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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 08:52 PM
I know it may sound dumb, but is it possible for us to fly?
I apologize if this was answered already.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 04:23 PM
Just wondering why you didnt want to answer my questions?I didnt mean them to sound rude,Im just having difficulty believing this,although Im glad I came across your topic,as there is equal chance it could be true as any religious view as none have evidence.

1.You say Mohammed talked to a 'Higher being' and was shown the 'Higher Astral',then why did he get atleast half of his 'facts' wrong and why did he live an immoral life of murder,racism,paedophilia,robbery etc and encourage others to do the same?

2.You say David Icke has many of the 'facts',then why did some of his predictions fail to happen,such as shapeshifting reptiles coming out of volcanos etc?He is now saying the Moon projects a virtual reality to earth.

3.What do you think of the Spiritualist Religion?

4.Why has noone passed James Randis $1 million test?

5.What/Where is the Origin of the Kabbalah?Egypt?Before?

6.What do you think about the theory that the Occult is the remnants of Advanced Astral Technology?Re;Rituals,Spells and Words are like Hacking the mainframe,passwords and servers?

7.What do you think of the Holographic Universe Theory?

8.What do you think of this persons studies?

9.What is the best Ritual to protect yourself from negativity?

10.In a few words what would you advise someone to do and where to go when they die?

11.What do you think of Helena Blavatsky?

12.Where does the 3rd eye,Pineal gland come from if we were bio engineered to be slaves?

13.What is ectoplasm?

14.What are Leylines?

15.What is your favourite book?

16.What is the 2012 Mega Ritual?


Best regards


posted on May, 21 2010 @ 12:23 AM
Short notice on why I do not quote people when replying - It is simply due to save space as the posts would be incredible long if quoting everything. Also, I respond to all posts in their posted order in either case so it should be easy to refer back to what I am answering as I always include the name of the people I am replying to. Another reason is that I simply open the "reply" in a new window and just answer one by one instead of clicking each poster separately on the "Quote" button which would take too much time.

These friends and companions are non-physical entities, or beings, some of them past people from other lives and the current life, others what is termed "ascended masters" by the new-age movement, and others are "spirit guides", "guardian angels", and various other entities. The homes are worlds existing in the astral planes, as real as this, and for me there is no difference between the two when travelling between them (in terms of how "real" they are).

Thanks for the notice about this person, I will take a look at his work.

Illuminati knows of the various astral planes, its inhabitants, the "semi-gods" whom they worship, and so on. They believe in biblical and other gods and deities because these exist. The symbols serves their own purposes as they are charged with energies for various matters, just as you can charge an amulet, crystal, or any object with any specific energy for your chosen purpose. By time, these symbols grow in strength the more people that use them, due to the amount of energy put into them.

Wiin 52:
Am I astral or physical? I am here both astral and physical like everyone else, of course I am physical when writing this, and astral when traveling through other planes of existence and visiting other realms and beings.

I have explained the tree, the garden, adam and eve, the fruit of knowledge and so on before:

"The symbolism of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Snake and the Tree symbolises Human Kind waking up from the Illusion, by experiencing their divine self through kundalinin raising (The snake, also called Raising the Kundalini Snake), where the Tree of Knowledge opened itself (the Tree of Life being that of the Kabbalah). The Apple, was the Fruit of Knowledge, which indeed explains that all they did was to discover their true being, see the false from the real, good from evil, and so on which enabled them to further develop themselves spiritually and try rise above the Prison World they were put within. Of course, them gaining this Knowledge and understanding is the whole reason the God of the Bible got so furious. A loving God would obviously have let them be in their True spiritual state of being with all knowledge from the very beginning and not trap their spirits in physical limited bodies that suffer from the laws of reincarnation, amnesia, and so on."

True God, the Source, and the biblical god are not one and the same.


A short update on the outcome of 2012 and what shapes it and how you play a part. Everything is mental, all is mind, and every thought and emotions creates that which is within. Live in joy, not fear for what to come, know that you are the creator of your world.

