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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Why the hell cant we double or tripple star? You deserve 1000 IMHO.


posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 01:14 AM
Well I read every thing posted.

Most of IX's stuff I agree with, I don't get a bad vibe from him.

To those who post just to try to disprove him or put him down, why don't you put your own insight instead of just disagreeing.

Take his advice or don't, but don't discredit every thing he says just because of who his is, there is truth in his posts.

Much like Jesus, who cares who he was or if he really existed, all that matters are his teachings. And that goes for anyone who tries to give their version of truth.

BTW stars don't discredit or prove anyone right, they just indicate how many people think alike, so it could indicate how many close minded people share the same close minded thoughts.

Dude, IX, keep going, if this stuff is coming from the heart, then you have a right to post.

Now I know why so many people say ATS is getting more hostile.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Look.. Nobody thinks this guy has magic powers or is even correct with everything he says, he's obviously knowledgeable enough to make good conversation, that's all that matters, just ask him a question.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:39 AM
Thanks LX for you offer to help out with some questions, very cool of you.

So yes my question. I have been thinking end time solutions for many years now. I am now beginning to think that we are caught in a hollographic black 'whole' that has been under control from the start (although consciouness is older than this creation imo) by a controlling and chaotic force. Malevolent intent comes to mind. Hence the lack of divine intervention to date!
Do you have any findings that would indicate something similar?

Also how can one realise their neo-human potential in a society that is for the most part closed and does not encourage such endevours?
I ask this because it seems I have hit on a path that has opened up a lot of neural and energetic pathways that I seem to be able to communicate with, some are part of our anscient history, some seem part of our future, either way the connections are instanteneous and sychronistic with my thoughts and actions, this includes but is not limited to modern day forms of media.
Can you shed any light on what I am being exposed to. I ask as a matter of urgency because the information flow is opening up so many other belief systems behind the insights that I am finding it hard to remain grounded and am finding this reality very inferior to the potential that exists out there!

BTW to give you some idea about me, I used to be a shaman in a past life and so am carrying a lot of info already.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:31 AM

Here however, we suffer from the reincarnation that is put in place to keep us here and make us unable to escape. Luckily, there are some holes in this system that enables us to break free and retain full memory and thus escape this world and ascend to higher realms of existence.

you are describing what is believed by "higher up" scientologists. They believe it is an alien being that keeps our souls trapped here on earth in physical bodies.

can you tell us what "holes" are in the system that give us the ability to retain full memory and escape this world? can you also tell us how we can remember our past lives now, at this moment while we are still alive?

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Ive always had a nagging feeling in the back of mind that the purpose of reality is so that a singular infinite being can forget for a time that its the only true entity in the universe. IE ALL ALONE :-( Its a rather scary thing to think about. So god imploded into an infinite # of pieces which forgot their true origin, and interact with each other as if they are separate beings. Its all a play. And maybe this is why God does not seem to intervene, even in the most dire and painful of times. It would reduce the quality and REALness of this play. It does not matter if one person dies (no offense) because n the grand scheme of things, no one ever really dies (spiritual death). God is just an adrenaline junky

what, if any, insight do you have on this idea?

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:41 AM

I don't expect to be believed in anything I say. It is up to you to decide what you want to think about me and the things I say. I respect your disbelief, and I have nothing against that, in fact it is good to be skeptical and not blindly believe what someone tells you.

Personally I have explained the reasons for my lack of evidence. How can I prove things that can only be experienced personally on subjective levels ? Why would I even bother trying to prove anything? I am not here to pretend to have any super powers, if so I could have done what hoaxers usually do such as make silly fake videos demonstrating various "powers", the moon videos being an example of such performance by your governments.

Nor have I ever stated that no man has been on Moon, in fact I have clearly stated the opposite - that man has been on Moon. It is the reason they have faked footage that is an issue here, not whether they got to the Moon or not.

