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What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 03:32 PM

No, for some it goes in that direction, but certainly not all. It depends a lot on yourself and your Mind really. Read about my previous posts on 2012.


What was the purpose of any animal? I do not know, early experimentation, only the creator of them truly knows, and I am currently not connected with that source. They died during cataclysmic events as commonly believed though, and the last ones going down around the last period which was the 13 000 to about 16 000 years ago, mammoths where also extinct about that time. Some dinosaurs might have survived such as the Loch Ness "monster". Of course various animals exists to keep the biological system of earth and its eco-system going, so in essence many creatures are necessary to keep other creatures here, such as Man - the Slave.

Yes there are major cataclysmic events coming up, depending on your area and your personal life field you may or may not experience them. At least, they are scheduled to come up, but as said before future can not be written it is not created yet and very fluid and many matters influence its outcome.


I have not observed it myself , but some planet crashed and destroyed another one and created the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I assume this could have been the so called Nibiru going through its path, which in turn may have happened around the time Mars was desolated and had its major cataclysm as explained earlier.


On both poles there are powerful portals due to the Earths natural vortex fields there being very strong as it is the Zero Centers of Earths natural spinning. I am aware of governmental experiments and work going on there, and personally I live close to Antarctica and have associates that have observed "activity".


There are "negative energies", that is all that is needed to know, and how to shield oneself against such is sufficient. Learning the proper methods will shield you against any "negative influence" or "energy" regardless of what name you give it. But in essence, "orgone" exists, but if it is the devices themselves that help against it or the persons believe in it is up for discussion. Personally I would put my bet on the latter - but for all I know there could be technologies I am not interested in thus nor familiar with that could do the same thing as Mind alone can.


I am not sure why you post that quote again, I already answered these questions earlier.


Resisting is generating the negative energy which keeps you here, so yes in that sense you are only making it worse for yourself. You can only work with yourselves on a personal level, find the truth, and explore it and yourselves and be free from the chains that holds you here, by Love, Harmony, Balance and Peace. Thay may do sound of Hippy, but ultimately it is the truth. Of course, spiritual insights and experiences are needed along with those 4 qualities. And to reach those 4 qualities there are many different ways and various work do be done.

You need to be in Love with yourself, and everything else - You must be in Harmony with yourself, and everything else - You musht be in Balance with yourself, and everything else - You must be at Peace with yourself, and Everything else.

4 Qualities of Life that sounds easy enough, but usually for most people prove hard to actually reach. But radiate each quality to All, Everything and Everyone, and it will reflect back to you - which is a short tip.

Regarding the power structure. I will put it simple:

1 - Negative entities, controlling negative entities in human form/bodies on earth. These are both manipulated themselves, and they manipulate other people to work with them. Some of the involved people either consider the higher entities as Gods, or are manipulated through other means such as promises to gain power, control, money etc. These people, whom also control the money, control all below: governments, and then the people.

The People are the slaves, controlled by the governments, to work for the Money Masters, that serves the Gods.

Simply said, but the truth is more complex and takes more time to explain.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 06:34 PM
1. Are demons just a species of aliens?

2. What do you think of Reptilians?

3. What do you think of Grey Aliens?

4. What does the Astral Plane feel and look like?

5. Have you ever heard of the Thiaoouba Prophecy?:

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 07:21 PM

1. You could say some species of aliens are in reality demons, or the other way around for that matter, and that the majority of them are from other realms, the astral planes.

2. These are a spiritual type of entity, which I have explained earlier, occupying certain human bodies just as other spiritual entities does. They can be said to related to your question number 1 and my answer to it.

3. I have never seen them, so for now all I can say I belive them to be spiritual entities as most alien encounters are, where the real events take place in the astral plane.

4. That would be impossible to describe. It can feel as real and solid as this reality, indeed so similar you will not sense any difference and may mistake it for "this" reality, and on the other hand you may be in realms where you can fly, go through solid walls, have magical abilities, and so on, fantasy worlds etc. In higher planes you are more pure consciousness without a form or body and you are all-knowing when connected to the Source, also called the Akashic Library - the latter I find a misleading term as it itself is a connection to the Source of All. The various forms of existence and different levels are too much to go through explaining again as I have already done so, but I am working on a longer post/book that I will release which explains these things in detail.

5. No, and sorry I have no time to read that there is too much of such material out there already.


posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 07:42 PM
Do all aliens have humanoid type bodies (two arms, two legs and one head) or are there like any talking tree aliens or non-humanoid body type aliens? From the aliens I have seen, they all pretty much seem to have humanoid-type bodies.

