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An Open Rant to Cop Haters

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by OzWeatherman
Explanation: RE:"There are a number of notable threads current on ATS at the moment, notably, one about the cops use of excessive force in apprehending an escaped murderer, and the one about the shooting death of the alleged cop killer.

So with these in mind, why are people sticking up for the criminals?".

I'm not sticking up for the criminals...I'm sticking up for both myself and the truth!

RE: "Do people actually condone shooting others or cops for that matter, as something that should be allowed?".

YES, I, on the extremely rare occasion, advocate for the death penalty as a method for society to deal with the monsters amongst us! But IMO shooting is to good for them.

RE: "Would you rather that the police just turn a blind eye and ignore such atrocities? ".

NO! But I'd certainly prefer it if we ALL had a responsibility to take care of such atrocities, PERSONALLY, instead of this victim mentality that requires the police to do this job for us by proxy.

RE: "Why the hell are the cops always bad guys when they end up killing, wounding or capturing these people?".

Because not all of "these" people were/are actually criminals and as a consequence have been VICTIMIZED and DISENFRANCHIZED by the LEO system and the LEO Lictors themselves!

RE: "Are all you haters some kind of tree hugging, whale saving peace loving hippies? I bet none of you have ever been in a situation.".

As I can only speak for myself I am a monster with a heart! Does chasing my mum around the house with a meat cleaver with the intent of butchering her and cannibalizing her remains count as a sitX? I'm sure it does as the thin blue line responded pretty quickly to her 000 emergency phonecall and back then they didn't have the tazer option. Instead of taking me to gaol [jail for you US lot] they took me to psyke ward and I have been stigmatized ever since! I'd rather be a criminal as at least I could of served my time and moved on! Also just 9mnths ago I was FORCED to call the cops on myself due to my homicidal tendencies [which were accurately ID'ed!] and the cops were extremely reluctant to help out and it was my "you certainly are a taxi service when the blood flows! KACHINK!" reply to their "We are not a taxi service for mental health patients who are having problems!" that actually motivated them to do anything!

RE: "I mean WTF to police officers have to do to gain some respect? Would you like them to say something along the lines of "Please give yourself up...if you do not we are forced to stand back and watch you commit further crimes"?".

I'd like them to QUIT and rejoin society or they can go back to the noble and honourable level of "RUN after the perp and call out for him to "Cease and Desist!" and if that fails [after about 50mtrs distance] then to draw their service REVOLVER whilst still giving chase and then declare "If you don't Cease and Desist then I'm going to have to fire a warning shot!" and if the chase continues for another 50mtrs then the LEO can then STOP and DECLARE "This is your last chance to cease and desist befor I fire a warning shot!" and if the perp still doesn't stop then the LEO can declare "I'm now firing a warning shot!" and may discharge their service REVOLVER ONCE safely into the ground nearby and then give chase if this fails to stop the perp. Finally after another 50mtrs or so the LEO may declare "If you don't cease and desist I will be forced to fire upon you! You have till I count 3 to stop before I target your person with deadly intent! 3...2....1...I'm am now going to fire upon you!" BOOM double tap HEADSHOT! You may think this is restricting the LEO's to much but I hold them to a far higher standard as it is they who claim their greatness not I!
Of course if the perp turns and FIRES on them 1st then they can RETURN fire with deadly intent!

When the LEO's stoop to the lowest common denominator and act just as the criminals do with a kneejerk kill or be killed mentality why should I not ID them as the criminals that they really are!

Personal Disclosure: I am really getting sick and tired of hearing what the cops have to put up with...THEY FREAKING CHOSE TO BE A COP! Nobody but them is forcing themselves to do it! Its not like they alone have to put up with criminality or the criminals!

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 01:50 PM
It's been my experience that there are several good cops, or many who at least do their job without any extra care one way or another.
The number of bad cops is usually smaller in comparison, but much more well known.
In my town, no one knows the names of the officers who do their job, help out, work parade routes, ect.

Everyone know the three jacks on the local force who actively seek out people and give out tickets for bogus reasons or are just general jack mules.

Also, very few if anyone tend to raise a complaint about them.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:21 PM
I've read somewhere that the psychological make-up of cops and criminals are basically the same, don't ask me for it though, I searched but couldn't find it so I don't know how true that is.