Alleged sand and samples from the Moon is no evidence of man having been there though - even I myself know they have been there, so I fail to see what you are trying to say. Regardless, sand could have been brought back by other means than actual people being there, we do have probes and satellites able to travel through space and visit other planets. We do have the rovers on Mars now. It would be possible to bring back samples from other planets without any person going there. Yet, I know as I have said that people have been on the Moon, even on Mars.

The reason a lot of footage is faked has to do with other things, such as what they found there, what is around in space, and possibly even to hide the real technology used to get there which is way more advanced than flying around in space shuttles and lunar landers.

So, your comment served little point, you claim we went to the Moon. So do I.



What you experienced was sleep paralysis and astral projection about to unfold. You should try induce the feeling of numbness, let it spread throguh your body, and as your body falls asleep remain your mind awake, and from there on willl yourself to float up and out of body. It can help to imagine the place you want to go to, and try feel yourself there, and suddenly you may find yourself there. Specific exercises and methods on this and past lives and more you can find on my website, it will be too *SNIP*

On that website go under "Topics" and select Astral Projection, as well as Meditations, rituals & self development.

Good luck my friend hope you find something useful there, for further questions on the topic after readin through all material there feel free to ask.


1 - No you do not ascend from one density to another, you have descended from the most high density, or plane of existence, and you are now in the lowest plane of existence, the physical world. Your true self is much more than your physical body, your astral body, and what you call your Soul. These three are only aspects of your Whole Self, and are only fragments of your true being, currently trapped here in this physical body of yours in this slave world. I have explained this previously in this thread, for more information please read through the other pages and find what I wrote on densities, dimensions, origins of our being, the reincarnation slave system and so on.

2 - Karma is instant and for most of the part experienced in your current life. What you do to others, will be attracted to yourself - now. If you are gentle, humble and kind, helpful and nice, you will attract the same towards yourself. Be positive and in harmony, and the universe will manifest positive and harmonious things back to you. If you are a negative, evil, crude, ruthless person, you will attract those things towards yourself and have a life of misery. However, there is also life-based karma, in the sense that certain things done now may have an effect on you in coming lives. But, the whole key to reincarnation is to actually develop yourself towards true self-realization before death, so that you will not fall into the trap of reincarnation. Again, this too has been explained in previous posts in this thread.

3 - Some people are not properly evolved, or developed, to understand certain matters, they are often trapped in their own past and beliefs, and it is of little use to spend your time and energy trying to convince such people of something they have absolutely no interest or belief in, rather focus on those whom want to listen and are ready, and you can get much further. Then perhaps they will change too, if they see that you indeed have more people than yourself that are believing what you believe, a group of people will seem more legitimate than one person alone. Other reasons can be that they do not listen because their intuition tells them that what you are trying to put upon them is false, and yet again their unwillingness to listen can even go back to previous lives - such as a life where you were the one not listening and they were the ones trying to show you the way. The reasons can be many, and so can the solutions to overcome such blockages - the main solution is to work on yourself before working on others.



Yes, your idea of timelines, parallel lives, and so on are completely correct. I have explained this in previous posts, it relates to what I term our Higher Soul that have split into Soul Fragments that are inserted into different physical bodies, both in this one physical world, as well as parallel world and alternate dimensions. Thus, the True You may be Many People at the same time. Another fact is that we most often find ourselves in contact with people we have been in contact with in previous lives, although roles usually change around. Whom once was your father may now be your daughter, and whom once were your sister may now be your wife, and so on. The exact reason for this is not yet completely clear to me, but I suspect it has to do with the programming and trap-system of reincarnation we are subject to which perhaps will make it easier to keep people trapped together in the same groups over and over so they have less ability and chance to properly expand and learn new things about themselves and gain new discoveries about their true being. Please refer to my previously mentioned slave world / reincarnation trap, etc.

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:02 PM

Thanks for your words. Do not worry however, I take no offense of what people believe of me, and hostile people are hostile because they suppress their true selves and have been subject to the Mind Programming system that surrounds Earth and its inhabitants. Since they do not know their true being, it is only logical for them to dismiss what they can not understand, and in some cases anger is an expression of a conflict with their inner self that do know the truth on a deep level but their conscious mind refuse to believe it due to the mentioned programming that is put in place to make sure people do not awaken from their slumber.