This is just a reminder for you all to understand that there are forces taking advantage of your creational powers to play out their own agenda, and make the outcome of 2012 be whatever they want it to be, by manipulating your thought patterns and expectations and beliefs, so thus you create what they want, through indoctrination and the fear they fill you up with.
The future is not set in stone - it is not created - it is to come, and YOU decide how that future will be.

Remember that, and take care of eachother, live prospeous and in peace and harmony with yourself and eachother, and meditate and contemplate upon the peaceful and harmonic future you want to come and really imagine it and live out your imagination within yourself on a regular basis - this is the key to manifestation.

More to come later, all I had time to reply to now.


posted on May, 21 2010 @ 06:00 AM
Hey Magaddor,

I've been wondering about the duality of our existence. Basically all the sources out there that talk about ascension to the higher realms say it's only possible through being in a higher vibrational state. Meaning basically that you need to raise your vibration sufficiently that you'll be able to shift between the dimensional barrier to 4th and 5th (not sure how far it's possible to go as a physical entity before turning into pure energy - 8th maybe).

What I was wondering though since we live in a Universe of free will there's always the other side. Choosing the path of darkness. When you think about it logically instead of choosing the light is it possible to ascend doing the opposite? Choosing hate/fear/anger to lower? your vibrations sufficiently to have a shift in consciousness.

I've been thinking about this because there are numerous tales of malevolent higher dimension entities (physical and ethereal). When you think about their past wouldn't they also at some point in their spiritual evolutionary path had to transform from lower planes? (as is the nature of our existense)

So basically these type of creatures being malevolent enough, how is it possible for them to be such if the only path to cross dimensional barriers is through raising vibrations alone?

Sorry if im totally on the wrong path here but doesn't free will in itself give us the choice to choose dark or light and grow from it nontheless. (I do understand the concept of Karma and it accumulating with every negative action, but then again it's just the 2 opposites - 2 aspects of the same existence).

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:53 PM
I have read most of the thread and find this probably the most intresting information I have ever read along with the lowki thread. I originally posted this in his thread, but would also like your opinion of a dream I had 5 days ago. I will post in the next thread as the dream post is long. However I would appreciate your thoughts on my dream and what it could means or what actually happned. Thank you in advance,

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:53 PM

I have visited this site a time or two (just browsing), but never have posted anything until now. I have always had the belief of extraterrestial life but never had an experience until now (maybe). It started this morning when I awoke this morning from a dream unlike any other I have ever had before. Everyone has these crazy dreams, sometimes you remember them, sometimes you don't. Either way most of the time you think "that's weird" or "it's a good thing that was a dream". Well mine was "what just happened and will it happen again" Before I share my dream, let me tell you that I am 29 years old, and have never gotten out of the bed to write down the details of a dream, but I did this time and I am still thinking about it.

I woke up this morning between 5 and 5:30 and immediately got up to look for pen and paper. I made cliff notes as I was still very sleepy and losing the details fast. Here are my notes and then I will try and go in further detail after the notes.


I was just visited by a tall woman (7 ft), very slender and very pale. She had blue eyes, like the ocean, one eye was like a human and the other almost like a lizard but not quite. Her hair was seemed to change colors, sometimes being white and sometimes being brown or blonde. She was very kind and had a "glow". She was lying in the bed next to me and we were just staring into each others eyes. We were having a conversation without speaking words. Whatever I was thinking, she would respond by putting the words in my mind. I cannot recall the content of most of the conversation as almost if a portion was "erased" from my memory as I am writing this. I was thinking "why are you here". She told me mentally "Your existence are like ants in the bigger picture of the universe". I was not scared at all by her, but intrigued and almost in awe. I thought to myself "how are doing this to me, reading my mind". She responded mentally "You should not worry about these things, you should worry about things humans worry about, worry about your money or your job". She gave a look, a very sad look and then asked me if she could leave. I thought to myself, no I don't, but said yes you can leave and I turned to the other side of my bed in anger of her leaving. She stood up and just looked a minute and told me mentally " You don't want me to leave". I flipped back around in my bed to tell her to stay and she was gone and then I awoke.

Some notes I made after I thought more about what just happened.

