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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by kaskade

You go Kaskade great question!!!!!! And you got an awesome answer. THis is one reason i have down loaded this entire post so far. It has great future references and due to the fact MEGGATOR....has not came out with his book yet.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 06:49 AM
Dear Maggador,

thank you for your answers! In this post, I again state that I intend not to offend you in any way but I ask provocative questions so that all readers including myself gain greater understanding of your observations. Beware - what I state may or may not be true. Think about it.

I think that you did not elaborate sufficiently on the concept of "infinite existence and finite creativity". In prior posts, you said that god's reason for expanding can only be speculated upon. Hmm... I say you are correct that we can only speculate but it is HIGHLY LIKELY or VERY LOGICAL, that he does expand or "get lost", because he realized that he

a) cannot die (exists infinitely)
b) has finite, limited creative potential

As a sidenote, I have to say that point b) must be gigantic. At least everything in our imagination and beyond is possible.

If we are in this omnipotent state of oneness, everything repeats itself at some point. Meaning/meaninglessness, positive/negative etc. exist at the same time, at the same place. This is the point where god "explodes" into infinite possibilities. At some point all parts unite, but then again, god explodes...and so on and so on. Our roles, our avatars change again and again...forever and ever....

The reason why this is very likely is the following:

-you believe that reaching the oneness source is the way to go
-yet you acknowledge that there are "higher" and "lower" planes of existence
-these planes were created by a false but still higher god

Now I ask you:

If oneness is the way to go, wouldn't all of existence be better of and profit from being in the united oneness state and explore higher and higher? Why is this not the case? Why degeneration instead of exploration?

Why are we so low?

Why are we not in oneness now and explore further?

Why should parts of god fight against their fellow brothers and sisters, build a trap system and not unite to explore its oneness being further?

Is there a higher goal beyond oneness?

The answer to the above question is that I HIGHLY doubt it because it is ILLOGICAL. Instead it is LOGICAL that god hides from himself to later find himself because of point (a) and (b) above.

Trap system? May be. Gods whole existence is a "trap". This truth is even higher than yours because you seek meaning or think there is meaning while in oneness meaning/meaninglessness coexist. From our perspective, it is chaos.

And what do you think happens after reaching oneness? Do you believe that you will stay there?


You MIGHT even go to a place worse than this physical reality. Do you know why?

Because you realize your true being and want to get as utterly and deeply away from yourself as possible because nothing is more boring/meaningless than realizing this. If you find this truth out quicker than "last time" you might even make it more complex and ugly next time. You cheat yourself with deceit, lies, false believes and all the other sh## we see in this physical reality.

Oneness and spirituality doesn't seem as such a good idea after all, doesn't it?

May be the god of our physical existences and the "trap system" is not so bad after all. Memory loss disconnects you from oneness. You said that there are also beautiful physical planes of existence.

The irony is, that once you reach oneness, you want to get away from it. It is just too "perfect".

Please don't come with this "We haven't seen oneness yet reasoning". As I stated above, it is HIGHLY LOGICAL to escape from this state once it is reached. Otherwise our lower existence is unexplained. Think about it. And after all, we are god and should know this, shouldn't we?

I really wonder why you did not figure this out yet.

Still, I like what you say.

(1) So, this is question 1: Your elaboration was just insufficient and please be more detailed now why we should reach oneness. Why? The after-oneness scenario in whatever existence might be worse.

-------continuation in my next post---------

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:47 AM
Hey Amigo,

If some one has asked you this can you just tell me where the answer is?
I was wondering about these orbs peoiple are seeing so much of lately.
I seen something back on Jan 2 2000. A Sunday night. It was not a ship
and the only way I can make any sense of it, is to say it was an intelligent
being of light.

Picture a bright green orb, the size of a football, with green straight spokes of light shooting out of it in all directions and rotating on the orb itself, then the spokes disappear, it banks and at about a 35 degree angle, starts coming in your direction from at first sight, following a mountian ridge that is a bout 8 miles away.

The speed increases and just before it hits the ground
in front of you about a city block away. It changes its direction again
and blasts out of our atmosphere. Right in front of three jetliners
that were on aproach for landing at Ontario Airport Ca. USA.

This sighting is documented on UFO reporting center. It was all over the news for just that night of course, then blown off as a meteor.
Once it took off out of here .Blink gone.

