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Obama: We must reverse Taliban's momentum

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by December_Rain

Well here we go again. You Obama worshippers and your "ALL THE DEVASTATION THAT BUSH/CHENEY CAUSED in 8 YEARS!!!!" crap.

You people have shouted this crap over and over again to where you no doubt believe the disinfo that you spout.

Bush going into Iraq because of WMD = war.

Bush going into Afghanistan = war.

Obama increasing troop presence in Afghanistan to battle the Taliban = war.

The common denominator is war. In a war there is NO RECONSTRUCTION, there is devastation and death. To anyone who opposes the war, what Obama is doing is NO BETTER than what Bush did! The fact that you rationalize it shows just how politically BIASED you really are or how much your hate for the previous administration has damaged your perception of reality. I pity you.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by December_Rain
Good move by Obama
. He promised before election he will send troops to train Afghan forces and he has yet again kept his promise.

I stand by his decsion because it is now US/UK "obligation to restore" Afghanistan to a level before Bush invaded it. USA ruined the country with it's "Shock n' Awe" and now someone has to "repair it". Make it sustainable enough for people to "live". USA CANNOT leave it like it is now, because it's USA's fault it let this happen in first place. USA is RESPONSIBLE to bring it back. USA is paying the price now for what it did to Afghanistan and Iraq under Bush regime and you simply cannot escape it.

Obama knows if he leaves Afghanistan like it is now then there will be no more USA. It will be "ex-USSR" allover again. Obama is trying to rebuild whatever he can in Afghanistan so in the end US can atleast stand with it's head up in the World and in history.

Obama is trying to build the country back so that many soldiers and civilians who have died, their deaths do not go in vain. This is not a Circus where you can enter whenever you wish and leave at your own will. This is "real world".

Welcome to the "real world".

How can this be a "Good Move"????
Announcing to your enemies you are trying to get rid of just says that you don't have the stomach for a long war, That you do not have the will to do what is neccessary. North Korea, Iran and Russia will no doubt take notice and step up their activities around the world.....................

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