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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by Kurokage

you don't have to be a believer and its clear you are not, but that whole accusation of 'your just in it for the money' was quite harsh.

I am just saying you have made your point clear about how you dont believe it, if u want to ask questions then by all means, please join in the thread.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 03:23 PM
What ascendency have you achieved amongst the fifth density order of theieves and wolves? I assume that is the main group you have been affiliated with, as it is the strongest and most privy to the sensitive information which you have been discussing...

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 04:09 PM
Actually there are many kinds. There seems to be some kind of consortium where they seem to work together on some things and independent on others.

As far as food... it seems both methods are used. I mean as an energy source and while they are in 3D as physical food. Also some of the consortium are 3D entities who likely do eat physically. All the missing children can't just be lost?

Hatred, killing, sexual issues and basically anything that produces those types of emotional releases by humans are considered food. Even people who use you in various ways are draining you and feeding them in a vampirical way.

Even the poster K that people want to kick around in here are feeding him and he/she may not even realize that he is a conduit to feed our jailers. This board is a great example of how this works and I can see it played out in most threads here.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 05:29 PM

Sorry I missed your question.

When my more true identiy became clear to me, and my memories started coming, and past lives where observed, I become not less myself, but rather more of myself, more complete, expanding myself.

I did not "lose" any part of myself, the core of whom I consider "me", but rather it added to whom I consider to be "me" and gave me new understanding and perspective of my existence and my own being.

Of course, many ideas, knowledge, understanding, behavior, way of being and so on changed, and if "me" now met the "me" 10-15 years ago they would probably have a lot of arguments and disagreements.

Except for myself, family and friends are those whom have been able to observe and witness this transformation, and no one have found it negative in any way but rather positive and insightful and they themselves have expressed that they have learned many things they previously were not aware of in society, the world and Existence.


posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Interesting, I have never heard of Moksha before, but it certainly seems like those whom came up with that had some good insight into the nature of existence , why we are here, and how to escape the slavery of our physical bodies.

I agree.

I believe that "Moksha" is very true.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 06:37 AM
Hello Maggador, thanks for answering all these questions!!! I have a few more if you don't mind.

Is there a fixed law of conservation of energy inside the trap system? Or put in other words: can the ratio between positive and negative energies change? Can negative or positive energies be squezzed outside the trap system? Because if yes, the relative degree of suffering could be changed, so that, for example, the negative is not as negative as before.

For example:

from 50% positive and 50% negative


70% positive and 30% negative

Does too much positive Karma result in not being able to leave the trap system? Does it make the recognition of the trap system more difficult? Here is a link which explains all realms symbolically and also the realm of the gods. It says that the Devas "have such rich and happy lives they don't recognize the truth of suffering."

The Wheel of Life: The Realm of the Gods

Can beings in the Hell Realm exit the trap system directly or do they have to become something else first? What about animals?

The Wheel of Life: The Hell Realm

I am not sure, but it looks to me as if the human realm is the optimal when someone wants to escape the trap system. What do you think? Do Alien realms also belong to this human realm? If yes, is it less difficult to escape from such alien realms? What is the likelihood of escape of other realms compared to the human realm?

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by asd10

"By nature, The Gray Area tends to involve unproven claims and anecdotal testimony that may arouse skepticism in some members."

You're a new member here so I thought I'd quote this from the top thread of the grey area.

I still feel that ix777 could possibly be delusional, What I've posted about plaeides is proven absolutley true, and he made no effort to justify his claims about living in a newly formed system full of radiation, where life would have a hard time getting started.

But in all fairness I do agree with his meditation techniques.

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by Kurokage

Thoughts I had when I read your post, Kurokage:

(1) Your information source concerning the Pleiades might be deliberately a false information source.

(2) Other life forms might adopt to different degrees of radiation in the Pleiades.

(3) Maggador's past life memories could stem from a parallel dimension close to ours in the Pleiades in which different radiation levels and calendar systems exist. All of these could also be part of the same trap system.

(4) Even if - medically speaking - Maggador would be "delusional"; would that not be another "excuse" (ignorance) of not understanding what is really going on from the perspective of the majority of the medical community? The moment somebody terms something "delusional", the thought process stops. Almost like hypnosis.....think about it.