For me personally it is irrelevant what such people say, or what anyone believe, I myself know what I know from a great deal of experience and involvement with much more than most people can imagine, and it is of no concern to me whether people disbelive me or my background.

I encourage anyone to consider what I say, think about it, contemplate on it, listen to your true inner heart and soul and your "gut" feeling as it is said. The best anyone can do is to simply start searching for the truth themselves by personal involvement with the spiritual and related practices which can give them a first hand personal experience with their true being.



Yes you are correct, we live in an illusionary world where we are prisoners without realizing it, and the guards themselves are prisoners, and the system is so complex that it is extremely hard for most people to even consider such a possibility.

First, let me quote myself from page 4 of this thread:

There are many Gods, higher and lower. Let me give you an explanation on the Origins and the various Gods and Entities:

In the beginning existed only the one Mind, the first Cause of all other existence - it created within itself the first energies of what we can call this "other existence", including other Creators with abilities to Manifest and design Dimensions and Life spawned from their own Minds. These Creators also brought forth other various sub-creators, whom in their turn also took part of Creation and various Levels of Existence. This divided down all the way to this Physical Existence. Thus, there are many "Gods", of different ranks, and many of these have been worshipped by different people and cultures both here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. Because different Creators with different polarities and functions were set out different types of Energies manifested within different types of Creations, and the One was split up into different fragments, such as "negative" and "positive", thus "Good" and "Evil", and since Creation has gone through countless levels of manifestations of different Life, this has also brought forth Beings whom are of different nature than other Beings, because of having different origins of the first polarities. This has lead to some Beings being termed here as the Good Ones, and some of these as the Evil Ones - this goes on at many levels, between the Gods themselves, and all the way down here between People. Some believe themselves to be the True God because of having forgotten, or not truly realized, their true origins - same as with People in the physical World - forgotten themselves and believing they are something they are not, and in addition often being fooled by some of these other Beings into believing certain things regardin Reality that not necessarily is true, seen from a longer perspective. In essence, all Life is One, simply due to Everything existing within the One Mind, the First Cause, and all and everything is connected to eachother, and all life have potential equal to that of their creators, meaning that even Man himself can become Creators - or what is called Gods, and manifest their own Worlds and Realities. It is a complex topic, and it is a lot of confusion between Mankind and other Beings on this, having caused many problems for many Lifeforms.

It is the programming of the Mind that keep you in the physical body, yet this also is true for the astral body, as the astral body is not the Soul or your True Self any more than your physical body. Though, nevertheless, you are still spiritual beings trapped currently in physical bodies because of this Programming of the Mind.

With what I say, there will always be someone who agrees and some who don't, it is impossible to speak in a way that all will accept and understand simply because of the difference between peoples level of self-realization and personal beliefs and so on. For me it doesn't matter if you dislike what I say, or the way I say it, you are entitled to feel or believe anything you want in regards of me and my claims.

Good and evil exists all over the physical realm, I do not mean that is is simply something that exist here on Earth or in the Human race. In fact it does exist on many levels, what I am referring to is higher spiritual planes of existence where it can not exist due to the specific vibrational levels, or frequencies if you want, that these planes exist within.

The most important thing you can ever study is Yourself, and the best person to ever listen to is You, and more people should spend more time on both those things.

You can listen to me and make what you want of what I say, but truly listen to yourself instead of anyone else to find the real answers.

Good and evil is an illusion of the lower astral realms, as the whole physical world and lower realms are illusions as well created around us to keep us here. Yet, you can say they are real, as they do exist even though in their illusional form. In a sense the same way as a fantasy, where you make up something in your mind that do not exist, yet at the same time it does exist since you just made it up and got it in your mind, in the form of said fantasy.

Here, we are part of someone elses fantasy however. We all also contribute to it ourselves and take part of creating it.

