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A Digital Model of a Universe

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:00 PM
Dr. Thomas Campbell describes in his trilogy entitled, “My Big Toe” a digital Universe by which we are individual units of consciousness organized into a reality rendering super computer he calls “The Big Computer”. The implications for what he is describing is similar to what the movie, “The Matrix” described for Neo.

When we observe traditional physics and look at the materialistic view of the Universe, we adopt a rule-set based on the physical laws governing the physicality of the system we are observing. The rule-set we describe with physical law and materialistic science simply describes the end result of an observed external reality system.

Democritus, a Greek Philosopher is considered to be the father of modern science. He existed from 460 bc to 370bc and talked about atomic theory for the cosmos. Democritus was a determinist and materialists, and had very sound theory regarding the existence of atoms which in all matter of speaking, was correct. The external world is composed of atoms and is bound by natural law.

Counter to Democritus and materialism we have idealism that has its roots in Greek Philosophy with Plato as well as Buddhism and the eastern Vedas. Idealism says that reality is composed of thoughts and ideas.

Dreams are process thoughts, there for they are part of idealism I do not think we will find many people who will argue that dreams are composed of thought and ideas, and not atoms. Although idealism attempts to describe the material world as such, this is how we have a division in theory regarding what reality is.

We know, those of us interested in the research of precognitive dreams, that somehow information in a dream later translates into an experience in reality. This gives way to the philosophy of idealism rather than materialism when trying to understand how this is possible.

As an observer of reality, my understanding is we see thought as defined in the context of a dream evolve into reality in the context of materialism. The anatomy and substance of any dream I have observed implies that the external dream world is composed entirely of thought. There is no atom, no molecule, just an expression and an idea. It is a mind generated, consciousness generated experience.

We need to look at what dreaming is and put context into the expression. In previous posts, I have pointed out that dreams are a form of organized thoughts which are projected into Anthony Peake’s 3D Bohmian IMAX theater and are digital in nature resembling a holodeck experience like we see popularized by Star Trek.

There is no question, a dream is a virtual reality simulation and we are the ones who organize and project the thoughts required to form the experience of a dream. The end result of a dream, is a very real and expressive thought wave that is digitalized by the mind. It is a process that metaphorically shares a creative process similar to how a 3D movie is made.

Since this is a non-physical reality generated purely of the mind, there is no materialistic components regardless of how closely it resembles natural law in a dream, there never could be and never will be an atom, a molecule or a cell, only the illusion of one.

In a dream, everything is thought expressed as data projected onto our BIMAX theater. If Democritus sat in a dream, and objectified his atomic theory, the dream could easily convey this belief, and make it a sound and rational concept by which Democritus would be content in theorising. That is what happens when we define a science based on the end result of a rule-set that governs a reality experience like a dream.

To really understand reality, we have to go past materialism and look at the nature of reality from the conscious observer. If dreams are coming true, and they are. We know from our own personal experiences with precognition that there is a reason and method by which dreams are actualizing as an experience within our materialistic reality, the external reality. One has to deeply ask… what is this reality?

Let’s go back to the movie the Matrix, as it has popularized a metaphor that reality could be computer generated in a way similar to how a game is computer generated. Could materialistic reality be a digital experience programmed by intelligence and organized into a defined rule-set that governs the order of natural law that we observe from within the matrix?

Are we only now observing the end result of a holographic computer generated virtual reality system? If so, what evidence do we have to help us break free from the illusion of the matrix? My only access key that lets us step out of this box is consciousness, and our ability to observe the pre-programming stage of this end result from a precognitive dream objective.

This reality system is a type of dream world that has a well defined rule-set that governs how it acts. All reality that I have observe comes back to the fundamental role that consciousness plays in the observation… and creation of reality experience. We might think that creating reality is a huge feat well beyond our reach, and that our minds are too limited, our consciousness is too limited and there is no way we could ever possibly imagine anything closely resembling reality.

We could think that, but the reality is… we think in the context of reality every time we dream. Our dreams are a prime example of consciousness organizing and projecting a virtual reality simulation in the form of an experience for us the conscious observer to observe.

We are creating reality by dreaming. We are programming the matrix and participating in the end result as a character within the matrix world. The evidence for this is internal, not external and comes from our relationship with consciousness. You will be the best resource of information on this topic as you start to peel back the rule-set of this matrix, and see the architect behind your eyes.

The nature of our Universe is a digital one. We are looking at the rendered reality and defining our science based on a rule-set that one might say, governs a 3D video game metaphorically speaking. We are an avatar within a game system attempting to describe the rules of reality based on the rules of the game. That is what happens when you are trapped in a world like Neo’s, a matrix, a virtual reality. It is so cleverly programmed that to even think you are more then the perceived experience is almost blasphemy. Yet we have been a part of this process since the birth of our primordial consciousness.

Why then have we forgotten this fact? The truth is we have never forgotten the fact, instead we have divided our consciousness into many focus states where by one aspect of our consciousness is unable to access or be aware of information contained in other compartments of our overall conscious self.

