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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 06:01 PM
win 52, thanks for your post! I gave you a star. I have some more questions, but no time right now.

This thread is dying. Let us all keep it alive!

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posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 11:38 AM
Not dead, just hit the truth of the matter, causing people to understand what we have here on earth. They are left speechless.

The dis-info gang has decided to leave this one alone, as their deciet is laid bare for all who want to see, can.(That ought to poke the sleeping Lizzards)

As for me, this discussion has raised many issues creating my prison walls and has given me a clear plan of escape.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 09:47 PM
1. If someoine was to astro project to a place like Area 51, will there be forces there to keep us out? and if there are, what are they?

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by Unlettered

1) Do you believe in the official 911 story? if not, what did actually happened there?

He did answer this question earlier, he said yes the gov are responsibe for 911 and also Bin Laden is part of the team, possible CIA. Go figure, thats why he is not dead yet.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 09:57 AM
It was people putting IX777 in his place and showing his lies that caused the thread to die!!! May it rest in peace.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 04:42 PM
Kurokage: I must dissapoint you, but I am doing very well and I have not left this thread, I have simply been away doing other things as one often have to do. there is other things in life than sitting on a internet forum all day long
You should try it too sometime!

Since there are so many questions and so many posts here now I will have to try answer briefly and I will avoid posts that are not directly addressed to me, and posts that I consider off-topic or non-serious etc.

The Rickness:

Glad to see someone finally gets down to it and ask the important questions. which is how to PERSONALLY experience "the truth" and either find out if what I tell is true or not, or somewhere in between.

1. These are very broad questions. You have to start with a spiritual system and practice that you feel comfortable with first of all, and one that does not require you to do any unethical or potentially harmful things. Of course, what is ethical, and what can be harmful, is something that can be discussed for long times on its own. But simply, a method that focuses on inner journeys and meditations, astral projection could be a good starting point as it will give you the ability to find the answer to what you seek, including your past lives and traveling through dimensions. I have written several articles on this and related exercises on my website which you may feel free to experiment with. Follow your intuition and gut feeling, and giving love is always better than giving hate or anger but that does not mean hate or anger should be suppressed, it means that you should learn to love those whom hate you, and to convert the energies of hate and anger within yourself towards love and peace instead. Observe where the hate and anger comes from, and contemplate on what it will give you back, what purpose does it serve you, and could it be better to do something else?

2. Virtually anything is "possible". But how probable it is to succeed is a different matter. Easier skills for most people to master are things such as remote viewing, scrying, dowsing, astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, etc.

3. You walk your own path and decide your own outcome. Your actions and thoughts and deeds will lead you to your destiny. You chose your own destiny it is not chosen for you, it is not "discovered" - though you may have decided your "destiny" already in a previous life, and thus at some point remember that and either chose to follow that or to walk a different path.

Regarding orders and societies, the truth of the matter is from my experience and involvment that there is so much corruption and infiltration goin on that is is extremely difficult to point at one such and say "that one is good" or "that one is bad", as there are groups that are "primarily good" but have its "bad seeds" and vice versa. It will always be that way where one can differenciate between "good" and "evil", "right" and "wrong" etc - and a lot of it, when it comes down to it, will be your own personal judgment of what is "good" and what is "bad" and so on. Thus, you must seek out and find your own way, follow yourself and your intuition and your higher self, let your true self guide you the way, have trust in yourself, be confident, and you will be fine. All you need is yourself ultimately, no orders or societies, everything you are and can be is within you already.

4. Time travel is possible yes, physical time travel being the most difficult and only available for a few people as far I know, while astral time travel on the other hand is fairly easy, but you need to learn to properly navigate the astral realms first though. I would recommend Astral Dynamics, , as a good book for anyone whom wants to learn astral projection.

5. Every person is different, some people prefer one method, while others another method. So, you have to simply try different methods until you find one that fits you and works for you. There are many ways, from books to guided meditations to hypnosis audio courses and so on. I have recommended many such courses and works previously in this thread, try the Gateway Experience by Monroe Institute if you want a good audio based course. Experiment with exercises I have created and put out on my website. Get books on meditations and astral projection etc. Experimentation and practice is the key.

