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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by IX-777

1. Is going towards the bright light after death a trick to eventually wipe out our memory and get us back into the reincarnation cycle again? If we maintain our awareness after our consciousness departs from our body at death, and do not go towards the bright light, then what happens to us? Do we still meet with loved ones and spirit guides, review our life, explore astral worlds, etc?

2. Could our spirit guides that we meet with after death be unknowingly trapping us in the lower astral planes by pushing us towards the reincarnation trap, saying that it is in our best interest as part of the spirit's learning process? In other words, are they deceived themselves thinking they are helping us or do they really know what is going on?

3. You mentioned that there were nine densities and seven astral planes in the universe. Is it possible that there are other universes out there that make up a Superuniverse, and that our universe is a Supergalaxy of that Superuniverse? Perhaps our Creator of All is not the only Creator of All in this Superuniverse?

4. What do you think are some of the deceptions of the New Age Movement, which was most likely started by TPTB for those disillusioned with traditional religions?

Some of my ideas about the deceptions were: A) the idea that we must always be happy and think good thoughts, repressing our negative emotions instead of dealing with them B) reincarnation without memory of past lives is for our own good C) completely destroying the ego, instead of learning how to control it

Thank you.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by IX-777
3. The Moon people I observed looked similar to Earth people, but they had more pale skin and white or greyish hair. They wore some sort of robes when it comes to their clothing. I do not know if this is the general look of Moon people or not as I only observed a few.

Sounds like something right out of a D&D game. So you really believe there are people living on the moon? How do they get past the whole no atmosphere thing? Where did they get the oxygen from?

Sorry I am not trying to be rude, Mars maybe, but how would humans get oxygen on the moon? I understand they live underground, but they would still need to have huge amounts of oxygen pumped into their underground homes.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 09:06 PM
1. Who is Commander Ashtar?

2.a What do the Martians think of Earth humans?
b. What do the Martians look like (from the ones you have seen)?
c. How many Martians do you think are left on Mars?

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:25 PM

1. As far as I have observed there is only Existence, thus Non-Existence is not an issue that can be taken into consideration and compared to Existence since the state of Non-Existence is Non-Existing (pun intended).

2. 0 can only become 1 or more if something is added to the 0, or the nothingness.

3. The reverse of the above would apply here, removing something from 1 can create 0, or nothingness.

Aa a sidenote for 2 and 3 this is only valid for the material world and mathematics, as there truly is no real "nothingness" as everything is a part of the All.

4. As mentioned in 1, Existence always was thus non-existence is ruled out.

5. Both a and b would be infinite depending on which of them were the state of being.

For 4 and 5 I am talking in pure existential terms as far as it goes for all up to the level of the Source itself, "God". On lower level of existence something that exists may seem to go out of existence at a point, though it never does, it only converts into another form of existence.

6. This only applies for the physical universe and matter where such definitions can be measured. In the Mental world such boundaries are not limited as in physical world, and if observed in the Mental world it is only as a reference to experiences in the Physical World.

7. No, it can only tell you the difference between Material Existence and Non-Material existence, or the Physical Universe and the Spiritual Universe.

8. Space is not "nothingness" or "non-existence" if that is what you are implying. Space is simply the measurable area between various physical objects. Of course space itself also consists of invisible forces and energies and is never "emtpy" in the true sense.

9. Space did not create Existence. Existence always was, and it created Space. Within Space it manifested other material objects, similar to how you can imagine "space" in your mind and then "fill it up" with objects that, apparently, are manifested from "nothingness" - except from your Mind itself.


Yes, dogs and cats, and probably other animals, have a natural psychic sight and sense, and this is why they can know such things that most people can not. All life seem to have these properties though, but not all life takes advantage of this. or are even aware of these aspects of self. Other forms of life take it for granted and do not even speculate about it at all as it is as natural as any other "ability" such as communicating through sounds, or seeing with eyes.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:51 PM

1. Yes, the light seem to be part of the trap system. There is no need to enter any light to go anywhere. When you die, simply tell yourself you want to experience your true spiritual essence, your real higher self. Tell yourself you want to merge with the Source, or experience the true God above all Gods. The loved ones are always with you as they are all part of you and All, so yes you can always reunion with them for a while on lower astral planes where you still find yourself experiencing individuality.