Maggador is - just as you are - a part of god and his knowledge stems from somewhere. Almost all doctors simply ignore to believe in a spirit and see the human as a mechanical being - a major error in my opinion.

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by decoder404

I actually like your posts, you make a good counter arguement and you're willing to at least disscuss this from different angles.
The pleadies are easy to look up and any basic understanding of astonomy tells us it's a new system and the evidence can't just be dismissed out of hand.

There's been no evidence of secret societies, nothing posted except his ideas and stories, but you could be right and I am willing to listen, it's just having been around for a while certain things jump out at me as either lies, delusions or something not quite right. There has been no really scrutiny of this thread (except for me) and I find that un-nerving, people following his advice like sheeple about magic and all kinds of things without any real evidence to prove even one point he's made.

I've watched all his vids on his website and not a single one offers anything expect his opinion in a scary sesame street 1.... ha ha....2 ha ha style voice.

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 10:41 AM
1. what about scientology? Ever read this

Some guy saying how scientology started off with lots of powerful techniques, such as recalling past lives, astral projection and even telekenises, and more. But then apparently it was infiltrated and the techniques were watered down by the powers that be.

He also talks about how the memories they retrieved showed a trap system here on earth, much the same as you say.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 11:46 AM
I am convinced we are all borne with much more knowledge than we can remember, just waiting for something to trigger that memory. The more time we spend maturing here, the more this basic knowledge can be expanded.

Now if we are fed lies all our lives, the more that memory becomes distorted and the lies become our reality. A society where the young are fed information, which was the job of the elders in ancient societies, by groups concerned with their own well being, we are on a path to the destruction of basic society in favor of individualism. This is a no win scenario and we become controlled not by what is reality, but by what we are told we have to do.

We actually loose individuality and become like sheep in a pen with no way out.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 12:03 PM

Perhaps the question should be, could it be that the majority of the world, the ones determined "normal" that are the truly delusional, and the "delusional" ones that are "normal"?

Thus the delusional ones would determine the other delusional ones as "normal" and label the "normal" ones for "delusional".

Simply because the majority has one standard viewpoint and mindset, does not necessarily make this the right state of being.

Perhaps there is a "defect" in the majority of people?

Regarding me being member of various orders and societies, I did post some evidence on this in a different thread but was acccused of having bought such on ebay and what not.

On one of my websites I also posted an interview with a friend of mine, Lego Zagami, whom is member of some of the same orders as me, but people make the same claims against him as me and many others whom have come forth. Some even claim that we work together for the Illuminati or other secret orders to disinform and spread lies on purpose to confuse people more as far as the "truth" goes.

I am intending on releasing other interviews with other friends of mine whom are members of other orders I am members of as well in the near future, and I will let people decide for themselves whether they believe anything they or I say.

In the end you are free to believe what you want and I am not here to force anything down your throat, I am just stating my opinions and experiences as they are, regardless of what people think or believe of me and my person.

The best evidence of all to find out whether I speak the truth or not is to do the work yourself - which actually is my purpose of telling these things - start practising your own spirituality and find your own truths and follow your own intuition, do not take what I state as facts, it is dangerous to blindly believe what someone says without trying to determine if there is any truth to it or not.

Perhaps you will come to some of the same conclusions as me, and perhaps not. It is your path and your journey, not mine, and each and every one is responsible for their own self-development and can not rely on others to serve them the truth on a silver plate.



1. By observing the events in this world, and history, societies and cultures and so on, we can establish that there have been what can be both "positive periods" and "negative periods", both on global levels as well as more local levels. Also considering one can achieve a more positive experience in this world through "living by the rules" so to speak, understanding karmic effects, the law of attraction, cause and effect and so on, this too shows that the "positive" and "negative" are fluid elements that are not constant but can be altered and changed. Thus yes, it would be possible to bring more of the positive, and vice versa. In fact, the whole trap system would seem more useful if it gave the inhabitants within it a possibility for more "positive" experience which would want them to stay there, which may be linked to the Karma itself which people can experience through multiple lifetimes, which in turn will make people focus on achieving a more "positive" life in the next incarnation. This serves as the foundation of many religions and spiritual systems where people are promised to be "rewarded" by being "good" in the "afterlife" or "next incarnation" measured from their deeds in the current life etc.

