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The official ATS society thread

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:51 PM
Let me start by asking you to refrain from flagging this thread. You may stAr it but I wish to keep it from gaining attention from those who may hinder such plans.

I know there have been some ideas circulating around about life after a financial meltdown, but I haven't found any solid threads. I would like to use this thread as a collective of intelligent minds to create a future society in case of global meltdown.

There so much on my mind that needs to be discussed so please excuse me if I seem all over the place, I will organize all of our thoughts on the topic once a base is created. 

First and foremost is location. We are scattered all across America, and the world even. If a meltdown were to occur, we would need a safe and bountiful place to come together.
This means a convinient location. In the event that gas is impossible to come by, it must be in a location somewhere in the middle of the country, with a lower population and that way people from both sides of the country will have access without having to travel too far.

This place needs to be perfect. And by perfect I mean so perfect it hasn't even been found yet. Fresh water flow is a must. Not a lake, the water needs to be flowing into the ocean. Lakes will become contaminated over time, believe me I live near lake ronkonkama. Look it up.

An abundance of fish will be most beneficial. Fish can be used for firtilization of crops as well as a source for protein. Again flowing fresh water is key. 

The land must be firtile. We will not be able to plant crops in the middle of a dustbowl. An abundance of trees provide potential homes, as well as obscuring our society from outside view. 

A plateua with a single path of travel is prime. Jagged cliffs to the back allow for protection as well as a view from Which watchmen can post. In the event of an attack from mercenaries, pillagers, armies what have you, an escape route down the backside will prove useful.

Laws- society
I dislike laws. Laws are created by powers. This society has no social class structure. No leader. It is self governed. In the event of a disagreement, all sides to the argument will be layed out, and anyone with the mental capacity to make intelligent decisions on the matter (mabye a certain age) will group together. 
3 different groups with 3 opposing ideas. The group with the largest amount of supporters wins the VOTE. The smaller groups split up to one of the other choices on chance of a tie.
Any group who thereafter does not agree with the rules and does not abide, will be asked to leave.

The thing to keep In mind is love. Any anger and hatred, fighting, will be frowned upon. We are all human beings, all children of the same creator, Budha, God, the big bang, whatever you believe in doesn't matter. All that matters is love. This is why if you lack the ability to let go of arguments for the sake of love, I will require that you first learn this lesson before applying.

Weapons of any kind will not be tolerated. The only weapon you will ever need in this sociecty is an axe, hoe, watering can, and a bag of seeds. 

I ask that those who are capable of doing so, start to stock up on seeds. The more seeds we can gather the better. 
Another important tool is knowlege. Begin to build a collection of useful books. Medical, farming, construction, survival. 
I know some people are even building a wikipedia database. This on paper will be our bible. Homebrew gadgets, magnetic electricity, wind power. Anything you can think of.

Simple form of bartering. NO CURRENCY. I can't stress this enough. We will not repeat the disgusting mistake our forefathers have made. The same lock and key that forever binds us to slavery. The illusion. The only green we will rely on is that of the earth.

Secret societies will be condemned
Anyone involved will be asked to leave forever

This is all I'm good for right now. I am writing from work. 

I know something such an idea as this, it would be expected to have a much longer post. But the truth is, simplicity is the key to making this work. The less we state, the simpler the laws (10 commandments go without saying) the more we have to rely on eachother. With a good set of morals and a strong back for planting, there's no reason we can't live in peace, harmony, happiness, and enveloping love till we pass on to the next life.

Our "handshakes" are now hugs.

Please use the following space to collaborate, brainstorm, think, and love. This is your home. I am your brother. 


posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 07:07 AM
I'm exhausted but I do know that on /k/ we have discussed this to death. What we need is a society that is spread out a bit in the boonies. A few campfires over several square miles is a lot more subtle than a giant town.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 08:07 AM
A couple problems I have with your proposal:

1. a bartering system would be very annoying and tedious to work out. Trying to find ways to exchange items with equal value. A currency system is best. It doesnt need to be the US dollar, but we need something that we all would agree on to use in place of "goods/services".

2. No guns. Thats an open invitation for outside forces to come in and use violence. A person who has learned to use guns responsibly is much more powerful and "evolved" than someone who is afraid of guns. I come from a very rural area, and we hunt a lot. Ive been raised up near guns and have always been taught to respect the power they have.


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