2. Yes, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters etc are more often than not within the trap system themselves and thus also "prisoners" without knowing it, believing themselves to be higher and free. But as long they are Individuals, they are not true Selves, as only Oneness is True Self. Such beings are only to be found within the lower astral planes, however, some of them do know of the higher truts and can help guide people towards True Self, as they may have chosen their role as such a being to assist people in the right direction instead of the false direction after death.

3. Yes, there are many universes, and many Gods. Many creators, many laws, many worlds. However, there can only be one Creator of All, and with All I mean the totality of existence including any lower God, any other universe, any other dimension, and so on. The highest form of Consciousness, the First Cause of Everything, this is the True God, the Source - that which was the first seed.

4. There are so many deceptions and disinformation in the New Age scene that I stay away from it myself, a whole new branch of religious beliefs and spiritual paths have emerged to mislead people and it is working, people are truly ignorant and fooled easily into believing the most ludicruous things without any form of personal experience to verify such claims. People blindly believe too much, and need to stop taking what others say as "true" when they have never experienced that to be true themselves. That includes anything I am saying.

Your A, B and C examples are good ones.
It is important to create a balance within and harmony, supressing or repressing anything will always cause problems, one must find the cause of ones negativity and fix it from within, not suppress it or "hold it back". But living a positive life, following certain laws of existence etc, will help remove negative aspects of ones life so these do not need to be suppressed in any way in the first place.

The reincarnation and memory loss part I have already given you my opinion on, which said shortly is that people get their memories erased to NOT learn, but rather function as ignorant slaves, knowing nothing of their true being.

One can not destroy the ego - only dissolve it, by finding ones Inner self, ones True Being, there is nothing to destroy as the Ego is a part of your physical being, not only a spiritual part of you, and certain things are physical instincts that are a direct effect of our biological bodies. One should not try deny oneself, but rather find the Causes to any Aspects of oneself, from within oneself.


I do not believe, I know. They do not live without atmosphere, they have artificially created atmosphere within domes, and underground bases. The oxygene is probably produced from water-ice that already exist on the Moon. For all I know, there can be other sources of oxygene within the Moon itself as well that I am unaware of.


1. A new age persona, based on fiction with some truth, to mislead and disinform people.

2. a - I do not know what the general population think, but there seem to be some sort of collaboration going on there with the Martian governments and Earth governments, and they seem to get along much better than those on the Moon.
b - These too look like common humans, however, for some reason, I have observed several black people there, but I am not sure of what black race, meaning I am not sure if I could categorize them as "African" or as some of the other dark skinned races of Earth. In fact, the ones I observed looked like the ancient Olmecs with similar outfits. I do not know how many different races exist on Mars.
c - Absolutely no idea on how many are left on Mars, I have observed very few but I feel they may be the second largest group of living people in this solar system , with Earth as number one. Millions would not surprise me, but I do not think they are up in more numbers than that. I would estimate a few hundred thousands at least.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by IX-777

1. Meggador, i just read about our Pineal gland which helps up with astro projection and considered our third eye, able to see the dead, other relms. I know it has been diluted with, fastfoods, soda's , red meat, propaganda, etc,,,,,will the gland always be there for us to activate or there are certain limits where it is to late and can never be activated?

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by IX-777

I am still not happy because i dont think we are on the same page yet. So i have a few more questions to ask you.

I am going to start out with some statements.

1. Is this true. Existence is only seen as infinite because it can't disappear?

Wouldn't this statement tell us that Non existence takes up all space?

2. If Non existence takes up all space that there is. Wouldn't existence exist within the space of Non existence?

3. Can we look at existence as a pyramid where at the bottom of the pyramid you have everything. Also called Zero. Non existence. Nothingness. And at the top of the pyramid you have existence at present time.
The pyramid represents the steps existence has taken from the state of Non existence to present time.

This is the distance from 0 to 1.

But why cant we measure the time from 1 to 0. But we can measure the time from zero to 1.

4. If nr. 3 is correct. Is existence a compression of non existence (Everything)?

We all know that existence is changing all the time. Is existence changing (expanding) back to what it was before everything was compressed into existence as we can observe it?

5. I see God as Non existence (everything) who created existence within he's own space. There is no where else God could have put existence.

I see existence smack in the middle of everything. Because existence is only now. Present time and space.

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 12:44 AM

Yes, the pinal gland, which is the physical part within our brain that can help us experience our natural abilities is being tampered with to inhibit these experiences.

But since it is Spirit that is responsible for our true experiences, we can always experience such things, and the pinal gland can be healed if damaged as any other part of our bodies.


