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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:32 PM
Vern Ogdin was a geek before being a geek was cool. By the time Vern Ogden graduated high school in 1968, he had already been accepted to MIT In Cambridge Mass, with a full scholarship. In 1980, he graduate from MIT with his doctorate in Physics, specializing in Electromagnetic and Quantum theory. His interest was the electromagnetic fields in outer space. His first real job was with NASA.

Later he was contacted by the United States Navy to devise a system to enable the Navy to send and receive critical communications during atmospheric interference. He accomplished this and the system was named after him called CODE VERDIN/ EVS. The EVS stood for electromagnetic voice systems. It was Vern Ogdins highest achievement.

VERDIN/EVS basically reduces atmospheric noise, thereby enabling receptions of messages during severe interference due to atmospheric noise within the galaxy. Without it the United States Navy would not be able to give the execute command to its Tocamo Aircraft and submarines with missiles during a time of an electromagnetic disturbance crisis.

Dr. Verdin was the one man who understood the seriousness of a magnetic pulse. If an enemy were to explode a bomb 200 miles above us in our atmosphere , it would destroy the magnetic field that protects us. If a bomb exploded there it would emit a powerful wave of gamma rays. The energy from this would create an electrical disturbance known as the Compton Effect. Basically the intensity would be magnified to the xth power with the massive energy surges, blowing out everything electrical that exists. The computers in car engines would die. Children in every ICU in every hospital would die. Cell phones, Televisions, radios, and any other form of communication would die. Thus Dr. Vern Ogdins VERDIN CODE is one of the most important contributions to mankind, although for all intents and purposes, it did not exist.

Vern Ogdins last job was out in the Nevada desert at a location that doesn’t exist. His latest interest was a project that didn’t exist involving signals from places that didn’t exist.
There he worked alone in his own lab with is computer programs and his ongoing research into the signals received from a huge red planet called Nibiru that didn’t exist. Nibiru was in its long elliptical orbit far out into our galaxy. Oh yes there were definite electromagnetic signals and they had a pattern. It was up to his computer programs to decode the signal pattern by using the binary code.

One morning in early 2002, Verns computer screen began flashing wildly. It was programmed to do this in the event that the Nibiru signals could be decoded and if there was some sort of intelligence behind it. In Verns computer binary code he was working with 8 bit bytes and 9 bit bytes. Everything was truncated until a definite pattern was found. This particular morning his printer with the green bar paper had begun spitting out a carriage return line feed message as opposed to the normal alpha numeric that it normally did. Using the 8 bit bytes the computer had translated the signal codes to English. Vern couldn’t believe his eyes and it took several minutes fro his brain to wrap around what he was reading. It was the same sentence repeated over and over again. RETURN TO TERRA 101111. Something or someone out there was communicating.

For a while Vern Ogdin put his head down on his desk to consider the implications and what it would ultimately mean to mankind. The destruction of the earths magnetic grid and pole shift began to really sink into Verns brain. Solar flares alone would fry the earth. Billions would die. Game over.

That was the day Vern erased his hard drives on all six computers. That was the day Vern set his lab on fire. The exactitude of the message was clear. That was the day Vern flew to Switzerland with some of his false identification for some desired facial reconstruction surgery. That was the day Vern Ogdin disappeared. News reports stated that Dr.Vern Ogdin died in the fire, although human remains had not been found. The CIA, NSA, nor any foreign government has been able to locate Vern Ogdin. Vern Ogdin ceased to exist.

Vern did return to the United States after his facial reconstruction surgery. Today Vern is homeless and planned it that way. He is hiding from the MIB. There will always be people and organizations who search for Vern Ogdin due to the fact that he knew too much about too many things that didn’t exist. Since his remains were never found, some believed he was still alive somewhere. He is one of the street people you see pan handling for change to survive. He drinks cheap wine to fog reality as he stares at the stars from underneath his bridge and waits. He thinks about everything and waits.

There are those of “ US” who will always remember Dr.Vern Ogdin. He will be remembered for the VERDIN CODE that according to all records, doesn’t exist. It’s a matter of national security which doesn’t really exist.

[edit on 1-12-2009 by Magantice]

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:53 AM
This story has a lot of interesting ideas! Here is some info on the "Compton" effect, which I checked out after reading this story.

According to the above article, the EMP pulse can easily span continent-sized areas.

I wonder how many scientists have discovered something so disturbing or deadly that their personal morality prevented it from ever being disclosed? Perhaps there are a number of distressing secrets, never revealed, which are discovered over and over again, only to be put aside by the discoverer, and never mentioned to any other soul.

Most scientists are probably not like Vern Ogdin, so it is hard to say.

Thanks for the story, Magantice!

[edit on 19-12-2009 by Axial Leader]

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 07:02 AM
reply to post by Axial Leader

Thank you so much Axial Leader for taking the time to respond to my story. It was wise of you to also research the Compton effect. So many people have no clue as to how fragile the security of america is. Also many times you will find the greatest truths in a story labeled as fiction. Have you ever considered how many of the worlds scientists have recently died of mysterious circumstances? Like Vern Ogden, it might be wiser to keep your mouth shut about things that could get you dead. However, that being said, its up to each individual to find out as much as possible so they at least die informed. I personally think it would suck to die stupid. Best wishes, Magantice

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 06:27 PM
Good story Magantice!

I'm very glad you've chosen to reinforce the threats associated with EMP. I think a lot of people don't realize how debilitating that could be to a technologically-based economy and infrastructure.

Good on you also for dissecting the elements of an altruistic outlook, tied to the idea of scientists faking their deaths and live by lesser means simply to escape the hopelessness of the system.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by argentus

Thank you argentus, and yes you are correct in that people in general have no idea how fragile our electromagnetic field is. One missle detonated two miles above our atmosphere and its Game Over.

No intenet, no cell phones, no electricity. people die in hospitals. No emergency response of any kind. No communication.

Thank you again for your kind words. You may also want to google the word Verdin.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by Magantice

One missle detonated two miles above our atmosphere and its Game Over.

Thats scary, so Reagans star wars program would have done that if used?
great story s and f

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