6. Impossible to say, I can only assume the number is so great it would be more than one can really realize or understand. There are so many worlds, so many variations of reality, different universes, dimensions, and so on. But yes, you can visit these worlds, mainly by astral projection and spirit travel.

7. I am nothing special, I do not know why you would want to be like I am. But, to advance your develpopment you need practice and experience and understand your true self, your real being, that beyond the flesh and bones and this single mind. You can become much greater things than what I am, my own plans when I die is not to stay in the form of being as I am now to put it that way.

8. From my obervations, most people whom have some decent spiritual understanding and experience behind them at the point of death will realize what is going on as they die and after death and be able to either live in lower astral realms, or go further, depending on their spiritual development. You need to stay conscious and aware, so practising lucid dreams is one good way for this.

9. Good ol' fractions of the governments. Everything is fractions and can't be pointed at as a whole, so when I have earlier said "The Governments did it" that certainly does not mean there ia a monstrous conspiracy involving every person in any part of the government, but there are groups of the governments, working for different agendas, again both "good" and "bad".

10. Since the governments, or again many fractions of the higher parts of the governments, are involved with the secret societies, this is also why the secret societies to some degrees are involved with such things. Look at all the occult symbology within the governmental system and you'll have an idea of their involvment.

There are different underground bases for different purposes. The main purpose is to hide them from plain sight of course. The secondary purpose is various experiments, some of the ones I am familiar with ranges from teleportation and contact with alien worlds, to psychic warriors and spiritual research, to "doomsday bunkers".

11. Auras are the energetic field surrounding all physical objects and things, both living and "dead". There seem to be two forms - at least - of auars: One is the energetic"body" of the object/thing/person/animal/plant etc which keeps it in its physical shape, the other is the "consciousness" field which can be observed - the latter usually in various colors and shapes, while the former is usually as a thin transparant layer.

The astral body would be the "consciousness" field, or where this energy is stored within.



1. If I had the chance it would be interesting to try as I have not done that before (gone with the spirit of someone recently died, on the moon I have been).

2. From my experience, the warnings usually are there to scare you back because you can discover some truths that you are not "allowed" to discover, by the Trap System. You can move beyond such points and see what lies ahead if you want. In other cases, you may be warned simply because another entity feels you are trespassing his "property" - in the same manner you probably would tell some stranger to get out of your house if he suddenly enetered.

3. Yes they are real, most of them, I can not testify for every video on that website, but I do know the people behind the site and have known them for some years, and I do know several of the witnesses. It is difficult to start shutting down people whom already have gained such public attention, being anonymous is more dangerous.

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 05:37 PM

I never claimed to be an expert in Buddhism, and just replied based on my general understanding of Buddhism. Everything has many "branches" of teachings, even christianity have some "good grains" where actual good and practical spirituality is applied.

Personally I feel there is no religion needed, as we have all we need. All is within us and religions are only confusing people and creating differences and even wars. Disassemble all religions and let people be free to their own beliefs and experiences and the world will probably be a better place.

Regarding me being a new-ager, I strongly disagree, I am in fact most opposed by the new-age movement and I do not follow it at all, there is so much lies and deceit there that is a jungle of mumbo-mumbo.

Your comments about my appearance and looks are your opinion and you are free to think whatever you want about that. I do not wear any "costume" though, the photo you refer to was a rather cheap black jeans that probably cost $10 or less, and the jacket was a fake leather jacket which I did not even pay for myself but got as a gift. I do not like to buy expensive things, in fact I look for the cheapest. Not that there is anything wrong in buying expensive things, but I prefer to spend my money otherwise. And to be honest, dying people in Ethiopia, or anywhere else in the world, is not of my concern, its theirs. I take care of my own problems, not others, I leave that for them. As far I see it people are repsonsible to what happens to them whether they are consciously aware of it or not - sending money to such people would do little to help, one would have to go there to teach them higher principles of life and the spiritual laws. And, you probably own quite enough material goods yourself that could feed a village or two but are you going out to sell it to do that?

Thanks for the information on Buddhsim though, good to know, and interesting.


Your question would be the same as me asking how do you know that anything you have experienced, even reading this, is real?

