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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by Kurokage

He doesnt say anything about races, just the state of the countries or areas inhabited by the races. You cant just call people racist when they say thing you dont like, just to shut them up. How about you counter argue instead of just calling him racist.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by asd10

Maybe you should go back and re-read the last few pages.
Each race coming from different planets and the comments about Africa not having any great civilizations except those from other races. Egyptians were African/Dark Mediteranian not white. it wasn't until much later when the Greeks ruled Egypt were they were portrayed with much paler skin.
On a time line Cleopatra is closer to us then to the original Egyptians who built the pyramids.

I have also asked questions about the pleaides which he claims was home to one of his past lives. He couldn't say anything about the solar system he claims he came from let alone the star cluster it's self. Not the colour of the sky, not about any moons he could see, NOTHING!! And what was his excuse..... He was there to learn, not look at the sky. If you lived a whole life time on another planet, you would have answers to these question, which would give more proof to the story.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 12:45 PM
'Egyptians were African/Dark Mediteranian not white' Ramases the third had red hair. Many of the busts of the pharaohs look white. Some are depicted with blue eyes. I wouldn't close the case just yet.

Look at the busts of the pharaohs. Yes, it was a mixed society, and got more mixed as time went on.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 02:12 PM
This suddenly got rather focused on races, and racist claims - as expected - from my comments.

Rest assure I am no racist, I am simply stating facts. I have more dark and black friends than white friends, and all my girlfriends have been dark, from different places in South America, and my son is a mix of white and dark himself. So that claim is just ludicrous.

Simply look at the world, and show me a highly advanced black culture / civilization, and then a very primitive and less advanced white culture / civilization.

Again I use Africa as the example. I guess we can use Australia too, considering the indigenous there also are "negroid". Considering the science tells us our origin was Africa, how com Africa is one of the least developed places in the World ?

And, regarding Egyptians, check some history. The Egyptians were NOT black, the later nubians however were - and this is when the Egyptian civilization suddenly fell, when these black people got in power. Here is an ancient egyptian artwork:

The first dynasty egyptians most likely came from the mediterrean area.

Here is a bust of Queen Nefertiti as well, not exactly much african features:

"The most famous part of the Book of Gates today refers to the different races of humanity known to the Egyptians, dividing them up into four categories that are now conventionally labelled "Egyptians", "Asiatics", "Libyans", and "Nubians". These are depicted in procession entering the next world." - Wikipedia

Regarding Greenlandian people being "white" as someone claimed, I would refer that person to look at this photo of a indigenous Inuit from Greenland and tell me if that looks like a "white" person:

And for the climate to have anything to do with people beign blond/white/blue eyed or dark haired/black/brown eyed, take some things as this in consideration:

"Some Berber Guanches populations, particularly the now extinct aboriginal population of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, were said by 14th century Spanish explorers to exhibit blond hair and blue eyes.[28][29] Blondness was also reported among Indigenous peoples in South America known as Cloud People.[30][31]" - Wikipedia

And some ancient several thousand year old blonde caucasian mummies found in Asia:

Some more on ancient red-haired and blond-haired ancient people around in different places of the world:

The white / blond people have been suggested originated from somewhere in the area of middleeast-asia, which could be confirmed by above mentioned mummies found in the area. Then they were said to have moved north, and even the ancient creation tales of the Vikings in Norse Mythology tells of this as well.

In fact, the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland are Samis, and they are generally dark-haired, brown eyed and also darker in skin tone than the "white caucasians" whom are usualøly considered the Scandinavians. Here is a photo of an indigenous sami of Norway:

Does indeed resemble more towards an inuit than a sterotypic "nordic person".

So the evidence shows that it is errorous that the "white blonde" people actually originated in the northern hemisphere in the scandinavian area, and that the original people of that area were in fact darker. Thus, the climate theory is faulty when it comes to how the races "evolved".

Racial conflicts could have been the reason for these races to spread and split away from eachother.

