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Let's assume Nazi UFOs exist

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 05:36 PM
This might be interesting for fans of Hollow Earth theory.

Shambhala and Agarthi are thus the two occult regions (or cities) from which the national socialist dictator, Adolf Hitler, was sent to our planet. According to Serrano the two locations lie in a magic realm beneath the surface of the Earth. “Thus the submerged Agarthi and Shambhala are to be found there, which the Tibetans and Mongolians speak of as the seat of the king of the world, and also the symbolic orient of the [Knights] Templar and the true Rosicrucians. Thus the unknown leaders of these two orders, as well the organization of esoteric Hitlerism [the SS], betook themselves there. And from there Hitler clearly received instructions” (Serrano, 1987, p. 32). [6]

Following the Second World War the rumor (which Serrano seizes upon thankfully) arose in occult circles that Hitler had settled a brotherhood of Tibetan lamas in Berlin, who stood in direct contact with the kingdom of Shambhala. After the Russians entered the city the members of the order committed suicide ( Ravenscroft, 1988, p. 262ff.).[7]

But Hitler — Serrano says- did not suicide; rather he was able to return to his subterranean home of Shambhala. “Hitler lives. He did not die in Berlin. I have seen him under the earth. ... I kept this secret for many years; then it was dangerous to reveal it, and it was even more difficult to write about it”, the mysterious master we have already mentioned explained to his pupil, Serrano (Serrano, 1987, p. 37). The “Führer”, however, did not flee to Tibet as is assumed in other occult speculations. Serrano doubts such assumptions, since on the basis of his researches he reached the conclusion that the mythic realm of Shambhala was relocated from the Himalayas to the South Pole (Antarctica) following the war and that today the entrance to the underground imperium may be found there. Hitler is thus said to have traveled to Antarctica.

In the near future, the “Führer” with ascend to earth from the subterranean Shambhala (now at the South Pole) for a second time, with a powerful army of UFOs in fact. (At another point Serrano reports that Hitler will lead his army on a white horse, like the Rudra Chakrin, the wrathful wheel turner from Shambhala.) The “last avatar” (Hitler) will plunge the planet into a terrible apocalyptic war between the forces of light (the hyperborean Aryan race) and the powers of darkness (the Jewish race). The Jews, who currently rule the world, will be exterminated and the Nazis will found the Edidad Dorada (the “golden age”) and the “Fourth Reich”.

Serrano took his “fantasies” literally. To seek his spiritual leader (or the tulku Hitler), the Chilean diplomat (in India at the time) set off and began exploring in the Himalayas and in Antarctica.

Full article --->

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 05:39 PM
The following article by Miguel Serrano is almost impossible to find online, so I post it entirely. It's an interview with Miguel Serrano, a Hitler enthousiast who came up wit the whole Nazi UFO theory.

An Interview With Miguel Serrano

"Esoteric Hitlerist"


O Star of the Evening
Yephun, Baphomet, Quetzalcoatl, Luzibel!
Humane deep light
Let fall upon us
Like petals of light
Of skies of Autumn!
Accompany us!
(Miguel Serrano)
[Our transl.]

Miguel Serrano, writer, traveler, diplomat, was born in Santiago , Chile in 1917. His travels ranged from Antarctica (1947-48) to the Himalayas where he met the Dalai Llama.

As an author he has written a score of books translated into several languages, including "Neither by Sea Nor by Land", "The Serpent of Paradise", "The Hermetic Circle", "Adolf Hitler � The Ultimate Avatara"... Serrano has served as Chilean Ambassador to India (1953-62), Yugoslavia (1962-64) and Austria (1964-70) and has served on various international commissions. He is a practitioner of Tantra and a self-described "Esoteric Hitlerist".

You define yourself as an Esoteric Hitlerist . Please define the term.

Hitler said that "whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement, doesn't understand anything." National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoterical background. At the end of the 1930s and during the war years, it was not possible or convenient that this theme was widely known. However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed by the archetypes of the collective unconscious which the Greeks used to call Gods � among them Appollo, which really is Wotan for the Germans and Vishnu or Shiva for the Hindus -and its development in the individual and collective souls of the actual Hitlerist warriors. That means a new/old religion, with all of its rituals and myths which are necessary to
discover or rediscover. Its central Drama is the aparition on this earth of the Person of Adolf Hitler, the last Avatara who came to produce this enormous storm or catastrophe in order to awake all those who are asleep and to open the New Age which will come after the Deluge. That is the reason why we have started to count the beginning of the New Age after the birth of Hitler. We are in the year 105.