What do you think of David Wilcock?

Do you know of this alien race?:

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:24 AM
Of all the advanced and intelligent beings I have seen they have humanoid bodies. There are different types, such a non-human and human, meaning some seem to have evolved from other types of animals than the human type. One example is the reptilian type. Why it is most common with humanoid shapes I do not know, perhaps because this is the best shape for intelligent beings to move around in and be able to interact with the environments etc, or perhaps it is something already pre-programmed into the physical universe system that makes all intelligent and advanced beings humanoid shaped.

I have never seen any being like the one in your photo.

David Wilcock seem like a curious fellow, have not read much of his material nor seen much of his videos though.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Hi, new to this thread and have a few questions after reading through it.

On both poles there are powerful portals due to the Earths natural vortex fields there being very strong as it is the Zero Centers of Earths natural spinning. I am aware of governmental experiments and work going on there, and personally I live close to Antarctica and have associates that have observed "activity".

1. Can you provide any data that may be related to these "portals"? I don't expect any direct evidence but maybe you can provide some sort of data that will help us understand or prove that these portals exist?

2. I thought you were from Scandinavia? Argentina? New Zealand? Which is it...

3. Don't you think it's interesting how almost all your answers are so broad and general that they answer the question, but without any real details so that the question technically remains unanswered but not open to much more discussion?

4. Adding this question in. You know how sometimes when you look at or meet someone, you mentally associate them with a specific animal? Not sure if anyone else does that, but when I read your posts and saw your picture, I associated you with a goat. Does that mean anything to you?

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 12:55 PM
1. I found your guided healing meditation really good, have been doing it for about a week. Will you be doing anymore? I know you are a busy man but would be great if you did.

2. whats the deal with gender? Do you have past lives as women and men? Is there reasons for which gender you are?

3. Is it possible to be very spiritually advanced but still be masculine? Or does it lead to androgyny.

4. You mentioned about what you see when you close your eyes, what do you see?

5. Are Northern europeans the descendants of the atlanteans?

6. Due to your level of spiritual advancement, what are you like as a person compared to what you used to be or compared to normal people?
Are you always happy, without anxiety or fear etc.?

7. Why were Europeans far more advanced than any other continent, is it due to the bloodlines basing themselves there?

8. At the end of the day, is this all just a game the 'one infinite creator' is playing with itself?, by forgetting it is all one and living lives.

9. I live in England, on the south coast, will it be hit badly in 2012?

10. What is the simplest thing that can cause the most positive change, that one can implement in their lives?

I know some of my questions are a little 'trivial' but they are the last of that type that still bug me. Thanks for listening.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 04:07 PM

1. I have never gathered any specific "data" about such vortexes myself, in fact I know very little of how they even work and what their function is, as they are here as natural phenomenas - at least as far I can see. The ancients thus built many temples and pyramids and other structures on such vortexes as they knew about these energy fields.

As far as "evidence" for such polar vortexes goes, perhaps this article is of interest:

Obviously the scientific community or the governments will not admit to any abnormal activity within such vortexes and only explain the basics of them.

2. I am from Norway, I live in Argentina. People move, I also lived in Mexico and Brazil. I am involved with research that takes me around.

3. No, I do not think that is particularly interesting, nor is it my intention to leave things open for debate, I simply state what I know about the questions asked. If people want to ask further, they are free to do so, I can not tell more than I know, obviously.

4- I have a goatee, so that would be rather common association.



1. I have a whole series of various guided meditations planned. When I get the time I will create, record and release them. I am glad you found my healing meditation useful.

2. Genders serves as a way for physical animals to reproduce and multiply. It is also an aspect of the polarities created on lower levels. Souls too have genders at various levels of existence, but in its true form there are no gender, as all is One.

3. You do not have to be feminine to be spiritually advanced if that is what you ask. The body is just a vehicle, anyone can be spiritually advanced regardless of physical attributes.

4. I see wonders and horrors depending on what I focus on. But in general I see visions of either earthly or other worlds, or I see my friends from the higher places whom I can then communicate with. I basically see the astral realms. I often let the visions guide me through various internal experiences that brings me more insight and understanding.

5. Some are, some are not, the world is mixed now so more or less msot of the people in the world is connected somehow. The main people that survived ended up in south america and egypt. If you are referring to blondes and caucasians these relates to other beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago. The mixture of races on Earth is a result of beings coming from different worlds in ancient times. Physical races do not matter much though, most people have lived as different people of different races and it is only the physical vehicle itself the body represents.