As far I am concerned, I have already given my explanation on the different races of Earth - and if you do some homework and look back in history you will be able to confirm yourself that the races did not "evolve" in the areas suggested by some people here, such as "white people in cold places, black people in hot places" etc.

The ancient migration and origin of races would be a whole topic of its own that could take endless time to discuss so I feel I am done with that topic and I stand by what I have said.



I have previously explained the mental illnesses such as split personality, as well as schizophrenia etc. Shortly said, in most cases these are people that are able to perceive the spiritual worlds but often do not understand it themselves, and since they do not control it, it can be very confusing and problematic. Split personalities can also be the result of past lives and these personalities having "accumulated" in the subconscious mind and for some reason "reanimates".


1. Races of Earth have come here from many different places. But the dominant are from Sirius, Orion, Pleiades. Now most races are mixed out and very few are "pure", if any, and exactly how many different races have come here through history is more than I know of. The origin and history of each race would be more than too complex to get into as well as all races themselves go much further back into one common origin in extremely ancient times at the very time of physical creation of life itself in the Universe.

2. There seem to be a current "mixing out" of races being done by purpose, but I am unsure of what the result or reason for this would be. But one effect could be to inherit "racial karma" and having such put into other races, this could be both a negative or a positive thing depending on the past karma of the dominant race.

3. See answer above number 2. i do not see any specific problems other than that, spiritually speaking I have met people of all races that are highly developed, whether they are blacks or whites, yellows or reds etc.


Sphinx551: Yes, see my answers above.

The reason we are not taught the truth about the racial origins is simply due to the fact we are not told the truth about life elsewhere in the universe at all.


I think I have discussed '___' previously, but I can not say so much about it due to forum rules against discussion of drugs. But yes, it is a natural part of many lifeforms, and it does connect with the spiritual, and at death it is released.

Sorcha Faal: I have to refer you to my post above regarding races and the faults in your statement.

Wisen Heimer:

I do not make prophecies about the future. Some of the things you ask about already exists though. And yes I would say you are alien, because of the fact all races on Earth originated elsewhere, including all other life on Earth.


You assume it is "only 100 million years old". I am more than certain you have not ever had the oppurtunity to actually test that theory, nor have any scientist. As i have said, science is greatly flawed - even measuring the age of man made structures on Earth is a huge problem and rarely correct. Even when speaking of structures a few thousands years old.

Regarding people whom were around at the time of Jesus, and other ancient historical periods, the reason many people have been there is extremely simple actually, and I have explained it before: Higher Souls, and Soul Fractions. Look it up as I have already explained this in detail several times before.

And indeed, we share DNA, with more or less ALL life. Which is actually only logical and not illogical, as all life have one common origin and thus MUST share the basic foundation and be related to eachother, your DNA is shared with plants, lice, fungus, cockroaches, rats and all other life as well.

There is however a difference in DNA between different races and people. That is where you should look.

Also, feel free to disprove my comments regarding races and their different levels of advancement. It has nothing to do with racism, but observable facts.

Also please read better, I answered your pleiadian questions, planet, skies, etc.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 05:34 PM
WOO!!! Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions. I have one more.

How are Daniel Tammet and Kim Peek (famous savants) able to do their amazing mind blowing mental feats with seemingly no conscious effort?

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Hey Maggador your busy i know, but you missed my questions ontop of page 29.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by lowki

I know that avatar of yours of an alien interogation video. Can you find the vid and show it to Meggator? i would like to see his insights on it.
I know some are deemed fake. This one and another one was proved to be authentic by specialists.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 12:28 AM
First off, I want to thank you, bless you, and tell you I love you for doing this. I'm still developing spiritually although as an empath I can tell you are entirely truthful in this thread.

Now, I've already sent from private messages to you asking certain questions, but I have some more and they can be made more publicly.

1. Are the Emerald Tablets of Thoth legitimate? I've read them, only once though quite thoroughly, and a lot of what you spoke here has correlations in the Emerald Tablets. The reason I ask this follows to my next question.

