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Deja-Vu, Precognition and Premonition.

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch

Ok freaky man ... either you've seen some of my posts on other threads and realize I usually have something to say ... or ... you're psychic.
alternatively you're just being to damn cheeky !

...... One question I'd like to ask;

Do you remember your dreams at all ?

1/ yes - black and white

2/ yes - full colour

3/ no


Nooooo!!! I had honestly NEVER seen any of your posts or threads when I wrote that, (But I have now!)
(Just Posted on your cellar photo thread!)
Me? I think I would err on the..... damn cheeky side!

On remembering dreams.....
hmmm Yes, I have often remembered dreams (Strangely, not so much lately????)
I must have either seen them in colour OR somehow interpreted colour in them, because I remember describing a Red object to someone after a dream once. Funnily, I can't remember WHAT object, and I have a feeling that I didn't "see" the colour, just sort of.... sensed it was there????
Does that even make sense at all??


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by YouAreDreaming

....As for dreaming it into reality Gordi... you are catching on quick

I always was a quick learner.

No, hang on... Are YOU dreaming me into one???

Please DO!

I am absolutely LOVING this thread (and I could do with improving some things right now) so bring it on!!!

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by Gordi The Drummer

Originally posted by YouAreDreaming

....As for dreaming it into reality Gordi... you are catching on quick

I always was a quick learner.

No, hang on... Are YOU dreaming me into one???

Please DO!

I am absolutely LOVING this thread (and I could do with improving some things right now) so bring it on!!!

You have to admit, it's nice finding other people who have experience and knowledge regarding this type of experience. I have had precognition since I was 15 years old, and am now 36 years old with a long history of the phenomena creeping into my life.

Like you, I was very starved for answers and they were not really there when I was 15. I had to endure the skeptisism and judgements of my peers such as, I'm crazy, delusional or just making it all up.

That probably sucked the most and probably did more damage then good in my development but the precognition never stopped on account of others lack of experience and in ability to understand. I can't blame them if they don't have personal expeirence with it.

Now we have the internet, the ability to contact many people who have this expeirence. Sure it's not in mainstream science but it is studied and there is research evidence of it, even though sceptics will always argue the evidence and probably will never be able to cross into our territory.

What makes it more exciting is we can start to dismiss false theory such as one where some researchers thought we are somehow entering the future and only seeing a future event. A type of quantum leap in time.

With my expeirence with changing the dream, and mrsdudara's collaboration of that ability, we can see that they are not the future, rather they are the creation of the future from the perspective of that initial dream.

At least, now we can look at the creative process and see what we can do to make improvements in our life knowing we can somehow affect this medium in a dream or astral state.

I think that is most exciting. I am not lying when I say I have made some impressive changes affecting matter in a phenomenological way because of this. I certainly have, and have kept some evidence of it.

The best part is, no matter how much we deny it, or are ignorant of it... it is always right here in front of us. All it is doing is waiting for us to realize it.

The realization is the key.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Course it makes sense to me ... the weird and wonderful or confused and rambling always makes sense to me ... 'red' (check) ... 'object' (check) see told y'so.

Nothing else to add, yet.


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer


This looks to be a great thread in the making mate

Forgive me, as it's been a big day for me, and it's around 3.30 am (Chengdu Time), and I think some beauty sleep is in order for me.

I'll hit this thread tomorrow mate, and perhaps share some of my own experiences with you and the other members.

Once again, great thread and great to see you again my friend


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Thanks YouAreDreaming,
Once again, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head.
I ALWAYS got the shoulder shrugs, the shaking heads, the accusations that I was trying to make a fool or trick someone.

It IS definitely a comforting and enlightening experience, meeting others on here who share an interest in these matters.

Thanks so much, Again!

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Course it makes sense to me ... the weird and wonderful or confused and rambling always makes sense to me ... 'red' (check) ... 'object' (check) see told y'so.

Nothing else to add, yet.


Hang on.... are you referring to the "Red Pill"??

Jings wummin! Yer scarin' the kecks aff me here!!!!

(Translation available!!!!!)

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 02:26 PM
I used to do the phone thing alot, but it doesn't happen as much now. It could be the fact that I am older or that people don't usually call on the house phone anymore. I don't remember it ever occurring on my cell phone but now that someone has said that it occurred to them while using a cell phone maybe it will happen now.