6. If you met me, you would most likely not find me to seem "advanced", but more a rather common guy. It would only be until you started talking to me about spiritual matters or things relating to the structure of the world, societies, governments, ancient history and so on you would start seeing more of my knowledge and what I am. I do not walk the streets like any Jesus, or dress in any funny way, and I have "normal" friends like most other people. I do not preach in the streets or speak about these things to just about anyone, only the few selected I can feel intuitively will understand, and I do hold some groups now and then where I teach such people various matters, in my own home.

7. White people, to call them that, are more advanced because they come from a more advanced race. It is that simple. They are more advanced technologically, and socially, or should I say culturally - from many peoples view, but other races are and were more advanced in other areas such as spirituality.

8. Game, well, it is Creation. It is impossible to say the real reasons for the First Cause to expand itself into other creations and that will only be a guess even for me. Perhaps expanding the experience and consciousness of its being was the reason.

9. I would stay away from the coat anywhere on Earth. Not because I consider great disasters to take place in 2012 - but there are those working for this to happen, so better to be safe than sorry as they say. I have prepared myself for the "worst case scenario" and this itself is one of the reasons I now live in Argentina, South America.

10. Emit Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance to All and Everyone. Have positive attitude and mind about everything and do not worry, think and believe everything will always be fine, and that all situations will always be in your best interest, and that you will always be in everyone elses best interest, helpful and useful for All of Society. That is the most simple way to put it.


posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 04:10 PM
Were you told to do this or are you doing this on your own?

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 04:31 PM
1. Is Earth the most diverse planet you know of when it comes to humans?

2. Are there other human races in space that do not exist on Earth (in terms of physical features)?

3. Are there humans with natural blue or green hair? Or is black, brown, blonde and red the only natural human hair colors?

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 05:17 PM

These are my own discoveries thus I was not "told" but speak from my own experiences and what I have gained of insights from that.


1. Yes, in planetary size it is the most populated I have observed, and it has the most mix of races. It may be due to Earth being a "dumping ground" so to speak.

2. Many, the human type of race seem to be the most common and is found throughout the universe in various forms.

3. I have never observed any human race with blue or green hair, but I can not rule this possibility out as I certainly have only observed a small fraction of all existing human races around the galaxies.


posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 05:31 PM
1. Do you know any names of Earth-like planets (besides Earth) that have humans living on them?

2. Do you know of any stars (besides the Sun) that have planets with humans living on them in this plane of existence (3D)?

3. Do you think Earth-like planets are common in the universe? You said that humans are common but many of those humans could just be living in spaceships.

4. Why are humans the most common alien race in the universe?

5. Do humans ever interbreed with other alien species?

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 05:55 PM

1. Names would be of no use for Earth people as they are not discovered nor will be named the same once they are discoverd - if they ever are. Many names are also impossible to write with human words as well, but if you want some these are some names spelled as good as I can using the latin alphabet: Irknis, Ablahs, Zentor, Mirknar, Balgard. Several planet names simply have the meaning similar to "Home" or "Origin".

2. I have already answered this, to put it short Orion, Sirus, Pleiades are some star systems with plenty of planets.

3. Yes Earth like planets are very common, and most people, or human-like beings that I have observed, have been on planets and not space crafts. But, a significant amount have been observed aboard space ships as well, but I am uncertain if these are stationary in space or travel back and forth between planets.

4. Good question. Maybe the Creator preferred this design, it is not something I have ever looked into or thought about. It could also be as simple as Human-race beings are the oldest and thus have multiplied more than others - which I tend to believe myself.

5. In certain cases there are mixed beings, but not naturally but through technological ways. Some beings of different races enjoy sexual contact with eachother without leaving any offspring though.


posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:31 PM
1. What do you think was the most important and significant ancient civilization on Earth?

2. How different do you think the world would have been if Christopher Columbus did not come to the Americas in 1492 or the Roman Empire in Europe hadn't fell? Are there are world timelines with those outcomes?

3. I am starting to feel vibrations all over my body ever since I started listening to Isochronic and Binaural Beats tones and becoming more spiritual. What could the vibrations mean?

4. Do you think William Shakespeare was a fraud? Did a woman write Shakespeare plays?

5. Do spiritual aliens simply choose a person they want to contact or do they choose to contact a person based on some criteria?

IX-777, thank you so much for your replies.

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by IX-777

Not sure if this has been asked before - >>

1. During prehistoric times, long ago, billions of years before any kind of apes, were there intelligent races living here on earth? Or were the humans the first?