She acted as if she wasn't suppose to be talking to me, like it was a secret meeting. It was like we were talking about general things (can't remember) and then as I was starting to question who she was and where she came from and when she left.

We never acknowledged each other by name, it was as if we already knew each other or knowing each others name wasn't necessary.

End of notes

I have not been able to sleep since and have done nothing but think about this dream and this "being". I have never had a dream like this before, this feels like more of an event than a dream. I know dreams can seem real, but this so vivid in my mind. I can still see her and recall her exact appearance. She didn't have a distinct voice when she would communicate to me, it was like she put words into my head. The more and more I think about this, it feels like she was some sort of extraterristial pen pal of sorts. I did not recognize the appearance of this being at all and cannot link it to anyone I know or anything I have ever seen before. I feel like visited me in my dream to just talk and when I got off subject and too nosy, she left. I feel like she erased our conversation from my memory and left me to only remember what I have just described. I somehow feel a connection with her even though this is the first dream about her I can recall, it's a very strange feeling. I feel like we may be some kind of pen pals and she is just now letting me remember the encoun

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:34 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:54 PM

What you are speaking of is "lower realms" and "descension" and "negative polarities".

Of course, you can chose, many have taken the "evil" path and become stuck in those lower realms where it is all about power, control and lusts.

Demons is a good example: They ALWAYS want something from you, they are like parasites , and they feed on you and "enjoy" doing harm. Then again, so do some people, because they are of a similar nature, and most likely will become one of those very demons after death.

In either case, such malevolent beings you refer to are NEVER from "higher" levels of existence, but "lower". They can not access the "higher" due to the very vibrational state of their consciousness / soul.

This does not mean they do not have knowledge of the higher realms of course, or that they can not pretend to be of higher realms, in fact many demons or malevolent beings pretend to be "angels", "ascended masters", and so on, tricking and luring people.

No entity is guaranteed to end up in "higher realms", in fact most stay at the lower realms, very few go beyond the lower astral realms and out beyond the Trap System and all the illusions.

Hope this explained what you were pondering upon?



Your experience was a astral projection experience. The woman you met was some spirit entity, it is possible she is one of your personal "guides" and that she was trying to give you a message / insight. From the way you tell the story, it seems like she tried to make you think FURTHER than the "common life", when she referred to "worrying about moeny, job" etc, as if hinting towards such things NOT being what you REALLY should "worry" about (though personally I would say be focused on, than "worried").

The sad look reflects the reality of humans worrying too much about those very things that really are of completely no importance at all in Life - she seem to have tried lead you towards a more spiritual path. Try visit her again, ask her to come again, do some meditations and try contact her, you can simply ask her mentally to come back to you for further "discussions" when you go to sleep.

I also have many meditations and methods on how to contact such entities, as well as how to find the true meaning of dreams, on my website, check out the Meditations section there for more specific information. And good luck!


posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:56 PM
The secret is that we are survivors of a past age that was essentially a golden age of man before the flooding cataclysm that happened around the world.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:58 PM

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by SmoothCriminal22

I can answer this one. Yes, but landing is really difficult.

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by SmoothCriminal22


Through astral projection, you can fly anywhere you want. Through deep and heavy magic you can fly but that is an area that can be very dark.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 02:31 PM
Hello Maggador,

I have read about half of this very extensive thread. Somewhere you spoke about the death of the body and Not going to the "light". I think you said it was part of the trap we are in. Would you please elaborate on this and talk about what would be a preferred action during the death experience.

Thanks for all your work,


posted on May, 23 2010 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by IX-777

Chemtrails are used to fill the atmosphere with particles and chemicals that serves several purposes, one of them being able to use HAARP for manipulating both weather and mind control people, as well as spread various diseases. Its a good old "all in one" package.

Thank you for your replies.
What is HAARP?


posted on May, 23 2010 @ 05:40 PM
Did we evolve from apes,did aliens jump start their intelligence? were the mayans correct in their calendar that the end is 2012, why is it some people are feeling a major change in time and others are not,just a few have many

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 05:47 PM

As I mentioned in a previous post regarding sun-worshippers etc:
The Sun is "God". It is the "control center" of our solar system.