What I want to know is with the conscious decisions of direction it was
obviously making screaming intelligence. Are there beings of light like this
that can do what I suspect to be just roam the universe at will?
Unattached if you will. Picture the color of a green signal light.
this is the short version of the sighting.


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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:58 AM
------continuation of my post---------

(2) I read numerous dmt nexus, erowid and other trip reports about dmt and never did I come across anything which indicates a prison system. Terence McKenna also never mentioned it. Why do you know better? Dmt consumers have ventured less far than you have? There are people who consumes this stuff on a daily bases. Do they mention a trap system?

(3) You said: "However I do not believe that to be the case, from my observations all seem to suggest that individual beings created their own individual realities, and that all of existence is found within God."

Yes. These individual beings are allowed or encouraged to build their own universes, because they too want to escape from oneness; and god as totality lets them.

(4) How does the trap system look like exactly? What is it made of? Where is its center located? Can it be destroyed from inside the trap system? The death star in Star Wars was also destroyed with a single shot :-)

(5) Could the "trap system" be YOUR interpretation or reason to ascend to higher realms? So that you have a reason because you WANT to experience oneness? So that the "trap system" is some kind of fearful incentive for you?

(6) Besides you, who else believes that we live in a trap, prison system? Please list all people you know if you can or at least some.

(7) Personally, I believe that the truth I found exceeds your truth. Yours sounds as if everything below oneness is a trap and I say, that it can be interpreted as a trap and not as a trap - both, at the same time valid and individually valid. However, god

a) cannot die (exists infinitely)
b) has finite, limited creative potential

is always true. Certainly, this information is hidden "most of the time".

Following your belief "I am in a prison system" brings me to a truth below mine which is quite dangerous because of our manifestation abilities. My beliefs are more chaotic but purer than yours. The god you end up at might as well just be another "prison guard". It goes like this:




(8) You claim that you can get into other persons. I have a challenge for you:

find out who I am and get into my person. Then send me a U2U and I publicly confirm on this thread if you were correct or not.

Is that possible?
Does this involve too much energy (serious question)?

I will even open myself up to your visitation.

Well, thanks again for your answers. May be you are correct with your observations, may be not. If you answer my questions, as you nicely did before, than we can shed some more light on this. And again, no offence intended, I am just theorizing with all of this.

All the best to you!


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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 02:19 PM

From my own observations, I would say that "everything is logical", and all of existence operates thus in a logical way, it is systematical, and it does seem to operate in cycles both on the physical plane and other higher planes of existence.

It also does seem true that God, or total Oneness, the Soure, must consist of Everything, all different aspects, polarities, and so on.

To me that is a rather logical assumption which also seem to be the case from my own observations.

Since God must be an eternal source of energy that can only transform and change itself, which from our point of view could be called "bringing to life new creations", it seems logical that God thus would be an expanding force that thus also must keep growing due to the creations themselves being able to expand and create. And this is what seems to be going on from observation as well.

Now one of the questions which have to be asked, but of course will be difficult to answer, is how do God observe himself, or his creations? Do he observe everything within existence at the same time, or is his creations that moves downwards from his own point of being "individuals" to him as well, with their own independent minds and so on? If the latter is true, to gain anything from these creations, it would be logical that at some point he would have to re-absorb what he have spread, so that he can obtain the knowledge and experiences from those "lower" creations of his own. This seem to be the case to me from my observations.

You seem to suggest that God "himself" becomes his creations and "forgets" himself. Then, where is he located while being his own creations? What is outside of his creations if not him himself? Is he unconscious, while only his "inner mind" or "creations" are "conscious" , yet split up in many fractions of consciousness which creates individuals? Was he then at some point conscious, but decided to create and for some reason got lost and stuck within his very own creation?

Personally I do not think so, it seems to me that God is conscious and thus maintains the balance of existence and contineous creation, and that he rather observes his creation from his own point of view, as well as absorbs back parts of his creation in cyclic turns to gain those experiences as well that he did not directly take part of himself as he was/is on a different plane of existence than of those of his creations.

This also explains why we are so "low" - because God started spawning creations that were seeded with various aspects of himself, and these creations became individuals because they were split from the Source itself, or God. Since these too had creative powers and the ability to manifest and create, new creations spawned from them as well, which again contained various aspects of these Creators, and thus creating many worlds/universes/dimensions which operate and exist in different ways.

It seems logical all these Individual Creators wanted to expand further themselves, gain experiences, explore their creative powers. This continued, and probably still continues, down on many levels into many different realities and universes.