1. It seems you are confusing "space" and "non existence" with eachother. Space is not "non existence" - after all, space does exist and thus is there. You are mixing material solid objects with other aspects of existence that are not solid or even visible. Because something is not immediately visible, nor solid, does not make it "non existing". You are also still taking about the physical universe, and not Existence in totality. You fail to include how this would relate to all the spiritual planes of existence separate from the physical plane.

2. Since non-existence do not take up all place, but only Existence does, the answer is no, as all material is found within existence itself, including "space".

3. I would look at it the other way, with the First Cause at the top, and all the other levels below in the pyramid being different expansions caused by the First Cause, which in turn expanded the known existence and everything within it. However, it is an absurd model to use, as it would indicate something outside the First Cause itself, while I would say everything exists within The First Cause, or the Mind of All. A more correct model to me would be a simple circle, where everything has been spawned within itself, in fractals, which thus can continue expanding itself into infinity without ever going outside its original borders, and everything outside these original borders of the main circle would be the infinite Source of All itself. I wrote a related article on this here:

With the above in mind, there never were such a thing as non-existence, as that would have inhibited existence itself from coming into being.

Thus, 0 in your statement is a flaw, it started with 1, and multiplied from there on.

Time is a manmande concept, where you use instruments, or simply your mind, to measure events taking place in between eachother. But if everything always Is, and always Was, time itself is more of an illusion than a real phenomena, even though we observe it as being "real". Time is also a subjective experience, only with artificial devices can we "measure" time, or by observing certain natural cycles such as planetary orbits, seasons, etc. But since it is subjective, what is one hour for one man may be as 10 minutes for another man. It is only the methods used to "measure" the time that gives it a number and an attribute as being "fixed".

4. Since I do not agree that your number 3 is correct , I can only say that existence is a result of that which always was.

Existence do change, we can agree on that, and it does seem to me as everything ultimately do go back to what I call the First Cause. The First Cause itself however will always remain as it has always been.


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by IX-777

I got to say i am impressed by your answers.

I used the pyramid image to explain my point of whew in a different way. I also would use a circle to get the whole picture.

Wouldn't you agree that existence is placed in the middle of the circle?

That's why i mentioned Height. Length and Width in my earlier post above.

Height. Length and Width don't have any ends. In the middle you would always have existence.

Now if you make a circle with existence within it. The pyramid always points to the center where we can observe existence. And it does that from all directions.

I am not saying that Nothingness is nothing. I am actually saying that Nothingness and Non existence is everything. And that existence is a part of everything.
I use Non existing and Nothingness to explain that existence can only observe existence to certain distance. Because when we humans observe existence. The pyramid flips the other way around. Where we observe from the bottom of the pyramid to the top of the pyramid. Making our field of observation reduced to a single point.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 02:21 AM
I think i have a question that is refreshing and hasn't be asked yet...


What is the stance on sexual pleasures, lovers, wife(s), and just casual sex?
Im curious because almost every religion has a different stand point. Some monotheistic religions say that you should NEVER have sex, and wait til you marry someone and u love them.

Some say that you are allowed MORE than one wife, and that when you die you were be promised MORE than one women.

Some other religions even say that you should purge yourself 100% of sexual desire, and not have sex at all.

Im curious what your view/standpoint is on

1. Marrying just ONE person
2.Marrying just ONE person and "cheating"
3. Having multiple wives
4. Same sex marriages
5. No sex at all

Your views are different but i love your standpoint and experience.
thanks! =]

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:44 AM

Sex is a natural part of biological existence and desires implemented within our physical bodies, called instincts.

Religions are man made an un-natural so what religions say is irrelevant. In fact following what many religions say can be damaging.

By not having sex one is denying a natural part of oneself and suppressing ones being, which can lead to perversions and other damages from mental problems such as depressions or anger etc.

Simply speaking, if one wants to have sex one should have sex. One can have sex with any person whom one wishes to as long as that other person wants the same.

Regarding multiple partners, "cheating", etc, this is fine as long as the other partner(s) also have agreed on this, or participate in it themselves. If you are cheating in the true sense, where you are having sex with other people without telling your partner, you are ultimately cheating yourself as well, as you will be living with the burdens of doing such and fear of being "busted", and you are also doing a negative act against another person which always will come back to you in the end.

If one is in love with one person, and in a partnership with that person, it is natural to still have desires for other persons, perhaps even great lusts, this too is natural as our physical bodies are made for mating and to make the human race multiply.