Most of the psychic stuff has happened between me and my mother. I think she is fairly psychic having had several precognitive dreams. The most important being that she dreamed that my father got shot and then of course he got shot (he didn't have any likely hood to get shot). Also I remember her waking me up because she was screaming and crying her eyes out, I asked my father what was wrong, and then the phone rang informing us that my grandfather had passed away.

As for me, a few of the things that I can remember off the top of my head are, once when I was walking with a friend I saw a kid riding on a bike a few blocks away. I turned to my friend and said "watch this", I made my hand into a gun shape, pointed the "gun" at the kid on the bike, and pulled the trigger. He then totally lost control and crashed his bike hard. That freaked me out and made me stay away from doing anything like that again. It freaked my friend out even more as I remember. I remember clearly having the thought about pointing my finger at the boy on the bike, and knowing with 100% certainty that it would work before I asked my friend to look.

Only one time have I had enough time in a deja vu moment to do something about it. I remember in college having a deja vu moment, and knew who was about to come in the door, so I blurted out "Bob is about to come through the door" and Bob did in fact open the door a split second later to the amazement of the friend who was looking at me as if I had 3 eyes on my head since we had been casually talking a moment before.

There have been a few other things but those are the ones that stand out in my mind right now. I think everyone probably has a few of those experiences in their lifetime.

Let see as for dreaming, I usually have dreams far into the future where I don't even realize that I am dreaming about my future until it happens, and then I remember, hey I dreamed this, but then that could also be deja vu because I don't know if I actually dreamed it or not.

I did have this one series of dreams similar to the other poster about the woman of my dreams. I remember for at least a few weeks dreaming about her and our place and having a life with her. I would continue off at the same spot from the previous dream. I remember waking up being pissed off that I was awake and not in my dream with her. I remember her name was Dana (this was before xfiles) which really isn't a common name , at least in my neck of the woods. Eventually I stopped dreaming about her after I realized it was silly pining for a woman that didn't exist. Later on in life, my wife had just had our baby and I remember us running out of pampers so I had to make an emergency night run to the grocery store. I quickly found the pampers and went to the check out line. There checking out my pampers was the girl of my Dreams, NO WAY! I thought as my eyes quickly darted to her name tag which of course had "DANA" on it. I am sure at that moment I looked like I had seen a ghost. I am sure I stared at her for far to long with my mouth open. I thought of all the things I could say to her, all of them sounding cheesy, like "OMG your the girl of my dreams!", and horrible to my ears with me being married and with a newborn and all. So as I came back to earth with her asking "Paper or Plastic", and then I mumbling something incoherent and probably looking like an idiot I quickly paid and left the store. All the while thinking to myself, "Ha ha God, your quite the comedian.."

Those were the major experiences that I remember, and as I am out of space that will have to be enough.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by Zul007

Thanks Zul007!

Some very, very nice stuff in there.

The kid falling off the bike one... If they were going to fall off the bike anyway, then I actually appreciate your sense of humour in shooting the "finger gun" at them! (I used to do the same to the TV, when the title sequence for "Little House On The Prairie" came on!! (The 3rd sister running down the hill at the start falls down!)
But could it be... that you "created" the image in your subconscious mind, and it managed to pass all the necessary reality filters that AreYouDreaming mentioned earlier? In doing so, you crashed that poor kid off their bike!!! You're bad!!!

The "Girl Of Your Dreams" story is sooo touching too. Did Dana look exactly as you had forseen?
Who knows, maybe if you hadn't met your wife already...?

Great stuff, and thanks for sharing!

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 03:28 PM
OK, Here's some more "happenings" from the weird (and wonderful?) mind of Gordi.

ooops, nope - I can't share that one!!!




I met a girl at a music festival, we chatted and got on quite well, so we swapped numbers and I phoned her up, to arrange a date.
I was supposed to go and meet her at a service station, on the main motorway, halfway between her place and mine, because she didn't know the area I lived in very well.
It was when I was driving down there to meet her, I started to wonder what kind of car she had, as I had forgotten to ask on the phone earlier.
I have no idea why, but I said to myself "I bet it's a blue Renault Clio".... You can guess what's coming!!

Yeah, She pulls into the service station in a Red Ford!! (No, Sorry I'm just kidding!! It was Indeed, a Blue Clio!!)