I understand why people would say "all cops are bad", and I sometimes say it myself even if I know there's some good cops, I've been abused by cops, but I've met some good ones too.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is you could argue that the good cops are bad by the simple fact that they don't rat the corrupt officers out.
They're making it acceptable by letting it happen.

On top of that there's the whole Oathkeeper thing, these officers aren't upholding their constitution, they have BEEN failing for a long time.

As I see it, they're enforcing an encroaching police state, and it's not going to get better. The us vs them mentality will get worse, police brutality is on the rise and will continue to get worse until everyone snaps.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by OzWeatherman
I don’t understand the amount of hate that is being dished out to the police here. While there is undeniably corruption in many of the police forces in the world, its complete rubbish to speculate that all cops are being labeled the same. I find it even more disturbing that people actually enjoy seeing or hearing about cops being shot or injured for whatever sick and twisted reason they have in their heads.

The police are here to do a job. That job is to uphold the law and keep order. For some bizarre reason, every time a single officer abuses his power, a certain number of member s come out posted derogatory and often stupid remarks of why all police are the same. The ATS motto is to deny ignorance not promote idiocracy.

Hi OzWeatherman, I am Dutch you know, so I really hope you don’t mind that despite that, I nevertheless support the things you are saying here above.

I really wonder if people realize what kinds of risks are involved in being a police officer who is trying to do his or her work as good as possible, no matter what, so I take the liberty to post them here.

I find it a pretty impressive list myself.

A police officer is there to protect ordinary people. That is what is his duty and what he is trained for. This is not an ordinary responsibility. He instills trust and confidence amongst people.

However, a police officer is subject to certain risks as has been demonstrated time and again. He is always in the harm's way. Wearing a distinctive uniform, he is always noticeable.

Police officers often times lose their lives unexpectedly. They constantly face dangers. One never knows that even while carrying normal duties one can face unexpected violence or happenings.

Recently one police officer got killed while searching a car. The driver reversed the car and dragged the officer underneath. In another instance, while making a routine round, police spotted a normal looking house used as a narcotics lab.

Given the preset day technology, underground mafia, gun culture, terrorist attacks, lure of riches etc., anything can happen anywhere. Police are already seized of these and they are provided sufficient training to deal with all such situations.

But nothing can be secured totally. There is always element of risk. People always find new ways of doing crimes.

Any one who wants to take police as his career, has to be prepared for all the situations and even death. It is not an easy job.

Besides being liable to risk, a police officer is also required to work at odd times. On occasions, he is expected to be present for prolonged hours. He has also to work on shifts.

Though salaries and perks of police are better than many others, they are not the best. One will not become rich by being a police officer. One has to accept usual pay and a commitment to serve the public.

A police officer caries respect and prestige. He has to be address with proper salutations and obeyed. He can also be a friend and a guide. Many times public members approach them even for directions.

Police carries huge powers. With this also comes responsibility. They have to use their powers judiciously and carefully. They are liable for immediate media attention and complaints. While police are liable to easy criticism, they may not get an equal appreciation for their achievements.

Pursuing a police career can not be right for everybody. This needs commitment, hard work, agility, a motto to serve, readiness to face danger etc. If all of these traits are there, a career with police department can be truly satisfying.

The above is an article from Altaf Sahibzada which is called : Becoming a police officer.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 04:55 PM
I personally know of a woman who had a relationship with a policeman, the copper became abusive, raped her, put his gun in her mouth. This went on for months because she was scared he would kill her if she reported him. She finally went to the police about this, do you think they helped her?
Of course not.
They swept it under the rug, defended the rapist and made her out to be a mad woman.
So in this scenario where are the good cops? The whole depertment is as bad as the rapist.
You think the result and reaction would vary from department to department, i dont, because cops always protect their own.

And yes cops are 'people too', but they are people who decided to get into a profession that has the sole purpose of enforcing laws i.e control what people do. If they do not already have a need to control, then the gun, the badge and the uniform quickly instill it in them.