2. As can be logically concluded from my above respone it does seem possible that being too "positive" can indeed keep people trapped, as it will make them be so bonded to this place because of the positive experiences they have here (within the trap system) that they will continue staying there in ignorance towards their true higher selves and what lies beyond the aspects of only "positive" and "negative" experiences.

3. From my observation those whom are in the "hell realm" will eventually be free, or at least rise "higher" within the different degrees of existence within the trap system itself, to a more "positive" environment. Often this is caused by outside influence, such as loved ones assisting a lost soul to recognize this possibility, or "guides" and "angels" working specifically with freeing people from that realm, just as some of us work here within the physical realm. Personally I have not explored this "hell realm" in much depth so my knowledge is limited to this.

Regarding animals, they seem to simply go to worlds that are similar to this physical world after death and continue living on as spirits there. Some also stay "eath bound", specially pets, whom often will stay close to their owners. Again, I have not studied the animal world to much degree and my observation there is limited too.

4. If you mean that it seems more easy for humans to "escape" because they have a different awareness than for example animals or other creatures, I will have to agree that they do have a better chance of that. The "alien realms" I am mostly familiar with are those whom consist of "human-races", and for these the same seem to apply as for us here. When it comes to other completely non-human races, my knowledge is again limited unfortunately as I work more or less exclusively with the "human-races".


Scientology is one of the many religions that mix truth with lies. An interesting aspect with scientology is that they do have a belief in a "trap system" as they consider people to be alien spirits trapped in human bodies. I used to think this was ridiculous and laugh at it some years ago, until I discovered the trap system myself and things became more clear.

But, scientology itself is more about money and power , and it is a deceitful path which is influenced by "dark" and "negative" energies, from Hubbards involvment with Aleister Crowley etc.

As with many religions and spiritual systems it draws people to it because of the truths they have within it that people can feel connected to, and this has great abuse potential as humans are very gullible and easy to manipulate even in cases where there basically is no truth at all.


posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 12:16 PM
Just a short post to recommend a couple movies that relates to what we are discussing in this topic, which I found interesting and enjoyed myself.

Jacob's Ladder (after death scenario)
What Dreams may come (after death and good examples on various astral planes)
The Nines ("God"/"Creator" "lost" within his own creation - somewhat along decoder404's previous speculations.)

I also watched "The Men who stare at Goats" yesterday, a funny twist based on the real governmental involvement and experiments with the paranormal and psychic powers to be used in warfare etc.


posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 12:28 PM
Something else we can agree!! "men who stare at goats" is based on some truely weird but mostly true events. You couldn't make that stuff up if ya tried lol
Interesting times during the cold war, I was led to believe that the Russians actually exaggerated their claims leading the Americans to spend a fortune on all kinds of silly endevours, with some baring fruit like remote viewing.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by Kurokage

I actually like your posts.....

Thank you Kurokage!

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by IX-777

Just a short post to recommend a couple movies that relates to what we are discussing in this topic, which I found interesting and enjoyed myself.

Jacob's Ladder (after death scenario)
What Dreams may come (after death and good examples on various astral planes)
The Nines ("God"/"Creator" "lost" within his own creation - somewhat along decoder404's previous speculations.)

I also watched "The Men who stare at Goats" yesterday, a funny twist based on the real governmental involvement and experiments with the paranormal and psychic powers to be used in warfare etc.


Thanks for your recommendations Maggador! I did not see any of them yet but will likely do so in the future. I can also add some which deal with "virtual reality" or us operating avatars:

Avalon (director Mamoru Oshii)
Nirvana (director Gabriele Salvatores)
Dark City
The Thirteenth Floor
The Truman Show
They Live (this movie is not on virtual reality or avatars but on aliens)

There are many more TV series, articles, games, philosophers etc. which also deal with this concept. For more information check out the "external links" at the bottom of this wikipedia site:

Simulated reality (Wikipedia)

I was convinced that we live in a "virtual reality" before I read any of Maggadors' posts. I am still convinced that we live in a "virtual reality", but I always wondered what happens right after death, after this life.

For a few years, I simply assumed that humans directly return to the source after death and then enter other creations, other "games". I thought that alien encounters, secret societies, religions etc. were just components of our creation, of our "game" in order to "entertain" us. I did not think that such components would have any relevancy after death. During this short time and because of that, I lived life pretty worriless but I always felt that this after-death-scenario is "too gullible". Sometimes, I worried that humans are "stuck in complexity", stuck in complex worlds, or I worried of what the source is capable of, of what we are capable of if we exist infinitely anyway.