How did you arrive at Hitlerism, both esoterically and exoterically?

I arrived to the exoteric Hitlerism from the political Left, and very much impressed by the heroic death of 62 young Chilean Nazi followers of my generation in 1938. During the war I published a magazine in favour of the Axis, called La Nueva Edad ("The New Era"), and then suddenly I met some SS and a little later my Chilean Master, who revealed to me the secret roots of Hitlerism and "who" Adolf Hitler really was: a magician who had the power to come voluntarily out of his body and communicate with other unbodily beings. [1]

Does your esotericism imply any form of ritual or worship?

Yes, it does. I think that we in Chile are the only performed public ceremonies similar to those performed at the Congress of Nuremberg, like "Autos Sacramentales" . But now no more in public. The rituals can be in the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Also we use individual concentrations, sometimes in very small groups, thinking in our Fuhrer or projecting the mind in order to fight or destroy contrary enemy's forces.

Do you believe events can changed 'magically'; i.e. ritual magic and meditation?

Yes, is possible, but it is a tricky and dangerous affair. Today the Enemy works mentally usinq the Kabala and electronic machines ("Takion"), projecting sub-atomic particles in order to control the minds. Yes, today the central war is psychotronic, technotr-onic and cybertronic. The principal war is a mental one, called "Kama Manasic". This means that the enemy is intervening in the mental atmosphere of the Aryan, manipulating their thoughts and separating the mental from the physical bodies, altering the karma and its spiritual development. In a way, the whole world is hypnotized by these means, combined with subliminal messages found in today's media, as well as drugs and drinks like coca-cola, pepsi-cola, etc. Yes, mental war can be fought only with a similar type of war. Of course this needs a special discipline and training, like the Esoteric SS, or the ancient religious military orders of the past.

To what extent does your esotericism relate to Jungian archetypes and the use of symbols such as runes?

Yes, the runes are very important magic symbols, but the code of their interpretation has been lost and its power almost destroyed by the malicious vulgarization and popularization made by the Jews. It is necessary to rescue them, as I did in my book Adolf Hitler, The Last Avatara. We must use some of them in our mental combat. However, it is not good to talk openly about all of this.

In what circumstances did you come to know Jung? We know that Jung recognized National Socialism as a resurgence of the Wotan "Shadow" of the Germanic folk. Did Jung view the release of this archetype as a positive or a negative phenomenon?

In my book published in England and the VS, C.G. Jung a Herman Hesse, A Record of Two Friendships, I explain the circumstances which brought me to meet Jung. He wrote the foreword for my book The Visits of the Queen of Sheeba. I think that this Swiss professor knew better than anyone else in our time who Hitler really was. In the book of Professor McQuyre, Jung Speakinqs, published by Princeton University Press, three interviews of Prof. Jung on Hitler are reproduced. One is in the Observer of London, another in an American newspaper and the third in the Radio Berlin, at the end of 1938. In these interviews Jung stated that Hitler was possessed by the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. This means that Hitler was the spokesman of the whole Aryan world. In order not to repeat the same, I can tell you that I studied and explained this extraordinary situation in my book Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatara, published in Chile .

Some friends of Jung such a Lauren Van der Post state that Jung came into conflict with the National Socialist regime. What were Jung's true views on MS in the later years of his life?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 05:40 PM

Prof. Jung was an enormous thinker, but he was a Swiss and therefore a contradictory personality. Very different in character to Heideger, as a matter of fact. Immediately after the war he started to change and made some very shameful statements about Hitler and the German people. These statements I didn't know until very recently, and have made me lose part of my admiration for the Jung personality. Also, Jung didn't understand anything about Wotanism and the runes. I think this was caused by his christian background. His father was a Lutheran priest, as was the father of Herman Hesse, Holderling, and if I am not mistaken the father of Nietzsche. This fact creates such a confusion and internal drama, that it drove to madness the last two. The furthest Jung could go was Meister Ekhard and gnosticism. On the other hand, he was a Freemason as many of the Lutherans are.