Early Christian Gnosticism had a name for this relationship and Anthony Peake has done a wonderful job bringing attention to it in the modern world. In this view, we have the Daemon which translates into the Higher Self, or the immortal self, or the part of us entwined with God. The Eidolon which is you right now is considered the false self, or the part that is trapped in the 'Black Iron Prison' of the Demiurge. A world of illusion, designed to trap you and make your ignorant of your true self.

What this really embodies is the compartmentalization of consciousness that I have described. Even though we know ourselves as a character within a matrix like reality system, we also have other aspects to our over all consciousness which governs how we act in other reality systems that we become focused in.

The scope of reality is so far reaching and vast that you will be amazed once you start to gather the pieces of yourself from the myriad of ‘Black Iron Prisons’ that you reside. The scope of consciousness forming reality and creating these sub-systems or matrices is awe inspiring.

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:02 PM
What this really embodies is the compartmentalization of consciousness that I have described. Even though we know ourselves as a character within a matrix like reality system, we also have other aspects to our over all consciousness which governs how we act in other reality systems that we become focused in.

The scope of reality is so far reaching and vast that you will be amazed once you start to gather the pieces of yourself from the myriad of ‘Black Iron Prisons’ that you reside. The scope of consciousness forming reality and creating these sub-systems or matrixes is awe inspiring.

In my story, it is when the eidolon dreams the dream that comes true, the world of illusion starts to crumble. It is the Eidolon, (you) that awakens and becomes the dreamer (the daemon) in Gnostic context. It is you that becomes the architect of reality and aware of your relationship with this fact. That is part of the process people call awakening.

You awaken from a dream, to realize you are the dreamer. It is an experience that you will repeat within yourself endlessly. It is inevitable because you are real, you are consciousness, you are a dreamer.

Further references to articles meantioned in this discussion found at

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:42 PM
Very interesting thought. Have you ever awakened from a dream to realize you were still dreaming? Freaky. The final awakening will be the Apocalypse. A lifting of the veil between our compartments revealing the true nature of reality (refer to my sig). I feel some will be able to accept this and move on, others not so much.
Again the innumerable minds are really the creation of a single mind (creator), which continues to discern more minds at a higher plane. Where it stops is with the One creator.
Good stuff!! More later....

PS thanks for posting

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:45 PM
S&F for you. This was very well thought out and put together. I would have to agree with a lot of what you say. Though it is hard to test this in theory, It is definately a possibility that reality is a very cleverly designed "program" in a sense. There is a lot of commonality between thinking of how the universe runs on laws and logic, much like a computer. Not to mention, if this were true, think of how much deeper the complexity of life and reality would be!!

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Interesting theory heh some flawed parts but interesting none the less

composed of thought and experience, not atoms.

Nope wrong

One can not have one without the other.

preception is key. I thought is a function just like everything els. as he states it is govened by laws.

We do not live in a digital/matrix world.

We only replicate our own paramaters based on our own observations and in doing so replicate nature.

because we are one of the same

energy / matter

The part in the middle is reality

You are at one with the very thing that made you when you are alive

A singulatrity.

The universe is a physical representation of a question of the function there of

hence why it has no shaped and infity
just like ones mind, oh and you only get infinity from being alive.

sefl reflection.

A mirror is not just a peace of glass.. open you eyes and you will see reality is a mirror all of its own

good reading tho
gave a star for being interesting

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 02:03 PM
Very interesting post mate.

This reads like the lost chapter of the book "Chariots of the Gods" which never existed. In other words, you could write a damn good book based on your post.

I watched the following films recently: "The Gamer" and "Surrogates", both 2009 films and both of them relate to what you are talking about. Infact I think the inventor of the technology (in the films) was trying to migrate the dream state mind into a controllable virtual reality.


posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Thanks everyone,

It's just my musings for today as I enchroach on what reality is from the digital perspective.

Having had numerous expeirences with precognitive dreams, and much revelation about their nature there is no question in my mind that I must address the formation of reality from the perspective of a technological program and view this moment as the end result of a rendered experience within a mind based reality system.

I am certain that we are living within a matrix like reality when we observe the materialistic universe, that it could be simular to playing a cosmic video role-playing game. However further evidence from the precognitive phenom indicates we are also somehow the architect of the expeirence within a varying degree of conscious compartimentalization.

As I source out more refrences from historical beliefs and philosophies I hope to maybe at least put out an e-book on this topic. It is interesting to think about.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

I think in a way you confuse it a bit, but you are on the right track. The only problem i have with your assment is the word "digital".

This is only a construct of a word to describe a function of the time.

By this i mean you are leaving out one very important part of life and that is life.

Most people do think being human is life.. when it is not.. Being alive is just what happens once you have life kinda thing.

Life its self is a function of the universe and is needed and always was needed.

A cat is alive just like me so is the cat in the matrix or constructed? if it is and we do live in a "matrix" then the answer to your question would in fact be your self

To be constructed would require you to be apart/created by the very matrix you wish to understand.