I have known 3 people who aspired to become police, they all had their own agenda for doing so, i know this doesnt mean they all do but im sure a large percentage become cops not for the community but for their own purpose.

just pray that you are never put in a dangerous situation that these men and women have to go through, throughout their careers

Most people, not just police have been in dangerous and violent situations, you must be very lucky if you havnt.
However the part of the quote i am pointing out is throughout their careers
They knew the dangers when they signed up, nobody forced them into harms way.

Why should we paint the entire police force as good, when it is just a few doing the right thing and the rest working to their own purpose.

Maybe my opinion is biased because of my own experiences with the police but i can safely say i have met many more bad cops then good cops.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 08:07 PM
Let me make this clear; I am not against law and order. If the cops WERE doing their jobs, and not merely pretending at our expense, I would support them. But I cannot support lawbreakers. I am not against blacks, per se. I am against the Afro-American society of sex, drugs, Democrats, and 'poor me'. That does not make me prejudice in spite of what you say. I am not against women; I am against women who think they are superiour to men, and don't want or need them. And I am not against cops who really do want to enforce the law, and serve the PUBLIC. But I have never met one. And I have had much interaction with them. They are in the same 'club' as lawyers, judges, politicians, and bureaurats. Condescending, arrogant, self-righteous, and dead WRONG. Cops routinely carry 'clean' guns in their trunks, so they can shoot whoever they want, and plant a gun on them so they can claim self defense. A cop told me that. Traffic laws are written so that cops can pull over any car they want, without cause. But these 'laws' give them a pretext. They routinely violate our Constitutional rights. Under the Second Amendment, we can carry a gun on our persons at all times. Cops regularly detain, and inspect the gun to ensure it is not loaded. Violation of 'probale cause'. Pillory Clinton recently signed a UN agreement that bans small arms, in violation of that Second Amendment. When they expose and imprison the Kenyan, that would be thrown out, even if the Senate DOES endorse it. Whatever happened to 'land of the free, home of the brave'?

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

Ozzie =)

Mind you, "I'm a tree hugger, and save the whales" person-
(but NOT a hippie!!!!).

So don't put everyone on the same bag...

Not everyone who loves nature and defends animals is an empty clichê.

I'd been wondering why there had been so many 'bash the police' threads lately. It's terrible to make statements like "all the police is corrupt", and the like- plus being happy when a cop is shot!?!?

My opinion is police are to here to help and put some order, (and at least in my country)- they do a wonderful job!.
My respect for them all

Oh and maybe in the future, people could do without rules and coercity (hmmmm probably 500 years from now-lol)

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

EXCELLENT THREAD!!! Much respect to you my friend for hitting the nail on the head!

I get so sick of people bitching about the police all the time! Im a citizen to and they dont bother me! Maybe they just pick on you!? OR MAYBE FOLLOW THE FREAKIN LAW AND IT WONT BE AN ISSUE. I think we should have a police stand down day and watch everyone get raped and pilliaged! Then maybe alittle respect would go to the ones in blue.

Everyone hatesem until somones panties get in a twist.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 09:20 AM
My first job out of college I worked at the local jail keeping the computers up and going. I met and knew lots of cops and jail guards. Ranging in rank from your lowest jail guard / street dep. all the way up to Lt.

Some were among the finest men and women you'd ever want to know.

Some were among the worst men and women you'd ever want to know. I'd seriously rather have the inmate with the longest rap sheet in the jail show up at my house than one of them.

However, most were average people. A mix of good and bad. They (usually) tried to do the right thing as best they could but sometimes took short cuts, did things they knew they shouldn't, goofed up, etc.

To me - there are 2 main things about the "bad cops".

(1) - Few have ability to ruin your life like a bad cop. You get a bad mechanic - maybe you get over-charged and your car still doesn't run. You get a bad cop you get get your life ruined, beat up or even killed.

(2) - Say you do run into a bad cop and the police actually take your complaint. Unless he has done something totally outragous, in front of witnesses he will likely get very little or no punishment.
Even then it will be much less than what a citizen would get.

It is really #2 that gets me the most about cops.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:24 AM
I liken this thread to the problems faced by the church. Both are positions of authority, the church more so from a moral perspective (at least that's what some fools are led to believe). Either way it comes down to abuse of power and a culture or sense of entitlement. Some people believe that because they are in this position they are right on all matters and any attempts to question that authority is a direct threat. This has been my personal experience with police / law enforcement.