Nevertheless, Jung was a cunning and opportunistic man, as I can visualize it today. When Hitler was in full power and National Socialism on top, Jung coined the concept of the "two unconscious" which was a lethal weapon against the Jews and the Freudians. After the war this concept disappeared from his writings in such a way that today it is impossible to find it in his complete works. I have a book published in Argentina in 1939 under the name of El Yo y el Inconscieate ("I And The Unconscious) where it is explained. Moreover, Jung took a Jewish woman as a secretary.

In this case, the statement on Van Der Post that Jung came into conflict with the National Socialist regime is totally untrue. He never had a direct contact with the regime. He only was the President of the Psychiatric Society of Berlin, replacing Dr Goering (brother of Herman Goering). Jung only tried to please the National Socialists at the time, and after its defeat to please the Jews. This was never done by Heideger or Ezra Pound. It is because of this fact that I have said that even though I admire the thinking of Jung, I have come not to admire his character. [2]

What were the circumstances in which you came to know Ezra Pound? Pound is said to have repudiated his pro-Fascist views towards the end of his life and to have regretted his former Fascist associations. Is this true?

I met Ezra Pound for the first time in Venice . He was already mute at the time, but he broke his silence with me. I have told this in my book published in Spanish and German under the title Die Goldenen Band, and again in Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo Avatara. It is absolutely untrue that Pound has regretted his pro-Fascist views towards the end of his life. He didn't speak or write at all, therefore it is impossible for him to have done this. I think he was in a voluntary silence in order that no one can force him to make an unwilling declaration. He once wrote: "Keep yourself to your old dreams so that our world will not lose hope."

Unfortunately, Pound was surrounded by people who loved him (like Olga Rudge), but didn't understand him. The mecenas Ivancic, a friend of Hemingway, was also amongst those who didn't understand him well, and they invited to Pound's funeral the Rabbi of Venice, who of course refused to go. Maybe they were trying to convince the Jews to give him a posthumous Nobel Prize. What a pity! Anyhow, Pound, Knut Hamsun, Arno Breker and myself are happy and honoured to be the outcasts and damned in the present Jewish world.

[Part 2]

Mr. Serrano, could you tell us how you characterise the modern liberal societies and in what extend do these offer solutions to the higher spiritual searches of man?

There are differences between the modern liberal societies and the old liberal ones, being both - as marxist communism creations and a tools of the Jewery. It is absolutely impossible that these systems offer "solutions to the higher spiritual searches of man". On the contrary, these systems were created by the Jews in order to destroy the non Jewish societies and the souls of the goym.

We know that your integrated personality brought you very close to great figures of literature and science, could you describe to us - even if very briefly - some of them you knew?

The most remarkable to me was Ezra Pound. I knew him at the end of his life. Me was living in Venice after 13 years in a psychiatric sanitary in U.S.A. There he was confined for his support of Germany and Italy during the Second World War. Until the end of his life he kept his ideas and he said: "Be attached to your old dreams in order that our world does not loose hope".

I also met the Dalai Lama at the moment he escape from Thibet during the Communist Chinese invasion. He was very young, 25 years oil. I went to meet him at the Himalayas . he never forgets that. and when we met again during the funeral of Indira Gandhi in Delhi. he invited me to go to Dharmasala. where he lives now. We had a very interesting talk. It is good to know that before Budism was introduced in Thibet. Thibetans were a warrior' s race and their religion. the Bo, used also the same swastika of Hitlerism. Until today Intelligence Services of England and United States have been unable to discover the real mysterious links that existed between Thibet and Hitlerist Germany. Very little after the fall of the Third Reich came also the end of Thibet.

I Knew other interesting people: Jawardal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, in the political world; and Hermann Hesse, C. G. Jung in the literary and scientific world. The first two were the most outstanding that I could know as politicians. About the other two my opinion has been given in my book "Hermann Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung" published under the name "Mnemes" in Athens, in 1989.

What represents for you concerning the fact you are one at (he leading representatives of the philosophical thought of today National Socialism, as a political and spiritual movement?

MIGUEL SERRANO: This question I could link with the first question you made me. National Socialism - as created and introduced by Adolf Hitler - is considered by me the only system in all the history of the world that came to give to the non Jewish people the solutions against the Jewish systems of economic libreralism and marxism.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 05:41 PM

Adolf Hitler changed everything. Me put an end to the interest of money and finished with the gold - system. replacing it by a system where most important was just the work and the workers. The most genial idea was the destruction of the interest of money, because it is that interest which allows the Jews to live without working, remaining between the producer and the consumer. So terrible was that for the liberal Jewish system and Jewish marxism if that was necessary for a World War to destroy Hitler. The interest of the capital is sacred for these two systems.