I know because I have done it, I have been there, I have evidence, I have friends and people whom have been with me and experienced these things together with me, I am still member of orders and societies, I am still involved with other people thar are part of the things I am discussing, and so on. If I made it all up I congratulate myself for a brilliant and entertaining mind if nothing else, as it sure has been a great and interesting ride for me. I am pretty sure a person with such great delusions would not be allowed on his own though but most likely put away somewhere in a nice soft padded cell. Unless I am simply sitting here making it all up from my mothers basement as some wicked form of self-entertainment, whom knows? I leave it up for you to decide, you are free to believe what you want, as I am free to claim my experiences as real and I do not try to force you to believe anything, in fact I tell you to not believe me but find out for yourself.



As I have said earlier, I have never seen any evidence of any real physical reptilian race mimicking human beings through some sort of technological method, but I can't rule it out just because I have not seen it. It must be rather rare if so, as any technology always have some flaws and they would be vunerable for exposure of their true beings. What I have observed however is the ultimate way to dsiguise yourself - what can be better than taking on a human body as your disguise by actually incarnating within one? It will make you look and appear as human as any other human, and only those with advanced psychic abilities will be able to see the spirit within such bodies.


The "stargate" in Peru is real, that I know, but whom built it is not within my scope of knowledge. I have not really looked that much into it nor is it truly of my interest as I prefer other methods of travel myself. Also, whom is older of the civilizations on Earth is hard for me to tell as well, my years here go back around 10 000 years and there certainly where many great things before those times.


1. No, it was staged by the governments, to get a reason to attack Afghanistan and start the arabic-countries invasions over (continuing from the Gulf wars). This has to do with both money, drugs, oil and spirituality and ancient past to do. The act itself was an occult spiritual ritual, quite symbolic too for those whom have studied occultism. Two towers, building 7, pentagon (pentagram) etc involved. A bit much to get into great details about beyond that for now.

2, In what? The totality of their belief and actions? If so yes. But to answer differently, they are correct with some things, incorrect with other things, like most religions and people.

3. Muhammad was an interesting and great man to me, with a lot of spiritual experience, and he ventured through many different spiritual realms and perhaps even saw the prison system / trap system himself. I have not studied Islam well enough to really know more than that, but he had some spiritual personal experiences that were probably quite enlightening for him.

4. My view of Israel in general is not a positive one.



1. The best would be to train your psychic / astral sight, astral projection, remote viewing. I have discussed this and recommended books and courses previously, and I have material on this on my own website as well.

2. As said many times by now in this thread, time will show. I am no prophet to tell what will or will not happen. It depends on many factors and energies and how things play out in the scheme of the global way and collective consciousness etc.

3. I do not know where humans first appeared, could be interesting to try find it some day though. From my observations man started as spirits (well after splitting down into individual spirits/souls from the Source in any case) and lived in spiritual realms with no incarnations or memory loss, before they got trapped here in the later physical creation, where the Trap System was implemented.

4. Astral projection, channeling, telepathy, dowsing, scrying. There are many ways. I have some exercises on my website that can be used for such things.



Probably, but physical immortality would be rather boring and a waste of time in my personal opinion as there is so much more to experience out there beyond these bloody stumps we find ourselves in here.

I do not have the location of all the undergound bases in the world, I know of a few ones. Personally I do not care much about them. There's the ones "everyone" knows about, such as Area 51, Dulce, etc. There are some in Norway that I know of. That's basically the only ones I can say I truly know are where they are.


If it had a white hole, the planets and suns would push everything away from themselves and gravity would be anti-gravity and shoot you into space. Then white holes would also be the dominant to be found in space, which is not the case, in fact as far I know none have ever been observed. There are plenty of black holes though, as per my previous explanation.


1. I have not seen any evidence of any celestial bodies coming here in 2012.

2. Keep your awareness and be conscious as you die, live a life where spirituality and focus on your true self is the key, learn to stay conscious and aware when you sleep, astral project, etc. After death, have this in mind, and will yourself to experience your true highest self, your Higher Soul. Realizing what you are seem to be the key to break the "spell".

3. Already explained in one of these last posts

4. Time will tell.

5. It seems that many of the world leaders and those controlling the world leaders from behind the scenes are other entities, some which can be called "reptilian", including many presidents.