Considering in order to have fossils of something from that long ago, you'd have to be buried in silt and specific conditions so the scene is preserved in rock impressions.

If an intelligent race lived here during those years, could they not live here, burn their dead and simply a fossil of them never found?

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 02:16 AM
You say Earth is a "prison planet," does that mean Earth is almost exactly like the movie "Dark City"?

oh and i think you said you did not know who Martin Luther King Jr. was and i just found that weird, but being from another country i can understand.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by AOmonsta
You say Earth is a "prison planet," does that mean Earth is almost exactly like the movie "Dark City"?

oh and i think you said you did not know who Martin Luther King Jr. was and i just found that weird, but being from another country i can understand.

Aye. From what I've learned about Martin Luther King Jr., he was a wonderful human being who genuinely cared for all, and wanted to see equality and peace with Mankind. I get goosebumps just listening to some of his speeches at times. He wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in, and did it in a non-violent way, while being a victim of violence and fear himself. He is very inspiring to say the least.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 11:08 AM

1. That is a difficult question to answer, because many civilizations and cultures have had their share of importance throughout history, and specially after they started mixing with eachother and sharing knowledge and developing new technologies and improving spiritual and cultural and social systems and structures.

But my personal favorites are the Atlanteans, the Mayans/Incas & pre-incas & toltecs, the Tibetans, the Egyptians and the Babylonians to mention some I consider important.

2. The Roman empire did not fell, that was a staged hoax. It is still leading the world, and it is lead from Rome and the Vatican, through countries such as Brittain etc.

Regarding your Columbus question, that can only be pure speculation, but for starters he had been there before that date and so had others from Europe and other continents. It is a complex story which I do not have time to get into here and now as it involved so many different cultures and civilizations, but I assume your question relates to "what would happen if Americas where left alone and developed on their own while Europe and the rest of the world stayed on their own without any contact with Americas". Assuming the latter to be the case, the American people would have continued developing their own society and culture, and that would be the case for the europeans as well - and the other continents. Europeans would be less spiritual due to the influence of Rome and the Vatican trying to destroy spirituality, while the Americans would been more spiritual and had been more connected to true Self. Europeans would have lost more of their Soul in a way, I believe, and the Americans would have found more of theirs. In a way, it seems the discovery of America brought with it some important spiritual practices and knowledge that otherwise would not have been realized in the Europe without contact with America, even though they tried their best to destroy the civilizations there and remove all spirituality ("they" being the Europeans working for the Vatican and the Illuminati, which were the real people going to America for this purpose, it was not "discovered" by accident, they already knew about it. The modern calendar, gregorian, is even adjusted to be synchronized with the Mayan calendar so that "our" calendar will now end in the symbolic and numeroligcal date and year of 21/12/12 - 21st December 2012. This is important to understand - this date is not a "random" date that just "happen" consist with our current calendar)

3. The vibrations mean you are starting to feel your energy body, and perhaps even coming close to astral projection or energetic sensations throughout your body, from mild to powerful kundalini experiences

4. Francis Bacon was the real Shakespear and "Shakespear" is an acronym meaning "The Shaker of the Spear", which relates to the goddess Pallas Athena. This too is a long story, but Francis Bacon, whom was the real Shakespear, was member of several secret orders and societies.

5. They probably contact people by both reasons you state. Some for general interaction and conversation, experimentation, checking the individual for various purposes, while others are contacted due to how they are already structured and spiritually and mentally developed, as well as where they may come from in regards of their past lives.


1. I am not aware of any other race than the Human race, but this is not something I have personally looked into so it is my assumption based on the evidence I have seen both here and elsewhere.

Of course it is possible that burning of the dead was practiced as some cultures still do, but it would be somewhat strange if this was a worldwide phenomena, at least if we consider these beings having spread through the world as modern Humans.

Nevertheless, I am not aware of any such pre-Human intelligent beings.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 12:04 PM

If I remember correctly, there were some other beings ruling the Earth in "Dark City", and illusions set up faking the reality of the people? If so, I suppose you could say it would be somewhat similar to that. But I can not say I have really seen any movie that really portrays reality in a good way, although there are movies that have shown aspects of reality such as the lower astral planes etc, examples being "What dreams may come" and "Jacob's Ladder", and even the more recent "The Nines" which even portrays higher realms of God-selves / Cretor Souls.

And I know the basics of whom Marting Luther King Jr was. I have no specific opinion about him though, except for him seeming to be someone whom wanted to do something about the system and bring in more peace.


posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:26 PM
can you tell if someone is making things up on the forums?

if yes what do you think about them?

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