WE are located on one of the branches of this Tree of Creation, governed by the rules and laws of the Creator whom spawned our existence and where we find ourselves. And, unfortunately enough for us, we find ourselves in a rather chaotic and dense world, with physical bodies, where our spiritual essence is trapped within the physical, as I have explained earlier.

But all is a reflection of that which is above, including ourselves, we are doing the very same ourselves as God, and the other Creators, we make new forms of life, we make our own worlds, we make our own rules and laws, and so on. And this is just logical as we are all "ignited" by the same original force and part of the same original source though there are many levels of existence separating us.

And, since we are reflections of our own Creator(s), we need look no further than ourselves to get the answer to your questions regarding why there would be "fights" agaisnt the fellow brothers and sisters - look at all the wars and conflicts we have between ourselves here - why would they create a trap system and not unite - look at how the different governmental systems of the world is creating such traps here for their own inhabitants.

Being Oneness, how could we explore "higher" ? Are you saying there is something "higher" than God, the Source, itself? It seems the only logical option was to expand and move "downwards".

This too is reflected in ourselves, we create machines, artificial life, robots and so on, which we can say is a level further down on the existential plane than "ourselves". Such creations could potentially also be creators, and they could also question their own origins. There would be a limiting factor though, as these creations would be purely physical, and the highest level of existence they could experience would be their own, along with the knowledge of their Creator. They could observe their Creator creating more of themselves, but they could not observe any claims the same Creator would make about "higher" levels of existence, of the spiritual realms, of soul, and so on - as this would be no part of their own creation.

We on the other hand, can also create Spiritual creations, thus in the same manner as the "Gods", we can with our minds create seemingly infinite variations of lifeforms and universes. These we can make manifest and as real as this physical world itself, and become the Gods of our own creations.

As the creators "above" us, we too can fill our creations with different aspects of ourselves. If we please, we can create some "goodness" in those worlds, some "evil", some "intelligence" and some "ignorance", some "hate" , some "love" and so on. Or, we can, create worlds based entirely on only one such aspect, and so on.

Personally I do not find Oneness to be a "goal", meaning something I am seeking. With Oneness I am now talking about the reunion or absorption with God, the Source. This seem to me to be a process which will ultimately happen in either case. Personally, I prefer to stay somewhere in between "Oneness" and "Individuality", meaning a plane of existence where one still have ones individuality, yet still can connect with All and Explore all as well as create ones Own creations.

Thus you could call this form of existence "Oneness" as well but in a different aspect. My personal goal is to return to the realms of Freedom, outside the Trap System surrounding this plane of existence, yet at a lower level of existence than "God Level", or at the Source. Since I have experienced that existence, and also this existence, I can from my own observations say that this physical realm is the most limiting way to experience oneself, due to it being a Trap System with all the attributes and effects causing us the different problems and trouble I have mentioned in earlier posts.

And since I know of this possibility, and this form of existence beyond the physical world, which one can access through spiritual practice, I will have to say that I do not agree to your statement that "spirituality is not such a good idea after all" since without it one will be limited to this physical experience and all the limitations of Oneself that brings. But of course, if you do not mind living as a lower aspect of yourself, and only experience a fraction of what you can, only knowing that which is surrounding you on a physical plane, no one will force you to leave, at least not me.

(continues in next post)

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 02:20 PM
I managed to delete my entire reply which was suppoesd to be in this post to you which took me more than an hour to write so I will have to rewrite the answers to questions 2 to 8 at a later time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 03:51 PM
Dear Maggador,

thank you very much for your answer so far. I enjoyed reading it and I am fascinated of your willingness and of the contents of your answer. I will reply later, when you are done with the other questions. I am sorry that you accidentally deleted your reply. This succs alot, I know. To be honest, I do not like this physical reality at all and also rather seek the place you are striving for.

I hope you do achieve it, I really do.



posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:52 PM
lol thanks hornettec, i thought it was a good question that had to do with a big matter in todays society.

OK SO I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION, and more so a statement...

QUESTION: Me and my girlfriend were thinking about how materilistic people are with there body image today. Plastic surgeroy, the drive to have the perfect body etc.
Do you believe that those who care about there bodies so much, will most likely recarninate once agian, until they understand there bodies are NOT who they are?...
as well...those who completley DO NOT care about there bodies, will they AS WELL recarinate due to the fact they did not realize the party was also a big part of them as well?...