These "others" are those whom are controlling you through your programming and the illusions you live within, even though these themselves also are living in the illusions and do not know their own true being. Some of them are the ones you refer to as the "Elite" constantly here, and some of them are the ones working with the "Elite" from other planes of existence, yet within the same Illusion.

(continues below)

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:02 PM
Could you let me know what exactly we have found on the moon ?
And Mars.


posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:03 PM
(continued from above)

They are abusing the system that was created to control you by the "God" I previously mentioned, the original Creator left but the System was still in place and kept you here and made you easy to abuse, manipulate and control, and thus these entities took the chance when they discovered this.

You are responsible for accepting a belief. You did a mistake - we all did - from getting lured, but there is a way out of the net that was cast upon you willingly, and eventually everyone will be free.

The so called enlightened beings can explain what is happening simply because they can observe the Good and Evil from their own point of view, such as from visiting these lower realms. So that means they too can be exposed to it, when being down here, yet it is non existing in their own higher realm, though that do not mean they have no knowledge about it - as I explained, it exist yet still does not, as the metaphor I used in my example with Fantasy.

I'm talking about matters that took place in the very distant past before your first physical incarnation. It was at this moment you let yourself into the physical bodies being lured and blindly believing what you were told by the God of those times, who wanted his Human Bodies who inhabit a Human Soul essence, for them to work properly, and with a complex level of programming and systems implemented, so that these who fell for the trick got trapped, yet still some managed to escape as they could see what was coming and did not get tricked like the majority and thus they managed to escape and enter other realms, some of you know these original peoples, interdimensional ones at they were then and not physical as now, as the Atlanteans. And now you are learning from this mistake and slowly realizing it and on your way to let the clouds clear and let the light in from your True Origins and the Source of All

The first Maniupalator was the God I'm speaking of, but as he left after some time and he was satisfied with the work he had done and used the humans for, other entities eventually came upon you and discovered how you were programmed and blind and easy to manipulate and take advantage of, so they did. The rulers have changed from time to time, but the rulers of top level are those of a more negative, powerhungry and sinister type. Their agenda is to gain more power and control, by having people working for them mostly without even knowing it, or worshipping them as their Gods and so on which further empowers them, as the energy you give out you get back.

Here on earth they mostly use the religious and spiritual institution and banking and money for their models put in place for control and power. Their God in a sense is Money, which they have created, and made you worship as well. With the religions you are mostly worshipping them and thet Old God as well, as that's what these were intended for. They also run the larger industries, governments and such, to keep their control in place and feed the people with more suggestions and lies that they are open to believe.

They are smart, and they are on "both sides", and they use all means they can do further program you and manipulate you from spiritual means, to education, news & media, foods and the mind altering substances they put in them, vaccinations and health institutions and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, through technological means such as sound frequencies, radiations, water systems, anything they can alter and pollute with their methods and products to make your mind dull, filled with apathy, more open for suggestion, and trustworthy of your media, leaders and so on.

I applaude those of you whom not blindly believing anything, in fact I highly praise people who follow their own intuition and highly encourage people to not listen to what I say as being facts, but look some up yourself and listen to your inner guide, though perhaps take some of the things I say in consideration as it may be useful for certain new insights to come. But this world has its great share of way too gullible people who believe anything they are told, that is also one of the reasons I am here to tell them to not listen to what I say or what anyone else say - the greatest truth you can find you will find from within yourself.

Even the higher entities are also living within the illusions to great extents and even though they are of good and pure intentions, far from all have discovered their True Self, or the Connection with the All. However, once reestablishing your contact with the All, your true Oneness, it all will become clear.

Evil is a lower level reality, indeed, but because of the lower level God wanting to have the Powers and Control as a Real God would.

Thus, from originally kindness, pureness, and even neutrality, sprouted what we can now term as evil, which in turn made a difference between Good and Evil.

The lust grew, and thus, as his power grew, he made sure to take advantage of you in every way he could - and even though he left this programming is still here.

You are NOT here for any "purpose" - you are here because you are TRAPPED, in the ILLUSIONS and PROGRAMMING. The only time you will "ascend" or go "further" is when you realize this and manage to keep your awareness with you at the time of death.