I have on many occasions engaged police, in some cases made an attempt to perhaps ease the situation by being honest, courteous and providing the information they seek. In almost all cases I've received nothing but serious attitude and a sense of superiority. In essence.....stfu. The mantra of police to serve and protect quickly fades once the badge, gun and self righteous attitude sets in.

I can understand that cops get a lot of static from people, and that their responses are justifiable. I don't really sympathize with their job. Nobody forced you to be a cop and if your unhappy find another line of work. There are certainly good cops out there, just where they are is anyones guess. In my book they are mostly and aptly labelled as pigs and for good reason.


posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:51 AM
Like any profession, there are good cops and bad cops. Just like there are good doctors and bad doctors, good mechanics and bad mechanics.

The principal difference to me, is that cops are armed, in numbers and looking out for the "general good". I think that the "general good" is as much a part of the officer's discression as it is black and white law. I have a deep rooted fear of armed groups of people enforcing a moral code. I understand why this is a nessisity for society to function and be safe for most people.

A cop is an emotional, unpredictable, potentially violent person with the means to perform bodily harm. Just like the rest of humanity. The cop is just as scared of you as you are of him. What gets people shot/tazed/beat up a lot of the time is the arrogance of living in the 1st world. "I can't be hurt by the people who are hear to keep the order". Best of luck with that.

When I deal with a cop, I treat him/her as a potentially unhinged, violent and masochistic person who would like nothing more than to shoot me or worse because that is the worst case scenario. Start with that as baseline, dress nice, have a clean car and speak with sureness and respect. That is the way to avoid the ire of the man.

Honestly, In the event of social breakdown, I think the cops will be the drivers of the rape trucks right along with the national gaurd.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 10:53 AM
One poster above actually says we should give' proper salutations' to the cops...what? Why not just bow down and worship the scum? It makes me sick to think that civilized people are still cop groupies and will ignore all the massive evidence that MOST cops are law breaking hippocrites, at minimum.

Of course the Op has to resort to the sad and tired old defense of saying that is someone is robbed..raped..etc, then they should not call the if proper conduct by cops is something we must give away in order to get a report written...amazing.

We are supposed to have professional cops...and without giving up any rights. We are supposed to be free from illegal actions by cops...without giving up rights and without kowtowing to coppers. People who fall all over themselves to place cops on a pedestal have some strange kind of hero worship complex and need a figure to look up to...but looking up to a cop is like looking up to a trash collector...they are necessary to a degree because the trash has to go somewhere, but we do not idolize trash men and say they must be bowed down to.

Cops are either obeying the laws or not...and the vast majority of cops care ZIP about the actual laws as long as they collect a check and avoid getting caught for all their misdeeds. most cops, virtually all, WILL and HAVE violated the very laws they pretend to enforce. Most cops will and have LIED under oath...this is chronic and anyone who knows the system knows its true..but cop lovers will say; Oh, they know when to lie and when not them... yeah, right. I trust NO cops...and even though not all cops are bad..most are.

Most cops take reports and leave...criminals almost never get caught as a result of a report....the cops arrive after the fact and write a report...then go back to busting petty pot smokers and people who can be bullied into giving up their rights..on the way to the donut shop.

I treat cops with suspicion and never ever let them think for a moment that they are in ANY way superior to me...they are SERVANTS for gods sake...and should be treated as such. If they are polite and do not abuse their power...fine. let them direct traffic and ride around wasting gas...but if you think calling cops is going to solve anything you are deluded.

Until we no longer see Youtube videos of outrageous cop abuses we must stand firm and together against the abusive cops that infest every city and town...egotistical thugs with no morals and little sense..I could easily find a much better class of hero if I was looking for one..which I am not...Only cop groupies ever come to their defense, and they must have some strange psychological issues...sad.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:02 AM
I don't hate cops, they are people too with jobs. There are good cops and bad cops who abuse their power. Those are the ones I hate and I have a right to. Everyone has a right to hate these bad cops because they give good cops a bad name. They are a blight who needs to be eradicated.