The pleasures of sex acts as a way to make sure people will mate, and multiply, and thus keep people stuck here on this lower level of existence.

The good thing about that is that there are now many preventive ways to avoid making every woman pregnant, or ones female partner pregnant over and over again.

Personally I do not believe in, or see any reason for, "marriage", as it is a religious act and has nothing to do with reality of ones being , nature, or even the spiritual. Me and my partner is not married.

Same sex is also fine as far as these people too agree to doing that together and that is what they want. If this is their nature, they will be suppressing themselves by living a life without sex which will lead to many problems as mentioned.

No sex is probably the worst as it will create an inner fight with oenself and desires, a fight between ones mental mind and ones physical bodies needs, which also are re-created within the mind as a response to the bodily functions.

Sex do exist in other levels of existence as well, astral planes and so on, but in various other forms than what one would be used to here in the physical world.

Being a physical body, but having a spirit, one can also have sex with spirits while still in a physical body here on Earth. Many people have non-physical sexual partners or lovers.

This topic raises another issue as well - is it a "good" or "bad" thing to bring children into this world? The answer to that is both. It depends. For some children it will be good, for others it will be bad, as we know people will grow up in different ways, and depending on both ones own karma and spiritual background, as well as the kids karma and spiritual background, the result of having a kid will be hard to predict.

The world is overpopulated, and the number of people should be reduced, so I would advice people to be thinking twice or more before bringing a kid into the world, specially with consideration of what that might mean for the kid.

Spiritually aware people whom are able to access higher parts of themselves can more easily determine if bringing a kid into the world will be a "good" or "bad" thing and what purpose that kid will have in the coming life, or how the life of the kid will unfold.

People whom are simply completely oblivious to their spiritual nature, and the meaning of life, are more often than not doing a mistake by bringing more children into the world. One need not look long to see the suffering of kids all over the world.

I do have kids myself, which have been brought forth after long time of spiritual contemplation and meditation and contact with the spirit or soul inhabiting the bodies of my kids. For me, my children was brought into life to continue working for freedom and liberation of the Trap System for coming generations - there will be a need for continuation in the spiritual teachings to the people of this world for some time.

Utlimately, when people have all become so spiritual aware that they understand the nature of their true being, and what awaits them after death, there will be no more need for physical life and thus no need to bring new children into the world as it would serve no purpose any more, and the world will slowly depopulate until the human race is extinct. Of course, humanity may be extinct by other means before that, and probably will.


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 03:30 PM
Dear Maggador,

I read the whole thread with great interest. My intentions for writing this are not to convince you or other readers of any belief. I do not claim to know anything but based on what you have written, I would like to ask you some questions.

Please answer these questions as they are meant serious. Thank you!

If all is oneness and you find yourself "one day" in this perfect situation, you strive towards, you would realize the following: you are positive, negative, neutral, evil, good, creator of all worlds and experiences, you are EVERYTHING at once.

This "everything" is what god is capable of creating. He is not able to create anything beyond it because his creativeness is finite, yet from our perspective "infinite", because we cannot overlook it.

There comes another feature to god's existence and his finite creative capabilities:

-god cannot die.

If you combine finite creative capabilities with infinite existence (god cannot die) you have a serious "problem":

The state of oneness you are striving for repeats itself. This repetition can go on for awhile, but, it is not going to continue for infinity. Maybe experiencing 2, maybe 200 or 300 times of what god is capable of but that's it. God WANTS to get lost again, because god has no other chance. There is nothing outside of god to experience anymore, so god tries to forget what he is by entering virtual worlds or parts of his finite creations. Staying in this oneness for infinity is just not possible. It does not make sense and it gets boring very quickly. It is like a computer game you have played again and again. Even if god tries to kill himself, it doesn't work. He escapes from his infinite/meaningless existence.

Still, you could be right with your "trap system". Actually, such a possibility must exist somewhere or maybe right here, otherwise god's finite capabilities would not be fully utilized.

Now I ask you this: Couldn't this trap system also be some kind of self made "I-give-my-existence-a-purpose-because-oneness-for-infinity-makes-also-no-purpose" system?

Your mission is to inform others of the trap system so that they can help themselves, which I believe to be a noble step if it is a trap system - really.

However, have you considered the "outside factor"? Or put another way: What if some mighty chaos god - more powerful than the one who put this universe in place - decides one day to just destroy great parts of self created universes for a new one? Maybe we just do not have to do anything because a much greater force will set us free? I am not saying I know that this is going to happen; I am just asking how you can be sure that such a god does not exist or that he will never do such a thing?