The only thing you will learn here is what deception and lies and illusions are - not because you are "supposed to", but because you have been forces to, partitially by your own choice.

Your purpose is higher, your real selves are cleaner, more pure, here you are just a small grain of your own selves, if even that. You barely know even the slightest about yourself and your origins - and the small things you know are mostly lies and deceit, so it leaves you with even less.

Remember, you are on one of the lowest forms of existence, and there are MANY gods and creators above you responsible for the different realms and programming which you reside within.

(continues below)

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:03 PM
(continued from above)

The GOOD thing is that you can also create and be Gods, as you too have these powers within you because in the end you are all One and part of the Ultimate Source, thus you can control and dictate your own lives if you want to - as long you learn how to.

First part is to realize you are here in a world of lies and deceit put upon you, the next part is to move towadrs your truer self, even though it takes some time to get to the real core.

What you experience, is no matter how wonderful it seems, part of the lower realms illusions. Of course, you are free to stay there, and if you want to go further and get to know yourself at a deeper level you are free to do so as well

I will not tell "this is right" and "that is wrong" - in fact I will leave that up to you to figure out.

Nevertheless, what many of you have found is that there is "something" beyond your normal waking reality, and something beyond your "dreams" - look further, and you might just get your foot prints over the place and experience a completely new aspect of yourself.

There is no need for me to ask you to believe anything, nor is there any need for me to ask you to disbelief anything, it is your free choice after all - I am just here as someone whom have gone through those choices before you and thus may be able to help you towards a greater and somewhat easier progress to reach the level of attunement I have reached.


posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:07 PM
My own purpose here is to serve you, bring you that spark of self-realization that you all have within - so that you can once again be more connected with yourselves, in balance with your being - harmony with Creation.

Personally it is irrelevant for me if you believe me or not, consider what I say or try things I might suggest. I will not gain anything from you doing so, nor will I lose anything from you not doing so. Only you yourselves will.

I am not here to make you believe a single word of what I say - those whom it resonate with will know on their own.

When I say there is a lot of deceit out there, I am sure most of you would agree to that. Am I a deceiver? Well, you figure that out, find yourself.

Do not take what I say for granted, take it into consideration and see what you feel - if you do feel I am lying that is fine for me, if you feel I'm truthful that is fine too.

It is good to be skeptic, look within yourself - you have a combination of tools available with you to help you discover great things, without the need of others - though there are some whom will benefit from some guidance, it might ignite the light inside so it can start burning brighter on its own.

We are here to help you on the way towards yourself and understanding divine laws so you can live in accordance with them and thus reach higher levels of insights and understanding, as well as improving your own condition in every way.

This is because we have chosen to do so, not because we are forced - some of those working against us, and you, are however often forced. But there are many of those as well whom do what they do because they've chosen that path, for personal gains.

Those whom I am affiliated with are never forced, they can not be, as it would work against the whole system of free will and thus make us nothing more than those whom try to keep you in the dark away from yourselves.

And when it comes to you, you mostly work against yourselves, not because you want to or chose to do so freely, but because you are forced to without realizing it yourselves. You're prisoners sitting in the cage with the key to the lock in the dark corner without knowing it. We are here to help you reach that key.

Be cautious about what you believe though, do not take anything to be the Truth, not even what I say. Even if it "rings true" with you, that does not make it true, in fact a lot of what seem to be true and make sense to you has been constructed that way for you for the complete opposite purpose of what can be called "truthfulness".

It is also somewhat entertaining that some of you seem to consider your spiritual teachers and those like us, whether we are who we claim or not, to be omnipotent , almost at the level of what you yourself consider to be Gods.

What you call God, and the Creator, do not "come" here or "visit" you to help you out in any way - or to make things hard for you for that matter. There are no "tests" to fulfill or understand created by that which you call God. However, there are other Creators, in fact we are all co-creators, yet there are what you can consider the Creator of the physical world, as well as numerous Creators upwards many levels in the higher planes of existence.