Centring the social system in other aspects than the economical one and with the abolition of interest of money all life changed automatically. Then life is able to be spiritualised and the economy is put in a second place. During the short period of the Third Reich we could see the most fantastic explosion in all the spiritual spheres: architecture, arts, philosophy and science.

Mr. Serrano, which is the present situation in Chile concerning the National Socialist movement?

The National Socialist movement in Chile is following very carefully the events. even though nothing better to the Pinochet regime can follow. The international conspiracy has as own archetypes and will apply in South America the scheme elaborated by the World Sinarchy and transnationals. The international Monetarial Fund andthe World Bank will follow to impose the plan for the Third World on us. Pinochet was a representative of these international powers and the actual democratic regime will carry on the same policy until the end. We will fight with all means at our disposal.

What do you have to say about those people who call themselves "National - Socialists" and they just stay alone in a room with photographs of the past without lacing the problems of today... and without doing anything in order to change the present situation for the future?

I think that our opinion has been given above. We the Esoteric Hitlerists have for rule the law of synchronicity that means to work in two worlds, here and there. In the philosophical world and in the world of action. Cannot De a healthy thought without been able to materialise in action. As Nietzsche said: "For a tree to reach Heaven with its branches first if must touch Hell with its roots".

What is your opinion about the philosophical work of Savitri Devi?

Savitri Devi is the greatest fighter after Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels. Moreover she was the first to discover the secret and spiritual power behind Hitlerism. She thought on a new religion and inaugurated in India a sanctuary for Hitler. She was as myself an anti-Christian, telling very clearly that it is impossible to be a true National Socialist and at the same time a Christian. Se initiated. completely alone, all which I have developed until now. It is not a mere coincidence that the Spanish Catholics published an attack against Savitri Devi, Otto Rahn and me. Curiously enough we were at the same time in India without knowing to each other. It was very late when we started to write each other. For a week we missed in Europe. I arrived few days atter her death. I think that Savitri Devi will be the major sister of the all priests of Esoteric Hitlerism. The priestess of Odin.

Adolf Hitler was just a prominent political personality or something more...?

A sentence of Hitler replied by Joseph Goebbels said: "Those who consider National Socialism only as a political movement do not know anything about it..." C. G. Jung compared Adolf Hitler with Mohammed in an interview given before the war. Can we consider Mohammed as a politician? He was a prophet with enormous political repercussion in the world. I consider Adolf Hitler as the greatest personality in the world, and the repercussion of his visions, thoughts and action would be impossible to calculate today. If we were to think in Indian fashion. as Savitri Devi did, we must see in Hitler an incarnation of the divinity, an Avatara. The title of my last book is "Adolf Hitler, the last Avatara".

Albert Kami has said, "the 21st century will be the century of faith or it will not exist". At the end the 21st century will be a century of faith or we will be leaded to the precipice that World levelling Capitalism has being pushing us a long lime?

To be honest I am not very sure about nothing concerning the 21st century. We are in Kali - Yuga, the darkest age. or the Iron Era of the Greeks, and in an accelerated involution. If we believe in this, it will be very difficultto think about a possibility of a new faith, politically there is not a solution unless an intervention by the Hitlerists who survived the catastrophe of Second World War, and who disposed of a new science and technique. We. the Esoteric Hitlerists, believe in that. It will be the magical operation. we hope and wail for, but that does non mean that we do not continue to fight until the end for our ideals even if we are very realistic to see the darkness of the future.

As we know you have devoted your lite to ESOTERIC HITLERISM. Could you tell us synoptically - for our readers that "listen" for their first time to the term of ESOTERIC HITLERISM - what exactly is it?

