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Alien intervention, econ crash, THEN what?

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:35 PM
Many have already discerned what appears to be an abduction and breeding program. Given the manipulative, deceptive nature of alien intervention, all of it done with stealth, breeding program operatives are suspected of manipulating human crises in order to first destabilize human society, then offer themselves as the solution. For example, we see sabotage of economic stability by a super-rich NWO elite (some call it "Illuminati" or other names). Sometimes it's so grossly reckless and destructive that it actually seems like it's done deliberately.

If our hypothesis is correct (do the general outlines fit the events?), they're trying to crash human progress in order to make the situation ripe for direct, open intervention: their kind of disclosure. Most of the human elite is probably innocent of such motives. Rich people rely on the supply of money, and they can be bent and influenced to go along with sometimes horrendous doings (Bush's war in Iraq) without outwardly criticizing them. A relatively tiny minority--just 15-40 families--can easily steer the global economy, hence the politics and doings of many thousands of other wealthy people.

But what is, or would be, a manipulative intervention's next step? How could they pose an intervention that fouled so many as really having been done to only help us, in the end? The first obstacle to public consideration of the possibility is popular disbelief. Who, in their right mind, would think that aliens numbed humans and hybridized them to insert obedient, unemotional operatives here, among us? Most people consider it paranoid delusional to even think that aliens are here, among us, trying to steer events in their favor. But if you see evidence of abductions or alien craft in our skies, they're here, working on a larger, long-term project.

So the challenge is to do a little bit of homework and be able to carefully outline the best evidence for any skeptic. Can you give a few minutes presentation of the most reputable sources, the whistleblowers and the general outlines of the scenario? The next step for us is to think out a form of economy and government that we can pose as a better alternative to what intervention operatives would offer after western economies crash or some other combination of 9-11-like events trigger an acute global crisis. IF alien intervention is proceeding, you can be sure they have at least a few quick plans, and/or people placed, for how to pose their solution.

First would come a puppet regime, a quickly assembled seeming alternative to the Goldman-Chase-NWO financial setup. The first group to step forward could easily be an intervention-infiltrated stooge group. Imagine something like that telling us about aliens, a kind of disclosure, then diplomatic contacts, press conferences, and promises that the grays' alignment can solve our problems: ecology, education, easy & quick introduction to cosmic alternatives to religious violence and warfare. The gray alignment could say they sponsored three major human prophets---what would the masses think of that? Would they cry no, no alien tutelage here, or would they cry for closer ties to their saviors?

Imagine a human-looking group of aliens who work for the gray alignment landing and saying, yes, we did all of that. We're the real cousins of your prophets. We have no war, no rich vs. poor. We live for hundreds of years and you could do the same after 1 single year of partnership with us.

What alternatives, what solutions can we pose independently? We need to think through such scenarios, and be prepared to step in with well thought out, detailed alternatives. Their kind of disclosure will be tempting, especially if they pose it at a disastrous juncture. Do you see any evidence of possible alien intervention here, and with what motives? Is it all spiritual and altruistic, or are there real, specific material and resource motives?

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 02:20 PM

What a shame, I don't know how to make a private U2U message.

I wanted to tell you to keep me posted on such events/news if you can. Only the news-worthy ones. Sorry I couldn't be more explicit. It's just that I'm new to these controls. I don't post much.

Only recently did I find out that I've been amassing neg points. by abbreviating too much!

Don't have much time on my hands folks!!!


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