2. In the Tablets, it speaks about how we all have amounts of negative and positive energy in us, and as you progress spiritually, you can change this. Recently, say, past month or so, I've felt I've hit a breakthrough spiritually I believe, and I feel as if I'm at a moment in which I'm on the brink of a major breakthrough, but I feel a turmoil in me spiritually and mentally. It is as if I'm currently being fought over by negative and positive influences I can't quite identify, although reading this thread and the rituals mentioned I plan to start utilizing them. Can this happen though? It almost feels like a tug-o-war lol. There have been times, in great stress and anxiety in certain moments, where I have flipped out, almost as if I was possessed by the negative. Can you verify this at all in anyway? Or is this more of the illusion and imprisonment we exist that is causing this, as a fail safe of sorts? I have certainly, long before I started to develop consciously on my spiritual development, of entities around me. Goosebumps, eerie feelings, and the like. Just want a little insight on this.

3. In trying to meditate, contact spirits and such, can the condition known as tinnitus cause disruption? I constantly have a mild ringing noise in my ears, don't know the cause of which exactly. Is this a purely physical phenomenon also? Or is this something more?

4. Can you explain ego death in all of this? Is ego death going to the First Cause and being one with the Source for a short period? Or is it still not that far up in the planes?

5. I speculate that Atlantis and Lemuria were in fact one and the same; can you verify this? And were these civilizations from Earth, or from somewhere else?

6. I have a friend who is also an empath, at least I speculate he is. He is the same age as I, though while I was the introvert and "nerd" in school who never really did anything, he was always a really social person. But I can tell he is an empath from what he has told me. We both have, on several occasions, were thinking of each other, even about to call one another, when the other calls. And like me, he reads and picks up on people like an open book, and has even guessed problems they have had which he was correct about. He also has from how he describes "seen the future" in glimpses sometimes. Think deja vu but on many occasions and often enough that it puzzles him sometimes. Can you explain these phenomenon?

7. Can you read me?

Again, thank you for doing this. You're an incredibly insightful person and honestly someone I would like to keep in contact with as we not only share many similar ideas but also similar mindsets and interests. So really, thank you very much. This thread has been a fantastic read so far. And I apologize for the number of questions, it is just that I feel a resonance with what you say so great that I am compelled on an intuitive level to reach out to you a little.

Also, thank you for your time and the risks you are taking. One Love, my friend.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by SpectreDC

I apologize for my abundance of questions, the more I go through this thread the more questions I gather. This is related to one of my private messages to you...

The Elks Lodge Fraternity. I doubt they are that involved if at all, but my grandfather actually helped found one of the lodges where he lived years ago. Any chance I could get more involved in secret societies through that fraternity?

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by IX-777

I assume nothing, thats the data.
The only problem with your answers about the pleiades is that it's all made up, the pleiades is a proven infant star system, with masses of radition and x-rays with white and brown dawf stars. Not the type of system to have evolved intelligent life.

Ever hear of Charles Darwin, we as a species evolved on this little rock called Earth, this isn't an episode of Stargate or Star trek and by splitting humanity up in to nice little coloured boxes and saying white people bought about civilization is racist in my opinion.

What ever you say about the Egyptians they were still an African people from north Africa, not some mysterious group of white people. Next your going to tell me is that aliens built the pyramids.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 11:59 AM
link ARE aware that our observations of that star system would be millions of years behind where it actually is. right?

And even going by current knowledge and ignoring this thread outright, the Egyptians have more in common with the Ancient Indians then they do Africans.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:09 PM

Sorry for missing your question.

Regarding the numbers, yes, they occur, and are noticed, but I would say they are not really of importance. What is important is the next part of your question, which is how to develop yourself and your spirituality.

My best advice on where and what to begin with would be general meditations and energy exercises, then move on to astral projection. You can progress to other practices as well, one important thing to learn is to understand and be able to listen to your intuition. For this, I recommend intuition related tools and exercises such as pendulum dowsing, tarot reading, etc.