"Esoteric" is a Greek word referring to God. Esoteric Hitlerism is that which transcend political field and in one or another way touches the religious feelings and symbols. We believe that it the world doesn't go quickly to an end will be only because the Hitlerism transformed itself into a new religious faith, able to change the materialistic man of today in a new idealistic hero where the "beyond life" is as important as life itself. That was the attitude of the heroes of the Thermopiles which were fighting for honour and duty, for Dharma, as Indians would say. Only if was possible to develop in different places of the world an heroic attitude and a sort of 0rder of Warriors - Priests of the new religion of Hitlerism, the world could be saved and materialism destroyed. The Esoteric Hitlerism is a total new vision of the world (Weltanschauung) , a Cosmogonia. The SS tried to transmute man to superman, in Sonnenmensch, or Sun Man. A man who will be again a God. This in an old Aryan conception which is not far of the Greek traditional thoughts. and of the initiation of the Mysteries of Apollo and Dyonisos. The Dorian Greeks had a nostalgy of Hyperbores, and so do the Hitlerists.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 05:42 PM
And finally the last part of the interview

Is the ESOTERIC HITLERISM the coming new religion? It yes, then will it come probably within a new epoch? What do you have to say about it?

I think that this question has been answered. Of course if there is a possibility of a new religion, it will be Hitlerism. All the elements are there: the incarnation of Archetype. And when the Archetype is working the human being cannot do nothing but only work for its success, even our enemies cannot do nothing but only work for its success, even our enemies are working for that. Nothing can stop the Archetype. Without knowing, we will triumph at the end. But I want to tell you that I consider that Hitlerism is much more than a religion: it is a way to transmute a hero into God.

Would you like to give us an example of how our enemies can work - cause of the acting Archetype - in favour of us. against their own will?

Yes, I want to give an example of how the Archetype can work even against the will of his enemies. The reunification the consuming society and, at the same time, to control the Eastern market and all the socialist countries of the East - Russia as well - by credit cards and by the electronic transference of money, etc. In this context the marxist communism system was obsolete and primitive. Then in a question of weeks communism was finished and the Berlin Wall collapsed. However the Archetype will turn against them. As a matter of fact Hitlerism is racing in Russia and Eastern countries of Europe and will be strong in a unified Germany, when capitalism and materialism will be collapsed. International marxism is collapsing now, international capitalism will follow. National Socialism, a non Jewish socialism. will be the solution. But now will De something much more than a political system.

Mr. Serrano, what is your message to the readers of ANTIDOTO and your friends in Hellas?

My message will be, to fight in the golden Greek tradition of the heroes of Sparta, for duty, for honour and for the ideals beyond materialism.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by PC equals Newspeak

Why wait? Do they need to wait until the end of the Mayan calendar for dramatic effect? Aren't they ready now already?

Germany ist still partly occupied. Partly because Neu Schwabenland in the Antarctic is also part of the German Reich. This land might not be in the hand of the rightful owner (Germany), it is claimed by them as being part of the Reich and not overtaken by the allied forces (the failed operation "high jump").
That's maybe one of the reasons Germany didn't get all their land back at the unification and was article 23 that describes Germany's border removed from the constitution.

With cancellation of the preamble and of article 23 by the former Secretary of State Mr. James BAKER in Paris on 17 JUL 1990, the territorial scope of the “Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany” became extinct as of 18 JUL 1990 (cf. BGBl. 1990, part II, pages 885, 890, of 23 SEP 1990). This was possible only because of the reserved rights of the allies. This completed the governmental task of the “Federal Republic of Germany” which was held since 23 MAY 1949. Since then – 18 JUL 1990 – the occupational provisional entity “Federal Republic of Germany”, which for 41 years had to administer the German people only as trustee for the Western allies, does not exist any more! Therefore, all governmental decisions and legal acts of the government of the so-called “Federal Republic of Germany” and its agencies since its expiration on 18 JULI 1990 are illegal.

Source (PDF)
All in all you may conclude that Germany is an puppet government placed by the allied forces even after the unification.

The state German Reich has never ceased to exist as a subject of international law. Only the German armed forces have signed the “unconditional surrender” on 8 MAY 1945 in Berlin-Karlshorst, but not the German Reich. The German Reich was and furthermore is without interruption an international personality, but has - as a national entity - legal capacity only, if an institutional organization is available and existing. This has been decided by the Federal Constitutional Court as well as by other German courts with verdicts 2 Bvl. 6/56, 2 BvF 1/73, 2 BvR 373/83; BVGE 2,266 (277); 3288 ( 319 I); 5.85 (126); 6, 309, 336 and 363. In the meantime, these verdicts have never been revised and did not become obsolete due to the political changes throughout Europe. The occupational provisional entity “Federal Republic of Germany” is and was never identical with the German Reich and therefore could not become its legal successor.

So why didn't they reinstall the Reich after the "unification"? They could have torn it down right after it and changed it into the Federal Republic of Germany, but they didn't!
What's going on there?

