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CIA is admitting to surriptitous use of social interactions

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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by Trexter Ziam

Originally posted by MemoryShock
I contend that drink spiking techniques were used. Why would they research this is not for implementation at some point?

I can testify, under oathe, and on a big screen live courtroom polygraph that the FBI OR CIA (not clear on which it was) DID indeed spike ('___') the drink of one University of Texas student I know and still remember the student's name.

The student was not a drug-user and would never touch the stuff.

The student was then locked in a room of some sort (with barred windows). The student hallucinated Red Commies coming to get him and shot himself under the jaw. The bullet is still lodged in his brain.

Whether the "visions" were audially suggested by the CIA/FBI, unknown but probable.

The student did not own the gun. It was part of the MKUltra "test" I suppose.

The student, nor any of us, knew of MKUltra or anything like it at that time.

My story actually goes on for several years of time ... but, this is enough for now.

Yes, the GOVERNMENT DID spike '___' drinks to unwitting test subjects.

Just curious...have you and/or he notified the police of these suspicions? It would be, without a doubt, illegal and unethical to do such things without a person's written consent.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by davidmann

I have to add this to my spook post, because it won't allow an edit tab.

I did check on the guy in high school I'd wondered about as a possible spook. He was not. He is a legit student. However, I thought I'd add to the guy who was a Chas Palmiterri look alike. His name was very suspect, and I came across a 'business card, he'd handed out while we were looking for heavy machine work, the kind of stuff that could easily sink a business if done wrong. At another shop, a guy tld me that 'you may win a few battles, but you are going to lose the war'.

So back to Michael P Vitro, as he called himself. The funny thing was, for a small shop, the receptionist had absolutely NO IDEA who this man was when I called their main line asking for Michael P. Vitro. I used a phone book to get the number, and the lady swore up and down she had NEVER heard of such a name. So I am certain this was simply a way to help cause our company to go under, via poor consulting, or else some auxilliary thing I still cannot fathom. I was hard to see back then, having crawled into the holes I was drilling out for dies. Years later the guy who was a legit worker at the shop dropped in with some jews to check on some sale items. We remembered each other, and I saw that although he was kept completely out of the talks when Vitro was around, he was actually an owner, and it was in his office that Mr. Vitro had tried to con us in to believing otherwise. Michael P. Vitro was a spook, evidently, though his assignment may only have been to assure our company's destruction. I called his cell and ripped on him. He was near Joliet, at home, with his kids in the background. I let him know I was on to him. He basically backpedaled. Hard to say what his gig was with us, here, other than a money taking scheme. This legit guy, btw, when we saw each other years later, had tried to soft pedal the Vitro thing. At that point I didn't care. We got out weeks before the economy crashed, so it ended OK for us. Another month and scrapped plunged from 300 to 30 per ton.

Sorry I couldn't just edit the connected post. There is no edit tab at present.

posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 02:20 AM

Originally posted by MemoryShock
CIA and the inadequate term of "Magic"

Former CIA deputy director John McLaughlin writes in a forward to the manual that “[a]s best we know,” the drink-spiking techniques “were never actually used.” The assurance would be more reassuring if the authors who had recovered the manual, H. Keith Melton and Robert Wallace, had not included their own historical overview of CIA trickery. In it, they explain that Mulholland’s writing was part of the secret MKULTRA program, whereby the CIA sought methods and materials “capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.” And part of MKULTRA did involve dosing unsuspecting subjects with '___' and other drugs.

I contend that drink spiking techniques were used. Why would they research this is not for implementation at some point?

Social engineering...NLP...I am sure that the MK program is still alive.

I'm pretty sure that the CIA have admitted in one way or another the operation of project 'dirty tricks' in which they contracted the help of high class prostitutes into retrieving information from clientele who were themselves encouraged & influenced by CIA agents to attend these particular brothels where they would drink with the prostitutes who would spike the clients drinks with '___'.

that was a poorly phrased post but I'm too tired to redo it, hope it made sense.

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posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by MemoryShock
While I find the '___' spiking a reprehensible act, that is not the reason for this thread.

he reason for this thread is to highlight the fact that the CIA studied, documented and eventually learned for application the use of sleight of hand.

That in itself is the point of the learn how to decieve people in front of their own eyes. '___' is not the only drug one can use to spike a drink. There is a laundry list of hypnotics that can be used to induce short term amnesia while retaining ambulatory capacity.

Now...we don't have admission to the above referenced narcotics (really now though?) but we do have admission to the sleight of hand reseach and training.

Why would the CIA do this?

And in my opinion, giving someone '___' without their knowledge is akin to a really terrible prank. What form of manipulation can be gained (save for 'loss of face')? The '___' is a red herring of sorts...

We know of '___'. But what other substances can they drug people with?

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