There are also many out there who want you to believe they are your Creator or God, or higher beings such as angels and what you call aliens. In fact, of all communication with any other non-physical beings and consciousness of other planes it is the ones we can term the "negative energies" that is the most frequent.

That is the reason to continuously failed predictions and disinformation coming from your "gurus", "masters" and "new age channelers" etc. Just like you , most of you, often tend to blindly believe and accept what you are told by "higher authorities" so do these people when it comes to their contacts. This is of course unfortunate, and those among you whom may be in contact with other entities should show extreme caution there as well.

At this level of existence which everyone whom are here in this physical world find themselves the lies and deceit rules, and it is what keep you here, and why you are even here in the first place. There are some exceptions to this of course, some are here to help and guide, and others hare here for deceiving you more and keeping you here.

Very few people existing in this level of existence are in contact with any higher beings or the Source, but there are plenty whom are in contact with lower beings that pretend to be "higher" and give you false ideas of what they are - and what YOU are.

The same goes for your so called after life - in fact most people whom find themselves free from reincarnation after death are located at lower levels of existence very close to this physical world, and in most cases they live their lives there almost identical to what they did here, and the surroundings and landscapes and structures of these realms are very similar to those of this physical one. Here too the deception and lies goes deep.

This can be useful to have in mind both for your remaining time here as well as when you step over to the next experience of existence - if you will just be able to keep yourself aware when doing so and remain conscious.

In essence, if I should put it very simple, Life is simply a preparation for Death - as you call it.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:07 PM
Whats your understanding of the Rounds and Races, and your thoughts about it? Not so much of a question for learning but am interested of your take on it.


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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 12:23 PM
zia dawn:

Scientologists are a branch here to keep people deceived. They implement some truths that will resonate with people, and many lies, and earthly materialistic greed is also of great importance to them - as to any of the deceivers and those in control and power.

For the "loopholes" you want, I can tell you that the very first thing needed is Self-Realization and Understanding of the Deceptive System you live within. As soon you realize and acknowledge this you are on your way to freedom as you have already taken a step further and seen the Prison Walls surrounding you, the illogical system of Reincarnation is another important thing to be realized - just think about it, Reincarnation serves the purpose of letting people die and live again, as I am sure we can all agree on. What is falsely put forth in regards of Reincarnation is that it is something to actually be wanted, that it is "natural" and part of our spiritual development. New Agers claim the Earth to be a "school" in where we develop by reincarnation. If that was the case, then obviously you would need to remember your past lives to be able to learn from them and develop. This is not the case, simply because reincarnation is not a way for spiritual development, it is the complete opposite, a way to remove you from your spirituality and your true self, by putting upon you amnesia from life to life so yuo will not remember who you were, where you came from, what you have done, and so on. Instead, you are forced to start "all over" , again and again, century after century. It could rather be called a "devolution of the spirit" than an "evolution of the spirit".

So, realize that, and you will have that in your conscious mind as well as your subconscious mind, indeed in your soul, so that at time of death, what you should do is request yourself to experience your True Form, your Real Spiritual Essence, and immediately fly as far away from Earth as you can in spirit form.

The best way to prepare is to practice spirit travel regularly before death so yuo will be able to retain awareness and consciousness at the time of death, so that you will not fall into an unconscious dreamy state of being and suffer from reincarnation again, nor suffer from being trapped in lower levels of existence such as the lower astral planes which serves the purpose of keeping you trapped until you once again get reincarnated, you need to venture still further away from all familiar forms, towards realms of only pure consciousness where no being has any form and no form exist.

Though, a being that is self-aware, can maintain himself in a state of freedom even in lower astral planes, and avoid the cycle of reincarnation, indeed there are people living in astral realms that are wonderful and beautiful in every aspect, and have done so for thousands of years and longer, but still these planes are part of the lower level illusion of existence and not the True Form of Self. It is not even a merging with ones Higher Soul.

One need to merge all ones soul fragments with ones Higher Soul, the real True Self that exist on a higher plane which is outside of the system that keep people trapped here. Then you are truly free, then you are truly One, and Yourself, ready to explore the real existence and freedom beyond all the deception and lies, and move on towards the Source itself.