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by Regenstorm
Germany ist still partly occupied. Partly because Neu Schwabenland in the Antarctic is also part of the German Reich.

Occupied? By who? The only people in Neu Schwabenland.. is Germany.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by HankMcCoy

Obviously you are mixing up something. You refer to a research station funded by the Federal Republic of Germany (puppets). The "rightful owner" is however the German Reich which had a military base there which is heavily denied even today but was confirmed by the New York Times:

I'm a subsriber of the poster of the video I posted earlier. In another video of him he shows 2 envelopes from 1960 from a attempted mission to "Neu Schwabenland". (he shows them around 3:50) After that he shows a list of the curators of the 1964/1965 Expedition. There are many politicians on that list which means that this was something that was well known to them. I asked him about this list and he has send me a copy of it. He claims he got it from an online archive and he doesn't want to give me the link for it. He is afraid that they will delete it and the list will be declared fake.

There is completely nothing known about this expedition and not listed.
I did a little research on the institute and that brought to light that it organized many expeditions into mountainous regions. But there is no mentioning of any expeditions to the Antarctic.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 04:46 AM

Originally posted by Regenstorm
All in all you may conclude that Germany is an puppet government placed by the allied forces even after the unification.

This should be obvious to anyone with sufficient knowledge of the events that took place right aftr 1945 but it doesn't explain why (if Hitler has really escaped to the Antarctic or Tibet) the Nazis allowed their ideology to de defamed and their nation destroyed without any attempt to stop it. For most Nazis there would have been no point to live on as their nation continued to decay under NWO influence.

Originally posted by Regenstorm
So why didn't they reinstall the Reich after the "unification"? They could have torn it down right after it and changed it into the Federal Republic of Germany, but they didn't!
What's going on there?

Considering both West-Germany and East-Germany were ruled by anti-Nazi puppet regimes (one capitalist and one communist regime) I don't see the point you're trying to make here....

Originally posted by Regenstorm
I'm a subsriber of the poster of the video I posted earlier. In another video of him he shows 2 envelopes from 1960 from a attempted mission to "Neu Schwabenland". (he shows them around 3:50) After that he shows a list of the curators of the 1964/1965 Expedition. There are many politicians on that list which means that this was something that was well known to them. I asked him about this list and he has send me a copy of it. He claims he got it from an online archive and he doesn't want to give me the link for it. He is afraid that they will delete it and the list will be declared fake.

It shouldn't be too hard to copy the archive material to a mirror and have people download it at the mirror. It shouldn't expose the current location of the mirror.

It seems you've fallen for a hoaxer.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 04:49 AM
Nazi UFOs don't exist. there might have been Nazi flying saucers but these were not UFOs. quit mixing up flying saucers & UFOs. please.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by PC equals Newspeak

Considering both West-Germany and East-Germany were ruled by anti-Nazi puppet regimes (one capitalist and one communist regime) I don't see the point you're trying to make here....

The point is the convention of Geneva. According to those rules, nothing went by the book. There are some more parts of Germany that were part of the Reich and those parts were not part unification.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 05:07 AM
I tried to read some of the Nazi UFO boards, but they keep including information about aliens within the government, along with proper names for the races of aliens. I have no knowledge basis for such, so found it more of a fantasy nature.
Now, just for the sake of imagination, if there were aliens here, that would mean they would have to be far more advanced than us, as we don't know about them.
Personally, I have seen some strange craft when I was young, in my hometown, on two occasions. They didn't make noise, flew low and slow, both black in color as best as I could tell, and both had running lights, like regular aircraft. The first COULD have been a gigantic balloon of some type, but I don't know of any type of blimp or balloon that's that big. I was extremely young at the time and wasn't able to get any more size/shape data on it other than it was big enough to occlude a good portion of the sky over the trailer I was in at the time, looking out the end window as it went overhead. Couldn't tell how high up it was. It seemed rather round from beneath.
The second was much later before I went into the military, and was pretty small, smaller than an F16...there were two of them. The small ones, both same type/shape, also didn't make any noise, were able to hover, though not disk shaped, more like a somewhat triangular shape.
In both situations, I was not the only one there. Verified with the others that we were seeing the same thing.
I think that these are craft made by us. I also think we have a different propulsion method/way to fly. Those things were likely not lighter than air, they were able to hover, in the case of the latter two, they flew over orange trees extremely low (no more than 30 feet) without disturbing the top leaves. So no significant down draft either. To me, with what little I know, that says solid state electrical power/propulsion method with a damn good power source.
In any case, I digress. If there were ways to switch between multiverses, if you could find one with slightly different local topology, you could rapidly switch to achieve transport. That would be a cool way to get around.
Maybe you could use that method to get around the whole theory of relatively light speed limit.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by Regenstorm
reply to post by HankMcCoy