Considering the answers to questions 1) and 2) does it make sense to live like:

"I am deep in the mud and have to do something spiritual to get out of here"

or like

"There are also mighty forces at work besides my potential here anyway and nothing makes sense because of my infinite existence. I do not do anything spiritual."

Now, considering that you are correct with the trap system: what exactly do we have to do besides reading and thinking about it? Does it make a difference if we perform astral projection, meditation on this knowledge? Is it even possible for you to become a victim of the trap system because you are not able to transcend this knowledge upon death? Maybe you get Alzheimer's disease in the future and are seriously incapable of making a proper transition. In your posts, I did not really find WHAT to do exactly? Can you provide us with a guideline, a step by step introduction? Is it enough to think about this once in a lifetime? Shortly before death?

-----continuation in my next post--------

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 04:05 PM

You do realize that thinking all the time "I am in a trap system" automatically rejects everyday reality, induces fear, a negative emotion, or likely at least a little distance from reality in likely most of the people who read this? Since this reality is also part of the one, such negative energies might drive you even further away from the oneness - or not?

If we think we are in prison system we will end up in a prison system, because we have manifestation power. Should we maybe not think about this? Or will the ones who think this end up in a plane in which a prison system rules? Maybe you are the god in this system then and the believers will be your slaves? (Provocation intended

Have you actually seen the design of the system trap/prison system? Where does it end, where does it begin and what kind of individuals are in it or not in it? Are there exclusions?

Maybe the system exists only for you and some others, because you believe it to be real. Maybe it is based on connections with other beings who want to hold you down? Maybe other entities in this plane of existence have a more direct connection to the source than you have. How can you be so sure that the system trap applies to almost all and not to your subjective world? You have not been me or others yet. How can you rule out that you might be majorly mistaken because you were not inside other beings? May I remind you that according to your theory, we stem from different higher souls even though we are one. These higher souls might have created slightly different versions of "reality"...

I forgot to add this to questions 1, 2, 3: Considering the questions and the answers, is it may be possible that you want to have some kind of "reason" or "purpose" in this world or in your life because you realized that there is actually no deeper purpose at all in existence, that there is no deeper meaning other than the "entertainment" of existence? Human nature always wants a "reason". Maybe the truth is that there is none and you can't stand this to be true? Your guides might have provided you with a "last possible reason" which is quite complicated but in the end just another attempt to make a reason. This "give it a reason" attitude might be deeply burned in your and our soul(s) because of the things I mentioned in questions 1 & 2.
And with "deeply burned in your soul" I also mean, that I believe that you believe you see this prison system as truth. I mean, I acknowledge that the guides and impressions you have are really there (and I do not want to mark you as a lunatic by saying this!), but this might also just be another attempt... I ask you - might there even be a higher truth you are unaware of? You haven't died yet and you are still alive - may be your death turns out to be very similar as your theory one day but without the "trap system" and you simply merge with the god source and choose another existence?! Are you sure? Existing for infinity makes everything just purposeless if you think about it. Maybe you still see a reason.

You see, I really try hard to put your theory into another perspective, but this is really not to offend you or to clarify my belief. I did not state what I believe. I just "play" with your theory to gain greater understanding but it should also be answered seriously. If you should be offended by this, I didn't mean to.

Thank you for answering!


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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 04:43 PM

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 05:12 PM

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 07:39 PM

You asked rather lengthy questions and proposed many theories, I have to be shorter in my reply unfortunately due to lack of time right now. But, I will try answer the best way I can in the shortest way.

1 - Knowing the truth of Gods being, his reasoning, why and how he creates, or how he started, if he ever did, etc, is impossible and can only be speculated in until we ourselves merge back with the source, or Oneness. We can experience a connection to apparently everything below God, the Source itself, and observe various creations within God, but experiencing being God is as far I can see, and have experienced, impossible. To do that , we must be like the glass of water poured back into the ocean and lose the individuality that separate us from that ocean.

The Trap system have been observed from outside, as being created by other Gods, thus meaning these must be beings existing within the Source of All just as ourselves. If your proposition is correct, it means the True God must have "pretended" to be these other Lesser Gods, and directly controlling them himself, and that they are not individual beings as ourselves - unless you consider us as well as being directly controlled by God and not individuals.

However I do not believe that to be the case, from my observations all seem to suggest that individual beings created their own individual realities, and that all of existence is found within God.