I would recommend starting with these books:

Energy Work, as well as Astral Dynamics, both by Robert Bruce. Get them at his website or

Tom Graves book "The Diviner's Handbook" available at (This is a book on dowsing)

For the Tarot part I recommend membership of Builders of the Adytum, - this also gives you teachings on other principles and laws of the spiritual world and is not only focused on Tarot even though that is the main topic of the teachings.

You can progress to more advanced things at a later time, some recommendations would be books like "The Book of Magic Power" by Jason Augustus Newcomb and "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" by Joseph Weed - also available at

I also have various meditations and exercises on my own website you are more than free to try out and experiment with.

Good luck!



1. Yes the emerald tables of Thoth-Hermes is of great insights when understood and put into practice. I HIGHLY recommend the Corpus Hermeticum - specially this edition: "The Way of Hermes: New Translations of The Corpus Hermeticum and The Definitions of Hermes Trismegistus to Asclepius" - get it at

2. We are in constant conflict and war with ourselves within, due to our Egos - which are a multitude if different personalities basically, energies that have been and still is influencing you, it could be called an "outside influence" even though it basically "lives" within you. It is a topic that takes a lot of words to properly explain, but shortly it relates to the Collective Consciousness which we all are part of and tap into, it relates to the Archetypes, and your astrological influences - meaning what energies you are affected by both now and what energies affected and entered you at your time of birth. Doing all you do with kindnesss, love and compassion towards others and yourself is a good way to keep a positive balance within you and outside you.

3. Tinnitus may perhaps cause some problems relaxing properly , I do not have this condition myself so I can only speak in general terms from what I have heard from others with this, but it is possible to learn how to decrease the symptoms or even have them go away completely by meditation and self-healing. But, it is also possible to learn to ignore it, or even use it as a way to potentiate your meditations, one such way is through self-hypnosis where you will give yourself suggestions that the tinnitus will make you more relaxed the more it appears. A hypnotherapist could assist you with this if you are not able to do this on your own, as it takes some study of hypnosis etc.

4. Ego death is the discovery of self within the mix of personalities inside that is a result of the energies mentioned in answer 2. It is when you realize these other aspects of yourself being other energies, and other influences, and being able to maintain your higher self consciousness instead of the lower self consciousness consisting of these other energies and their influence - it is a balancing out of their effect upon you, and bringing to surface your inner true being.

5. Personally I have only seen evidence for Atlantis, and it is possible that Lemuria is a legend that arised from the Atlantis legend. I have a website about my research on Atlantis at but it is not updated frequently and thus a lot of my discoveries are not mentioned there yet.

6. It is a psychich ability, telepathy to be exact, most people experience this several times in their lives without taking special notice of is and usually just thinking of it as "coincidences". But, we are all connected, and friends more than others, so it is quite common to experience what you are describing. It is also a form of intuition - a good exercise here is to guess who is calling before you pick up the phone, and when getting mail try to "feel" what the letters are about before opening them and whom have sent them etc.

7. Depends on what type of reading you are refering to. I offer some at my website, it is a rather time consuming as well as energy consuming work but yet it is possible.

Regarding the Elk society you mention I am not familiar with it, I would have to look it up but if it is connected with masonry or have members that are part of other orders such as freemasonry, rosicrucian order, and so on, yes then it could be a doorway to entrance into such other orders.

Best wishes on your path!



Of course you assume. You assume that what you have been told by scientists are correct. You certainly do not know these thigns to be a fact, and the reality is that they do not even claim it to be facts themselves, but theories. Theories and facts are quite different.

And yes the Egyptians, they came from mediterrean areas as mentioned, and not "white" as in a blond scandinavian, but they were not black indigenous africans - that was my point.


posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:33 PM
can u tell me about your life as a pharoah? It must have been amazing, do u remember which one you were? Did you have harems of women and stuff? Fight in battles?

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 03:11 PM
A few other questions, this regarding more with human origins on earth. You've talked about how all races were brought here from different places...

1. Can you list the specific "races" that were brought here? From my knowledge of ancient migrations and such, I know that, say, Indo-Europeans came from India. I guess what I'm asking for is the core group of human "races" that were brought here.