Can I just add that I didn't know anyone personally who had a Blue Clio at that time, although a guy I worked with some time later did. (Completely Unconnected!)

Can I veer into some other strange stuff here?? (Can you go "Off-Topic" in your own thread??)


We have a small holiday flat, on an Island just off the West coast of Central Scotland.
I was there on my own, and had gone to bed as usual, sometime around 11pm I guess.
When I woke up, it was with a START! I Jumped to FULL Consciousness Immediately, and all of my (Internal) ALARM BELLS were ringing LOUDLY!!!
You know that... sixth sense that tells you something is very wrong, before you become aware of any physical signs?
Anyway, My heart is pounding, My eyes fly open, and I try to move, I try to get up! but can't. I am completely and utterly paralysed.

I can sense that something is very wrong, but am powerless to do anything about it. I am really starting to worry now, to panic even. When I suddenly hear, or sense? movement in the hallway, directly outside my closed bedroom door.
I hold my breath, to listen.
My eyes are still frozen to the spot on the ceiling that I focussed on when I opened them. I cannot even blink, never mind move a muscle.
By this time I am terrified. The movement in the hallway is getting louder, and more agitated. It felt like something HUGE, like a Bull or large Bear was IN my hallway, breathing heavily, snorting, pacing up and down... trying to get in? It was trying to get in!

By now, the sweat is pouring out of me, I still cannot move, cannot blink or even move my eyes, but I feel or sense the thing in the hallway moving. It's moving through the door, into my room. But the door is closed???? This doesn't make any sense, but here I am, paralysed, wide-awake but unable to move!
How long had it been? 2 minutes? 3?
This... prescence? was now entering the room, towards the foot of my bed, without ever opening the door. The atmosphere was very heavy, cold and thick. All I could feel was this indescribeable EVIL. Nasty, festering, pure evil. It was hard to breathe, and this... "thing" was moving across the foot of my bed, from my left foot to my right... I knew EXACTLY where it was, I could hear it, I could FEEL it, but I still couldn't move.

The prescence had cleared the foot of my bed and started moving up the right hand side, but was strangely getting further away from me? It was still moving to the right, but out towards the window.
Slowly, steadily, the feeling began to lift, as the prescence left, through the closed window.
As soon as it had left completely, the paralysis stopped, but I was too scared to look out the window.
Eventually my heart slowed, and I began to gather my senses, I checked the whole flat for signs of any intrusion.
It was about 4am, 4.15 maybe, and there was no sign of anything out of the ordinary. I eventually looked out of the window, but of course, there was nothing to see.
I still get goosebumps, writing about this, even though it happened several years ago. I don't know if it's significant or not, but the window in question looks out onto the path which leads directly to an old church?

I had never felt any evil prescence there before, or since. And I'm pretty happy about that. I don't know if the incident is connected in any way, with the other topics that we've been discussing here, but thought I'd mention it just in case?

Right, I need a coffee!


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by Gordi The Drummer
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Thanks YouAreDreaming,
Once again, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head.
I ALWAYS got the shoulder shrugs, the shaking heads, the accusations that I was trying to make a fool or trick someone.

It IS definitely a comforting and enlightening experience, meeting others on here who share an interest in these matters.

Thanks so much, Again!

It certainly came close with my parents thinking I was totally crazy when I was a teenager because at the same time I was also enthusiastically going out of body which was something they had also a hard time accepting.

Finally I was able to proove it to my mom by telling her a dream in explicit detail prior to it coming true. When it finally came true she remembered all the details and had a freak-out panic attack and my father blew up about it all claiming I was playing with dark forces that I had no idea about.


I can look back and laugh as they now accept it after having experiences like that of their own. My brother finally came around too after his bout... so it comes in it's own way.

I'm just glad I didn't think I was totally insane because I was aware that this had to be real because it simply demonstrated time and time again that it was about reality not about some strange other experience.

Hence why I love threads like this as it can help those who have the expeirences get over any fear that it's a mental breakdown and not something akin to spiritual enlightenment and conscious evolution.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 03:54 PM
Yes, she was exactly as I had remembered her. Just crappy timing I guess lol. I tried to never go back at night, I guess I was nervous about screwing things up with my wife at the time, plus the whole wierdness of having the person actually be real. I should have said something though instead of being freaked out.

What you describe about being paralyzed upon waking is called sleep paralysis or the "Old hag syndrome". Its not that uncommon (15% of the population have at least one occurrence), and I imagine most people never say a word about it.

