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Advice For MJ-12

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 04:31 AM
I support the human race
Who knows what is in space?
They stalk the skies but you already know
You are building an army to take control

Why tell the masses what we are facing?
An opponent you cannot defeat.
Why put an end to the arms racing?
When arms are just what we need.

But what you need is unseen
To you and to your kind
So I will keep it clean
And put you back in line.

What you need is a generation
Every man , woman, boy and girl
Helping your operation
Uniting the entire world.

Though with a different spin
Not to take sides with an alien
But become friends first then betray
Send them all back on their way

Then we send those bombs to the home worlds of
Each alien race that #ed up human love.

What say you , masters of war?
What say you , mouthpiece of humanity?

You will never be able to fight
Without this whole planet on your side
I know what is out there just like you
If you make a mistake you will lose

But it will be more than just yourselves
You will send this world into hell

So, baby MJ 12, If you are real I wish you well,
And above all ; best of luck . Oh yeah, and
Don’t # up.

This is performed in the Solfeggio scale.
Verses are played in 1 4 5 starting from the E chord


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