2. At what time did they all come here? I'm of heavy belief that the current time lines academia holds as orthodoxy are utterly incorrect.

3. My belief on Atlantis and Lemuria comes from this; the legends of Atlantis come strongly from Plato as their origins. Now, considering that it is a highly held belief that the Greeks were an indo-european people, that means they are from India.

Ancient Indian texts, which in my belief are incredible historical testaments and documentation from up to 15000 years ago, talk of Lemuria. With the similarities of between the accounts of these "two" lost civilizations, and what with how these Indian texts are some of the oldest historical documentations I know of, as the people from that regions spread out, they still carried the same history. In fact, I believe India was in large part a left over from these civilizations, which I believe to be one and the same. Maybe in fact, the region was a large colony of theirs, or even a central part of these civilizations.

Basically, the first two questions are meant to help me straighten out my ideas. You talk that the Atlanteans that survived their cataclysm moved to such places as South America and Egypt; Egyptians actually talk about their "home land", which they called Punt. Now, what I'm trying to get at here is that I believe India, Egypt, South America, and various other regions were colonies of Atlantis. I believe India was their first and oldest, to a point where it was a strong power in their own right in trade and power. I believe the others were much younger and not fully developed like India was, and I believe that, while some Atlanteans went to South America, many more went to India, and brought many people from India to Egypt. Which is why I believe India = Punt, as the descriptions of the trade and items they talked about from Punt match almost perfectly with India. I also believe this, as I said, because Indian historical texts are some of the oldest I know, older than any other civilizations. Merely that the orthodoxy of academia hid these secrets, especially when German High Critics proclaimed any and all religious texts and legends that talk about supernatural forces should be stricken from the record. It just so happens many Indian texts talked about an abundance of advance technology and supernatural forces at work.

I just want to hear what you think of all this. There is actually a thread here on this speculative India and its history, and arguing how orthodoxy hid it on purpose as well as out of spite. I'm going to read your site on Atlantis now

4. On Buddhism; and I mean specifically and only what the historical Buddha taught. He actually had the same message as you did about reality, at least at the core. Interdependent Arising and Oneness, that this reality is full of despair and sadness but that reincarnation can be stopped through introspective actions and positive karma...and really if you read a lot of what he said that even this reality is essentially a prison and a trap. He also speaks of "level" of consciousness and incarnations, and includes "gods", which aren't like all powerful gods, but more like deities and such.

Is your dislike of Buddhism specifically at the religious creations that came from it, or is it a dislike of what the historical Buddha taught, which was more of a philosophy than anything else with no form of worship?

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 03:20 PM
5. This is on Jesus as well as a bit on Buddha. In my last post I talked about how the historical records of the Ancient Indians are utterly incorrect in my belief. In fact, the historical Buddha, according to my belief, would have lived around in 1800 B.C. and not what orthodoxy claim, around 500 B.C - 400 B.C.

So, Jesus was into the occult, esoteric and such. You talked how he never actually died but rather lived on and just stayed in obscurity, traveled to Tibet and such...

Did he go to that region of the planet prior to his attempted murder? And going specifically by the historical Buddha's teachings and how similar they are in essence with your own, did Jesus learn a lot, especially meditation and the like, from Buddha's philosophy?

Considering that prior to Constantine's conversion to Christianity, that early Christians believed in reincarnation and that the similarities between early Christian belief and the original teachings of The Buddha are astounding, I can only speculate that this is a huge possibility.

And related to this, how long did it take till the cookie crumbled? Basically, how long did it take till the follows of Christ aka Christians became corrupted like all the other world religions? Was it prior to Rome's conversion? Or was it earlier than that?

A lot of these are basically questions of speculations I have as well as pretty much asking for your insight on my speculations.

Again, thank you for answering these questions of ours and your insight on all of this.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by IX-777

Yes, it's really too bad we can't discuss drugs as I feel certain drugs, (psychedelics) are really a great tool towards denying ignorance and thinking for yourself. If this site is about denying ignorance and disbelieving what the government tells us, why are they so strict about drugs? The drug war itself, is an obvious conspiracy. Luckily we have other websites for discussing all of that, so I will respect the rules of of this one.