Obviously you are mixing up something. You refer to a research station funded by the Federal Republic of Germany (puppets). The "rightful owner" is however the German Reich which had a military base there which is heavily denied even today but was confirmed by the New York Times:

Oh, my mistake, you have lost touch with reality. I had no idea.

This is belongs in Skunkworks.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by PC equals Newspeak

It shouldn't be too hard to copy the archive material to a mirror and have people download it at the mirror. It shouldn't expose the current location of the mirror. It seems you've fallen for a hoaxer.

I conducted some research myself and I found the document!

It is in a German Alpine Archive. The institute has been organizing expeditions all over the world. The rest of the documents are not related and are partly pretty heavy copyright contracts from other expeditions.
This is the archive:
and if you search for: "deutsches institut für auslandsforschung"
you'll find this .pdf-fole:

So it's not a hoax. I'm gonna check this list.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 06:10 AM

Originally posted by Regenstorm

Like, is there a peace treaty between the nations that were at war with Germany? No there is not, only the 2 + 4 treaty.

Yes there is, it was signed just prior to the re-unification of Germany, 12 September 1990.

Was there a military base from the Nazis on Antarctica? Yes there was.
Did the VRIL Society exist? Yes they did.

The evidence shows these are correct... probably.

Did they find Hitler? No they didn't.

Yes they did. His body was taken by the Soviets, autopsied and buried in an unmarked grave in Magdeburg along with Goebbels and his family, according to released KGB files.

Did many Nazis flee to South America? Yes they did.
Were there German submarines captured long after the war? Yes there were.
Did Germany experiment with flying saucers? Yes, they did.

The rest are all correct.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by nik1halo

No peace treaty, only the 2+4 treaty.

Up to this day, Germany has no legally valid peace treaty with its opponents of World War II, neither with the four allied occupying powers nor with any other state. Due to the articles 53 and 107 of the Charter of the United Nations we are still in the state of war under any aspect of international law. In the SHAEF Law No. 3 (SHAEF = Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces), issued by the Military Government Germany - control area of the Supreme Commander - confirmed and issued on 15. NOV. 1944, the following Page 1 State 2nd German Reich nations acknowledge the U.S.A. as Supreme Commander, as the main victorious power and, therefore, the ongoing state of war: Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Abyssinia, Egypt, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Union of South Africa, USSR, U.S.A., Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, resp. their successors. Germany has only reached a ceasefire down to the present day.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 08:57 AM
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German scientists produced jet aircraft during WW II but thats as far as they got. Sorry, no Nazi flying saucers.

Did the Nazi's have a secret base on Antarctica ?
Do you have any information to back this up ?

If something doesn't sound right, it probably isn't.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 09:26 AM
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Nazi Base Antarctica confirmed by the New York Times

Evidence for Saucers can be found everywhere. Just google the names "Andreas Epp" or "Viktor Schauberger". Even Germany's largest newspaper reported about the Nazi UFOs.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:09 AM
The idea of German "flying saucers' is patently absurd.
Say, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF INTELLECTUAL DISCUSSION, let's propose there are neonazis, aplologists for the mass murdering regime of Hitler on this board. Now, no need to be emotional, it's just a what if.
If that were the case, I would say that ATS needs to draw a line. Nazis are not "alternative" thinkers, they are either borderline psychopaths, or full blown psychopaths. Maybe they should be posting on neo Nazi boards not here.
Just a theoretical mind you.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:25 AM
Well its a fact that many Nazi scientists and high ranked military personal were shipped to Argentinia and other places (maybe Neuschwabenland too), and lets not forget project paperclip, which in my opinion tells us more about the continuation of the third reich and its technological progressions. There is evidence that hints to a flying saucer program, created and financed by the Thule and Vril society, and it would make sense that the USA continued those very programs with the same occultism and ideology, but just under a different flag (political system).

Meaning the NWO is the remnant of the third reich, just more secretive and not as drastic as back then.

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