The Light is the Sun - when you die and leave the body it is a very high chance of seeing the "light" once you float out of body, not only because lights can seem much more intense, luminant and brilliant in astral form, but also because many find themselves floating in space and basically the only thing they see is "The Light" - The Sun.

So, they do the mistake of doing what they always have been told "Go to the Light!" and fly into the Sun, straight back into the whole system that keeps you here in the first place and will make sure you will stay.

What is the "best" way to go about when dying/dead? Well, state for yourself mentally as you are dying and right after "I am now experiencing my true spiritual essence" or "I am now my Highest aspect of Self", or "I now experience the totality of my Being" etc. In other words, aim for YOURSELF and YOUR OWN higher aspect of existence, and do NOT try "look" for another place, such as a "light" what will "guide" you. You can do just fine on your own and get to your True Self and free yourself from Re-Incarnations and Karma etc.


No problem. And HAARP is "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program":

HAARP CBS program:
Part 1

Part 2

More videos and info on HAARP here:

posted on May, 25 2010 @ 02:10 PM
Thanks Alex,they were my previous questions.

1.Do you believe Jesus was a Plaiedian?

2.In the previously mentioned 'War in heaven' material, describes 'elemental' beings in the astral and also 'creator beings' that travel around planets 'seeding' them.Is there any truth to this?

3.Is 'monatomic gold/silver/iridium' or 'starfire' etc good for you?Did the Egyptians use it,is it linked to the ark?

4.Can you explain again breifly why you conclude humans have not evolved on this planet in the way explained by Darwin and later studies on races and climate,vestigal organs etc?

5.What do you make of 'Christian Spiritualism' and the trance mediumship of the alleged 'unknown scribe of the temple aka Zodiac' to an infirm woman?

6.This woman,Arizona Wilder,claims to have been a 'Mother Goddess' occultist,performing rituals for the PTB.What do you make of that?She says that when she went to the astral she was told to navigate to the Pole star etc.Is there any significance in that?

7.This woman,Cathy O'Brien,claims to have been a mind controlled slave for the PTB and MKULTRA in her book the 'Trance formation of America'.Why did/do the CIA run these projects?Is it to illiminate fear from a human and test their ability in an extreme clinical trial or is it something darker?

8.What is going on at Bohemian Grove?What is the significance of this giant Owl,mock sacrifice and alleged gay sex?

9.Where do many of these missing kids go?

10.What does the 'All seeing eye' in a Pyramid mean?

11.Do you believe there that time travel and soul displacement were performed at the Giza Pyramid?

12.What is the significance of 666 and 144?

13.What were the 'Nephilim'?This guy is saying the giza pyramid,the city of heaven,the Egyptian book of the dead,the nephilim,yahweh and antichrist are all linked.Is there anything to his claim?The jehovahs witness inventor also said the Giza Pyramid is Zion and a calender of events?

14.I do not want to go straight back to the source after this life,I believe 'Einsteins Big Crunch' will do that when this universe breaths in.I have tried many religions and the only people I felt I would want to be grouped with in the next life are Spiritualists.What soul group would you suggest to be with?

15.Al Beilek claims that he took place in the Philadelphia Experiment,had his body swapped,saw an attempted alien invasion after 2012 and amongst other things went to the year 2749.He describes fantastic high tech society run by supercomputers,a single caucasian race in the cities with no go zones outside.He talks about a group called the 'wingmakers' who run all the tech and have timetravelled back here due to problems with procreation and extinction in their time.Is there any truth to this?If not why?

Thanks,take your time.



posted on May, 26 2010 @ 03:43 AM
Thank you for your time and information it is greatly appreciated =]

I recently dreamt of some one telling me that over coming my fear of people would give me their ching or power

"Once you overcome your fear of someone, you have their ching, you have their power."

Should I be learning about the I-Ching? What is it?

Does this mean anything to you?

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 05:49 PM
the night i was contemplating life someone was talking to me any idea who it could have been god/aliens/jesus/demon/fallen angel/devil all they said was we need to talk, the rest of the story is somewhere buried in this thread

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 06:49 PM
What are your thoughts on the wingmakers?

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