You can retain memory of past lives, of the spiritual realms, of your Higher Soul, and so on even here in your physical body. There are meditations and exercises one can perform that puts you in direct contact with your true self so that you will be able to explore and understand yourself and gain great insight on reality and illusions. Many of these exercises can be found on my website under the Topic "Meditations, rituals & self development".


posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 01:15 PM
I only came onboard today to confess that not everyone will have the same experiences in life and the same perceptions. I myself do not contribute to organized religion, but it isn't always a negative entity. I would much rather stay away from the hellfire and brimstone, because I know it's just the opposite.

I believe the being know as 'Jesus' wasn't only a magician, but an enlightened being, because I have experienced that higher consciousness, which is what the being epitomizes for sure through compassion. He states "I am the way" and I think we can take that literally without looking outside ourselves. This is truly a state of being where we are communing with our true essence one on one and at that level...magic is possible. Spoon bending even, lol. I believe this level activates the pineal gland and changes the body on a cellular level. I also believe there have been many beings like Jesus and not to the exclusion of himself alone, if there was such a being by that name. Hell is a state of mind!

I believe most of us are on this earth for one reason only and that learn to love and it starts within. There is no judgment at the highest level, but it's man that judges. There is only total acceptance and the deepest love and compassion for all that you can possibly imagine. I know!

The healing starts with the self and that's basically all there is to it. Have compassion and love for self without judgment and heal yourselves(Roll the boulder away)and you will see your world change. True freedom is living without fear.

Nature is the most perfect example of "Source" in all his glory and we are a part of that. We are who we are looking for and the creators in the beginning also. We have only forgotten. The kingdom is truly within.

Some find that meditation is the best method of accessing a higher state of being, because the breath is the life force. Most of us are compulsive thinkers and never stop thinking, unless practically braindead, lol. Through meditation, we can still the mind and seek furthur within. I haven't used this method yet, I confess, but there have been times in my life where I was very positive and took deep breaths and thoughts answers came to me out of nowhere that were not my own. It really is amazing and there is so much more. You are truly beings of frequency where you can access so much more power within you. Trust in your higher being or soul and know there is a time for everything. Purify your thoughts as if each thought is written in the sky. We truly all are connected on a soul level and believe me i know!

Bless those you come in contact with. They feel it.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 01:41 PM
does EFT (emotional freedom technique) sometimes called 'tapping' have any truth or value to it?

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 02:55 PM
Firstly let me say on behalf of EVERYONE, thank you for the time and effort you have put into this thread already. Anyone that can read, can obviously tell it takes a bit of time to write, and structure what you are saying.

Whether you are a "fraud" (which i dont believe you to be), or the real deal. The fact is nothing you are saying is NEGATIVE. And most of us who are more "spiritually advanced", for a lack of a better word, Seems to resonate with us for whatever reason. If you people feel he's bs'ing, that hes lieing to us etc. Than feel free to leave the thread. I dont see the point in harassing someone. Everyone wants undeniable material proof of something these days. No one BELIEVES, or just trusts in there gut/soul.
Can you prove to me love? Can you PROVE TO ME that you love your mother? Im not talking about demonstrating actions that demonstrate the IDEA of how you love her, but actual concrete proof. No...
Theirs more to this world than what the 5 senses can "interrupt"", and with that thank you for this thread, in attempting to answer those questions the 5 cant. =]

With that said...I had a few more questions, if at your leisure, you wouldn't mind answering. (i can see you have a lot of questions ahead of you lol)

1. Lets say your karma goes in the wrong direction and you end up on the lower planes, say one like "hell" or as a ghost. It seems on Earth you can "REDEEM" yourself, and wipe your Karma clean. From what you have experienced or think, can you do the same as a ghost or in hell? I've read your posts but i haven't heard of being able to clean your Karma once you are there.