2 - Since the Trap System was created and put in place by some other entity, it is reasonable to think that the same entity or another entity could do the opposite and remove the same system and liberate all the "slaves" at the same time. I see no problem with such an idea, and it is indeed something that may happen - however, I have never seen any indication of any such event coming to be, thus I personally will not sit down and wait and just hope for the best. And, is it not better to be free before than later in any case? Perhaps you, or we together, can be that entity that sets the world and all slaves free, some time in the future.

3 - I would chose your first statement. Normally advancements and development comes from being active and doing something, not by sitting and waiting for it to come to you on its own. Even if you decide to go for you latter statement, and do nothing, all you do in my opinion is to prolong your time of slavery but eventually, I believe, you will be free in either case as at some point one must discover ones true self, or the world and the physical universe will simply be destroyed and all physical life gone thus freeing every trapped soul - at least from the lower physical level of existence.

4 - Yes, you can do something at the time of death, and that is to focus upon your being, tell yourself to experience your true spiritual essence, your highest self. One should maintain a spiritual approach to life, to be able to live in harmony, understand the laws and rules that governs our existence here, and the "Loopholes" - so to speak - that can set us free. Thus, you will be able to be healthy and keep your knowledge with you all the way to you death, and avoid situations such as alzheimers, or sudden unexpected death, and etc.

5 - Indeed, but personally I do not walk around thinking I am trapped, but quite the opposite, I know to myself that I have discovered how to be free, and that is why I am here to help others be able to realize their own freedom as well. Many small steps can be taken to live a life that is positive, joyful, in harmony and balance, fearless.

6 - I will have to somewhat refer to answer 5 above, knowing that you are free and can and will experience your true self will help you do exactly that, instead of continuation of being trapped.

7 - Yes, I have observed it to be an extremely complex system, which begins somewhere out in what is usually called the astral realms, and covers most of these planes of existence as well, and I could say it "ends" down here in the physical universe where we are truly trapped in the strongest way from my observations.

8 - This will also answer last question in point 7. I have not observed the Trap System because I believe it to be real, it is quite the opposite, I believe it (or should I say Know it) to be real because I have observed it. In fact I used to be an atheist earlier in this life-time, until I had some rather profound spiritual experiences that made many things very clear for me. Had I read a thread like this 15 years ago I would have never believed it, I most likely would not have read it in the first place.

Also, contrary to what you claim, I have experienced being other people and beings, and I have observed this world and its inhabitants and our connection with eachother from an outside perspective, and as you say there are different "Higher Souls", and also "Lesser Gods", whom have created different worlds and realities - but me and you exist within the same reality, where the same laws and rules applies. The Trap System is as far I have observed covering everything and everyone within this level of existence as well as several planes of existence within the astral planes.

9 - I had a quite interesting, exciting and purposeful life long before I had these experiences and observations, which came to me, I did not seek them out, nor would I have any reason to do so. Of course, as I found out various things, I did venture deeper to see the complexity of existence and eventually found out about the Trap System.

As far I am concerned, it was my soul, or Higher Self, that managed to reach down to me in my physical body to show me the truth about myself and why I am here.

And yes, there certainly are other "higher truths" I am not aware of, I do not claim to be Omnipotent and Allknowing
New discoveries are made constantly even by myself.


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 07:57 PM

1 - I have never seen such a being if that is what you mean. For the appearance, it does look like the typical "greys", and also resembles to some degree the white beings I have seen that I mentioned looked rather similar to the "greys". They had smaller bodies compared to their heads though.

2 - Thats a tought question. Almost everywhere you look you find lies, deceptions and peoples own beliefs and opinions that they will present as "The Truth". But in general, there is a lot of "far out" material in todays new age scene, including the people involved with it (no offense to anyone intende, and yes I know that sounds ironic coming from me).


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 09:07 PM
i dont know where to post this so i hope i get the answer here. i was born with 12 fingers (6 on each hand). i need to know what does this mean?

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 09:20 PM

I would call it a birth-defect, but what is the cause behind it is uncertain to me. I know a percentage of the worlds population have alien genes, though I have never observed any six-fingered human-race beings myself before, it could certainly be possible and some "leftovers" of ancient contact.

Or, it could simply be a natural Earth-related birth defect.


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 09:33 PM
i think it could be left over genes. ever since i was born i have this feeling that im here for a reason, but dont know what it is. i belive when the time comes i will know what to do. i also have strange things happen to me, like everything works out for me. i have many instances where it happens and it happens alot.

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