We simply cannot have cops with cop mentality doing whatever they please that goes against the procedures set in place for their lawful conduct.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:03 AM
What we need is to have anonymous civilian overseers to watch police officers. Sure there may be good ones, but those good ones are just as evil as the bad ones. There are two kinds of cops. 1) The ones that do the evil 2) the "good" ones that watch the evil being done and do nothing about it.

All cops have a sworn law to protect their fellow cops and never to rat on them. When was the last time you seen a police officer bring a case against another? That would be as dumb as a soldier turning his gun to another for the evil he is committing, not going to happen.

As soon as we see cops being held responsible for their actions, to a higher degree than civilians, the sooner these corruption fail.

The justice system is too easy on police officers. These guys are trained professionals, so they should act like it. Protect the people not your fellow officers.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:53 AM
Originally posted by OzWeatherman

everytime a single officer abuses his power,

I'll start here, The key word that stands out is everytime.
Why should there even be an anytime that an officer abuses his power? Police are supposed to be professional, highly trained and competent enough to deal with volatile situations not "loose cannons"

Are all you haters some kind of tree hugging, whale saving peace loving hippies? I bet none of you have ever been in a situation.

Wow! name calling OZ? Is this really the best way to prove your point here?I'm sure you could have found a better way. But I'll entertain your approach for the sake of this thread. What does "whale saving" have to do with police brutality? Or is this a stereotype? Either way it's irrelevant and childish.

I would imagine a certain number of readers would not consider themselves to be wronging anybody if they fall into this category, whats wrong with caring for the environment?

I mean WTF to police officers have to do to gain some respect?

Very simple,protect and serve.This has become the almost laughable mantra of police forces across the country. I will not say here that every precinct has bad officers, but I will argue that most with them do their best to cover it up. Police officers don't require respect to do their jobs properly, they should earn it just like the rest of us, exactly how? Use reasonable force when appropriate, treat people as they would like to be treated and quit with the "better then thou" attitude, very simple really.

So take a good look at how ridiculous you look, and grow up.
I'll refer you to the first quoted sentence of yours as a responce to this statement.

Here is some good information.
And here is some more

I don't imply that all cops are bad but I find the number that are to be overwhelming at best. We read stories of police brutality all the time, they used to shock people and surprise, now people rarely give these instances a second thought. We have become desensitized and frankly, that's how they want it.

Police have too much power,too much control,and a very long leash as it were. The justice system is set up against people charged with crimes, regardless of severity. Police regarded as "experts" during testimony even though their formal training consists of a modest police academy readily available at any community college for about $2600 USD. Now compare that to the cost of say a master's degree, I think it's fair to say "expert" is a misplaced title for a police officer.

You also group the so called "police haters" but I believe that implies that all of the people who don't support rough treatment of suspect criminals do in fact hate all cops. This is clearly a matter of perception, where say, you see hate, and I see clarity that is, clarity for viewing the actions of bad officers as the root of a bigger problem. This problem is the justice system as a whole. Oppressive laws, mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, and corruption across many levels.

Unfortunately when it comes to police brutality, there can be only two possibilities, either it's occurring or it isn't. There's no "gray" are here because people's lives and lively hoods are at stake including the officers themselves. Power corrupts. I am not in total opposition of your take on this subject after all I did create a similar thread titled: Why all the police hatred? Since posting of said thread I decided to do some research on the other side of the "coin" and I will say I was surprised to learn of the astonishing amount of police brutality cases both past and pending.

I now see that these cases are becoming more frequent. Is the public becoming more violent or are the police? I say the latter regrettably and anybody with a basic knowledge of Google or any other search engine for that matter could attest.Just type in "police brutality" The result I got, 14,300,000 entries. Now I know every one of these are not specifically incidents of police brutality but you get the picture.

[edit on 9-12-2009 by alyosha1981]

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Cops should also know when to draw the line. If someone is being aggressive to the point there going to harm themselves, the police, or civilians, then the police should back out of that situation and let the suspect go free until he/she has enough time to calm down.

Theres too much "wild west" emphasis out there that safety is cast aside for violent means in order to detain that person, no matter what the force does the suspect/offender MUST be in fuffs, even if the cop kills them for it. That in my book isnt policing, its attempted murder when it goes wrong.

If the accused is caught and holds up their hands then fair enough, but when it comes to the point of drawing guns at each other...then simply let them go free until theyve had chance to cool down.

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