I had a random meditation that that occurred to me... I dont believe anything reincarnates...the only thing i believe that reincarnates is consciousness...

What created planets, and these plants, and these animals to eat etc. was seems that even when you get into the higher astral reincarnate your consciousness and that is truelly all that ever lives. The sheer act or will to "HELP"lower astral realms... i feel creates a physical life...a physical that conciseness can help those..
somewhat like creating a machine to do the work to help other things.
A tractor doesn't exist naturally, but it was created to help make farming easier, and help humans eat more.
consciousness created a physical construct so it enabled to help what needed to be help.
I remember u talking about soul fragments...and i though to myself...IF and WHEN i get to the higher source....i know that i would most likely reincarnate BACK into a lower form...just to help teach give assistance back to those who need it or forgot it.
It seems like an endless cycle of consciousness....on all levels and platforms

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 06:27 AM
if there was a steriotype for a space hippy or such you would be the perfect match, its like modernised hippyism haha fun stuff though

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by C1OUD

Haha, It's proper name for modern hippyism is New Age.

He is new age but I don't think he'd like to call himself a hippie, his words about the prison system is a little too dark for a hippie.

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 11:18 AM
#1 What is your explanation of the mental illness OCD? OCD means obsessive compulsive disorder.

#2 What is your explanation of the mental illness depression?

#3 What is your explanation of "eye floaters"?

Thanks amigo!

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 09:55 PM
1. Why exactly is time speeding up?

2. How do you explain the UFO alien experiences people had when they were in a car or in mid day and not exactly in their house(most of alien abduction stories being reported in people's homes)? I do not think all Alien UFO abduction stories are spiritual. Not saying that you are wrong but there are really cases that can't just be a spiritual experience.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 09:57 PM
are you an alien or god or something?

because im just wondering to my self being the PEON that i am..

Do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

so? are you god? an alien? or just i dunno?

feel free to answer in your own time!


posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by IX-777

Man is here as Slave, and came into being by a Trap that was created to capture the Spirit, or Soul, in human bodies, and then put him into a cycle of reincarnations where memory is erased between each life for Man to not remember his origins, and to hinder him from developing his spiritual self.

Man is here as a slave? and came into being by a trap? why would you lay a trap if your a slave?... that was created to capture the spirit ?? or soul?? in human bodies ?? and then put him into a ccle of reincarnations OK were memory is erased???? between each life ! for man to NOT remember his ORIGINS

were did MAN come from then? and to hinder him?? from developing HIS spitrual self

That my friend is the biggest load of BS i have ever seen and you have stars and flags for THAT?

you do know if you said that to any doctor you would be on prozac? LOL

Not because its far out .. just because it MAKES NO SENS..

point one : Man is here as Slave
point two : and came into being by a Trap that was created to capture the Spirit, or Soul

point three : life for Man to not remember his origins

... what part of NOT LOGICAL am i missing?

feel free to answer my questions as YOU are my question

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by 13579

This is coming from a guy, where not one post makes any sense, it's like your talking to yourself, it's weird.

How is that not logical but your rant of function and process makes sense? What the hell?

He's saying man is here spiritually as a slave to other spiritual/astral entities, some that benefit from the slavery. They keep us oblivious of their existence.

If they, there was a higher density/dimension, don't you think that's exactly what would happen if there was? Trying to keep us oblivious to their spot in dimensional space, so they can take what they want.

I don't actually believe it, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense then your posts.

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by RshachGtsthar

It helps if you READ what i said

i mean americans "most" dont even understand monty phython fs


40+ flags and a gazzlion stars

I should make a thread saying im an effing alien... or god

read the topic ? no? didnt?


i did.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 11:11 PM

Do you play in a melodic death-metal band? I once played in one. It was fun. Is there melodic death-metal in heaven?

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by 13579

You need to start from page 1 of this post. He explains himself very well. This individual, Meggador seems very legit. Couple of people already tired to de-bunk him and they lost..............
And i read somewhere on this post by someone, a few pages back, saying Meggador is the real thing. Once again he said you don't have to believe him. He is sharing his experience and knowledge with us.


posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Im still wondering about a question i ask you a few pages back:

1. Was Bin Laden and undercover agent part of the 911 plan?

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:39 AM
My one and only question that clears up every other question:

What makes you more capable of providing the "answers" found in this thread than anyone else?

Is not truth written on man's heart?



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