Many are just the "puppets", and those pulling the strings are the "reptilians".

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 05:50 PM

1. I have already explained that there is physical teleportation available for traveling to Mars and other places. And there is not a lack of physical evidence for that matter either. Except for myself having been there, and others I know having been there - in physical form, there is ancient evidence on Earth and Mars revealing a connection. Check for example

2. Better to practice such things on ones own or with groups of likeminded people.

3. I never said the color of your skin makes you poor or rich, where do you have that from? I said geological locations and racial backgrounds have their own karmic energies upon them. Thus, people of Haiti for example, experienced a national karmic effect, and the people whom suffered from that suffered from their own past ways of living etc, their spiritual development and understanding and so on. Those whom survived did so because of the same. There are black people whom are rich, and white people whom are poor, white people whom are idiots, and black people whom are brilliant. You have to look at a greater perspective here and try understand what I am saying. Everyone can free themselves from karmic "debt". Every person is responsible for their own actions and lives and what happens to them - some just happen to live over and over in groups that have what can be called negative karma, while others live over and over in groups that can be said to have positive karma.



There are energetical fields in place to keep unwanted people out, so you would have problems projecting inside. These fields have been generated by both spiritual means, use of magic, as well as advanced technology that can cross into the spiritual realms.


That's all for now, and if I am away it does not mean I have left this place, it simply means I am doing other things in my life as well.


posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 02:19 AM
If there truly is "good" and "evil," which I believe
that there only is "what is," why do secret orders
and occultists, predominantly the select few who
control the world, worship the devil, aka Jah-Bul-On?

I mean really, whats the point?

Why not worship "God" (the good)?

Im beginning to feel that the devil promises power,
money, and materialism....

Can you elaborate?

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posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 06:24 AM
reply to post by Zsaqulz78th

3. Why are you so sure that the color of your skin predicts anything at all? The reason why people with other colors of skin are poor, is not due to the color at all, but simply because we used it as a marker for slavery. The roles could easily been reversed, and thousands of years ago they were. Africa was the strongest world power in parts of the Egyptian Age. The actual color, has no affect on anything other than a visual marker. Why don't you agree?

That's absolute rubbish. You actually believe that the only reason whites have done well is because of our racism, which got us slaves.

Who taught you this sh**??

We had guns and high technology, when no one else in the world was close. Even Japan was a feudal state fighting with swords untill the portuguese contacted them.

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 06:37 AM
1. But you didnt say what would actually happen if you completely ignored the warnings. As you said, it is like someone telling you to get out of your house, but then what happens if you don't get out? Is it just an idle threat?

2. Do you have any telekinetic abilities?

3. Where is karma for all the 'elites' constantly killing people etc. Why don't they all get killed or something?

4. Is karma simple, such as, if you assault someone you will get assaulted sometime in your life, or is it more complex. Such as you assault someone and you end up losing your job ten years later.

5. If this is a prison, where are all the beings of light? Why haven't they done anything. And I know you say some are here in spirit form, but where are the armies and stuff? Why won't they save us?

6. If someone lives a brilliant life, for example Mother Teresa. But she would know nothing of true spirituality being a christian. Is that all a waste if she does not learn about her true nature etc?

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 07:06 AM
I still see nothing in this thread thats earth shattering, there's been no secrets told, it's just you babbaling about stuff you clearly don't understand yourself, your history is faulty, so is your understanding of basic physics.

Here's a test for you, if you're in contact with higher beings and claim to read tarot, please tell us all what was my first paranormal experience was. How old was I and what type of experience was it. This should be easy if you have all these amazing powers you claim to have.

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by asd10

When you try to enslave an entire race, that race is always going to be falling behind. I mean, look at the states, the reason there are so many poor blacks is simply because they just got their rights 50 years ago, they literally started making real money, hundreds of years after the dominant race. Which means, they will always fall behind and always be poorer, and people will always be confused. Slavery is what causes these things. Not the actual color of your skin.

Do you believe that white people are simply more advanced simply because of the color of their skin? That's why we had guns?

There are many factors that cause differences between races, but appearance, and genetics have nothing to do with it.