I remember having that a couple of times, the worst when I was a child and had an evil presence slap me at the end.

I also have been "stuck" inside a dream, I have woken up in my dream and then realized that since I had already woken up I couldn't figure out how to actually wake up. So I sat around in my dream waiting a very long time trying every once in a while to wake up and eventually I did.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 04:39 PM
Hope this fits in.

I grew up with my mother being a full blown paranoid schizophrenic. Very colorful childhood. However, some strange events occurred many times. I'll share this one:

When I was about 22 years old (long time ago) I was living in a condo with a girl friend of mine in Florida. It was a weekend night and my roomie went out and I stayed home bored out of my mind.

Around 10:00 pm my mother called and said two state policemen were at her door (in Maryland) telling her I was found dead from an accident. I told her no, I'm quite fine. But then suddenly as I was talking to her I heard rattling at my front door. Someone was twisting the doorknob and presssing against the door to gain access. I literally saw the knob turn. Thank heaven the door was bolted and locked.

I told my mother someone was trying to break in and hung up the phone and quickly left out the back patio doors and left for a friends house.

It could not have been my room mate returning from bar hopping. As my roomie was partying in a town an hour away and it was only 10 pm.

Did my schizophrenic mom save my life? I always thought schizo's have this different parallel world in which they live. Very odd and very scary night.

Edited for missing letter

[edit on 30-11-2009 by brilab45]

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by brilab45

Thanks for that one Brilab,

Was it ever confirmed, whether the cops had actually visited your mom?
Or whether she had just seen them in her mind?

I'm guessing that they hadn't actually visited, since they would have needed pretty strong evidence of your demise, before telling your mother, so that leaves us with your mom having a premonition maybe?

So, does this mean that we can, in theory, intercept the thoughts and dreams which are meant to become reality, and (being forewarned) can change the outcome? Effectively changing the future?

Wow, this is huge!

Thanks for sharing that one!

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 05:55 AM
Maybe this is a question I can put to YouAreDreaming...

A while back, I was feeling terrible. With headaches, flu-like symptoms, swollen glands etc. I put it down to the flu, and just got on with things, until I noticed a strange rash developing.
So, I went to the local GP, and was diagnosed with shingles.
I had never heard of this before, but apparently there was a bout of this particular disorder going around at the time, and all of my symptoms matched, so he gave me a prescription for some meds.
I recognised the prescribed drug as being basically a mega-strong pain-killer (can't recall the exact name now!) and asked if that was really necessary? The doctor told me that the rash turns into blisters and gets very VERY painful, to the point where ordinary, over the counter paracetamol etc just don't have any effect.
Well, I decided there and then, that I didn't fancy that very much, so I took his prescription slip, and put it in my pocket, but I never went to the pharmacy to get the actual painkillers.
I decided that I'd rather not get full blown shingles, and made up my mind that it wasn't going to happen.
Well, guess what... the rash didn't get any worse. No blisters. No extra pain. After a while, my glands came down, the flu symptoms subsided, and the rash faded.
From what I can gather, I was the only person there, who had developed the rash and other symptoms, who did not then get the blisters and excruciating pain!

Is this, an example of the power of positive thinking? and if so, does this relate directly to the ability to change the direction of our "dream" thoughts, to alter reality outcomes in a positive way?

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

It could very well be Gordi,

You already see a miracle right before your very eyes with the impossible being possible... a dream coming true.

I have had only 1 experience like that in my life out of the kazillion of times I have been sick, which is a terrible track record for what I would call a spontaneous healing.

No surprise, it came when I was a teenager and at my prime in all of this out-of-body, dreaming and what not. Like you, I developed a sickness and was riddled with flu like symptoms. I was so sick in my body I said screw this and rolled out of body.

I stood at the edge of my bed and started to channel in healing energy into my body, and some being of light, looked humanoid, alien no facial features was there assisting.

I re-entered my body, and instantly... my sinuses de-congested, the fever just disappeared and in less then a minute, I had no signs of being sick at all. It all happened so fast I was nearly in total denial that it could have happened at all.

Now do you think I could have ever repeated that miracle? Not since, and that was over 20 years ago and I'll never forget it.

My lifestyle has changed so drastically with the curse of having my eek a living that I work long hours, sleep very little and have made it nearly impossible to get the kind of sleep I need to maintain a health OBE lifestyle like I could when I didn't have all these sad life responsibilities.

