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Rumsfeld decision let Bin Laden escape: Senate report

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:50 AM
Now here's something you won't see in the MSM.

MHO... War=Profit. They want this war to continue so that TPTB can make all their money and milk it for all they can. It's amazing though that we were so quick to get Saddam... when Osama was the one that admitted to the bombing. Then on top of it all... Wasn't it Rumsfeld that delayed sending troops body armor and such?

Source: Raw Story

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Osama bin Laden was "within the grasp" of US forces in late 2001 but escaped because then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld rejected calls for reinforcements, a hard-hitting US Senate report says. The report, set for release Monday, is intended to help learn the lessons of the past as President Barack Obama prepares to announce a major escalation of the conflict, now in its ninth year, with up to 35,000 more US troops. It points the finger directly at Rumsfeld for turning down requests for reinforcements as Bin Laden was trapped in December 2001 in caves and tunnels in a mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan known as Tora Bora. "The vast array of American military power, from sniper teams to the most mobile divisions of the marine corps and the army, was kept on the sidelines," the report says.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:52 AM
I thought he was dead in December of 2001?

wish i had more to contribute...but I have heard a few times on ATS that he was dead in dec of 01. is this why he has been said to have been dead?

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:15 AM
The reason Rumsfeld didn't bother with the reinforcements is that he knew OBL was dead and the "war" was just a farce. It was just a dog and pony show, blow up some Talibani in their caves and claim it's a hunt for OBL. He knew that he had to milk the war for all it's worth. Fight the Taliban into a corner, then cut them enough slack to recoup, then go after them again, all the while the Bush WH rolls out it's terror alerts when ever it needed to whip the American populace back into it's submissive state.

Excuse the ranting, but the vaunted "War on Terror" was badly managed if not an outright farce from the get go.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:17 PM
If they caught bin laden it could expose the bush/bin laden family ties.
No way they will let that happen.
It could then possibly unravel all the way to nazi financier prescott bush
and reveal the NWO plans .
Doesn't every Americant realize this?
Or is that blind nationalism brainwashing propaganda machine working
overtime again?

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by x2Strongx
The report, set for release Monday, is intended to help learn the lessons of the past as President Barack Obama prepares to announce a major escalation of the conflict...

LMAO!! "Learn a lesson". What a joke!

All these 'investigations', 'inquiries', 'reports', etc. are "intended for" is to keep people quiet and comfortable in thinking the government is actually working to fix its past problems...

... mean while, the government of 'change' is sending in more troops.

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