Why search for it if the very matrix you reside in needed you to make the matrix work?

So now i hope you understand the very reason you ask is the very answer to your question.

The question its self is the answer to all you have.. because being here being able to ask is the very gift of life its self.

The universe is just a big MIND kinda thing and the logic or one flip side of the answer was life the other is death

You are the 1 then you become the 0 kinda thing

but in order to understand that you have to have some humility about what the role of life is.

And that my friend is to keep the very question going.

Self replication on a scale that is more mind bending that you can possibly grasp.

that includes me

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 05:23 PM
I use the word digital because it implies a form of software or code. One of the challenges I realize and I am sure many also realize is our choice of symbols to represent ideas when we convey information to each other.

The linguistics involved in describing a relationship between materialistic reality and the idealism of a dream becomes tenuous at best. At least, I have to derive some connection to symbols that convey as close to the meaning of the idea that I am transcribing from a non-physical mind state such as a dreaming experience.

Fortunantly, it's all symbolic metaphors and digital can also mean thought if we swap the metaphor for a more literal noun.

I do like idealism when viewing the model of reality because of precognitive dreams. It also entertains the matrix theory that we are simply subjectively experiencing some type of data stream that our consciousness reads in as software code, and renders a mind-based holographic reality thought projection of which our true reality emerges.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 05:36 PM
Digital Physics is the new lagunage of modeling reality. This is a model, not reality. This model says reality at its most fundamental core, is information. You need a consciousness to process information. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then its a duck. The universe computers itself, and information is at its core. The universe is best modeled as a computer.

When you bring consciousness into the picture, then large questions arise. Objectivity is an illusion. We live in a subjective reality system.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by tobiascore

That is a pretty nice summary, we have information which is the external data stream, and we have computation and data processing by the consciousness observing the data stream.

Consciousness is what gives the data the sense of reality. Without consciousness, even a discussion about reality becomes mute. Yet this again falls into idealism because the very process by which the brain processes the data it perceives is always a mind generated translation of data, there for reality for the observer is a mental construct, not a physical thing.

We only interface with the thoughts in our mind regarding the data stream, a mental rendering based on sensory data.

The human experience of reality resides within the Cartesian theater in the mind.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

That was created by the phyical universe you are in.

Your mind did not create the universe it only observes it

The "data" you say we use from our mind is Creating it.. so the data is making reality real.

and let us not for get that the data in your mind also ebs and flows in every other living being

its not excuslive to humans. you are NOT special

If you think so you should put faith in god
not like that is going to help you but its just as good as thinking we live in a matrix controlled by a computer / digital thing.

the whole point of being alive is to replicate and answer a question you have no idea of what / the question is your function as a human / living being is to help answer it.

Other wise you would know the question or why bother trying to work it out?

it has nothing to do with the outcome it has everything to do with the question.

trust me on this.

and just to add. you aint the one asking the question

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by 13579

Well, let me flush out my viewpoint based on knowledge I have gained by the course of my available perceptions and experiences.

I remember existing before this lifetime. This pre-life memory came as the result of dying in another lifetime during a war. My previous life I was fairly young with an estimation that I was around 18 years of age before dying in a war.

Many of the memories from that life exist as fragmented visual images with no words to describe names, places or things. Silent images only, that I remember with some very vague dialog with what could be my Uncle at that time.

The death was a powerful experience, and it caused a type of shock which I was in once I became disembodied from the dying process. In that state, I was transported by a being of light and given a small tour of a layered reality system. At the end of the tour I was told I had to come back and I would argue and refuse such an offer only to wake up kicking and screaming as a baby.

That memory carried over into reoccurring dreams and at a young age I would even leave my body, go back to this being and argue about being sent back. It was something that lasted up until I was five years old.

This is the tip of the iceburg summary but suffice to say, those are memories that I have to acknowledge as part of a potential stream of other lifetimes I was involved in.

In this current life, I have had over 3000+ out-of-body experiences where I have returned to this layered system, observed many interesting details pertaining to the nature of non-physical reality. And part of that study was the observation of the precognitive role dreams play in the formation of this materialistic reality.

Precognitive dreams are a part of this creative process which we are all participating in to generate the current focus state we have as a human, but what we really are is much more then the current focus state.

Our consciousness is compartmentalized into many aspects so it is quite capable of having a more profound part of yourself that this current compartment is totally unaware of and will one day discover.

All of it is very profound, because the model of reality from these perspectives exist outside the current focus state we have when we are in a physical body.

During my out-of-body study, I came to the realization that I was actually projecting into my body from a non-physical reality system. That the out-of-body perspective here is actually inaccurate to the fact that we are projecting into the body in the first place.

Does any of this make me special, no... but it provides a viewpoint from a non-physical perspective and has allowed me to see outside the limits of our materialistic fantasy world that we exist in right now.

There is so much more to reality then just the physical expression, and we are so much more involved in the actual manufacturing of reality then we think.

With all of that experience, I still consider myself to be a total newb.

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