or pressure, let them rest loose and limp on the pointer.

4. Now slowly start to move the pointer around in circles on the board, keep the touch light, barely touching it, so it has a floaty sensation and little friction as it moves around.

5. Ask out loud "Is anyone there?" while still letting the pointer move around in circles on the board. Keep it loose and gentle so that it will easily respond to any external input.

6. Now just observe the pointer as it is moving around, dont try to force anything, let it flow naturally. You may get something the first time, or you may need to try several times. The best thing is usually if two people are doing it together, both holding one or two fingers each at the pointer.

7. At this point several things may happe: The pointer moves to "YES" signifying that some entity is there and knowing your presence, it may move to "NO" which usually means your subconcious dont get any contact, it may move to "GOOD BYE" which usually means you got in touch with a entity that didnt want to get contact (if so, stop and try again another day), you may get letters spelled out into words, or you may simply not get anything at all and the pointer just keep spinning in circles.

8. Assuming you got a contact, immediately ask first of all "Are you in the Light?" and then "Do you love the Holy Spirit?". Negative entities can not lie to this, so if you get a NO be cautious, if you get a YES to both everything should be fine. Notice however, you may be in contact with some passed away persons spirit whom may not consider him/herself "in the Light" and thus answer no to that, as there are a lot of troubled spirits out there - one should always try to assist and help any troubled spirit and lead them towards the light. Should you sense any hostility, negativity or evil about the entitiy you are in contact with immediately abandon the work, and perform a License to Depart.

9. Once you get in contact, you are free to explore and communicate and ask any question you can think of, and also answer any question you may be asked by the spirits you are in contact with. Make sure to write down everything and it could be a good idea to have an extra person as the observer who takes the notes as it may be difficult both handling the pointer and board and taking notes at the same time.

Remember you can also contact your Higher Self, your Super Conscious, through the Ouija board. If that is your intention you should make that clear from the beginning, the same goes for contacting your own Spirit Guides. Simply tell yourself & the board when you start what your purpose is and what you want to achieve.

Until you become a very experienced user take anything you receive with a grain of salt, the sources of the communication can be many as I mentioned in my previous post on Ouija Boards, and you have to learn to disgunish the different sources and follow your intuition.

Some people claim to be in contact with aliens through ouija boards, but I have to warn you and tell you that this simply is not the case. You do not contact physical beings through the Ouija Board, at best any alien you will get in contact with is the spirit of a dead one.

At the end of your session, thank the spirit(s) you have been in contact with for letting you communicate with them, tell them you love them, and thank the Great Divine Source of All Existence for making you able to connect through the spirit world.

Always end your sessions with a License to Depart and if wanted a House Cleansing as well.

So here you have a rather general description on how to use the Ouija Board and getting started. Obviously a lot of things can be said, that would fill up books, when it comes to the subject. But I'll try to keep it short and simple and for you to make up your own mind and conclusions for now.

As a final note, this type of work usually works best when it is done to help someone and not just to "play around" - and you can gain great insights once you properly master it and know what to ask and who you are in contact with.

-continues below-

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:46 PM
-continued from above-

An Ouija board is an object with no power of its own. You "connect" with an entity such as an ghost/spirit/alien, and let it move the pointer. It is your hand that is moving the pointer, but you are letting it being moved by a separate entity, and the connection is your "mind". The same goes for pendulums, dowsing rods, automatic writing etc, or channeling as a medium - all are tools which are controlled by another entity through your physical body by affecting your mind. In fact I would explain it like this - YOU let the entity affect your subconscious mind with its own thoughts and in response your subconscious mind affects your physical body by producing very fine muscle tensions in your hands and fingers that make the pointer (or pendulum etc) move in the desired way the entity you are in contact with want to.

That is also the reason protection is important, as you are letting other entities control your body/mind for a moment, and you wouldn't really want a negative/evil entity be allowed to do that. In addition, you don't really want a negative entity hanging around after you've done the ouija session - just because you put away the board does not mean the entity goes away.

An "entity" is any being of any sort separated from yourself, it can be a ghost/spirit/demon/angel/alien/you name it.

In addition to being tools that can be used to connect with separate beings, they can be used for tools to connect with your own inner being/higher self/soul/whatever you want to call it, and thus use it as an instrument to get answers to thing about yourself that your "true" self already knows.

So when dealing with f.ex ouija boards, there are 4 possibilties I can think of when it comes to what you get in contact with:
1. Other entity
2. Yourself (higher self, inner being etc as mentioned above)
3. Other aspects of yourself (past lives, which can manifest as a separate personality and seem like a separate entity, etc)
4. A desire to believe (where you make up the "story" the board tells you subconsciously)

And, of course, you have fakers who move the pointer on purpose to spell out whatever they want.

So with that said you have to test and question the communication you are receiving to determine if you are really in contact with other separate beings, or yourself, or if one of the other participants are moving it on purpose.

ALWAYS when working with ouija boards I would recommend BOTH a Invocation of God, and after the session a License to Depart and Cleansing of the House, which I have described how to perform HERE!