In my opinion, we can heal. Do I understand it... not at all. You'd think I would have solved the problem with dreaming up a winfall of cash or something... nope. I am still stuck struggling like the rest of the world with no special favors. Short of a few amazing revelations about life.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Thats interesting Y.A.D.

You seem to be much more "aware" of your energies, and abilities than I am. I always knew that it was a little bit strange that I could, so often, predict things, or in this case actually change something. But I think that I just put it down to picking up on other peoples thoughts, and with this one... just being plain stubborn!!!

I really do wish that I could learn how to develop and channel this ability. It must have a positive effect on your overall well-being?

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

It depends, there is a certain maturity that I think is needed when we are at that level. I know when I peaked back in 1998 I decided then that I was very satisfied with knowing that I could influence my dreams to affect this reality.

So I stopped for the reason that I didn't want to exploit the ability, or harm anyone with it. To me, it was genuine power that I felt perhaps was too much power to wield so hap hazardously like I was doing.

That said, this is going on whether we are consciously participating in it or not. What I want to do with it, is improve the quality of life for myself and others but it doesn't seem to work like that.

From what I gather, we are bound to a rule-set which governs human experience and from our highest level of consciousness outside our usual waking consciousness we have here, creating reality is what we do as an art form.

It's trivial at best to us "there" yet amazing to us "here" in this paradigm of compartmentalized consciousness. The best route for me now is to share this with others, learn from it and see how it can be evolved as a useful skill.

I think there is merit in trying to learn and develop abilities in this arena of thought. Just never abuse the gift is my only recommendation, use it to harm others.

At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Sorry for the delay mate.

I guess the most graphic examples of precognition that I have experienced are three that involved the death of my brother, my next door neighbour, and my dead brother's girlfriend's attempted suicide.

In all three cases, I had what may be a precognitive episode, or it may have been an actual message sent to me by something paranormal.

The earliest one occurred when I was 10 years old. I had had numerous experiences before this: songs on the radio; knowing what people were thinking, etc. the incident when I was 10, was something much more dramatic.

Possessing a mild skeptic streak, I must admit that this incident could have been nothing but chance.

Anyway, I was staying over at my grandmother's home, when the middle-aged man next-door, gave my grandmother a bag of used postage stamps to give me. There were quite a lot, and having an interest in philately, I pawed over them for the rest of the afternoon. After that, I put them away on top of my grandmother's dresser, and didn't look at them until more than a year later. Which brings me to the day on which I had my precognitive experience.

I don't know what compelled me to climb up to the top of my grandmother's dresser and retrieve the cobweb-covered brown paper bag with the stamps in it, as I had completely forgotten about them. I do distinctly remember feeling a strange sense of urgency about looking at them there and then. Anyway, retrieve them I did, and sat down for an hour or so looking at them.

After an hour or so, an elderly man who lived next door with the man who gave me the stamps, came rushing into our house, telling my grandmother to call and ambulance. The man who gave me the stamps a year or so before, had just collapsed in the backyard. He was dead before the paramedics arrived.

Just a coincidence? Possibly, but I don't think so.

As for the other two, I'll leave them for another day, as I really have to be in the right frame of mind to discuss the death of my brother.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this far and thanks Gordi for inviting me to share this story with you and the other members


[edit on 1-12-2009 by mckyle]

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by mckyle

Thanks Matt,

Can I just say, that IMHO there is no way that simple chance played a part in your sudden urge to look at the stamps your grandmothers neighbour had given you.

You mentioned that about a year had passed, since you got the stamps?
and that the older guy raised the alarm about your neighbours collapse within about an hour of you getting the stamps out again?

In other words, you chose the very hour of your neighbours collapse, out of all the hours of the previous year (about 8760 hours? (24hrs x 365days)) to look at the gift he had given you?

I'd say that odds of nearly 9000:1 are stretching chance a bit!

From my other posts, you'll have gathered that I believe in our ability to pick-up on the thought energies of others? Especially those that we have a connection to. I think that the episode you have shared could also fit in with that theory? He maybe knew that he wasn't feeling right... His energy or thought patterns changed significantly... and you somehow picked up on it subconciously... This reminded you of him and his gift??

Very interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
I look forward to hearing your others, when the time is right.


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