Anyways - I'm not sure if anybody has said this, but what do you think of what is currently happening in Haiti and all the media attention it is getting? As some die hard Christians have said on FOX news, is their some connection to all the voodoo that happens there? Voodoo is very popular there, and thought of as very real part of every Haitian's life. What do you think about voodoo as well?

In my opinion, it's just an earthquake, I'm interested to see what you think. The reasons that idiot on FOX news thought otherwise, was because only Haiti was affected while, the Dominican Republic was spared from the earthquake.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by RshachGtsthar

A good way to talk about "drugs" is to use the term Entheogen, considering that factually it is correct to use this term for most discussion people here would want to have about them.

Most people will gloss over it, including mods, and it also stays on the low for most people who would be looking for that kind of talk (which I don't understand anyways because it isn't illegal at all to talk about it).

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

We can get away with discussing what they are on this forum, but we are unable to share our personal trips and experiences.

*Also, I do not wish to talk about street drugs such as crack or heroin, those drugs have one function, a strong euphoria followed by a strong crash, they will only cause trouble, and do not expand consciousness. It's psychedelics I feel have a legitimate use in this world.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:00 PM
I'm aware of the conspiracy that some of our modern English words are really chants for arcane forces that control this world.

Can you explain this conspiracy.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:08 PM
I was reading this post on your site about astral projection/sanctum


And became inspired to try this... but i realized i have already done this a few years ago and find it fairly easy to return every now and then to this place. i guess Repetition and just becomeing familar with it .

Let me explain. I never spoke with ANYONE about this so i hope (know) you can appreciate the value of what im sayin.

i am 22 years old and lost my first love a little over three years ago (5-6-7 ill never forget that date). We truly believed we were soulmates and we were best friends for a few years before we took the next step. We really wanted to spend the rest of our lifes together and even planned to get married...

After her death i changed and i knew i would never be the same. It felt (was) like an emptyness in my own existance. I spent a lot of time to myself thinking of everything, and began writing poetry. (not that pitiful sad emo sh*t) but pure expression of oneself meant to be reviewed by me, to help me.

anyways, i remember one time i was writing about this place i go to ( titled: familar nowhere) when i want to excape everything for a little bit, and it happened. I was there. i was aware of myself, but had no body. it was dark (like a black void) and i saw purple-grayish, ominious, transient clouds scattered all around me (like a giant bubble). there was no ground. i remember trying to wave my hands in front of me but couldnt see them because... i didnt have them? Although i didnt have a body i could feel a cold light mist from the clouds and the smell of rain.

it was uncomfortable at first but eventually my perception of feeling became numb and the cold drops of the mist wern't as sharp anymore. I felt stuck there.

after spending what felt like days questioning everything, i came to the realization that everytrhing is... because it had to be. i know it sounds cheezy but i still cant put into words the feeling that thought left with me.

After this realization i noticed a small light in the distance gradually becoming bigger and brighter and i finaly felt the reasuring warmth of the light as the darkness seemed to vanish. the light became brighter and brighter and suddenly i snapped back into reality, sittling there with the pen in my hand. Only a few mins had passed but i felt the fatigue of being in that place.

Every now and then i go back there to contemplate difficult questions im faced with. Ive learned to leave that place whenever i like and find it very useful to 'meditate' in. but, i only felt the warmth of light once. I know and am 100% sure this place exsists either in my mind or out there somewhere.

So, this leads to my question for you.

-Is this expierience truly astral, or just a reoccuring daydream?

-When u create your astral sanctum do u do it consciencely before you travel there, or are you able to manipulate your surroundings while you are there?

i believe this place to be my astral sanctum and would like to change up the scenery but am having difficulty with it.

-Should i just leave that place alone and try again from scratch?

would really like your input and am open to anyone's suggestions

IX-777 Thanx again for a beautifully written thread and a little more clarity.

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