2. I have come to think of the universe as a world of Quantum Mechanics. For example....our bodies are made up of 75-100 TRILLION cells. With each cell having its own job, and its own "task". One could even go to the extent of saying each cell has it's own conciseness. Now the body, (US) knows about these cells, and that they are all working together to make the great whole. But we dont know if the cells know.

Now take for instance the sand...each speck of sand, is nothing. It is not very grand, but in a makes up the entire ocean/beach. Who can deny the grand beauty of that. So without the utter insignificant spec of sand, the beautiful whole beach could never be made.

NOW after thinking of that, i views the world and said wow, we are the specks of sand to the world. The small plants, the insects, the humans... we are the 75-100 trillion cells to our body. And yet most fail to realize that WE make up the Earth. We are the Earth and are totally dependent.
Now i heard a buddhist quote that went something like this. "How do you know your enlightened master?...."If you still look up at the night sky and think the stars are many miles away, then you are not enlightened"

I didnt understand it til i thought of the trillion of occurred to me, that what if we are living in a world of quantum, where earth and all the planets, make up the solar system, but if u zoom out...maybe its something we cant see....if you keep zooming out and zooming out and zooming out, it is no different than us ZOOMING IN and ZOOMIN IN, and ZOOMING IN. It seems to me that if you want all the answers to the outside, all you have to do is quite literally look inwards...both spiritually and physically.

Would any of this make sense, or is "right"? I want to see if my new views that suddenly come into my mind at random times, could be true, or be what someone else thinks.

(like i said feel free to answer whenever you can...especially with me writing book long questions lol)

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 03:18 PM
greetings. my name is Shelby and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have found many sources of information that have resonated with my spirit and helped me to build an overall grasp of what my current reality is. Since I began to awake many years ago, I have found myself inundated with the desire to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to help me regain my memory that was wiped upon entering this body.

Your thread is an especially enjoyable one, as the majority of what you have said is what I have come to believe is the truth. Some of it I have remembered, some experienced in travel during the dreamtime. I have a few questions that I hope you can clear up for me.

Am I correct in assuming that the closer we get to the shift date in late 2011 or 2012 the more of an influx of energy will come in, helping to facilitate evolution? I am under the impression that there is universal light on its way to earth from the center of existence, have you heard anything of this?

Do you know how many others have decided to come? I have made contact with some, but I am a bit out of the loop having come in late. My previous business elsewhere took longer than expected. Do you know how many of the light forces have secured themselves here? And how many are awake?

Are you familiar with "the devil in the wooden mask"? Many years ago I experienced being pulled into his reality. The house was empty, and he had a workshop in the backyard. And there were three lions being crucified. He attacked me, and the energy wound still gives me problems to this day.

If you could help me out in getting in contact with my superiors, I would appreciate in tips. I have made some contact, at least enough to provide healing, but I need to provide an update.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by IX-777

Certainly, you may experiment on your own,


learn some of your own inner powers that you and everyone have, that will enable to you expand your awareness, explore existence, and find the truth and verify such things yourself,

I don't have any "inner powers". What I have is logic, critical thinking, self-esteem and the willingness to see that those who are underserved or down trodden get a fair shake. I have intrinsic values and motives that outweigh the extrinsic, not inner powers.

you may yourself enter various secret societies as I suggested to the person above, for further insights,

No, that will never happen because it can't happen.

get to know people in the various governmental instituions as well like I have done, to get more insights on what they are involved with, needless to say there are a lot of people from the governments part of many of these orders so you will be sure to get to know some of thoes by just being a member of the same orders and societies.

See above.

You're making some mighty large claims here, from you being a friend of Jesus in a past life (I think you said you were Thomas or someone, I can't remember) to this place being sort of like a prison (something several people have said before but provided no proof.) What tangible proof do you, or anyone else have, that would shed light on the subject? I mean seriously, if you're here to help, and you say others are here to help, speaking in riddles, code, parables, metaphores, etc does nothing but keep those who are not informed in bondage. It's nothing more than a caste system playing on favoritism and ego's, and that's assuming what you say is true.

So how do we go about applying the scientific model to your claims?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 03:23 PM

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