When done properly, and responsibly , Ouija Boards can give great wealths of information about yourself, existence, other life forms and much more - but KNOW what you are doing when using such things.


posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Jedi Hamster:

I sense you to be an old being, originally from another planet, that have been trapped here on Earth and suffer the System-Trap as other humans do, if you want me to look deeper into your being I would do so but then I prefer to do it through astrology, and if you would like a free astrological reading from me simply private message me your date of birth, time of birth (hour and minute, important) and place of birth (city and country).

Feel free to include your full name as well and I will se what I can sense, but you decide yourself if you want to keep your privacy and these details for yourself, or if you want to participate and let me try sense more about your origins and future.


posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:09 PM
hi i am a freemason.32degree and i like more info on your plant

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by IX-777
hi am a freemason from hio i like to know then i do now i know we are in darktime mason trying to help earth to be in light an free

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:36 PM

Sorry my friend, but I do not understand what you are requesting or asking.

Can you please try explain yourself in a more clear way?


posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by IX-777

1. I've tried using a Ouija board several times and it's never worked that well. Are you sure it's not just unconscious finger movement on your own part as you get carried away in the moment? It's never worked for me, and I've spent up to an hour waiting for nothing.

2. Do you believe in blood lines or reincarnated souls/aliens that inherit the guilt or "karma" of who they were in the past?

3. Have the Pleiadians or any of the spirtual entities you have ever contacted, have experience with alien concepts or images that our too alien to be understood by any human or evolved human? Have you ever encountered something so alien and that it is impossible for a human to understand?

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 11:31 PM
There is a island off the coast of west africa called malabo.Could you tell me what is going on there.

There is a undiscoved ancient tomb located between the towns of homs and hama in syria.Could you tell me who is buried there.

There is a certain metal ancient item that someone is using as a paper weight.Could you tell me what is concelled within that item.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by IX-777
Hi IX-777
I am aware of the Etheric, and Astral planes, but seem unable to reach any higher levels.
From what I have read it was said that God, Creator, resides on the 6th plane and communication on this level is hard to understand?
In relation to Kundalini I have reach the level where I faced myself but that is about as far as I been able to get, I don't know what to expect to come next.
I also had experience of purple energy shooting up from what appeared to be the Root Chakra but it fizzled out at the heart or throat chakra.
I'm just sitting in limbo right now wait to see what is going to happen next.
It seems that you are into some of the Gnostic Teaachings, that's big in South America It seeems. Or it's similar with the protection circles and what not.

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by IX-777

what's at the bottom of the ocean...

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 05:05 AM
Hi IX I've been reading through the thread and found all your postings very informative and very interesting. I

would just like to ask when trying to meditate or astral project is it ok to use binaural beats?

Or are they a distruction? Because you mentioned that you have to be in total silence when doing those things.

I've been trying to mediatate and astral project on and off for a while but without success on astral projection part yet.

One method though that you suggest on your website i feel it's helping is when you really tired try to keep the mind awake and body asleep is to have the eyes open.

I tried that and feel that i was making a progress but kept getting distructed.

My job requires me to work rotating shifts 2 weeks nights and 2 weeks days and sometimes its very hard to get a good rest.

I found that meditating before sleep helps a lot just sometimes it's very hard in the morning after night as there is too much noise.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Oops! sorry for the spelling mistake.

Person I mentioned was John Foster Dulles. not dallas.

At wikipedia he was US secretary of state under president Eisenhower.

I heard that he was very influential at the time and played major role.

I heard it from former secret society member and refugee? who passed

away some time ago.

But I don't find anything special about him either.

Maybe I had wrong information.

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:01 AM
Well hi all!

So I have been reading here seeing what others think about our world, universe, and multiverses

I have something to bring up to the OP who is referring to this planet as a prison planet....

Do you think something went wrong and that this planet should not be what it is?

If so, how far do you think we would advance (and especially how much longer would it take) for us to experience what we need if the world was the 'Eden' most long for?

I believe it was once a place of no polarity, in which there was also no free will and no progression.

I believe that the veil brought polarity, which brings the need of a 'choice', which brings progression as well as regression, and both are needed here.

I think the creator or sub creator 'chose' to bring polarity here, so in a sense, all sub sub creators or creations here know full well of this choosing and that it was needed.

You talk as if this is a prison planet like some souls might be stuck here forever (I know you dont say this exactly, but it does bring a fear to some that they should seek or they will get stuck) which can cause others to seek themselves for the wrong reasons, never really getting anywhere then, with their seeking.

The idea of a creator or sub creator causing a veil here and reincarnation is a part of our cycles and helps sifts souls out that are ready to progress (as well as the ones still needing to regress).

Its actually all very perfect.

Would you care to join me in these ponderments of mine. You and I do have something in common...we both like to use words that we create ourselves.

I agree with much you have said, but my issues with the veil and reincarnation are that they are needed very much so.