Now, I believe I thought too gullible concerning directly returning to the source after death.

Reading information on reincarnation, demons, aliens etc. and especially moksha, samsara, brahman, karma and peoples' astral experiences like in this thread, I become more and more convinced that there is much more going on - unfortunately.

I want to see for myself if the prison is real.

I tend to believe that Maggador is truthful, because he often says to not blindly believe him but rather to find out truth for yourself. Furthermore, I personally cannot think of someone telling someone else any higher truth than to strive for oneness or to strive for your true being or to strive for "Brahman". Look "Brahman" up in the link below! In my opinion "Brahman" provides an accurate understanding of god.

Brahman (Wikipedia)

I hope that we - the ones who want to escape - will find ourselves in better situations one day, outside of the trap system; and enjoy better creations which are not so absurd, strange and pointless as this energy sucking trap. There is no need to compete with and to be attached to this limited energy as the godsource could provide for enough of it. Being trapped after death for an undetermined time - what an absurdity of infinity.

Let us avoid reincarnation and achieve moksha!

Maggador is right when he says to live in peace and harmony with each other. He is right, when he says that everything and every being eventually returns to oneness.

I wish all of you all the best!

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 09:33 PM
As an addition to this thread I have started an MSN Messenger discussion group called Inner Visions -

To join, send me a private message by U2U and tell me your MSN email and I will send you an invitation.

The purpose of the group is to be able to discuss "one on one" live with eachother, and get to know eachother better in a more personal way than we can do here in a forum.

The group can have a maximum of 20 people so those whishing to participate in this group chat by MSN Messenger should be quick at messaging me.

I have not used this function in MSN before, but if I understand correctly all members will be able to communicate together in the same window, instead of chatting with only one person per window at a time as normally.

In this group we will also have the privilege to be able to discuss in a more personal and free way and express ourselves and our opinions and experiences with various matters that might not be deemed suitable in this forum itself.

This will be an addition to the thread, for anyone interested, and the thread itself will continue as normal and I will answer questions and discuss various matters here as I have been doing all along.

Perhaps I'll see a couple of you in the new group - could be fun and interesting.

So those whom request membership and are invited to join, please bookmark the website for the discussion group:


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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 10:04 PM
May I join in with 2 questions:

(1) Is the timing of physical death agreed upon by the soul before entering the body? - As far as I understand every human being faces various death windows throughout life - a opportunity to go home - that one can take or not. However, on a conscious level, do humans have an influence on their physical death?

(2) Was the Sphinx of Egypt originally the guarding dog Anubis? - there is some evidence that would suggest the lion-like pharao head was carved out of a much bigger head and is not original. - What was the purpose of the Sphinx?

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 10:47 PM

1. Some people decide before their incarnation when they want that incarnation to end. This have many different reasons behind it, One example could be a person whom punish himself for something he have done in the past - such as having murdered another person. He then might decide that an appropriate "punishment", or karmic effect, would be to be murdered in a similar way at the same age of his previous victim. This gives a false sense of "meaning" to reincarnation and Karma, and is the typical view by many whom believe Earth to be a "school".

Other people decide when they want to leave consciously in their physical current incarnation. This can be in the case of an native american indian whom feel he has done his work in this world and is ready to move on and then simply wanders out in the wilderness to find his death spot, where he will lay down to die.

Then again other people have their death manifest at an "appropriate" time, either consciously or subconsiously, but through a way of death that would not be considered a suicide as the example above, but rather a "natural cause".

2. From my understanding, but not observation, the sphinx was tampered with. Its position and significance relates to astronomical aspects as with the pyramids themselves. The exoteric part in either case, its esoteric significance more than likely played a role in various rituals and spiritual practices. But, these are speculations on my behalf, I honestly do not know much about the sphinx itself as I have not recalled anything about it, my memory from the Egyptian times is very short and only focused on the life of the person I was back then right before his death.


posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 12:55 AM
1) What is at the center of the earth? Where are there access points?

2)Is time travel possible? If so, where is the proof and what is it being used for currently?

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