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posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by Zsaqulz78th

I am not getting into a debate here about this.

But you need to wake up. When whites got to Africa we had guns, ships etc. They didn't even have the wheel.

I am not saying there is a racial reason for this, I am just saying that is what happened.

Blame it on the white man is racist, untrue, and typical white-guilt BS.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 01:04 AM

Originally posted by asd10
reply to post by Zsaqulz78th

I am not getting into a debate here about this.

But you need to wake up. When whites got to Africa we had guns, ships etc. They didn't even have the wheel.

I am not saying there is a racial reason for this, I am just saying that is what happened.

Blame it on the white man is racist, untrue, and typical white-guilt BS.

The wheel was probably one of the first inventions ever -and was Asian in origin (one of the dominated by European people cultures).

Believing or implying a culture must be inferior due to lack of a wheel is poorly calculated.

Short Answer- Some cultures had no use for the wheel. Aboriginals for example? There were no horses to be used in pulling anything and the invention of the kayak and canoe as well as the sled (for the deep snow and sloppy hills) were much more efficient. I won't get into it but there were also religious differences to consider (Consider quickly the chopping down of entire forests to create roads and flat land to have a wheel work on and how this would conflict with their core beliefs). They did have knowledge of the wheel we can see it within their culture in other ways
(Medicine wheels). It is alsoa known scientific fact that most other cultures such as the Aboriginals of America and Canada were physically healthier and in better shape/stronger than Europeans.

Skin colour as a reason for superiority over weaponry is a bit pushing it though. The Chinese invented gun powder and they aren't the people to blame for slaughtering other countries and cultures. Skin and inventions were not the reasons-They were tools and justifications (I can kill him b.c he's different and I have a gun).
Also at these times Christianity had a huge influence on people- the teachings that stated pagans ( this included foreign cultures) and witches were to be killed was taken quite literally and was being executed in Spain as well as being practiced in their conquering worlds. Taken the fact that China (asia) invented the real substance behind guns falsefies any beliefs that white man were the sole reapers of gun technology the gun department


"There are many factors that cause differences between races, but appearance, and genetics have nothing to do with it."

I agree. Race is actually a social term-created to describe something an idea...but not a scientific or a biological fact. There is no such thing as race.

Anywho, Race-or the perception of race governed the minds of people for a long time.It still does.

Look at the prisons and research why the aboriginals and African Americans are over represented. Findings are to do with financial status and educational opportunities(or shall i say lack their of). Due to their slavery, and division from society (white /black fountaisn and washrooms) -all a race issue because ppl were then disgusted by africans (shameful really)-Viscious circle of racism and financial trouble.. Life is terribly complex and these situations are terribly complex. There is much to consider-way more than guns and boats

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:22 AM
More of this white guilt history from all sides then. If you are white, educate yourself about your own history. If you are non-white, stop hating on white people.

You really do make me sick, saying that whites are nothing and we have only achieved what we have at the expense of others- BS.

Don't make up lies about my race.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 05:54 AM
Existance?: Um have you bothered to read the Bible, you kow, don't you: the world's all-time best seller for decades straight which can be found in every book store, free everywhere, explained everywhere, translated every where? Here, try my books: http://(nolink)/eternian

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by Zerra

I completely agree with you and you made some excellent points.
I don't know were people get off comparing race/colour to spirituality or knowledge/invention, this was one of the first things that jumped out at me in this thread.

To ASD10, No one is talking about "white guilt" what ever that is?? The point is technology was invented/created in Africa with fire, stone tools and the like, it wasn't created by white strangers from a magical white planet like some will have you believe.

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 09:12 AM

[edit on 11-2-2010 by Zerra]

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 09:15 AM
I've read a lot of this thread, but not all. So if you answered these questions earlier I apologize in advance. You said that many presidents are carnations of reptillians, which presidents? Bush, Obama, Nixon??
You also mention that there are portals to mars and the Moon, there is a man named Andrew Bisagio who claims he was part of Project Pegasus and travelled to Mars through these portals, is he telling the truth?
If nothing physically harmful will happen to humans in 2012, then why the secret underground bases in Colorado?
Again if these questions have already been answered I apologize.

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