Would love some feedback...
My best,

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 09:40 AM

1. I already explained the different causes behind the effects on an Ouija board above, so you will simply have to experiment more and determine which of these categories you would find yourself in. Obviously, if the board starts spelling out things you have no knowledge about yet it still makes sense and can be verified, you are in contact with either a deeper aspect of yourself or another external entity. A Pendulum and Dowsing may be easier to get connected to than Ouija boards, so perhaps a change of tools should be tried out.

2. Are you asking if people born will be subject to the karma of their ancestors whom they are directly in family with through blood? If so, there is family karma as well as group karma and personal karma etc. Even area based Karma, Country Karma - which explains why certain countries are more prone to suffering and horrors than others that may be more free and developed, and others are third world nations filled with poverty and crime and so on. But regardless of such, Karma is always connected to Oneself, and can be balanced out regardlesss of where you live, your past, your current life situation and so on. "Spillover karma" is the Karma of your past and the situation you are born into, while "instant karma" is the Karma you experience from your daily deeds since Birth. Understanding your true self, your eternal being, and breaking free from the illusions of the material and even psychological and lower-spiritual, can set you above the Laws of Karma and thus make you free from their effects, and you will realize how Karma works and how to avoid situations that are not beneficial.

Shortly said, Do to others as you want others to do to you, and Love your Enemy, is of the very best way to balance out ones Karma.

3. Yes, there are many non-physical levels of existence, and experiences, that are impossible to explain by words on a lower physical level. I have had many such experiences myself, and trying to explain them here would be meaningless. They can only be explained at spiritual levels through telepathy where the experience itself is directly "implanted" into the mind of the other being whom it is being explained to, so that this other being will have a complete and accurate understanding of the whole experience.


posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 11:17 AM
I gave it a try. I had no luck yet, but I basicly just believe its impossible.
Should I use eft on that belief?
For example.. even thought bending a spoon is impossible, i deeply and completely accept myself.
Will that help?

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by IX-777

Ophiuchus 13:

Dragons as in reptilians? If so, they are already here, in human form.


just seen you replied, but I meen real fire breathers SPECIES not reptiallian pets REPTILLIAN ENEMY POSSIBLE. Do you thinK WHAT YOU KNOW AS DRAGON SORTA PREHISTORIC IF NOT OLDER EXIST. And if SO WHEN WILL EARTH SEE THEM. Sorry for unclearity. I just wanna see how far your mind can see, FRIEND.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:16 AM
I greet you IX-777,

First thank you for the informations.

What do you know about Neu-Deutschland (New Germany) in the Hollow Earth?

Can you write some informations about it?

Thank you,

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Yes, there are many non-physical levels of existence, and experiences, that are impossible to explain by words on a lower physical level.

What poppycock.

Non physical space – your “levels of existence” - is shaped by the probability of mathematical signals/waves generating disparate units of space. That they should exist as non-physical realities is simply down to the strangeness of existence; many things are, when they should not - and cannot – be. Arthur C. Clark was correct, by the way…Magic.

The forces that combine to generate non-physical space are simply the interaction of the non-corporeal, yet fundamental mechanical obligations between generational variance fields arranged asymmetrically in the “quantum” sense. These fields have degrees of freedom of subsistence – prior to their absolute (solid/provisional) formation into greater bubbles of non-space - that will determine their, for want of a better word, “usage”.

It’s then, when their edge elements – their defining and connective sub-parameters - develop into spectral domain manipulated non-reality (the spooky magic bit) that these non-physical aspects of actuality are forged.

That you state:

…trying to explain them here would be meaningless. They can only be explained at spiritual levels through telepathy where the experience itself is directly "implanted" into the mind of the other being whom it is being explained to, so that this other being will have a complete and accurate understanding of the whole experience.

Is, once again, poppycock.

Telepathy as an excuse? Interesting.

The mind (and I include all minds) broadcasts in non-physical time, sending “cognitive indicators” riding on attraction/opposition signals that operate –conversely – along an elastic, and all encompassing, entangled medium of physical space. Therefore, it is amazing that it is apparently impossible, from your point of view, to repeat what is essentially basic information, delivered in purely formal approaches.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:13 AM
Hello Maggador, thanks for taking your time answering everyone, I see you've been really putting a lot of your time and effort on your answers.
Here are my questions, thanks in advance for answering them:

1. Lately I've been seeing a lot the number 1.11 / 11.11 everytime I look at the clock etc... any idea why? What's up with this numbers sync? Did I, somehow, programmed my brain to check the clock everytime it's 1.11 or 11.11 ?

2. This one is about the pyramids in Egypt. In your opinion, who built them and why?

3. Can you please check this thread - - and tell me what you think.

4. Have you ever been in Tibete? Why do you think it's such a magical place? Which other places in this planet are as magical as Tibete?

5. Any tips to have lucid dreams more often? Maybe reality checks? Like everytime I open a door I should ask myself if I'm dreaming or not so that when I'm dreaming and this situation happens I'll become lucid?

6. About Astral Projection, do you also have any tips on how to achieve it?
And what do you think about Robert Monroe's Hemi Sync sounds? Are they really helpful?

7. Scientists say the universe can be explained by Mathematics, that Nature's language is in numbers. Do you agree or do you think numbers are just a human invention?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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